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  1. I bet that Mini now has opaque silver window tints!
  2. Yes as above, they can often run for a bit. Totally normal.
  3. Hopefully you’ve sorted the smell out once and for all now. Epic job though! Assume you’ve seen the most recent thread on the boot drain tube (there’s a few threads on the subject going back over the mk7/7.5 years, common problem), lots of members recently finding and replacing perished drain tubes. Replacing mine at some point this week.
  4. When I saw the thread title before seeing the photos, I really wanted to like these. I love the actual colour but with the matt finish at a glance they just look like very very dirty Prets. 😁 I think that colour would look fantastic in gloss or even satin finish though, but for me the matt finish doesn’t do them any favours. Better offset though, and great price!
  5. Hi and welcome along! As above, rusty brake hubs is not an indication of poor care or anything bad. VW’s are known for their rusting hubs and it start very early in the life of the car. Mine started rusting from just a few months old. As Starnzy says you can just paint them and that improves them no end. I used Hammerite Direct to Rust paint for silver mine. So don’t let that put you off a car if it has everything else you’re looking for and is good condition with service history. There are a lot of threads with good advice on buying mk7 and 7.5 so have a good browse on here. Maybe search for buying 7.5 and see what comes up. Is there a specific spec you have in mind if you go for a 7.5? Any must have options for you? Manual, DSG, hatch....etc?
  6. If you've already got SRP try that first and see if any noticeable effect but doubtful. Otherwise get a decent finishing polish. I can recommend Sonax ProLine Perfect Finish which is a lovely finishing polish with some fine cut https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/sonax-perfect-finish-profiline#page=6&top=84& Meguiars 205 Ultra Finishing Polish is also an oldie but goodie, never fails to deliver https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/meguiars-205-ultra-finishing-polish Both are fine cut finishing polishes which would be a good item to have in your detailing supply as well as a cutting compound/polish. Meguiars Ultimate Polish is also a finishing polish and gloss enhancer and often used in conjucntion with UC. For hand polishing pads Chemical Guys Hex Logic Orange (for correction) and their black pad (for finishing) are good to have in your stocks. https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=hand%20polish%20pads HTH
  7. The plastic B pillars are possibly the worst part of the car for getting swirls (being quite soft material) and can be really very noticeable in the sunlight. Horrible things they are. You should be able to improve the appearance of them and remove some of the swirls through hand waxing though, if not all. I think you said in another thread you were getting some Meguiars Ultimate Compound. If so you could give that a go on a light or medium hand polishing pad. UC is a reasonably aggressive polish so it might be better to try a less aggressive polish first. UC might leave some haze which you’d normally follow up with a finishing polish to refine the finish. Meguiars do Ultimate Polish which is a post polish product. It’s always best to start with the least aggressive polish and pad combo - do a test patch, check progress with a good light and if necessary step up from there. Obviously a DA would make the job easier and yield better results but it’s worth seeing what can be achieved with hand waxing.
  8. Just need those black R stickers on now and 😎
  9. Lovely car! And great pics. Indium and black Prets are a great combination. Great spec too, and a couple nice extras there. Btw R Logo mats are not standard. Look forward to seeing its progression and more photos.
  10. Booth11

    Chewing Gum

    PS...that’s not an invite btw. 😅 🤣
  11. Booth11

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    And it’s over to the After Dark section.... 😂
  12. Booth11

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    You’ll just have to suck it up then spit it out......but not on your R mats!
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