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    Welcome to the forum! Great looking R! You’ll probably get a better response to your specific questions if you post up in the Mk7 Modifying section, there’s also lots of info in there too.
  2. Most run the wires under the headlining or under the door trims. I have a dashcam (hard wired in) installed by a pro installer, and all wires are completely hidden until they exit around the base of the rear view mirror into the front camera. Not a Nextbase but worth a look in this thread to see how it can be done.
  3. Me too (chuckle). It’s not unreasonable to expect some level of knowledge from those buying a performance car and and joining an enthusiasts forum which suggests more than a passing interest in cars and the car in question. But this is the place to learn! If an OP doesn’t know, someone will and will happily share that knowledge. But some people haven’t got a clue. When I was in the process of ordering my R, I remember parking up near one by chance, and got chatting with the returning owner (I only really wanted to get a look at his nappa interior so I could decided whether or not to spec it), who boasted it was his latest acquisition in a year, replacing a Mk7 GTI and a Mk7 GTI PP. I asked him how he found the R coming from the two GTIs, the notable differences etc, and he said there was absolutely no difference to him, they all felt just the same. I bet he didn’t know what a wheel weight was either! 😁
  4. Welcome to VWROC Ash! And congrats on your new R! It sounds a really great spec you found, and a lovely colour choice. I hope you’re enjoying getting to know it, and good to hear you’ve found the forum helpful so far. I hope you continue to enjoy both!
  5. Simon, once you hit 25 posts you’ll be able to view the full Classifieds section and all the sub category sections, and reply to any adverts. At the moment you can only view it partially as you’re under that post count. If you want to place an ad you’ll need 50 posts. When you get to 25 posts you’ll also get the ability to send and receive personal messages.
  6. Gave the interior a good going over. Plastic and piano trim cleaned and dressed; all leather/pleather cleaned, carpets and mats hoovered. Smells of marizipan now!
  7. Booth11

    Advice C2V3

    I’m predominantly a wax user but use C2v3 on wheels and occasionally on bodywork, and for the latter I’ve not been overly impressed with it in terms of finish or durability, it’s ok. I use it neat on wheels, but found that misting it on mixed with a little water works better on bodywork. Mist/spray panel by panel then buff off with a clean microfibre and work your way around the car starting top down. Don’t leave it on any significant length of time before buffing off. I’d say it’s effectiveness lasts around 6 weeks and then greatly diminishes, it’s best use is as a sacrificial final protection layer on top of something more durable (pref of the same chemical base), or as a monthly refresh on top of other protection.
  8. Yes, there is. You need 25 posts to be able to view the contents of the group buy threads, and 50 posts to post up a group buy (subject to admin approval).
  9. I’m sure I speak for all here in saying we are all wishing you very best with your treatment Camel. At least with the diagnosis now you know. Show the “pussy cancer” the exit door, however long it takes. You have a great positive mental attitude that will see you through the rough mate. That’s a huge plus. Rooting for you Camel, and your family too.
  10. Sorry, my mistake, I thought you would submit new ones. Can you redo them please.
  11. Results time! June PotM winner is........ PotM winner is.........Bigman. Congratulations @Bigman ! This months’ runner up is @Hurdy  Thanks to everyone who entered. Keep them coming in the July comp!
  12. No, not a stupid question at all. Dave’s comment was in reference to my tongue-in-cheek comment about the Think Blue encouraging uneconomical driving, i.e, seeing how low you can get the score on the think blue trainer, as in the game linked above.
  13. Is solely just road noise you’re experiencing? Have you got the soundaktor set to eco as previously mentioned. When on full, i.e set to Sport in Individual mode or in Race mode, the soundaktor can cause a lot of vibration (especially the dash) in the cabin.
  14. We had one a few years back, but the novelty is still quite short lived!
  15. You’re not missing anything not having it. The novelty of think blue trainer is very very short lived, and really only serves to encourage to see just how uneconomically you can drive! 😄
  16. I loath tailgaters and the R attracts them more than any other car I’ve had. My usual response is to slow down gradually without braking opening up a decent gap in front, and if they are that desperate to get past then they can, and rather they be in front of me than up my arse. But if they persist in tailgating (no intention to pass) then I keep at slower paced speed and find that they back off when they realise that there’s no game to be played. But I do like that idea of using windscreen jets and emptying the washer bottle over them! 😁
  17. Yes that’s how it’s controlled in the driving mode menus. Engine noise set to Eco (in Individual) reduces it to (at a guess) around 25%. If you wish to eliminate the soundaktor completely or turn it down, it can be turned off using obdeleven or VCDS, or you can unplug it.
  18. Same here. I have 5 door hatch on 19” Prets with Michelin PS4S all round, and DCC. I found my previous Conti 5Ps tyres transmitted a fair bit of unwelcome road noise, but on changing to the Michelins that greatly diminished and have no issues holding conversations with passengers and that’s with music playing at the same time. I have the soundaktor down to minimum always. But, to an extent noise perception and impact can be subjective and also depends what you are accustomed to.
  19. Booth11


    Welcome to VWROC! There are lots of lovely Rs on here and yours now joins them. Looks fantastic!
  20. Yes, provided your Android phone can pick up a good WiFi connection for the app to run. The obdeleven dongle connects to the device via Bluetooth.
  21. Booth11


    Absolutely. It’ll be gone through thorough touchless cleaning before a wash mitt gets a look at paintwork!
  22. Unknown but hopefully, doing the cable tie is a no brainer anyway and it can’t make it worse!
  23. Mk7 Rs are getting common in your neck of the world Pete! 😄 But don’t worry, some way to go yet before they reach the overpopulation as here in the UK! The fog lights make it sound a bit like a GTE, with their low down afterthoughtesque DRLs. It’s a shame you get to meet up with your other local R owners.
  24. As said, work out the full costs and weigh up whether the additions and few changes are really worth it. I’d stick with what you’ve got though and see what the next gen brings. A facelift mk7 R always an option later.
  25. Hi @Lewis234 Re your classifieds adverts - for each advert, please can you add a photo of the item which includes a piece of paper with your username and the date as per classifieds rules. Then adverts can be approved.  Thank you!
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