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  1. I’ve got PS4S all round, and whilst I had to have two new ones last year due to punctures, the fronts are the originals (rotated from rear to front at the change) and now have nearly 17k miles on and are at 4.5mm tread (they went in in summer 2017 so been through a couple winters). Performance has been excellent throughout and still is very good but I’m just starting to notice a very slight tail off in this wet winter weather, but not bad considering it’s a summer tyre nearing its replacement. I’ll be changing them once they hit 4mm as I always do. One thing is for sure, they’ve lasted much much better than my previous Conti 5Ps which lasted13k miles and the PS4S have been so much the better tyre on all counts.
  2. I love Swissvax Car Bath shampoo. It’s an amazing shampoo. It foams well and produces a very slick solution, which glides really well over the paintwork, so only light touch with the wash mitt is needed which means much less friction and the minimum of contact of the paintwork, thus minimising risk of swirls at wash stage. This is used at the two bucket stage following my ‘touch less’ prewash stages - either Bilt Hamber Auto Foam or ValerPro Advanced Neutral Snow foam followed with ValetPro Citrus Pre Wash if the car is very dirty (winter washes) both applied via snow foam lance and pressure washer rinsed off. SV Car Bath is very wax friendly (I use wax as a protection). It’s an expensive product but very concentrated so a little goes a very long way, so the cost works out not too bad overall and much better than you might think. I also use a capful of Optimum No Rinse to my wash bucket these days as this makes the shampoo even slicker and it just glides over the paintwork. After Car Bath, my favourite is DoDo Juice Supernatural Concentrated Shampoo. Again another concentrated very slick shampoo which gives fantastic results. After those I like DoDo Juice Born to be Mild Shampoo. Chemical Guys Citrus Wash & Gloss Shampoo I’ve tried a few other shampoos over the years. In no particular order. Chemical Guys Glossworkz Shampoo Chemical Guys Maxi Suds II Shampoo Poorboys Slick & Suds Shampoo Obsessive Detail Concentrated Strawberry Shampoo OCD Clarity Shampoo WoWo High Foam Shampoo Raceglaze Concentrated Shampoo I’m coming up to needing some more shampoo as my current stock is getting low, and have just ordered some Gyeon Bathe and Gyeon Bathe+ to try. Both are highly concentrated PH neutral shampoos designed to complement ceramic sealants (but can also be used with wax without unduly degrading it) Bathe+ also lays down a Si02/polymer layer as an added bonus for those using ceramic coatings and sealants so a possible option for you to consider. I like to try things so am Interested to see what both are like. I’ll feedback after a few uses. But there are members on here already using Gyeon who might be able to tell you how they find it.
  3. Ah, the honeymoon period. Long may it continue! Mine’s last over four years so far! 😂
  4. They obviously aren’t that well acquainted with the system. It’s not a removable or changeable filter but as said above it requires cleaning but unfortunately that’s not part of the standard haldex service which is only an oil change and many dealers will only do this. Some dealers will clean the filter for a bit of an extra charge but if not, it’s a case of getting an independent to do it. Show some pics from this thread.
  5. I believe the old grey clip was updated to an oem style clip as there were issues whereby the old grey clip would break easily on removing the pedal box. I think that the change to the red clip made it easier also to install as the clip is less stiff than the old style. So even easier to fit now.
  6. Booth11

    New to Golf R

    Welcome to the forum and to R ownership! Whats the spec of your new R? Any plans for it?
  7. Welcome to the forum! Hopefully you’ll adjust to the sleeper look of the estate. There’s a fair few estate owners on the forum so lots of chat, and lots inspiration if you decide you need to make the wagon your own (check out mk7 Members’ Rides section, lots of red ones too. In fact I think the wagon is starting to outnumber hatch on here which is a turnaround. 😂
  8. This is the thread. Camel said he was having stem cell treatment in mid Jan. Hope that that’s all going ok for him. Hopefully sure he’ll be back here when the time is right.
  9. Booth11

    Hi to All

    Welcome to the forum!
  10. Welcome to the forum Sam!
  11. Sweet spot for me is Sport program (amber) +2. Mine is the old version so that’s Amber and 2 green lights, which on the latest pedal boxes equates to Amber and 2 red lights, as they switched +/- light colours around. When I first I added the pedal box back in 2016, I started out with it in Sport (amber) neutral (no + or - lights) and ran it like that for a while. Then I increased it to +1 (still in Sport prog) and then another to +2 and that’s where I’ve kept it. About two months purely out of interest I cranked it up to +3 but after a few days set it back to +2 as I found it ‘too much’. So Sport program +2 is the perfect setting for me. Now you’ve had yours on a little while Paul, switch it off and try and drive it for half hour without. Let’s see if you can get past 5 mins before switching it back on again! 😂
  12. When you say long lasting, what kind of lifespan are you hoping for? What colour is your car? And is it a wax or sealant you prefer? If you like Collinite then 845 is great and very long lasting, good value too. If a dark car then colli 915 is good. DoDo Juice Pro waxes are good but colour charged more for dark cars - Purple Haze Pro and Blue Velvet Pro. For any colour car then DJ Supernatural Hybrid (SNH) is good too. I’ve used all of these waxes and the DJ waxes are easier to work with than Collinite but the max lifespan with DJ wax is around 3 months max, Collinite waxes can last longer. The others mentioned above by Gav - Soft Fusso and FK are well thought of amongst detailing enthusiasts. Then there’s nano sealants and ceramic coatings to consider! The likes of Gtechniq, Gyeon, Sonax and others etc.
  13. Welcome to the forum Gordon Sounds and looks a real beast! Great colour! And great pics!
  14. Booth11


    New topics are good. In the right section, even better. 😂 Mk7 Chat section is your friend (I’ve moved this to there). 👍 As above re the fronts. The stock rear tint is 65%. 90% was an optional choice.
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