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  1. Hi there, wanted some advice, wondered if you could pm me so that I can reply, thanks

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    2. beetle1


      Thanks, Im potentially thinking of looking for a swap of my R for a white one and just wondered how you suggest Id do it?  

    3. Booth11


      Well there’s a couple of options but they do require you to have more posts. To access our full Classifieds section in full, you need 25 posts to see all categories.  To post an advert in Classifieds Cars for Sale you need 50 posts.  However I think the Cars Wanted section allows posting with just 25 posts (though not certain).  If so, you could post up a wanted advert stating about the swap.  However this must not be a for straight for sale advert.  Otherwise it’s a case of waiting till you have 50 posts to put up an advert in Cars For Sale, stating swap.  

    4. beetle1


      Ok, thank you


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