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  1. Booth11

    Back in a golf after 10 years

    Welcome to the forum! As above, TPS is the place to go.
  2. Booth11

    What’s the best one stop online shop.

    What issues did you have with your Nilfisk unit James? I’d be interested to know. I’m looking at various alternatives and that was just the obvious choice, but want something that isn’t going to give me the headaches that karcher have. I currently have 3 different karchers and only one of the working and that pulses and is leaking. @Wo-Wo Neil, didn’t you buy a Kranzle a while back? How how you found it?
  3. Booth11

    where do you get your resin?

    I’m just coming to the end of a bag of Unger which has been fine (I find it better than Tulsion MB115). But I’ve decided to give the Indion MB151 mentioned above a go next, see how that compares to the other two, so I’ll be buying a back of that next. I’ll feedback on it. And then I’ll know which of those three I prefer and stick with it.
  4. Booth11

    What’s the preferred shampoo these days?

    Link works fine for me. You do need to be logged in in the full vwroc site (not Tapatalk) though. Couple of screenshots to show it’s there. https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/29647-top-5-car-wash/?tab=comments#comment-455619
  5. Booth11

    What’s the best one stop online shop.

    Well after years of using Karcher, I will be moving over to Nilfisk as my latest Karcher failure has finally pushed me over the edge! So will soon be buying a mid range Nilfisk. Nilfisk have metal pump parts unlike karcher, so should be more robust. I’ll unfortunately have to buy new snow foam lances to fit (I use two proper PA snow foam lances in my washing regime) and will also get a 15m replacement pressure hose for it, as I find rubber and metal braided ones far better than the standard supplied nylon ones, and have all those things already but for karcher. It’ll be a costly move for me but hoping to avoid all the problems I’ve had with various karcher machines.
  6. Booth11

    What’s the preferred shampoo these days?

    Have a look in this thread
  7. Booth11

    What’s the best one stop online shop.

    There’s usually a few discount codes knocking fir the various sites about so worth googling them.
  8. Booth11

    What’s the best one stop online shop.

    Take a look at the links in the beginning of this thread. All great detailing product websites.
  9. Booth11

    Golf r stolen video

    Epic effort by the neighbour! The length of time the perpetrators were absent from the cctv suggests it was a break-in. Judging by their lack of driving skills they’d probably end up crashing the poor R anyway.
  10. Booth11

    What did you do to your R today?

    Had it assessed by bodyshop for insurance repair to the front offside wing, following the car park damage. Repair of the dent and respray of the wing, blending into door possibly.
  11. Yes that’s just on electrically adjustable seats. No seat base tilt adjustment on UK manually adjustable seats, unfortunately, only height adjustment and lumbar adjustment.
  12. Booth11


    Dirty bottoms galore in this thread. It is a Golf after all : D But feel free to start a dirty undercarriage thread!
  13. Booth11


    Overnight beading
  14. Booth11

    Evening all! (soon to be owner)

    Welcome out of the shadows, and into the forum! 😁 Sounds like you’ve found a peach of an R! Enjoy!
  15. Booth11

    Was hopeful... but no.

    That’s a very sad sight! Sorry to hear and see your R’s demise but thankfully you are unhurt. Totally understand your desire to swap to something you feel is more suited to the conditions. Sorry to see you move on but you are always welcome here and I wish best of luck with your new motor.