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  1. Looks a lovely car. It definitely gives more dynamically than the mk7, still nice and planted but with added playfulness!
  2. I don’t know, but I wouldn’t have thought so, but no idea
  3. I did have the poor weather light on today in the fog but I didn’t try the high beam with it. Will have to try that out.
  4. The duck approves! How long ago did you have the mk7?
  5. Ah, I think that explains it, in Auto the lights won’t come on in bright daylight (for obvious reasons). If you push the stalk once the A symbol does still come up on the dash but if you push it again it won’t give main beam because the headlights aren’t on (in daylight with Auto on, on the lights control panel Auto is lit up amber but the headlights and sidelight symbols remain unlit as opposed to being green when they are on with Auto). I know because I happened to try it this afternoon. I had to put my lights on manually this afternoon as there was thick fog, but it was still really bright daylight, so the auto light function wouldn’t put the lights on. Whilst I was fiddling around I tried that and noted it.
  6. How rude! 😮 But very probably true. 😭 😂 The dealership continues to be keen as even though my car is already booked in for all the due services (bar aircon), they have today sent me three separate standard emails for each of the due items - they seem to like a play on words.
  7. Same here, not used handbrake switch for 7.5 years and never wanted to.
  8. Proof! Unless you’ve snaffled someone else’s photo. 😂 Looking forward to hearing your feedback on the 8R. 😊
  9. Damn! Yes UK 8Rs have Matrix IQ lights as standard.
  10. A. I could be wrong but I don't think WeConnect can give battery status info (unless it an EV). B. Maybe but a bit of an unknown. C. Yes, same result - choice of two methods to achieve, one being much quicker and easier than the other. Blackvue app requires wifi for cloud connection or connection to Blackvue camera wifi for direct connection to camera. It can be temperamental.
  11. Do you recall if it worked differently prior to coding the HBA?
  12. Fair enough. 🙂 I don't find it at all intrusive in city traffic (much of my driving is also lots of city driving, parking, stopping up etc). I know some find annoying on take off at traffic lights, but I think you just adjust and get used to it. Mk7s have it so have years of familiarity with it.
  13. Tracker app? I haven't got a tracker. The general consensus on forums is that EFB batteries (as fitted by VW at factory and under warranty) are inferior to AGM batteries, with some choosing to eschew an EFB under warranty and option to buy an AGM battery themselves. There are quite a few mk7 threads that cover the topic. Because it's convenient when I'm parking up for the last trip of the day to just pull the power cords out of the camera, and plug back in on first journey. Literally takes 1 second and same to plug back in. Anyone with Blackvue will know the app isn't the most user friendly app in the world, and it would take longer to use that to disable it.
  14. Autohold is fantastic! I pretty much have it on all the time except for some parking manoeuvres which need fine tuned moves, then it can be a hindrance, but otherwise it’s one of the best aids on the car imo.
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