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  1. Hi Gib!  Are you aware that you’re only posting on your own profile feed and not in the main forum?  Don’t know if that’s your intention but just letting you know.  :)

    1. Gib




      yes just updating myself not been on for a while! Tut tut 🙄

  2. Hi Enver,

    I’m afraid your thread promoting your detailing business has been removed.  You may not be aware but VWROC is a sponsored forum which relies on paying sponsors to keep the site running.  Therefore unauthorised advertising or promoting of your business is not permitted unless you have a sponsorship package.  If you are interested please contact vwroc@admin.com.  Thanks.  Bec (vwroc moderator) 

    1. Eny3


      Apologies Bec, wasn't aware of this!



  3. Please be aware this is a sponsored forum with paying sponsors that enable the site to exist. I’m afraid unless you are a paying sponsor you cannot advertise your business services on here, and that is why both your recent posts have been removed.  Please don’t post any more advertising posts.  If you are interested in sponsorship packages please contact admin@vwroc.com


    Thank you. 


    Bec (VWROC moderator)

    1. dubwear


      I'm sorry I wasn't trying to advertise I was trying to give the guy advice as it's what I do for a living.... I've not put contact details of my company and also recommended other products that we don't even sell, I think you have taken my help the wrong way.... 

    2. Booth11


      Thank you for replying.  Appreciated.  


      We appreciate you are trying to give advice and that you might not be have been aware of the rules on here until recently made aware.  However in your initial post you named your company and gave details and price of a service.  That’s advertising I’m afraid.  And your second post still makes it clear you are a business through the phraseology and pushes product and price.  I’m afraid are rules are strict around non sponsoring businesses posting details of their products and services and hope you can understand that paying sponsors who help finance this site may view things differently to you.



  4. Hi, your thread about S2T paddle shifters has been removed.  You need 50 posts to sell parts on here via Classifieds. Sections of Classifieds are hidden until you hit 25 posts.  However you still need 50 posts to create an advert. Selling outside Classifieds is strictly not permitted and because your thread looks likely to turn into a selling thread, is been removed. Classifieds rules here.



  5. Hi wishboneash, just a reminder you need to remove one of your pics from the photo comp. Another member had to do the same yesterday, so need to be fair to all members as per the rules at top of that section. Please remove by tomorrow morning. Bec.

    1. wishboneash



      How do I edit a post ?

      How do I delete a post ? I have two posts hidden but can't seem to delete them. Can only moderators do that ? If so, pl. delete my two hidden posts, thanks.

    2. Booth11


      Thanks í ½í± Yes, only mods can delete them. I'll do that now. Thank you for sorting out your chosen pic :-) Btw, nice house 😆

    3. Booth11


      The weird question marks were actually supposed to be a thumbs up emoji!

  6. Hi DBC, regarding your for sale advert for Pretoria wheels. A minimum post count of 50, pictures and a price is required for adverts in this section, therefore this thread will be removed. Moderator

    1. Booth11


      If you wish to repost the items for sale please ensure you meet the criteria as set out in the rules for classifieds. Thank you. Forum moderator. Rules here http://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/14060-classified-rules/


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