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  1. I’d much prefer there to have been a 19” powder coated option rather than diamond cut. The 18” wheels I think are hideous, the 19” I quite like considering. Still wheels can be easily swapped out.
  2. Sweet dreams 😴 😂 Yes to all of those except the Pro paint correction. Not because I don’t want a Teflon car but because you know VWs idea of a Pro paint correction would be the dealership car washing ‘guru’ wielding a gritty rag and a bottle of Autoglym Lifeshine. I don’t want that for anything not even free. 😁
  3. Was that what you dreamt last night Neil? As that’s as close to reality as it’ll probably get. 😁
  4. That’s exactly what that write up suggests. I think the hierarchy plays a big part and long has, arguably the R has always been purposely hamstrung. Bottom line is, if you want the greater power, better spec, etc.....buy an Audi RS3. It’s all VAG, they can spread the sales as they wish.
  5. Who knows. I can’t see it happening myself but? I remember reading this a few weeks back https://uk.motor1.com/news/454422/vw-golf-r-not-happening/
  6. 😂. Oh I’ve missed the idiosyncrasies of the Configurator these last few years! 😁
  7. Much discussion on it in this thread https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/37745-drive-the-deal-has-the-golf-r-mk8/page/9/?tab=comments#comment-561944
  8. I don’t doubt it’s value in a variety of winter conditions which why it’s a big clanger not to offer it as part of a winter pack. I’d have the climate windscreen if I had an open ended budget (and if it was an option) but for me it’s a casualty to other things when at least trying to stick to a budget. VW have lost the plot on many levels this time round with the R. The price leading that. The scant options list following, particularly colour choices (or lack of) and many other options that would be essential for some and desirable for others. The all digital buttonless interior. The (subjective) looks.... The actual looks of the 8R I’m ok with (there are bits I don’t like but the same can be said of many of the competitors) and the R is closest to my kind of style being honest. The interior I need to assess on a test drive (as well as the drive itself etc). There are some aspects of the design I like a lot such as seats. I agree with your comments about diluting exclusivity by offering the R signature colour on a Passat R-Line. That’s bizzare. Mind you, the notion of exclusivity regards the R went out of the window with the mk7 and all the cheap lease deals giving rise to higher numbers. And then there was sharing things with R-Lines and the subsequent introduction of the rolled out R brand across other VW models. But that’s a bit different. I can put up with some stuff. If exclusivity bothered me that much, with the mk7 I’d have had a Lapiz R on Cadiz. No matter how many other cars they were offered on I still love my Prets! 😁 But in an ideal car world, there would be something that just pertains to each flagship performance model and not available on anything else.
  9. That’s a bit of an odd one. On all other Golf mk8 models including Golf R-Line hatch and estate it’s Atlantic Blue. And other non Golf models have their own blues so just that one other than the Golf R. Wonder if the Passat R-Line colour is an error? But doesn’t look like it.
  10. Exactly! At least one of the winter packs should include it if not a standalone option.
  11. No that doesn’t seem to be there unfortunately. You get a heated steering wheel as standard, and the heated seats options but seems they don’t offer the climate windscreen anymore. It’s not an option on the other performance models either. It really should be an option or at least in one of the winter packs. It’s not something I’d option myself as it’s relatively mild in my location and I don’t mind checking a jug of warm water over the windscreen (did that yesterday) now and then. But I can see the value in the uk’s more northern climes.
  12. Yes a bra belongs one place only (or rather two)! 😂
  13. 😂 VW reasons for refusing stuff is almost on the same level as Network Rails for not running trains. Mine shrank early on so I really should have had it replaced during the original warranty. It’s just the top (or bit nearest the windscreen) where it’s shrunk so the tabs no longer slot into the holding slots. The rest is all anchored down with the pins. Like so It can be the next owners problem!
  14. It’s the first day of the Configurator, did you think it would be accurate? 😜 DtD probably the most accurate.
  15. Well, we all know that’s complete bullsh1t. My car is not modded (aside from pedal box and some cosmetic stuff) and my bonnet insulation is now the size of a postage stamp - ok exaggeration, but it’s shrunk like most of them, modded or not. I should have got it replaced under warranty but never got round to it. I expect they would have blamed its shrinking on me detailing my car. 😁
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