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  1. Welcome to the July PotM competition. One pic entry per forum member. VW Rs only. No spam, no chat. Photos should be visible in the post itself, no links to third party sites. Bring on your R’s!
  2. Quite the beast then. 😄 I suspect the list will go on even more in time. 😂
  3. Congratulations! Very smart looking 8GTD. Great to hear you’re loving it.
  4. You can get dedicated cement removers but as above, try white vinegar which won’t harm your paint and is much cheaper. It should dissolve the stuff that binds cement. Use neat if it’s heavy contamination or mix equal parts and water (50/50) if mild contamination. Saturated the cement with the vinegar solution and then leave it to dwell for some minutes and then press a vinegar saturated soft cloth against the cement and gently wipe. You may have to repeat the process. Let us know how you get on.
  5. Agree. I also think powder coated Cadiz look weird whatever the colour.
  6. No, I’m not a fan of carbon fibre car parts and never have been. It’s good to have choice but they are not my thing at all. That said, I do have a carbon fibre road bike and a raw carbon composite gravel bike, both of which I love but that’s more of a weight saving choice as much as anything, and it’s not obvious. But it doesn’t do anything for me on cars.
  7. Welcome to VWROC! Better late than never. 😄 Tell us a bit about your car, spec, mods etc. lots of good info and inspiration here so hope you enjoy the forum.
  8. Booth11

    BMW Welt

    Ok, no worries. 🙂
  9. Booth11

    BMW Welt

    @gazza5 You seem to have two different BMW threads up in General Chat. Did you mean to do that or do you want them combining or want one deleting?
  10. Booth11

    BMW Museum

    @gazza5 Great photos and looks a great place to visit. Look forward to your trip write up. There is a thread called Epic Trips in the After Dark section which was set up some time ago by a forum member and was intended for people to post up their road trips etc. I’ll sticky it so it’s easier to locate. Of course you’re free to post up your own trip thread if you want to, many others have. But not every thread can be stickied just the generic trip one. 👍
  11. In recent years it was always roughly to allow 4 weeks from leaving factory to dealership but some could be quicker than that. Yes mine was 9 weeks from order to collection which is the quickest I’ve ever got a car. Was told it would be 5 months. My Mk7 took 8 months and the 2 cars preceding that took 5 months.
  12. Until you reach 25 posts you need to use a photo hosting site such as https://postimages.org if you upload pics there and then copy and paste the Hotlink for Forums into your post on here. Once you have 25 posts you can use the direct upload link at the bottom of each message/post box.
  13. Welcome to the forum! And congratulations on your new R. ….Which is? Tell us more! 😃
  14. Historically it was week 22 at end May each year but that’s all changed now.
  15. Those were the days! Mine took just 2 days from Sheerness docks to JCB Medway. But like yours that was before it all went pear shaped.
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