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  1. There’s a fair bit of info on AW Ghost on the forum if you search. Hers a couple threads for starters.
  2. Welcome to the forum! Maybe not not quite the sound you’re used to (stock) from your R32, but a worthy successor, and a bit more mpg!
  3. Jon if you’re not getting an option to extend the advert, then it’s fine to just resubmit it once the original has run its course.
  4. Booth11

    hi newbie here

    Welcome to the forum! And back to Golf!
  5. You’ll need to upload to YouTube or similar first turn copy and paste the link into a post here.
  6. Booth11

    New to VWROC

    Welcome to the forum! Looks very nice and well specced.
  7. You might be interested in this post.
  8. Two different things to me. An immaculate or even just clean black car can look truly amazing. But there’s a beautiful perverse joy in seeing a black car absolutely filthy. Double the pleasure!
  9. Now there’s the real surprise! 😁 There’s a difference between a car looking box fresh detailed immaculate all the time, and a car still looking clean for a few weeks after a good detail. No car, regardless of colour, stays looking immaculate once it hits the road on a daily basis. But it can still stay looking clean and good for a decent time. Black included. Maybe you need to lower your expectations or standards. 😁
  10. All depends on weather, conditions, where you are driving etc, but it may surprise you that a black car can stay looking clean for quite some time even in daily use. Often down to good hydrophobic protection. And, black cars look equally good dirty!
  11. I get white smoke from the exhaust, every morning pulling off the driveway, but more evident in colder weather, clouds the rear windscreen but dissipates very quickly. It’s normal, and has been talked about on the forum a few times.
  12. Booth11

    Expor's R

    Welcome to the forum Jurgen! Car looks great! Looks like you’ve been busy with it too! btw, you can’t edit your original post as there is a time limit on editing posts until you reach 25 posts and then the limit lifts.
  13. That looks superb! There’s rags, then there’s ‘rags’ (MFs)
  14. Damn! Looks like that was a dent (where the reflected brick is distorted) on the door as well as the scuffs. Glad it’s all sorted now.
  15. Feel for you! They’ve made a mess of that! And a bit right on the door crease too.
  16. Very easy to plug it into the obd port unless you have mobility issues, reduced flexibility or very short arms!
  17. Eco is a place I’ve been once intentionally (R honeymoon period curiosity), and thrice inadvertently when messing with driver modes (thought car was broken until I saw the symbol on the DIS then all became clear!). So that’s four visits to Eco land, and I never want to go back! 😁
  18. I begged them! 😁 Unlike many dealers, including my own more local one, the filter clean is an optional service JCB Medway offer along with the haldex oil change. They say it makes good sense to offer it as it for the health of the car, and only takes a short time to do, so common sense. If only all dealers had that attitude! £108 well spent! And it was going home for the R as that’s where I bought it (through DTD).
  19. No not bad really. Rather than checking up on whether they’d actually done the work, I asked for photos as I was interested to see what the state of the filter was. They were fine with the request for pics.
  20. Had Haldex oil change and filter clean done.
  21. Had my haldex oil change and filter clean done this morning at JCB Medway. Not too bad compared to some. 25k miles 2015 (65 plate) car.
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