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  1. Will miss the heated screen, but gain a heated wheel 🙄. I can drop the back seats from inside the boot 🚴‍♂️ Wanted to go 6cyl before ICEs are banned and not ready for electric - I think H2 will be the way to go for longer distances. Will be back at some point, as the R is so much my kinda car.
  2. Living in N.E. Scotland and driving around the Cairngorms, I have a set of 18” winter wheels and tyres. When required they are indispensable and generally give more confidence from Nov to March, on wet, greasy, icy, snowy and generally poorer conditions. I will be selling them soon, as I’m moving on, car-wise, and bought similar for the new car.
  3. Jumping ship to a M2 Comp. Ugly as sin, RWD only, less doors, no hatch, but 6cyl. Just come back from a drive in the R and I’m sure I’ll miss it in the deep of winter.
  4. Pagid - amazing brake pads (had them on my Caterham). Not sure of costs, but never skimp on pads. Call John @ Performance Braking - knowledgable and helpful chap.
  5. They’re for my 18” winter wheels, which are the multispoke R32 ones. Any idea on size or part number, before I go looking on Amazon/ebay...?
  6. Evenin’ Any pointers where I can get a set of 4 plastic centre wheel hub covers type things ? Taa 🙂
  7. Have two (Polo & R), but too big brother for me...
  8. If you’ve not already had any software updates, your dealer should do this for you.
  9. Keyless, rear view camera are a must for me. I’ve got the new winter (wire-free) screen, but not had to use it yet. Think 19” Pretorias go without saying....
  10. After originally just going in for a test drive of an Up! GTi (cheeky little devil), it’s been just over two weeks since I picked up my 2nd R, now a 7.5, so time for my initial feedback 🙈 I’ve only ever bought the same car on one occasion before (2 Abarth 500s), but at least they were different colours 😉 So, I have a 5dr Lapiz 7.5R with Active Info/Nav as standard (nice), winter screen (new wire-free style, used once - jury still out), gained the extra 10hp and DSG cog, but I’ve lost the keyless and HBA (this was a stock car for quick delivery). Gone are the underseat cubby-boxes (meh) and the glove box lock (also meh). On picking up the car in the showroom, it was easy to see the bonnet was covered in micro swirls/scratches (not helped by the LED lights directly above the car) what I hoped wouldn’t happen. I stayed calm on the exterior (sad/frustrated on the inside) and the Salesman was great about it. A few days later the car was dropped at the dealer for them to return the car to my preferred state. This they did, so I was happy to see all was well. I had it in race most of the time for the first week - pick-up seems a little jerky and the soundaktor is droning. On the motorway today, I drove in Individual (average speed cameras) and I find 7th is very highly geared, so I find myself dropping to 6th manually. Overall ; - it feels more tight and smoother than my 7R - the all black cloth interior is classier - I love the new rear lights, but not sure about the new LED fronts (fussy) - new front bumper is better in some parts (ACC hidden), but not so nice in others (I liked the original oil cooler vents) - active dash is a nice addition - lifts the interior but I’m not yet convinced by the 7sp DSG. What’s it going to take ?
  11. SoundAcktor was reseated with extra damping, to stop big dashboard vibrations Driver visor light was replaced due to vibration Rear door speaker/seal replaced to halt damp floor Under-bonnet sound deadening became loose - wad going to fix, but traded the car in 😉
  12. Halfords jack is same as the blue one. Red one looks beefier...
  13. Halfords low profile alloy jack - covers Golf and should also do Tiguan (did our old Yeti). Follow the little arrows under the sills to place jack (or stands) on the car metal structure.
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