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  1. Have you got a sound clip of yours Dave?
  2. I waited too long to get mine done, just do it... you will prefer it trust me.
  3. Do you know if these discs are coated with anti corrosion paint?
  4. And that is why most people need third party interlopers (lawyers) to engage in legal affairs. In simple terms you were conned just like all of us into giving someone else Title ownership of your vehicle and in exchange they gave it back to you with strings attached. I.e. Instead of owner, you are now merely registered keeper which does not mean owner, it's not really rocket science.
  5. ReapSTAR

    Any APR offers?

    What happened to the APR summer sale 😛
  6. Yeah, many of us thought that when upon our journey and truth be told, that's what you would think... but in the commercial world, a receipt is just evidence of "purchase". You have a grip as such on the item. You had the right to claim you were the original owner, more so than I because you could evidence this with your receipt but you then registered the property with the DVLA and in return, they granted you status as "registered keeper" with ascribed duties that come with financial penalties for failure to perform. It is a contractual agreement you make when surrendering your property via registration. The same applies to our children via Birth Certificates and our homes via the registration process with the Land Registry.
  7. Well... a chap named Bob Lazar seems to know how Flying Saucers operate and power themselves because he worked on reverse engineering them. The technology has been around since the 80's... Human beings can (if his story is true and I have no reason to doubt it) defy gravity and create huge amounts of technically free energy from a device the size of a football. It's just a shame we cannot have access to this technology and the benefits it could bring to the entire globe and the people living upon it. The main reason being, it would seriously undermine the power and position of the "powers that be" plus they haven't yet fully implemented their electronic cashless control grid, until cryptocurrencies are the backbone of all global financial transactions we still have time to wake our fellow beings before the takeover over is complete. I know reading this may seem very strange and alien to you, forgive the pun. But unless you are looking in the right direction, how can you see what is going on, unless someone else tells you. Yes we need vehicles to go electric to save on pollution and trashing the world. But this was inevitable. The worlds Elite used the oil industry to bolster their pockets so they could buy up all the land and resources. Now that is accomplished. They can let us use electric vehicles "to save the planet". They will be the ones generating free electricity using devices like Bob Lazar reverse engineered and making us dependant servants as we desperately require energy in order to sustain our lives. Evil. but then what else do you think groups of people who would test biochemical weapons on unwitting children would do? #Know thy enemy. #Don't shoot the messenger. #Disengage in your mindless banter before you have even spent a minute of your time verifying these facts. #I wouldn't bother wasting my time writing nonsense. #Hashtag#
  8. One Volcano going off gives off more Co2 than all the people in the world combined. It's not about plant food. Co2 is plant food. It's about global domination. I just want to see a decent looking Mk8 Golf R with around 350BHP standard please. Preferably in the form of a 3.0L V6 turbo. I know it won't happen but I can still dream
  9. Big shock lol... remember the youtube dude with the brand new M4?? GUTTED!!
  10. Unfortunately under Uniform Commercial Code any property that is registered becomes property of the entity of which it was registered with. It's just how Commercial law is impressed upon us 😕 In-fact the word "Register" actually translates from Legalese into English as "Transfer title ownership of" and unfortunately for us, all CROWN colonies or property of the CROWN are subject to this legality. It is the sole reason why the DVLA or equivalent have the authority to take away your "property" and destroy it if you do not pay your taxes.
  11. You never own your vehicle. You transfer title ownership of anything you register to the entity you are registering with at the point of signing the registration document. What if you're on PCP and you plan to keep your vehicle?? Such an awkward topic... This was my plan, still is by the way. My PCP plan ran out in July, I'm still waiting for VW finance to send a new agreement through and it's almost September lol... but anyway, I waited until the PCP agreement finished before fitting my mods which I think is right. But... I should have been able to fit them sooner should I wish, after-all I pay for the car and plan on keeping it...
  12. It will lower ambient temps under the hood, there's a video online, the guy uses FLIR to point it out. For £50 I'm getting one and so should you 😛
  13. Ok... my ears and speakers are officially broken!!!! haha thanks for uploading the clip!! Your car sounds beastly!! I'm not sure what is causing your issue cos the other guys car sounds fine... maybe take it to an exhaust specialist to have a look?
  14. I'm sure I notice the drop in BHP when it's in ECO mode... SWEAR DOWN it feels slower... even when flooring it...
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