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  1. It’s not the first time it’s come up. With the 7/7.5 there’s been similar experiences. This one for instance. https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/31084-brake-pedal-clunk-dsg/page/2/ Worth a read.
  2. I’ve been driving a truck this week with no AH and manual handbrake. Fortunately it does have working heated seats. 😜 I’ve really missed the autohold and at traffic lights had to recite the mantra “remember no autohold, no autohold” and on parking, “don’t forget the handbrake”. Fortunately I didn’t forget either so did the roll into the car in front, and it didn’t roll away after parking up. 😅
  3. No not usually. You feel it engage but I’ve not heard a clunk. I have AH on all the time aside from very rare occasions when manoeuvring requires some extra micro movements. The only time I ever hear a clunk is if the car has been sat overnight and there can occasionally be a clunk on release of brakes (not the AH) on first start up, but that only happens in certain temp and humidity conditions. For instance I moved my car yesterday after it had been sat unused on drive since last Sat and the brakes made a loud noise as they released after a long spell immobile, felt like they were welded t
  4. Admit it, you slept like a baby. 💤 Which is great provided the baby in question is not one of those up all night bawling for milk! 😁 My reply was purely for AHG who likes to analyse these matters to the zillionth degree. 😉
  5. Really feel for you @Operation Blade. Until last year I had a ‘65 plate 7R from new (5.5 years ownership) bought from JCB Medway (via DTD). And like yours, it remained stock (aside from a pedal box) and well looked after and serviced as per schedule and even certain things early (DSG) and over and above standard (Haldex). It also has the coolant leak in 2020 and that was sorted under VW Extended Warranty. Mine was on 33k miles when I sold it, but if I’d kept it and this had occurred, I’d be very unhappy about it and think I’d pursue it. I do hope that VW CS can help further your case and
  6. Forgot to say yesterday, that I believe there’s a separate inner swing gate and an outer swing gate (they straddle either side of the bollards). You can see on the pics. I suspect they only close and lock the outer gate at night. In which case no harm should come to car. 😅
  7. Well they wouldn’t know if you’ve never told them about it. 😁 Never mind, it’ll be warm again soon…….one day. 😂
  8. No worries, all removed. I just got several notifications as if you were quoting me. I don’t think you can delete your own posts, but you can hide them so that might be an option for any future mishaps, but of course I should pick on these things as moderator so can always do that if I come across them.
  9. Haha! It’s @phope who should get the fee though. 👍 Or we should have a forum whip round for him, to compensate him for his epic TPI sharing info. 🙌 Failing that he can share the moderator ‘Buy the Mods a beer’ 🍻fund though I wouldn’t hold his breath as that still hasn’t funded a single beer yet since it was set up a few years back, not for this Mod anyway. Moderators on here die of thirst!
  10. Pain. Yes I had it and it it was sorted on mine last week. See this post from earlier in this thread. And yes, before you say it…that fix is still is working even though the car itself doesn’t start. and the specific TPI info posted by @phope
  11. ? change of heart over some words? Want me to delete those entries?
  12. Yes definitely cleverer, though it’s still something that’s springs to mind if there’s a potential battery drain, if they might be faulty and not shutting off. My mk7R boot light (and glovebox light wasn’t the LED but I swapped both out for an LEDs early on. The 8R is of course LED.
  13. I deliberately parked over then to make sure the door cleared the bollards. 🙂 Even if the gate is there. Fortunately this is outside of the council’s evil authority. 😁 I did once get a PCN myself from the council when I had to park over lines in a public car park as was the only vacant space and the car beside it had parked over their lines making the vacant space too small to fit into without overshooting the lines on the other side. I work for said council (not a jobsworth though, honest, lol) and I have a 7 day staff parking permit for both on-street and off-street (council ca
  14. Haha! Funny you should mention that, as it was one of the first things I checked on my 7R when that battery died at 17k miles. It was working as it should though. I did tell the dealership today that they can’t pin it on the dashcam as that got disconnected after the first time it wouldn’t start to see if it was that, but it’s not the culprit. I actually forgot to check the boot light but I’ll mention it to VW when they give me an update tomorrow.
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