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  1. Nice little report! Always good to read these things. The main thing is you love driving it! Quite a few of the niggles can be addressed: Fit a pedal box, which sharpens throttle response and removed the initial dead inch lag Fit some replacement paddle shifters, more conducive to using manual mode and sidestepping the issues of S hanging on to long before upshifting, amd D shifting up too quick. Or there’s always a TCU tune. Buy obdeleven (or see if a nearby member with it can help out) to Disable Stop Start, disable these soundaktor or turn it down so it’s either not audible at all or lesser in every mode As a minimum get some protection on the car to see it through winter then do a full detail in early spring to sort out those marks and scratches. The dealer may have a used glaze to hide them but most likely buyer blindness. But in winter its not time wasted but time invested to protect the paintwork as the worst time of year. And if you do do any winter detailing, you’ll want that obdeleven to code off your windscreen wipers to stop them making a mess all over the bonnet and A pillars! 😁 Then love driving it even more!
  2. It depends on the product. I’ve only used normal Bouncers D&D which is a Quick Detailer. If something is a QD then it will be good for limited protection only, and best used for topping up and refreshing other more durable protections. But of course some spray protections are proper full on sealants and coatings and so will give longer protection. You need to research and read up on what the product you’re buying or considering, offers, but most manufacturers will overstate the longevity of their product so worth bearing that in mind.
  3. Ceramic is a great option, no question about that. And it sounds like it might be right for you, so worth looking into. Especially if you’re looking for protection that you can just forget about once it’s on, and no topping up etc. But some waxes can last months and protect for months, and repel dirt meaning weekly washes aren’t a necessity. I generally wax mine every three to four months max. I’ll refresh now and then with QD, but in between waxes it’s wash and go when I get the time and that can be weeks apart.
  4. AF Citrus Power won’t strip your wax or coatings off at all. It’s fine to use without risk of that. Just spray it wherever you want it, leave it in for a few mins and then rinse off.
  5. I’ve not ever used AF snow foam (use ValetPro and Bilt Hamber) but it sounds like you used too concentrated a solution for it to remove your LSP. Most snow foams should be used at a dilution ratio of around 1:8 or 1:9 (or 1-2 inches of snow foam shampoo topped up to a litre with water) for effective cleansing without prematurely degrading LSP. Of course every time you wash the car it use if shampoo/snow foam, will slightly diminish your LSP, but used a normal maintenance ratios, snow foam shouldn’t outright strip the coating off.
  6. Ian, is it AF Citrus Power you’ve bought? It’s personal choice but I always snow foam first and power wash off to get all the loose crap off the paintwork, then I put on citrus cleaner (though I use ValetPro Citrus pre wash applied via a snow foam lance) so the loose stuff is gone and the citrus cleaner can work on deep cleansing the dirt the snow foam hasn’t touched. Then rinse again and then do the bucket wash as normal. I use AF citrus in summer as a bug splatter remover and use it in that sequence. Give it a go that way, see how you get on. Yes it’s fine on plastics (no residue or marks left) and wheel arches although I use Bilberry Wheel Cleaner in my wheel arches as part of wheel pre washing but I don’t see why AF CP shouldn’t do the job. It might struggle on built up brake dust but most of that will be stuck to the wheels not the arch. Let us know how you get on. Bec
  7. Good luck in the new job Raiden! If you’re the one that’s been instrumental in the success of his business and bringing the money and customers and keeping them, then I expect a good deal will follow you as you’re staying in the bathroom sales game, and unfortunately maybe after the fact, your old boss might realise how much you were worth to the business. Mind you, an old boss of mine used to follow that old saying......."If you want to know how much you'll be missed when you are gone, put your finger in a bucket of water and then remove it. The hole that's left will be how much you are missed”. His very words to me when I asked him if he’d miss me as I was leaving the job. As a result that’s my default assumption with bosses! 😁 However whilst that’s very true in some cases, there are people that make their mark and whose absence is abundantly felt later on. That might be you! 😁 What happens to his business is his worry, that’s one of the burdens of being the business owner, but it does sound like you have an admirable loyalty and do care about the place you long worked in, and that’s commendable. But pastures new for you and it sounds like your new boss does recognise your worth! Best of luck!
  8. There’s no difference at all in paddle fitting from the one car to the other or from mk7 to the 7.5 even, all exactly the same.
  9. Gyeon Silk Dryer towels. Absolutely incredible! Big one (or two if feeling extravagant) for the bodywork, little one for the wheels.
