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  1. Booth11

    Hello from Kent

    Welcome along Dan, from another member in Kent. Two lovely cars to own! Hope you’re enjoying the R.
  2. We have pleasure in announcing the winner of October’s Photo of the Month competition. Congratulations to @BlackGolfR for this surreal shot! Thanks to the other two entrants. Keep the entries coming in the November PotM thread!
  3. I very much hope so, but for every one person that takes care, there’s countless who don’t give a toss about other people’s cars.
  4. As said above we do have a great active Classifieds section but only a couple of areas are visible to new members under 25 posts. https://www.vwroc.com/forums/classifieds/ As soon as you hit the magic 25 posts, all the sections will become visible and accessible to you. You need 25 posts to reply to for sake adverts and 50 posts to sell something yourself. Classifieds is accessed, on a mobile device, from the side menu three lines top right; or on a computer from the top menus on the landing page.
  5. Booth11

    Hi all...

    Welcome along! Hope you’re enjoying your R, lots to learn about these cars but fun to do so and lots of good information on the forum and some very knowledgeable members on here especially if you need modding advice.
  6. Welcome along Tom. Congratulations on picking up a great bargain and a great car. Looks very nice in that colour and wheel combo.
  7. Welcome to the club! Car look great, is it lowered. Sits nice.
  8. Last autumn I was at the point you are now, coming up to three years in a late 2015 on reasonably low miles (now on 30k) at which point I usually move on to the next car. I thought very carefully about switching to a 7.5R but came to the conclusion that it simply didn’t warrant swapping one great daily for another with a few cosmetic changes, another DSG gear I currently don’t need, and some tech that needs to improve. So I decided to keep what I’d got for the time being. It’s owned outright so nothing to pay off. Its in condition better than when new. It’s just passed four years old and now into fifth year ownership and I’m happy with the decision I made. As for the future, that depends on much. The mk8 R is not here yet but there’s enough doubt over what’s been seen so far to put a question mark over it. I’ll see what the real deal is like when it shows its face. There’s quite a few other alternatives as you’ve mentioned A45, RS3 and some left field options, but lots of money and for what more? One thing that does bring me comfort is that if the mk8 R is a total lemon and nothing else moves me, then I’ve got a damn good car that I’m currently sat in typing this, and I’d have no qualms about keeping it beyond 5 years.
  9. Booth11


    Amen to that. I had a drive up north a couple weeks back in shocking conditions, high winds, standing water all over the motorways and roads, other cars aquaplaning like it was A1 aqua aerobics. PS4S were absolutely solid. These tyres are the most trustworthy thing I’ve had the pleasure of in the last few years.
  10. Booth11

    corner lights

    Welcome along! Did you have an issue needs help? If so, I hope you’ve found some useful advice on here and always people happy to help if they can.
  11. Just to update the original opening post of this thread. The claim has finally been settled in my favour and my excess fully refunded. It’s taken a while and one way or another I still end up penalised through increased insurance premiums as is the wonderful way car insurance works, but maybe, just maybe, the dad in the video might think on next time. Probably not but you never know. And I’m glad I got a dashcam.
  12. Booth11

    R Daddy Wagon

    Welcome to the club! You're in some good company here as plenty of R estate owners, it’s an R cult in itself! Car looks the absolute daddy wagon part! Beautiful paintwork too.
  13. Booth11

    golf r lovin it

    Hello and welcome along to the forum and the internet! Look forward to seeing the pics if you can get some up, and post away with your questions about parts and bits as plenty of great help on here. For the most part we’re a friendly and helpful bunch of Golf R reprobates!
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