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  1. Booth11


    Welcome to VWROC! Glad to hear you’re enjoying the refinement and power of the R. It’s a perfect combination. Car looks great and no doubt will look even better once you’ve given it a good detail and got it all coated and protected. Unfortunately Lapiz paint is renowned for being soft and swirling all too easily, but once corrected should absolutely pop. Remember to post up some post detail pics! Decent paddles are such an improvement over the awful oem stubby ones. Make a big difference to manual shifting. Enjoy!
  2. Yes I have a deep black 7R. DSG. Had it for four years now and best car I’ve ever had to date. I’ve done a few things to it over time, mainly small cosmetic mods and some coding tweaks. Otherwise I like to keep my cars as oem as I can whilst just adding things that improve a few things here and there. I’m happy with stock power so my car isn’t tuned, but I added a pedal box very early on to get rid of the dead inch of throttle pedal travel which is prevalent in the Mk7 performance Golfs and ime detrimental to the enjoyment of the car. A pedal box sorts it easily and fairly cheaply. I’m also a enthusiast amateur detailer so lots of detailing love has been lavished on my car over the years. I don’t often keep cars past three years so year four (and beyond) are testament to what a great car it is for me. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine.
  3. Sounds a great spec!Good discount too. And a lovely deep black pearl! Always good to welcome someone to Deep Black Pearl Club. Paddles, spoiler and a ceramic sound great additions!
  4. As said, you can choose your own body shop and they will sort you a courtesy car. I’ve never yet used a bodyshop that my insurer use (always my own choice of my trusted one which is a VW Approved repairer but isn’t on my insurers ‘list’) and never had an issue getting a courtesy car, nor any issue using someone not on their list, and have always received all the documents guaranteeing the work done direct from the bodyshop. What part of the country are you in? Always good to get personal recommendations of good bodyshops from discerning enthusiasts.
  5. Well to VWROC! What spec have you gone for? Lots here to keep you occupied whilst you wait and plenty for once you get the car. Hope the wait isn’t too painful.
  6. Hi Neil Have a look at this thread from earlier in the year. Hope that helps! This thread worth a look too.
  7. Booth11

    Newbie signing in...

    Welcome to VWROC Carl! The Golf R is a brilliant daily car and though not trophy winning in any one focussed area, where it does come out top, is as the consummate performance all rounder. Great choice! Hope you enjoy the car to the max, and also this forum too.
  8. I do think it’s overplayed by some here, that those of us who are proponents of DSG (not as DSG v manual but just expressing our enjoyment of the DSG box), are hung up on it being faster than manual, or about shaving near imperceptible amounts off 0-60 times in daily driving, as I really think that’s missing the point about why many find DSG so good. I enjoy the slick, smooth gear changes (those bemusing wtf moments aside), the retained traction, but couldn’t care less about whether they are really any faster than manual changes or not, or whether, if I add up all those saved DSG milliseconds, I’ll be able to use them doing something far more productive. 😁 No, there are so many other reasons that DSG is a great. It’s not about faster. Not for me anyway. And I’m sure not for many other DSG drivers.
  9. That’s just awful. At any time but so soon after finding a car and collecting it. Absolutely gutting, really feel for you. I’m glad to hear your wife (and dog) weren’t badly hurt, that’s the main thing, but she must be pretty shaken by it. So sad to see yet another victim of others bad driving.
  10. Terrible event but at least it’s all captured in your dashcam! Worth every penny they are. Hope the damage is not too great and can be all sorted.
  11. If you want to do long coding adaptations rather than just use the apps and credits, yes get the Pro licence. Definitely worth the extra.
  12. Welcome to VWROC Jack. Lovely looking R and a good spec too. Hope your enjoying it, and glad your finding the forum helpful. Look forward to seeing the pics.
  13. Gen 2 not looking like making an appearance just yet after all. Gen 1 available direct from obdeleven. https://obdeleven.com/en/products-page Or often on Amazon and ebay
  14. Booth11

    Hi all

    Looks fantastic. You need to spend the evening alone in it. Purely for genning up on tech purposes of course. 😁 Congratulations and enjoy!
  15. As said, a topic of much discussion, but someone put the question to VWUK a while back and it was confirmed there was no limit. Have a look at this which is the content of the VWUK reply.
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