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    Auto Hold and Stop/Start

    Separated at birth! Fortunately! 😁
  2. Booth11

    Auto Hold and Stop/Start

    Just couldn’t get on with stop/start at all, gave it a chance but no. Same with the stock throttle response, gave it a few months but no. The only time I’ve used Eco was way back initially, just to see what it was like, and then a few times I’ve accidentally gone into it and then wondered why the pedal box wasn’t working at roundabouts! Pedal box, stop/start disabled, Individual mode (mostly in sport) and happy driving!
  3. Booth11

    Build to delivery

    Usually around 4 weeks from start of build to delivery to dealer. Build stages here
  4. Booth11

    October 2018 Nav Update

    I used to use Waze which was ok, but since google maps came to CarPlay I now exclusively use that. The VW Pro Nav is only used as emergency back up if Google won’t load, as it’s painful.
  5. Booth11

    12 months ago

    Happy birthday to your R! I remember collecting mine like it was yesterday (it was 30th Sept 15). It sat looking sad, unwashed and very grubby on the dealer forecourt, unlike the collection pics above. 😁 But she was a sight for sore eyes after a long 8 month wait, and her grubbiness was blessed proof that the dealer had not prepped (swirled) her as requested.
  6. Booth11

    GTi TCR.

    She’s right on the pet front too. 😁
  7. Booth11

    GTi TCR.

    Haha! She’s right, they’ll look naff on an R, which is all about understatement with intent, but they look great on the TCR. That’s where they belong.
  8. Booth11

    GTi TCR.

    Me too. And the seats. Love the the look of it.
  9. Booth11

    25% off GAP (ALA)

    Not at the price the dealer charges. Loads of threads on GAP insurers in this section so have a read through some. Bingo! 25 posts!
  10. Booth11


    If you don’t declare your mods to your insurer, and something happens to the car (and you make a claim) and it can be linked to the modification, then your insurer is is unlikely to pay out.
  11. Yes. Anything not factory fitted is considered a modification.
  12. Booth11

    25% off GAP (ALA)

    GAP is worth it IMO, and if you use a proper GAP company such as ALA or similar and there’s always price matching and discounts to be had, then it’s not that costly. However the dealer offered GAP is a complete rip off and often 2-3 times the cost, avoid that.
  13. Booth11


    Just shared views from some real world users who take more than the average interest in their cars and collectively have a fair amount of experience of Golfs and their aircon behaviour on a daily basis and over a number of years operation. Me too.
  14. We have pleasure in announcing the December 2018 PotM winner! Congratulations to @Bigman with this beautiful shot.  @Bigman please PM Admin or email admin @vwroc.com to obtain your complimentary VWROC window sticker. November’s runner up is @Shortdan. Well done! Thanks to all for your December entries! 👍  Keep them coming in the Jan 2019 thread! 
  15. And so to the final one of 2018! Welcome to the December 2018 Photo of the Month competition. Post your photo entries up in this thread. High quality, high resolution images preferred. All winners must be able to provide a high resolution version of your entry. Please refer to the updated rules at pinned top of the competition section for full details. NO SPAM, only photo entries. Please note, updated the PotM rules incorporate Instagram publishing into the competition, so if you wish for your photo entry to include your instagram handle please include it with your entry, or drop us a pm or email ([email protected]). If you do not wish for your entry to appear on instagram please state that in your post. Get posting and Good luck! 👍 NOTE: We will not be producing a VWROC PotM calendar this year due to time constraints. However we will be continuing with the PotM competitions just for fun!  Winners will get a free VWROC window sticker. So keep the entries coming!
  16. Booth11

    7.5 Keyless - Fob / Locked Out

    Do you mean the car wouldn’t unlock even manually using the key itself?
  17. Booth11


    This. Use aircon year round and it looks after itself. In 14 years of Golf ownership I’ve never had to have aircon serviced at two years. If it’s still doing it’s job then it’s fine.
  18. Booth11

    Strange rear indicator

    As above. Sounds very much like it’s coding that’s got messed up. Hopefully with obdeleven and maybe comparing settings with someone, you might be able to work out what’s gone awry and what needed to put it back to standard and get it sorted.
  19. Most people that frequent this detailing section wash their own cars regularly. Some have pro details done and then maintain themselves and some do the whole lot themselves, including full details and maintenance washing/drying. There are others that have pro details done and then take their cars to a trusted valeter/detailer for regular the maintenance washes. So there are options depending on how much time you have to dedicate to keeping the car clean and how much you might be willing to pay for someone else to do it if you can’t or don’t want to do it yourself. If you wish to do it yourself, then start by getting a basic car cleaning kit together - buckets, washmitt, shampoo, microfibre drying towels etc, (see the guide mentioned earlier for tips) and watch a few good YouTube detailing videos on techniques for washing and drying. Don’t forget some decent protection for your car, be it sealant or wax, which will not only protect the paintwork from the elements but will make routine maintenance washing much easier in the future.
  20. Booth11

    2017 White R Hearse

    Welcome to the forum!
  21. Booth11

    New Irish Member

    Welcome to the forum!
  22. If you have OBDelevn Pro and are willing to help out other members with adaptations, you can post your approximate area of coverage in here. For security please do not give specific location details just give very general area.
  23. Booth11

    New Member

    Welcome to the forum!
  24. Booth11

    2015 Golf R, new owner in Norway

    Welcome to the forum!