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  1. I may well be different now given that service books aren’t supplied anymore, but my PDI inspection isn’t documented on the MyVW app or website but that was carried out way back in Sept 2015, and was documented in the physical service book. Maybe someone with a late car can tell you if they show PDI in the app now.
  2. Not sure how long, but mine had service exactly 4 weeks ago, and just checked the My VW app and its showing. Maybe give it another week and if it’s not showing up then contact them?
  3. Votes have been cast and top slot for the Aug PotM goes to Andy’s Candy. Congratulations @YELLOW_TT Great photo of your beautiful mk6 R! Well done to runners up @Booo and @goodbadboy And thanks to everyone who entered. 😊
  4. Don’t know if it helps the OP, but mine always just seems to show SOC- - - reading (when the trip reset is pressed (ignition off)), but mine’s an oem EFB battery (2nd one). Battery is absolutely fine though. I did the OBDeleven tweak to show SOC on the DIS a few years back but that doesn’t work on every car (see OBDeleven threads), and I’ve only ever seen - - - displayed. So, as mentioned maybe it’s MY dependant?
  5. If your car’s going in for service then makes sense to have the update done then.
  6. My R (65 plate) had the 91 UN recall software update done when it went in for DSG service back in July this year. No idea what it was for, it’s noted in the service book as being carried out and I recall they mentioned it when I took the car in but forgot to ask what it was for. Also had the 24CP update previously. Why not ask them what it’s for?
  7. The 80k mile DSG service applies to facelift/7.5 Rs with the 7 speed DSG. A 2016 R has the 6 speed DSG which is due service at 40k miles. I think Haldex service might have been different in the past but is now at 3 years regardless of mileage. Good they’ve agreed to do the haldex, worth asking about the cleaning of the filter gauze if you haven’t already. But if you’re going to an independent you can ask them.
  8. Both look very nice! The yellow callipers looks great with indium.
  9. Welcome along! What are the service dates? Has it had one annually? If its been on Fixed (time and distance) service regime which looks it (as opposed to long life service), then the schedule is service every 12 months or every 10k miles, whichever comes first. So it worth checking the service dates rather than just looking at the mileage in isolation. Haldex service is due at 3 years (regardless of mileage) so if that’s not been done, and you end up buying the car then that needs doing straight off. The standard VW haldex is only for an oil change and does not include a filter gauze clean. Some dealerships will do that but not all so don’t expect it, and you might need to get the haldex done at an independent. There’s a big thread on haldex which shows why it’s necessary to clean the filter. https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/24283-and-the-filthiest-haldex-filter-award-goes-to/page/37/#comments If you’ve got other details of the car it might be worth posting them up.
  10. Yes sorry I missed the android bit. marshy did post up that he thought it was only iPhone compatible earlier in the thread. Also states not compatible with android / auto android in the product description. Have you come across anything similar for android?
  11. I got the one @Umaar posted the link to in post #2, and that’s the one marshy reviewed. This one https://a.aliexpress.com/_mMbIZfp
  12. Best way to keep wax at room temp. 👍 So long as your house isn’t an icebox! 😁 I keep my Swissvax paste waxes in the house so they are nice and soft and ready to go. Most of my other detailing stuff stays in my detailing shed (apart from a small mobile kit in boot of car) but I prefer to store wax in a more stable environment, as the temp changes in the shed can vary massively depending on season. Having a perspex roof (for light), unsurprisingly it gets really hot in there during summer and very cold in winter and that’s not very good for wax to be exposed to too many temp fluctuations. Not good for other things too.....I once left a box of 6 cans of compressed air (use it for interior cleaning) in the shed in summer and the whole thing exploded, taking out a few bottles of polishing compound as it hit the walls and roof! Opened the door to find detailing devastation! 😂 I ended up putting some heat reducing film on the roof perspex which seems to have resolved the problem with it getting volcanic hot!
  13. Corrected that for you 😉 And afterwards if he doesn’t wash the cloth, it not only saves water on washing but also he has a nice layer of the cleansing sanding agent ready to go for the next session. Sustainable car washing. 😁
  14. Looks like some of us have been doing it wrong all these years. Time to shelve the pressure washer, snow foam, mitts.......
  15. My carlink dongle arrived today and have set it up. Took just seconds to do the initial link up and now it connects to phone and CarPlay kicks in instantaneously each time. Really impressed. Dongle is smaller than I expected too which is great, neatly tucked away in the central cubby and no more unsightly and annoying lightning cable. Wish I’d got one earlier. Great bit of kit. Thanks again to those who posted up about it. 😊
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