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  1. SillyOldHector

    VW Alloys Centre Caps

    They’re for my 18” winter wheels, which are the multispoke R32 ones. Any idea on size or part number, before I go looking on Amazon/ebay...?
  2. SillyOldHector

    VW Alloys Centre Caps

    Evenin’ Any pointers where I can get a set of 4 plastic centre wheel hub covers type things ? Taa 🙂
  3. SillyOldHector

    Dealer dongle

    Have two (Polo & R), but too big brother for me...
  4. SillyOldHector

    infotainment stops working radomly

    If you’ve not already had any software updates, your dealer should do this for you.
  5. SillyOldHector

    Must have spec

    Keyless, rear view camera are a must for me. I’ve got the new winter (wire-free) screen, but not had to use it yet. Think 19” Pretorias go without saying....
  6. SillyOldHector

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    The Cabrach ?
  7. SillyOldHector


    After originally just going in for a test drive of an Up! GTi (cheeky little devil), it’s been just over two weeks since I picked up my 2nd R, now a 7.5, so time for my initial feedback 🙈 I’ve only ever bought the same car on one occasion before (2 Abarth 500s), but at least they were different colours 😉 So, I have a 5dr Lapiz 7.5R with Active Info/Nav as standard (nice), winter screen (new wire-free style, used once - jury still out), gained the extra 10hp and DSG cog, but I’ve lost the keyless and HBA (this was a stock car for quick delivery). Gone are the underseat cubby-boxes (meh) and the glove box lock (also meh). On picking up the car in the showroom, it was easy to see the bonnet was covered in micro swirls/scratches (not helped by the LED lights directly above the car) what I hoped wouldn’t happen. I stayed calm on the exterior (sad/frustrated on the inside) and the Salesman was great about it. A few days later the car was dropped at the dealer for them to return the car to my preferred state. This they did, so I was happy to see all was well. I had it in race most of the time for the first week - pick-up seems a little jerky and the soundaktor is droning. On the motorway today, I drove in Individual (average speed cameras) and I find 7th is very highly geared, so I find myself dropping to 6th manually. Overall ; - it feels more tight and smoother than my 7R - the all black cloth interior is classier - I love the new rear lights, but not sure about the new LED fronts (fussy) - new front bumper is better in some parts (ACC hidden), but not so nice in others (I liked the original oil cooler vents) - active dash is a nice addition - lifts the interior but I’m not yet convinced by the 7sp DSG. What’s it going to take ?
  8. SillyOldHector

    What Warranty claims have you made?

    SoundAcktor was reseated with extra damping, to stop big dashboard vibrations Driver visor light was replaced due to vibration Rear door speaker/seal replaced to halt damp floor Under-bonnet sound deadening became loose - wad going to fix, but traded the car in 😉
  9. SillyOldHector

    Trolley Jacks & Axle Stands

    Halfords jack is same as the blue one. Red one looks beefier...
  10. SillyOldHector

    Trolley Jacks & Axle Stands

    Halfords low profile alloy jack - covers Golf and should also do Tiguan (did our old Yeti). Follow the little arrows under the sills to place jack (or stands) on the car metal structure.
  11. SillyOldHector

    Waiting is a pain

    Ooooooh 👍 Need to take your advice on not getting distracted.
  12. SillyOldHector

    Waiting is a pain

    I’m picking up my new 7.5R on Wednesday now, given the snow has gone. I’ve put the Prets back on my 7R (18” Winters packed away 🙈). Hopefully last clean and wash performed. New car has Active Info display - is this easy to get used to from scratch ?
  13. SillyOldHector

    Water leak through the back speaker!

    Mine was done - never go in the back 😉
  14. SillyOldHector

    Lapiz with gold pretorias

    Sure it wasn’t a Subaru Impreza ?
  15. SillyOldHector

    New DBP Mk7.5 coming in March

    Awesome car history - I also went from A595 to R and about to move to my 2nd Lapiz (7.5 this time). Is that your 488 ?