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  1. FYI been offered extension at £300 pm TP add 18,000 miles for another year to a 10,000 pa two year original deal. Car 67 plate estate 310 Iridium. Had a letter from BCA carsales and when I went to their website have been offered a purchase price of £21,598 which seemed okayish on a car with 22,000 miles.
  2. Richone

    UP Gti

    I’ve ordered a white up gti to replace my 62 plate high up and complement my hearse 7.5. seems up gti is very popular, notice on up forum there’s a few r owners keeping it VW🚀
  3. Mine's in transit now, saying the standard 3 weeks to land , so will also look to 1st Sept 2017 delivery. Just received paperwork from the dealer, is it so worth having maintenance at £13.37 pm on a 24 month lease, on my current car only had one service at £159 and luckily no tyres - but they getting close to the limit before I hand current R back ? Paperwork says don't mix tyres on 4x4 cars, does this mean is i need a new tyre i should replace all four and would maintenance cover this? Also went for 5,000 miles at £304 pm no initial, i'll probably do 15,000, is the excess at 10.8 p per mile better than asking for 8,000 miles do you think? doesn't seem too bad on excess at £540 at the end of the term.
  4. I've ordered a R estate in Indium Gray - lease deal from central, they had excellent timing with their recent deal as new one should arrive just as oldie goes back. This time no options other than painting it, as i'm keeping cost down. Its nice to get Nav and carplay this time around. Current car has Pano roof which is great recently to get 35 degrees plus of heat out of the car quickly, but not an essential - as dislike breathing in diesel fumes !! I guess getting the car again shows I like it! Estate has been brilliant, can fit in four people and a 6 man tent , cool box, table and chairs in and didn't need a roof box. Did make the car feel planted to the road... New one being build next week, lets hope the decent builders of das auto aren't on their holidays.
  5. Hi Rich, just an update on the New Malden Meet Tonight. Some people have raised concern about the weather so I have spoken to the manager of B&Q and he is happy for us to use the undercover carpark which closes about 9:30 so if you're still up for coming I'll be at Krispy Kreme's from 7:30ish and if raining we will move over to B&Q :) Chris

  6. Hi Chris, im in Thames Ditton, and like donuts! Be be interested in a meet up, I used to have a VR6 but now have a slightly faster LSG R7 estate. Cheers, Rich
  7. You can trust them because the advert always starts "Here we have for sale...
  8. Richone

    R Estate

    If you want a bargain "r" estate you could try this one - http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201508015707511?page=1&onesearchad=used%2Cnearlynew%2Cnew&make=volkswagen&postcode=kt70uw&sort=default&model=golf&keywords=r%20estate&search-target=usedcars&radius=1500&logcode=p Not sure if the running costs are correct though.. ​
  9. Richone

    R Estate

    My lsg estate is coming on Friday only 12 weeks.since order which is nice
  10. Richone

    R Estate

    Thanks mowflow & xpetezx, I think I'll try the WBAC and the internet guys and fords and see what they price it at, I checked with my insurer Churchill and they'll insure Smax for £26.50 for a fortnight fully comp which seemed cheap & £123 extra for the R golf for 8 months. Downside is they will ramp up my excess to £600 next year due to getting 3 points in June on my licence, I prefer an excess as i don't claim, but £600 is a bit much... also want £600 excess on my VW Up!!
  11. Richone

    R Estate

    I've got a Limestone Grey estate arriving - the order is going much quicker than expected, as originally quoted December but car has landed in the UK on the order checker. So 7 days to get to dealer... I have a small problem in getting rid of my S-Max (11 plate)worth £11-£12K, its has a couple of dents as someone hit in the carpark at weekend I have a good dentman but he cant do anything until 22nd Sept. Question on selling Smax should I sell as it is or get another guy to sort out dents? Also not sure on least hassle of selling which way to go, my friend suggested asking a local ford dealer to offer on it as base price. Estate is on a lease so I suppose I could delay it a little but concerned about time taken to sell old car. (Smax is 100% owned by me no finance). Plus want the R ​
  12. Date ordered estate 11th June 2015 Build week confirmed 33 so may be with me mid September?! Limestone Gray Pan roof not many options as a lease - exciting times ahead... Rich
  13. Hello Chaps! New member based in Surrey, just ordered (leasing - central) a Golf R Estate, options Grey paint (make it even more of a Q-car) and Pano roof. Hopefully get it before Christmas, but still waiting for order confirmation. Question on getting shot of my old S-max tdi titanium 11 plate, what do people suggest in terms of getting good price, safe deal and less hassle? I haven't sold a car for a while since selling my purple highline VR6 four years ago which I had for over 10 years (had to get the sunroof on the R to bring back the memories... Rich
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