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  1. A couple of others have mentioned this Wrex. Have heard it on mine too on a couple occasions. Have a look in this thread and read over the pages from Scudgies post linked below https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/39023-golf-r-gremlins/?do=findComment&comment=589088
  2. Haha! I have photographic proof in the Operational tips and tricks thread that proves my sanity (well, that’s pushing it maybe), but proves the option exists. 😁
  3. That’s great news Jase! Clock is ticking down now!
  4. Yes probably a picking error @guy1 No matter they were only £1.99 so I think I’ll be able to swallow that financial loss. 😁 The correct ones should be available to collect from dealership tomorrow.
  5. Thanks for posting. It’s has been posted up previously and it’s quite funny because you already get the ability to toggle maps between the infotainment and dash on all cars with software versions 1788 and beyond (which is all UK Rs so far). This is of benefit however to mk8 Golf owners with older software as they haven’t hit that capability atm, but it’s a moot point for R owners who can already have that option.
  6. Welcome along. Sorry to hear about the attempted theft of your R. Hope you can get it sorted. As above, a VW dealership will be able to order the parts.
  7. That’s what the 8R does but I’ve only tried it as Primary User with my key.
  8. I don’t know Neil as so far I’ve used the one key and only have myself set up as Primary. User with no other person profile set up. I’ve been avoiding using the other key/setting up another profile in case it gave my infotainment system a fit. I’ll be brave though and give it a go sometime this week and feedback.
  9. You’re behind on forum events! 😜 A very helpful guide (not mine, was just the messenger).
  10. 😂 I only know that CarPlay (apple) doesn’t allow for weather apps.
  11. They look very space efficient and the tap dispensers will make filling up spray bottle much easier. Might be tempted to get some of those for certain chemicals.
  12. It’s very heavy! When I first went to open mine I thought the catch was broken and not releasing the bonnet, until I realised I just wasn’t pushing the bonnet up with enough force! 😁 It’s why I’m fitting the (mk7) gas strut this week like some other members have done already.
  13. Checked mine - it's not sharp jagged but feels uneven so I think I know what you mean. Fronts are a bit different as they attach to the plastic arch liner so smooth but where they do tail off towards the front wheel they are similar to the rear inner lip. Where I do have a sharp jag is just under the bonnet lid near to where it releases from the bonnet catch. I noticed it when I first opened the bonnet as it nearly cut my finger - very sharp couple mm of raised paint there - not visible from outside as it's internal and just needs filing with a metal file and a blob of paint/laquer - but de
  14. @Vinniecoup If you tap on your little profile icon top right (next to the globe icon), the profile screen comes up - on first page is choice to select Light or Dark mode.
  15. Welcome to VWROC! Car looks stunning. God to hear you're enjoying it after the mk5 GTI (great cars though - I had two of them), it's a great move. Lots of help and advice, and inspiration on here so I hope you find it a good place to be.
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