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  1. Yes it’s very different story if your location / residential situation poses challenges for DIY detailing or even just simple car washing - on street parking, no water supply etc. There’s been a few owners with similar difficulties and it can be very difficult to do that, so fully understand the need to find the best course of action, be it PPF, ceramic even monthly valeting as some do because they simply don’t have the setup to do it themselves. Regarding PPF care, probably best to decide what PPF you’re having then target your search towards that specific protection as each manufa
  2. Also considered a classic here too. And very much so on performance Golfs. Never particularly liked them myself as prefer slightly simpler more open designs. Revo RV019 one of my all time favourites.
  3. Not a comparison I’m interested in to be honest. PPF not my choice. Relevant to those debating it though. Even PPF needs care of course. Detailing is a passion (for me).
  4. Nice! Of those the top ones I think would look great being of Estoril style design, but also the second ones would work well.
  5. Haha, it’s my favorite shed. 😁 I had a big clear out of my detailing shed a few months back - chucked out some old products and streamlined a few things. Good to do that every now and then. Need to replenish a few bits that I’ve run out of recently, and there’s some storage containers etc I want to get, so a bit of shopping to be done soon.
  6. Good old Paddington. 😁 Yes Jerez as winters and Estoril for as summers is a great oem combo! The R with the mistakenly fitted Adelaides is in the order thread. See this post. https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/38062-golf-mk8-r-order-thread-post-your-order-details/?do=findComment&comment=601912 @Sas0875 car which I think he was having them replaced and I’d have done exactly the same as think the Estorils look far better. Not a fan of the Adelaides on the CS and even less so on the R but ETTO. 😊
  7. That’s helpful info for OP. The 8CS is different to the 8R in that respect.
  8. Let’s get a few 8Rs in this thread. 😂 Calling all owners of Lapiz, DBP and White cars - show your wheels! For oem choice I went for the Diamond cut Estoril on my Lapiz 8R. I was disappointed that at the time of ordering the only choices were diamond cut wheels (Jerez or Estoril) as I would have preferred powder coated wheels similar to the much beloved (by me) Pretorias. Mainly because I just prefer the finish, but as we all know diamond cuts are prone to whiteworm (though the 3 sets I had on my previous cars ever suffered it but probably just luck), and they are eas
  9. Booth11


    Welcome to VWROC! Any plans for the car? Any pics? Hope you’re enjoying it and hope you enjoy the forum too.
  10. Helps makes it clear for anyone searching etc. 👍 Never hurts to be specific to aid people. And back to the stars of the thread… the wheels!….
  11. Great thread! @AHG I’ve taken the liberty of adding “8R” to your title thread. Just for clarity, make clear the focus of the thread is alloys for the 8R and to distinguish from other alloy threads on the forum.
  12. Excellent! I’ve made it a sticky thread so always easy to locate.
  13. No worries, just a suggestion since you were already looking at options for the OP, as would be good to pop them up in a thread for potential aftermarket alloy choices. I’m sure such a thread will follow at some point. @Suki might find such a thread useful and helpful as well as others looking for alternatives.
  14. Good to see some options but personally not something I’d go for visible on the exterior. I’d rather PPF it than stick any of those on.
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