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  1. I had the R and the GTD on an Admiral Multi-car policy the GTD was £351 and the R was £358 considering the cost price difference of about 9K and performance difference i was quite shocked both cars on 10k miles a year same age etc.
  2. Hi I'm interested in the jb1 you have advertised, I can't post in the topic though. Thanks Mark

  3. See a few R's about in the local area but outnumbered 10:1 by GTD's
  4. JasJab

    Wax vs C2v3

    I used to love wax I used to be an avid Zymol user applied by fingertips but love the ease of the new coatings
  5. JasJab

    Wax vs C2v3

    No its all good be interesting to hear what Gtechniq come back with as the 'official' answer
  6. 3 Door for me but have the 5 Door GTD estate for daily use just prefer the cleaner lines of the 3 Door in the R would be very boring if we all liked the same thing
  7. JasJab

    Wax vs C2v3

    Exactly as you describe Booth11 I use the C2V3 as the sacrificial last layer to prolong the life of Exo, maybe it is a bit silly as Exo does a great job of beading on its own but it is the way I personally have chosen to go and am happy with the results
  8. JasJab

    Wax vs C2v3

    After the wash with snow foam and G wash I use a 50:50 water C2V3 mix as a last step my car has C1 and Exo applied
  9. I had a test drive in both Manual and DSG ordered the DSG but then I am getting old
  10. Would the R600 work well with the Large bore intake hose ?
  11. Well as the title says would like opinions on how you rate the different intakes available for the R quite a few to choose from from VWRacing the Cup or the R600, from APR, Revo etc would like a bit more noise but not to OTT ?
  12. How did she get the normally larger diesel nozzle into the filler neck ?
  13. Ha suppose the answer is obvious 10mm spacers 10mm longer bolts doh !!! I don't mind how it looks as standard so spacers are not for me thanks for the offer I am sure someone would gladly take them off your hands
  14. JasJab

    Top gear.

    Not Impressed trying too hard to be like the old Top Gear and failing badly
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