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  1. I’m not sure if WeConnect dropped out at the time I got the email as I was able to just go out to the car. I had it twice last April as well but a much shorter list of services supposedly deactivated. Again it was nothing in reality.. Hopefully WeConnect will soon be back available for you Mike.
  2. I find the Smart Climate pretty useless, for me the classic climate controls accessed via the mini AC screen I have set up is the best way to control A/C. I almost always have it on auto, only changing the air direction if a focussed blast of air is needed. I find the auto in the mk8 so much better than in the mk7.
  3. Admit it, you photoshopped it on. Only joking. 😂
  4. I've not experienced any rattling of the Akra on my mk8R, either in normal Drive with valves closed, or when the valves are open in Race etc.
  5. I had this happen in August this year, but my car was in my possession when occurred ( parked on my drive) and nothing had changed in the car itself. I didn't have to reactivate anything. There were no links in the email and it was from genuine VW email that gives these WeConnect notifications. Seemed it was just a false alarm unsettling if you are nowhere near your car.
  6. I’d need to see it in the flesh of course and wouldn’t rule it out. But I don’t feel any inclination to PPF the car.
  7. You’re not alone in wondering, recently discussed here https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/38870-8r-quick-question-thread/?do=findComment&comment=633255 but no definitive answer really except it doesn’t appear to be button as such.
  8. Yes. It’s was posted up last week by @mike2727 in the gremlins thread https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/39023-golf-r-gremlins/?do=findComment&comment=634370 and copied over into the TPI and recalls thread to for info.
  9. How long do you normally keep a car? Which of those would you rather. Maybe ICE life is too short to stay in a car you’re unlikely ever to love.
  10. It is an incredible photo but if it’s not entered into the PotM comp it can’t win 😉 @StuR
  11. See this thread - 3 possibilities. Goodyears, Hankook and Bridgestones. Also see the chart on page 3 of that thread.m
  12. Well at least that’s something and quite right too. I think they should have not cheaped out though and should have given you a full extra year.
  13. Yes that was a big factor for me moving from a GTI to an R too. Even just pulling off my driveway in the GTI I would regularly get wheelspin and that was with good Continental 5P tyres and not booting it. And on a few occasions using it for work visiting various sites with poor ground conditions, particularly in winter, the GTI would struggle to grip. I got fed up with that as it made me think twice about taking it places, and as I only have the one car (for my daily sole use) it needs to do everything I want and need it to and give that confidence. The R does that in a way the GTI did t fully. We all have different requirements and some cars just tick the personal boxes more than others, so it’s very personal choice.
  14. I don’t think you have to justify why you don’t like your R, if it’s just not the right car for you. I came to the R (mk7 first) from GTIs (had three of them) but have a different outlook on it, I don’t think the R is just like driving any other car at lower speeds, yes it’s competent, composed and comfortable but, but as you say so is the GTI, not much difference at that level. They are both relatively easy cars to drive. I guess it depends what your definition of excitement is. The GTI is lighter on its feet no doubt and has that chuckable quality; the R heavier so it lacks that nimbleness but offers a different experience which I personally find thrilling, and not just at the upper end of its performance capabilities. GTIs to me have the fun factor; Rs to me, deliver exhilaration, and I’m finding the mk8R in particular, better balances the Rs characteristic solid gripped down character with a improved athletic suppleness and enhanced driving feel and engagement (over the mk7R, which I think it’s fair to say has an element of sterility). It’s interesting that the fact that you feel that a car seemingly being top dog matters. I’ve never seen the GTI and R relationship in terms of one being higher than the other or a range topper. Many do though, and I guess that that’s how they are generally marketed. To me they are simply variations of a family with each having their own character and merits rather than one being ‘better’ or top of the tree. You get the car that best suits your driving and needs and who cares if it’s supposedly top dog. That’s just somebody else’s perception. From what you’ve said on here, it very much sounds like a GTI of some variation is where your heart is, or maybe marque of another hot hatch that has that emotion and excitement you find lacking in the R, although it’s always a big ask to match the comfort and practicality of the Golf and deliver the latter too. Which brings us back to a performance Golf! You should test drive a mk8 Clubsport and a Mk8 R. But why an R Clubsport the dream? If a GTI, either Clubsport or TCR flavour is maybe the thing you’re already looking for. What is it about the R that would make a variation of it the car you’d want? I agree, the Soundaktor is awful and best silenced as you have, it’s just too fake and an unpleasant sound altogether.
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