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  1. I have a Lapiz 8R coming. It’s built and is just waiting to go on a boat so not long now.
  2. Very very blue! Not a hint of purple in sight. 😂
  3. That made me laugh. 😂 Yours is going to look fantastic! It’s Deep Black Pearl so for that alone, it’s a winner! A few of the reviewers have said that the standard non Performance Pack and Akra 8Rs may well be the sweet spot. The other stuff is just expensive icing on an already very very tasty cake.
  4. Thanks Ian. I’m looking forward to getting it and hoping it won’t be beset by tech gremlins!
  5. Gave her a penultimate wash and coat of Swissvax Lotospeed! More pics in here https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/10839-thoughts-on-the-r-becs-dbp/?do=findComment&comment=575162
  6. My time with the the lovely Christine draws to a close. End of next week she’ll be Scotland bound (on a transporter) to start the next chapter of her life. In preparation, I gave the old girl a very thorough wash today and also applied what will be her final coating of protection (Swissvax), before she heads off. It was a cold morning, brrrr but worth it. She’ll need another quick wash just before she goes as I need to use her for work during this week , but it’ll be a quick affair and engine bay and interior already done, so just a final parting wash. Grubby as ever after a working week But all nice and clean again. I must say, even under very glum skies, she’s looking a treat even at 5.5 years old and I will miss her greatly and it’ll be very weird not having a black car (after 20 consecutive years of black cars) but bring on the Lapiz!
  7. Hopefully it’ll glue and be ok. If not, I’d contact ncz as they seem pretty good at rectifying problems and these really should withstand a clean of the steering wheel. Let us know how you get on.
  8. Nice! Think that might be my next house (really for car) improvement this year. It would be a big plus to have an exterior hot tap.
  9. 😂 Lease FTW! 😂 With you about about the Service Plans. I had a 3 year service plan in my mk7, so it’s a dead cert for the 8R although they only do 2 year ones now but still worth it.
  10. Just to confuse things further, in the UK it also gets called bum dyno. 😂
  11. They look great - really like that container that sits around the rim - in always looking for somewhere to put my wheel brush and the like! Yeah I’ve only used them once so far (using again today) but already that storage caddy is proving a good buy. It has 4 holes round the edge for detailing brushes which is very handy, and then wash mitts, wheel brushes etc in the bin bit.
  12. Looks superb! Must feel nice to the touch too, smooooth paint! And very shiny tailpipes!
  13. I haven’t been given a collection date. They’ll not do that until the car arrives in the UK.
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