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  1. Fitted my DTUK FSR box today. Does feel quicker no doubt about that, and definitely more torque, but certainly not another 75hp! Happy at the price I paid though for now. Will do a comparison economy run in the morning too, as the blast home tonight wasn't very economical!
  2. Well my springs were fitted at a VW main dealer, and the alignment, so I have no idea as it wasn't mentioned when I picked the car up.
  3. There are compromises on rough roads at high speed, but other than that they are spot on.
  4. They look really nice Neil, my 2nd favourite R on here!
  5. Thanks fella! They are a shade or two darker, actually the paint used on the R8 + inner spokes.
  6. No I put them on as I had them with a previous set of wheels.
  7. Picked my new Prets up yesterday! Definitely not as 'bling' as the Cadiz but love the access for cleaning! So had the car just about 8 months and finally got her the way I envisaged. Just a map to do/not do.
  8. Might of with a bit more notice matey, give the Chungster my best!
  9. They were stacked out when I popped in yesterday so bare with. I will give him a nudge tomorrow if you haven't heard back from them. EDIT: you might be better off emailing them.
  10. Glad to help chaps. Yes not for everyone, but life would be very dull if we were all the same.
  11. No fella, weather and work have conspired against me, but a soon as the weather gets better I'll be on it.
  12. lol Yeh thats probably the only colour they won't work on!
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