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  1. It’s entirely up to the individual, ETTO as they say. It’s good to show what choices are available and then give people the benefit of the doubt that they are capable of weighing up the options against their own priorities and budgets and making their own decisions.
  2. I bet that was a few hundred quid well spent for hours of enjoyment throughout the year. Same with my S2Ts. 👍
  3. Live added to your title to give more info in the thread topic.
  4. Welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear you’re not off to the best start with your new R. Sounds like a trip ba k to the dealer! I hope you get it sorted so you can you get on and enjoy it.
  5. It’s definitely working now. Try clearing your cookies before trying to access it.
  6. Hi and welcome to the forum Louis! Look forward to seeing your pics!
  7. Booth11

    Newbie Hello

    Welcome to the forum! This is best forum for 7/7.5 Rs so you’ve come to the right place. Ask away with questions!
  8. The main thing is that there are now a reasonable variety of paddle options, either stick on or replacement, so worth looking at all available options. I have S2Ts because I prefer full replacement paddles as opposed to stick on or screw on variety. Though S2Ts are pricy, imo, they are worth every penny and after a pedal box (and detailing gear aside) are the best money I’ve spent on the car. At the time I was looking for paddle replacements there was not much choice out there, but if I was buying today, I’d still go ST2s without a doubt. If it stick ons you want and a less eye watering price, fortunately plenty to choose from.
  9. That’s excellent news! GTIers are always welcome here.
  10. You'll need to upload to YouTube or another vid host and then copy/paste the link into a post here.
  11. Forum banter is great but when three quarters of a thread is the same repetitive joke, and isn’t even involving the OP, it’s time to get back on track. There’s always After Dark section joke thread if you really feel the need. 😁
  12. Even if you ask some VW dealers won’t do the filter clean. My local refused despite me always having my cars serviced there. I found another dealer who was happy to do it and who offer it willingly. But they are not all that way inclined unfortunately.
  13. Lets keep it on topic here now please.
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