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  1. Car factory order and collected last Friday so is the latest 400 ps spec in Panther Black. Steady drive back from Bristol back to Cornwall saw 38 MPG shorter trips to Truro for work this week has seen 31 (about 13 miles) Golf was about 26/28 but driven much harder but looks as though it isn't going to be much worse with the RS3. Golf had DCC but Mag ride seems to soften the ride even better. Car seems to handle well and doesn't feel nose heavy or prone to understeer but won't drive it hard until there is at least 1000 miles on the clock but so far so good though for now.
  2. Golf R now gone, been a good trouble free car but already the RS has surpassed the R especially for sound, Not looking forward to keeping it shinny black though!
  3. DC-R


    Pick this up in june
  4. Golf 7 R being replaced by factory order Panther 'Black RS3 with gloss black styling pack, black roof rails, black wheels and de-badged. Other options are, comfort and sound pack, performance pack, privacy glass, folding mirrors and drivers assistance pack including side assist, Car is due to me end of June can't wait. The Golf R has been good maybe too good. Because it did everything so well with no fuss that became the problem there was no excitement or theatre even with the stage 1 Revo map. Within 5 min's of driving the RS3 3 my mind was made up and I knew I had to change. Another problem I had was that I was originally looking to change to a 7.5 but to have the same spec as I have now would be £42,000 and in the higher tax bracket. That was too much for a Golf to me so I thought I would spend a little bit more and get a RS3 that I thought was worth it.
  5. Change it for an new RS3 when it's 3 years old in October, Was looking at a 7.5R but with the options I wanted it came to 41k and £500road tax
  6. DC-R

    AVS Redruth crew

    Car due to go in for stage 2 just waiting for the call to say the back box has arrived, rest of the parts are in stock. Been dealing with Chris too but it always seems to be me that phones up and the response is always I was going to call you today. Car serviced there last month and asked to code indicators to dynamic mode which they couldn't do.
  7. sharpens the steering and the accelerator + adds some noise
  8. DC-R

    Your next car?

    Hope that VW go down the hybrid route with the Golf MK 8 R. According to Auto Express they are and its going to have 350BHP. They have made up stories in the past though.
  9. Sorry just read my post should of wrote 'doesn't
  10. original owner didn't tick the DCC option so it does have the adjustable suspention
  11. DC-R


    Past 3 years old and it's MOT, DSG service, break pads change etc etc don't need the hassle of taking it to the garage and rather have a new car with service package again. starting to look old now see below. Could go for a different colour but white is so easy to keep clean, maybe black but so hard to keep clean or white silver? not different enough but would like 5 door and a pano roof next time also like the black prets.
  12. DC-R


    A trip I did last year with a mixture of driving including the m25 carpark picking my daughter up from university. I have never owned a car that has given me so many surprises speed, economy, comfort and after 20 months no return trips for faults to the dealer. The car is starting to give me one major head ache though and that is what to replace it with in the next year the 7,5 isn't different enough and I don't want to pay more for less on a S3/RS3 I'm not going back to Ford as the cabin is a joke and I don't think the RS is any quicker. Help need the Golf 8R with 350 HP upwards 😁😁
  13. Hi Bob Only use the car for work Mondays and Fridays, in something a bit quicker the rest of the week, the train. Hi Ash Be good to see another R around here as not many in Cornwall. Pentewen has a good beach just hope the weather is good for you. If you go on to Mevagissey you can drive on to the outer harbour, good place for pictures. The only trouble is you have to do a 3 point turn to get back and there's no edge protection only the water to catch you if you get it wrong
  14. It's the 3rd car that air freshener has been in and is more of a lucky mascot loved by my daughter as she hits it to make it swing around, I just go round the corners fast to make it swing Hope you noticed my defensive parking normally on an end bay parked to one side or overhanging the electric charging point because the are never used
  15. I only wave at Ford Focus RS drivers but just the one finger
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