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  1. Yes it’s real dirt trap that linear gap, and as you say a water trap too although an air dryer soon blasts water put of it after washing, or the corner of a drying towel tucked in the gap and pulled along. I think I prefer doing that to having another rubber strip which aren’t the best of VWs and mark easily and fade. Love the Akra, dirty and clean! 😁
  2. Never knew that. The name lives on!
  3. Yes that’s the right one. Have a look at this thread Strawbs.
  4. I wouldn’t mix the two together, but nothing to stop you trying the Infinity Wax Rapid QD over the top of the BSD. Longevity of the QD might depend on how it bonds with the BSD (think they both have a polymer base so should complement one another), but at the very least the QD should add extra gloss and a hydrophobic layer of sacrificial last stage protection prolonging the life of the BSD. Just take not of how long it lasts so you know how often to top it up. BSD is quite graph to apply so you can always dilute it a little which can help. And as with everything, paint prep is key.
  5. You’ll be finding out for yourself soon enough. Now I’m used to the tech, I really don’t think I’d be bothered if they re-introduced a few buttons on a facelift and I’m in an early car without them, but I suspect plenty would welcome some buttons.
  6. Yes it a real shame no space saver wheel option, I would have ticked the box if there were. So yes, it’s down to the repair kit and hope for the best!
  7. Should hopefully be a welcome return to Golf land then!
  8. That’s great to hear Darlo from an 8R owner who has tried an M135i and the A35 too, good reinforcement of the pat video review, it’s always good to have that from people who have direct experience of the cars in question.
  9. Good on you Lee for deciding to venture into this detailing malarkey. Hard work, but enjoyable (in a slightly sadistic way, lol) and rewarding when you see results. Obviously a learning curve but isn’t everything? Detailing gear shopping has a tendency to be a bit expensive when first setting up for full DIY detailing, but things like a DA will be a great investment over the years. Really looking forward to hearting how you progress and seeing the fruits of your labours in time.
  10. Welcome along! Nice colour and wheel combo! They are pretty well specced as standard too so I doubt you’ll be disappointed. What were the Audis and BMWs you had?
  11. True. The honeymoon and beer goggles is rite of passage with a new car. 😁 I’m reaching that point though where the comparison to previous car is largely diminished and noting things on this car more in isolation now, or in its own right now if that makes sense. I’ve nearly clocked up £1k miles so it’s loosening up nicely and starting to take a lot more notice of things such as ride, compliancy, road noise etc. So far the ride is good. But only when comparing to a lower pressure will I be able to better judge it.
  12. On my mk7 I ran my Conti 5Ps and 2 sets of MPS4S (on 19” Prets) at 36psi and that was perfect. I tried them in 38psi for a while but preferred them at 36. At the moment I’m running these Goodyear SS on 19” Estorils at the recommended pressure and so far they feel fine with no loss of grip experienced as yet abd im finding the ride good, though I do have DCC with its myriad options. Over time I might try them lower to compare (using a consistent DCC setting) but not feeling any need to do that atm.
  13. He himself is a bit like the Goldilocks porridge analogy he refers to. Neither too excitable (like some reviewers), nor too dull (like some reviewers) but just right. 😁
  14. Ha you’ve hit the nail on the head there about tyres. I was thinking just that the other day when an R drifting around popped up on my Instagram feed. All I could think about was ruining the tyres. 😂
  15. Yes somewhere with plenty of run off for sure to test out Drift mode. Good idea on the tyre pressure gauge (though there is an air compressor in the kit stashed in side storage area under boot floor as no spare wheel now) to check pressures. I checked mine on getting home but somewhat surprisingly they were at the recommended (on door sticker) pressure. I’ve just been to fill up with fuel and whilst there checked them again and all had dropped by 2psi (from 46 to 44) so topped up.
  16. Orange peel is to be expected on a VW, I’d be surprised if any new VW didn’t have it though it can be more noticeable on certain colours (have a look at any of the pics of mine and you’ll see abundant orange peel), the lack of reflection could be just down to not maintained well or at all. But that pic above is different and clearly a defect in the painting process so any car needs close inspection as that’s a worry. Sounds like it was a car bought used or nearly new so maybe it’s had repair work done on it? Even a factory fresh car could have had work on it if any damage in transit or at dealers. A pro detailer would be able to tell from paint thickness. Having done a full detail on mine now I’m relieved to say there nothing out of the ordinary with the paint.
  17. Ha, sorry must have been typing when you posted it. Ah yes makes sense it’s off completely in Drift mode. Not ventured into that mode myself, lol.
  18. Maybe what he meant was that in PP Drift mode ESC switches to Sport as the default setting but not in the other non PP modes. But obviously you can change it in a non PP car otherwise you’d not be able to use launch control. Setting up a shortcut/favourite is by far the easiest way to access ESC quickly but you might want to tell the salesman that the longwinded way of finding ESC in the menus is to: press Vehicle tile on main menu screened bring up vehicle screen tap Vehicle on the left side bar on the car image screen make sure Exterior is selected at the top of screen swipe screen left to rotate the car image around until you get to image with Brakes tap Brakes and the ESC menu comes up. So as you can see quickly setting it up as a favourite means all you have to do on starting up the cat is swipe the main screen down from the top and tap ESC!
  19. That’s good news you’ve managed to book another test drive Mike. To access the ESC system it’s probably easiest to set it up as a favourite on the infotainment unit. Have a look in this post and you’ll see the ESC system button (second pic bottom left on screen) follow those instructions to set it up as a shortcut/fav button so you can easily switch it to sport setting. https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/38871-8r-operational-tips-and-tricks/?do=findComment&comment=581092 As for the driving modes. Under the infotainment screen is a cluster of 4 haptic controls, one of which is the Mode button. Tap that and the driving mode screen will appear. Alternatively press the R button lightly on the left side steering wheel control to also bring up the driving modes menu and use the R button presses to cycle through the choices of driving mode. A long press of the R button will take it straight to Race mode. To see the driving modes and what they are set as see here. https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/38870-8r-quick-question-thread/?do=findComment&comment=578860 Ignore the other two modes which are Performance Pack modes. Sport driving mode is the equivalent of the old Normal setting with gearbox in D. I don’t think you drive like a loon for a moment. There’s a difference between driving a car hard and driving like a loon, but I think most of us with new cars have, for the majority of miles so far, been fairly respectful of running it it so not gone all out yet. So be interesting to hear what your follow up test drive is like.
  20. No, not Paddy I’m afraid, it had to be Snoopy on account of its droopy nose!
  21. Really enjoyed watching that. Very informative, engaging, and interesting comparison between the three cars, and regards his impressions and view of the the R, pretty much sums it all up.
  22. @RazR You might not be aware, so just to let you know that any member wishing to sell parts etc on this forum need to do so through our Classifieds Section, selling on the wider forum is not permitted. That’s why your earlier post today was removed. All new members have restricted access to the full Classifieds sections and other features such as personal messages) which aren’t fully accessible until you reach a post count of 25. In order to create and submit a for sale advert you need to have 50 posts. So I’m afraid if you wish to use the forum to advertise and sell your wheels you’ll need to meet the eligibility to do so. See the Classifieds rules here
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