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  1. Dan, I don't have the facility to scan for fault codes other than to take it to my local VW which would mean disconnecting everything! If it keeps happening, I'll do that.
  2. I was considering doing that anyway. It makes sense. Thanks for that.
  3. I've had my JB4 installed for 3 or 4 weeks now, it was the upgrade kit from JB1 On my way home from work last night, after driving for about 15mins I came to a piece of road that allows me to give the car some beans, which I regularly do. However, last night, as usual, I flicked the gearbox into sport (as opposed to putting the whole car into race). It took off like a greyhound on steroids. This is an uphill stretch and I was accelerating hard when I got the EPC light and the car went into limp mode. It was probably in 5th gear but could have been 6th. This has never happened before. I drove the 4 miles home in limp mode and after switching off and back on the light had gone and all seems well again. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Any ideas what could have caused it? I'm not saying it was the JB4 I'm just looking for advice. Totally loving the JB4 btw... There are no other performance upgrades to the car and it has always been run 97 or 98 RON. Any advice from you George? (oh, there doesn't appear to be any wiring damage in the engine bay either)
  4. Thanks guys. It'll be coming off on Tuesday...
  5. My car is in for its first oil service next Thursday. Do I really have to remove the JB1 for this? Is it just what it says on the tin (ie. do they just change the oil) or are they likely to do other stuff and plug it in to a diagnostic machine?
  6. Yep, I do too, like Zayvin says they compliment each other. No issues at all.
  7. Yes I did unfortunately. Offence: 06-07-16 Letter arrived: 15-07-16
  8. Yeah, I wondered about this. Even accepting the fixed penalty, I still have to send my photo license off to the police. There's no misinterpreting the form. I've got to do this. No idea why...
  9. No. Whole thing has taken about two weeks.
  10. Update, Letter has just come. 3pts and £100 fine or go to court to contest. No brainer I think! Consider myself lucky.
  11. I honestly don't know at what point they got me because the van was on the other side of the road and I didn't see it. I can only say I was probably lucky...
  12. Thanks folks. Yes it was a first offence so fingers crossed for leniency...
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