  10. Booth11


    Not sure that’s an easy question as to what’s best, there’s a lot out there. I use Swissvax Lotospeed QD for in between proper waxes, to refresh on the whole car, (over Swissvax waxes, Crystal Rock usually), and absolutely love that. It’s a dream to apply and buff off. Not as slick as some of the Si/nano QDs (Lotospeed is polymer based) but absolutely amazing gloss and for me, a better finish than Si based sprays and importantly, retains and enhances the depth the original wax finish, and lovely beading too! It’s a bit pricy but a little goes a long way so a bottle lasts ages. I’ve tried it in comparison to Sonax BSD (which I rate), Gtechniq C2V3 and CarPro Reload, and another that I forget, with some of each used on different panels of the car at the same time, and though some of the nano QD’s are slightly slicker, there is a noticeable difference in the glossiness and depth of the finish with the SV Lotospeed, that the others don’t match. So that’s my go to QD for on top of carnauba wax. In terms of beading, there wasn’t too much in it longevity wise.
  11. I believe that autowatch ghost offers that function to reverse the oem switch function, but think others have mocked up their own devices to do same.
  12. Interesting this one, in that the S/S didn’t reactivate after you switching it back to 7.6v through obdeleven coding. I have mine disabled via obdeleven through the voltage setting (so set at 12v to fool it) but when I was having a few battery issues (ages ago now), I had occasion to set it back to standard 7.6 a few times; and when I send it in for service I usually revert it to 7.6 and then swap back to 12v after. And every time it I’ve recoded back to 7.6 with obdeleven coding, it’s reactivated as you would expect. Wonder why that didn’t work in your case, and you had to use the app?
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    D&D is brillant QD. I always have a bottle of it in my mobile kit, superb for and bird strikes. But not tried the Si version yet , but that looks excellent!
  14. They look great, suit the car well. Looks very nice.
  15. Yes, the car has a means of turning off the interior monitoring so the alarm won’t be triggered (used for when towing car or leaving pets inside etc). The Mk7 has a button on the lower B pillar to do it, however yours looks like a 7.5 from the rear pic, which doesn’t have the button, but the alarm can be turned off via the menus, so have look in the thread below on how to turn it off.
  16. We have pleasure in announcing the winner of September Photo of the Month comp......... Congratulations to @carbyfed! For capturing that stunning paintwork gloss alone this was a deserving winner, but those wheels, those brakes..... superb R Estate pic! This months runner up is @Scott_Wills7R Thanks to all who entered, and keep your entries coming for Oct PotM!
  17. There’s a few things that’s true of! Just another of VW little quirks! I wonder if the continent get them?
  18. I did the obdeleven tweak (using one of the apps) to enable auto fan speed lights, and though it’s hardly something you can live without, it’s strangely quite handy to have!
  19. It seems an entirely logical step to me Jeff, if you wish to stay working the Golf performance marque. You’ve had 4 R’s, 7s and 7.5s, so as a serial R owner, pretty much done that and bought a job lot of t-shirts. From what you’ve said regards mileage and wanting a car that delivers fun amd occasion, the R is obviously not fulfilling that, and there’s something bit similar, familiar but importantly, different that can. I think the TCR has your name written all over it, metaphorically, not literally like the dodgy side decals! 😁 Why not try to get an extended test drive or just go with your heart and buy one. If you haven’t already, look at the recent reviews from matt_the_w and Hertsman, members who’ve actually made the switch from R to TCR. And there’s some really useful info over on the excellent gti forum too. Relish the VAQ Diff, the lightness, the nimbleness and the lack of R like composure and have great fun in VW’s swansong of the mk7/7.5 era. And you know that there’ll be a mk8 along soon if you hate it! 😁
  20. What a nightmare! I hope your neighbours are ok. And you, you must be gutted. What a mess with your R. As well as the very obvious glass damage, I’d throughly check the paintwork, as shattered glass can make a mess of it with scratches so it might be more than replacing glass. Similarly check the interior for glass damage. Do a really thorough check under good light. I can understand your reticence at not wanting to claim, even if you have glass cover that doesn’t affect your no claims, the claim itself will jack up your premium for sure (speaking from experience).
  21. see the link here https://www.diesel-performance.co.uk/tuning/car/volkswagen/golf-vii-r-from-2012-onwards/2-0-tsi-4motion-310ps228kw-1984-ccm/?add-to-cart=75957#notice Ignore the first item. Look at the first one Pedal Box, which is the best bet. The second one Pedal Box Plus is the same but with app control so if that matters to you then that’s an option. You’ll need to put your car make and model in when you choose. Some fitting guidance here
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    Welcome to VWROC!
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