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    Try this site which is free https://postimages.org/ Upload your photo and then copy/paste the ‘hotlink for forums’ url into a forum post and it will embed the photo. Alternatively, once you get to 25 posts on here you will then be able to directly upload photos from your computer or mobile device using the Add files link which should become available at the bottom of a new message box.
  2. Booth11

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    Welcome to the forum Gaz Good choice on the R and that looks a nice car you’ve got. How are you funding it after the M4? Pretorias look superb on a mk7/7.5R but I agree with Neil above that CM Wheels Hyper Silver is just too bright so I’d look at something a little more subtle unless you like the very bling look. Black nice of you want the stealth look but can look heavy. Maybe something in between. Any other mods planned?
  3. Agree with others - go through your own insurance and do not deal with 3rd party yourself. Avoid claims companies. I had a claim a couple years back when someone dinged my car in a car park and I only dealt with my insurer. It was resolved pretty swiftly with minimal involvement on my part.
  4. Sorry to hear that it’s not going to work out getting a kitten from a rescue centre. I don’t understand why they stipulate that kittens have to be house cats their whole life. That’s crazy imo. I wouldn’t take a cat that can’t go outdoors. I agree that rescue organisations lay down so many rules that it’s off-putting even to really committed people wishing to adopt. Last year one of the well known organisations did a public survey and the multitude of comments on social media showed exactly how exasperating it was for would be owners (often with a huge amount of experience caring for pets). I understamd the animal's welfare is the priority and in some cases there are restrictions or stipulations for good reason. But there does seem to be some very arbitrary rules applied that must impact significantly on people being able to adopt. It must be very frustrating and disappointing for you. But I do hope you find a kitten (be it rescue or private) as it sounds like it would have a wonderful home with you. Keep the faith!
  5. It was self assembled but too 5 mins to do and you can have it in two different configurations. I opted for the flat bed style and my cat Benni scratches it furiously then falls asleep on it.
  6. Hours of fun with a ping pong ball on a wooden floor! Radiator beds are great. We used to have a few of those but last year we replaced some of the radiators with underfloor heating so the cats have had to adapt. 😁 The most popular thing we bought it latest cats is this cardboard/wooden scratcher which they absolutely love. https://happy-poppy.uk/products/scratchslope?_pos=1&_sid=dfa0a14c7&_ss=r&variant=46868141900115
  7. They are so tiny! So sad they lost their mum but thankfully they are in good hands and will all soon have loving homes, one of which might be yours! I’d find it impossible to choose and would end up with all three. But what’s important is they all go to good homes. What sex is the grey one? How many weeks until they are old enough to be homed? Start stocking up on cat toys and cardboard boxes. 😄
  8. They are still showing as an active company (Powervalve Exhausts) on Companies House.
  9. It’s true that Pretoria’s will always suit Blue Chrome best as Mark says, but I think it could work on the wheels you have currently, if you are looking for a colour change. I think it will aesthetically ’lift’ he car and give it a fresh look. I really like gunmetal alloys but I think against black paint they can give an overall heavy look (not as clumpy as black wheels on black can look though) and with an estate being longer that kind of emphasises it. Blue Chrome silver stops short of being too blingy as some bright silvers can look , but is fresher and lighter than gunmetal/anthracite.
  10. Pretoria Blue Chrome without a doubt.
  11. Booth11

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    Welcome to VWROC Paul and congratulations on your R purchase! That’s a beautiful mk7.5R you have and the yellow calipers really suit it with the Indium paintwork. Sounds like you’re already an R convert and not surprising as they are superb cars. Any plans for it? I hope you enjoy the forum, there’s a wealth of info and chat here and great to have you onboard!
  12. Glad it’s sorted itself. Another good reason to run air con year round imo.
  13. Sounds about similar to lifespan I get without dodgy keyless gremlin. I got 13 months out of the factory fitted key battery. Replaced it with Renata CR2032 and got 9 months out of that one. Replaced again with same type and got 10 months. 6 months in with current battery and still going. I always have keyless switched on plus I use the Auto Unlock on approach feature. Keys are kept in a faraday box at all times when not in use.
  14. 🤣 You have to take these small wins.
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