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  1. Booth11

    Swissvax best in show

    Yes, waxes can visually knock back swirls to a point, and there’s always glazes if needed. I choose wax because of its aesthetic finish, have no need of something that lasts 5, 7 or 9 years, as I like waxing, detailing and maintaining myself - it’s all part of the ownership and enjoyment of the car for me, including DA polishing when paintwork does need some correction. Apart from Gtechniq Crystal Serum, most ceramic coats are lost to machine polishing.
  2. Booth11

    Swissvax best in show

    Some ceramics claim to be more resistant to swirls and certainly a few on here have said as much, but then others have said they’ve seen no difference. You’d have to put the question to those with experience of ceramic coats. I had one on a mk5 GTI and didn’t rate it, but things have moved on since then in coating technology. You wont see swirls much under normal light. It takes full sunlight or a decent LED or similar, light source to reveal them.
  3. Booth11

    Swissvax best in show

    Both have their merits. Ceramic noted for longevity, durability and ease of maintenance cleaning. Imo, a good wax gives a superior finish especially noticeable on mid to darker colours. And ime a well kept waxed car is very easy to maintain if kept on top off. All comes down personal pref and how much time or little time you want to spend on your car.
  4. Booth11

    Swissvax best in show

    Well, wax is out of fashion atm. But plenty of pro detailers still offer wax protection packages.
  5. Booth11

    Exhaust Tips - 3 Black and 1 Chrome

    Off day on the production line. Also known as a Friday!
  6. Booth11

    Swissvax best in show

    Glad the white residue came off with a bit of polish! Sorry, not tried Megs Mirror Bright shampoo. Expect there’s a fair few user reviews online though. I use Autosmart Tardis tar remover, bought from eBay. I think Halfords has a pretty limited range. Better off buying elsewhere online, eBay, Amazon, dedicated detailing websites imo.
  7. Booth11

    New recruit

    Welcome to the forum! Kicking off the new year in style!
  8. Booth11


    Welcome to the forum!
  9. ^^ Likewise. I had my battery replaced under warranty in March at 30 months old at around 17k miles. It kept losing and wouldn’t hold charge. Had the AA out a few times and they said it was on its way out, an it was. After overnight tests at the dealership, it was replaced under warranty, no quibble, they said it was likely a duff cell.
  10. Booth11

    Race glaze Water Filter

    I use about 10ml of Car Bath (one capful or two small teaspoons) in about 15 litres of water. I think the recommended is 5ml for every 10 ltrs/10ml to 20 ltrs. That’s just right for effective cleansing without prematurely diminishing the wax. It’s a very lubricious shampoo so minimum of pressure with the mitt is required as it glides over the paintwork lifting the dirt (I do pre wash with snow foam and sometimes citrus pre wash first).
  11. Booth11

    Race glaze Water Filter

    I’ve only ever used Swissvax Car Bath with DI filtered water so no point of reference with that particular shampoo with unfiltered water. However I’ve used other shampoos with unfiltered and then filtered water, and I tend to use the same the dilution ratio regardless, though find that DI water gives much better suds so arguably you could reduce the amount of shampoo you use. I find the lubricity is largely down to the actual choice of shampoo used, though decent suds helps.
  12. Booth11

    19 inch tyres

    I find the PS4S considerably more forgiving than the Conti 5Ps comfort wise. And considerably quieter and more impact absorbing.
  13. Booth11

    19 inch tyres

    I went from Conti 5Ps to Michelin PS4S and though Contis are a great tyre, the PS4S are another level. Superb tyres, best I’ve had to date.
  14. Booth11

    Oil Operating temperature

    Oil at 90° before pushing it. Oil temp on mine generally ranges from from a lowest of 103/104° to over approx 111/112° (in summer).
  15. Booth11

    What detailing have you done today?

    Cleaned it in the rain. Well it had stopped but typically started pouring down again half way through the wash! Got it done but had to forego the niceties of tail pipe polishing and tyre dressing as it was just too wet. Finished and the rain stopped and now sunny! Better than it was.