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  1. robp

    17 Inch Winter Wheels

    used my cadiz as winter wheels for the last 2 winters and they're holding up well! Even though I don't clean the car as regularly in winter though I do the wheels and exhaust tips weekly.
  2. robp

    Coolant alert on 66 reg

    Theres i a common fault where the water pump / thermostat housing fails and leaks. You mat be able to smell coolant but its hard to see as it sits on the top of the undertray rather than leaks to the ground. Should be under warranty for you, i think it can be about £550 to fix otherwise. Google it, its a common one sadly.
  3. robp

    Another oil thread...

    I have dealership annual service (shell helix ultra) but in between I do a 6month oil and filter myself (easiest change on any car I've owned). I plan to keep the car 5 years minimum so its for my own (OCD) piece of mind.
  4. robp

    Stage 2 Modifications

    I'm BCS system downpipe and 200 cel cat. VWR 600 and TT inlet pipe. Had mrc tune without changing the ic and I love it. I've had no problems with it in the hot weather but its a daily driver with occasional blast so I'm not constantly hammering it. Since tuning I've found it runs cooler on the oil temp, prev was around 103c whereas now its under 100 unless I have a blast. To answer your question with IC and intake I think many people would say you can panel filter and mod your intakeand te IC isnt totally necessary. But Ireally like the vwr600 for the appearance and intake soundand a wagner IC is on my list of things to do when I have the 3s. Im also around Brum if you fancy a look/spin pm me and maybe we can meet up.
  5. robp


    LV with me too. The reneway went up by about £30 so I shopped around and still coudn't beat it so left it to run another year. Phoned up to add aftermarket exhaust and premium jumped by £14 !
  6. robp

    Modifications after Stage 1 ECU Map

    I drove around stock with vwr 600 and TT inlet pipe with no issue. Then had BCS turboback with DP and 200cel cat fitted which I had to drive around on for about 2 weeks before getting stage 2 tune. Had an amber cel after a few days but cleared with obdeleven, didnt cause any issues with driving. I had stage 2 and dsg mapped without IC and couldn't stop grinning, 6k miles later and it still makes me grin. Still on stock IC but will go wagner when i get round to it but not causing me problems. Its a daily driver that I like to blast occasionally.
  7. robp

    Race mode??

    It's still in race but the gearbox is in normal so just pull back on stick (dsg) Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  8. robp

    Genuine Carbon Mirror Caps

    I bought some on ebay for £90 and the quality is excellent. The clips weren't the best but haven't moved in over a year and people always comment on how good they look.
  9. robp

    Disable Headlight Washers

    This is the only one where I use a credit (pre facelift though). I switch it on in winter and off in summer.
  10. robp

    Golf R 7.5

    It might be the play in the pedal. Check out "dtuk pedal box" reviews on here .
  11. the forge one has a reminder on the box for 135nm
  12. robp

    Dogbone mount - benefits?

    I fitted the forge one last weekend. My car is dsg stage 2 (ecu and tcu mapped). I was getting some harsh gear shifts (especially down) when driving hard(ish). Since fitting I notice a "clunk" on start up but no extra vibration. I'm really happy with the gearshifts now so really feel it was worth it.
  13. robp

    Smooshed pride and joy

    Find out which body shop they're using and see if it has reviews on google, facebook etc. you can opt for a repairer of your choosing if not happy but may have to pay the difference if its more. You want it done well though
  14. robp


    Pretty sure it isn't. I've experienced similar in the garage but it was the auto hold that kicked in and made it clunk to a stop
  15. robp


    Welcome👍 Had mine 19 months and still love it like the first day. (actually more now its got a few mods). Its my first VW so still learning things like putting wipers in wash mode, tilting left mirror in reverse etc Best discovery (soon after i got it) though is stick back to sport and across to manual 😉