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  1. Gorgeous! Great to hear your first impressions are good ones, and it’s been worth the long wait. Enjoy getting to know it and stretching its legs once you’ve put a few miles on it.
  2. Emotion Start is a gimmick. I tried it merely out of curiosity and that was with around 16k miles on the exhaust, and very underwhelming, it’s not something I’m ever going to bother with again tbh. Aside from that though, the exhaust sound will definitely improve as the miles go on whether it’s the standard exhaust or the Akra.
  3. Absolutely stunning, what a beautiful car. You must be thrilled with the result! The pedal box is a very good decision! It a must ime. Enjoy it to the max!
  4. That’s excellent news that you’re getting your R very soon after such a long wait! Glad the info is helpful to you. Once you’ve got your car and spend some time getting to know the starters and trying out different settings, I expect you’ll settle on an Individual setup that suits you, but the beauty is that you can chop and change as desired. My Individual mode setup atm is everything on Race, Soundaktor in Pure and the DCC between Sport and Race as I like quite firm suspension for daily driving.
  5. You got one Jase! You’ll get a few curious comments from the neighbours I expect. 😂 It does get easier to out up and take down once you get used to it, there’s a technique to it that you’ve probably already mastered I suspect. Lights will be useful. I use a few sets of tripod LED lights in mine and they are useful, alongside a swirl spotting light for some closeup inspection. Have fun detailing your new BMW in the crime scene tent! 😄
  6. Thanks Steven. 😊 The short trigger gun is a revelation isn’t it! Great for the whole car and excels on wheels, and as you say, it boosts snow foam lances too. I felt the same as you when I first got mine, but it was another member in the forum that first posted up about getting one and that prompted me to buy one myself and since then the standard lance has been redundant. I think pro detailers have used short trigger guns for ages but seems to have been a slow trickle down to the enthusiast sector. And now you have one! 🎉
  7. Congratulations on getting your 8R estate/wagon. Nice to hear of a good experience with a dealership too, and glad you’re finding the change a positive so far. The pared back cabin and controls take a little bit of getting used to but after a few days, it starts to become second nature, and I think you’ll soon avoid hitting the wrong bits (handbrake) and quickly adapt to their placement. It took me a couple days to get used to the DSG lever but then it’s was as if it had always been that way. I’m a big fan of the haptic controls and got along with them from the very start, and would be very disappointed to see them replaced with traditional buttons if that happens on the 8.5 as rumoured. It’s an oversight that they didn’t provide illumination on the temp controls but I’ve never had any issue locating them during night driving. I’ve used the reading lights quite a few times and so far no issues with them, so sorry to hear that you’re having some problems with yours and your pano roof - sounds like a trip to the dealer is needed to see if there’s a resolution. Be lovely to see your new R so post some photos up if you get the chance.
  8. How old is the car? Looks like wear and tear and I’m with Greg that it looks like the way he handles the wheel has resulted in the outer leather getting pulled. I doubt cleaning it will do anything, but no doubt a leather specially might have a solution to it.
  9. Thanks Pinky I’m more than happy to look after it and will be encouraging my other half to let me do that, but he simply doesn’t have the same approach to cars that I do, so there’s no guarantee that he won’t just get it washed elsewhere if the need arises.
  10. At the second service I had earlier this year (UK) they did: Oil and inspection service Brake fluid change The Mangna 4WD oil change is due at 4 years (they did it in error on mine at 2 years but it should be at 4 years. I declined the optional A/C service which is due at 2 years but not needed imo. Might be worth a read of this thread.
  11. Welcome to the forum Micael That looks a beauty of a mk7,5R! Glad to hear you’re loving it. Check out the obdeleven section for coding for various tweaks. Look forward to seeing how your car progresses.
  12. I can’t imagine that it would be any different to a non anniversary R engine cover.
  13. They really are a bunch of idiots aren’t they. I’d escalate it if you can.
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