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  1. Chipped Pretoria - Touch Up Paint

    It is a real shame, but they’d lose business, so understandable. I asked them specifically last year and they said no. 😢 But, where I work we have a new team member (a total car enthusiast BMW fanboy) and he’s a mate of the owner of Lepsons, so I might chance my arm and ask him if they’ll consider knocking some up for me. Probably say no, but if you don’t ask!
  2. Chipped Pretoria - Touch Up Paint

    The best colour match for Prets is Blue Chrome BWA0024. This is the special mix colour Lepsons use on Prets and it’s spot on colour match. Unfortunately but unsurprisingly they don’t supply it as a touch up paint. LZ49 has been known to be a fair bit darker than normal Pret colour, so just be aware, it might not be exact.
  3. VW Service Plans ?

    Funny how the differ, but sounds like you’ll be fine. My 3rd one in Sept too.
  4. Discovery Radio - Mute ?

    Somehow the off switch is not as good as a mute button.
  5. Discovery Radio - Mute ?

    Some units do have a mute button others not. But that was mainly the previous gen MIB1. It’s annoying as the mk6 had a mute button on the steering wheel and even now I miss that.
  6. VW Service Plans ?

    I have a 3 year service plan and have had two services with one still to come, so you should have one left. Detailed here
  7. Discovery Radio - Mute ?

    No. Unfortunately.
  8. Novice Question

  9. New R Estate incoming...

    Welcome to the forum!
  10. Hi from Keith

    Welcome to the forum!
  11. Hopefully this will be the final chapter of what should not happen in these circumstances, and a happy ending I very much hope.
  12. Is my Suspension Faulty

    Non removal of transport pucks has been common in UK too. Here how to check. http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?6978296-Quick-Guide-to-Remove-Strut-Pucks
  13. Yes, this. Many many times over.
  14. Our Golf R With New Wheels

    Steve, you need 25 posts before your can send or receive personal messages.
  15. Kick down

    As said WOT is before kickdown switch. Just practice stopping your foot just before hitting the kick down switch and once you’ve got into that practice you’ll rarely hit it. It helps to just sit in the car stationary and press down until you feel and hear the audible clearly click of the switch (ignition on but engine doesn’t need to be running), and then just practice taking it all the way but stopping just before hitting the switch.