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  1. Anyone had rusty hubs

    Lucky, VW refused to put mine right under warranty...
  2. Anyone had rusty hubs

    Rusty hubs on a new car is a clear indicator of quality control deficit. Or is it just a clear indicator of consumers not minding spending so much money and suffering from poor quality parts that are clearly not up to any kind of standard. #getrippedoffbecauseweallowit #dieselgatejustanotherexample #mostconsumersareeasyprey
  3. Man went in hard

  4. Super unleaded vs Regular ??

    Can definitely tell the difference between 95 and 98RON... stick with Tesco Momentum....
  5. Road tax

    That payment of £195is a one off payment by the way... otherwise £17.06 monthly which equates to £204.75 yearly.
  6. Road tax

    Hey, where are you all getting your quotes from?? Mine is £195 for the year... MY15 plate
  7. Playing electric window?

    Mine's played up a few times too... try and close the window and it reopens itself, highly annoying :-p
  8. £1800 to replace steering rack!!!!!

    A steering rack doesn't just break over night, even if it was designed and engineered to last 3 years and 30k miles it would steadily break down over the course of time which means that OP's rack was on its way out before his warranty expired. I would argue the case, I've done 33k and no issues with my steering rack so it is evident that yours was either faulty from factory or has developed a fault during use within the warranty period, it hasn't just magically broken over night and if it did magically break over night, what caused it to break other than an inevitable inherent failure of the part itself...
  9. £1800 to replace steering rack!!!!!

    I would argue that the steering rack was clearly breaking down prematurely towards the end of your warranty... VWUK apparently have a goodwill gesture
  10. Can this tyre be repaired ?

    Yeah mate, no where near the shoulder, if they say they wont repair it they are trying to have you over
  11. Help me decide between DSG and Manual

    Currently driving a Manual, bought it because I had DSG prior to it and DSG annoyed me to a certain extent... although I am currently looking at replacing with a DSG again sheerly for speed and the amount of traffic im always stuck in...
  12. What a c...

    Title is spot on mate, you have to be an absolute C to do something like that, and have the cheek to hide in his bedroom... what a willow. Can't you report him to the police? make a complaint against him at least... he is technically attempting to disturb the peace by inciting or instigating not least potentially damaging property by parking his vehicle inconsiderately, his behaviour is clearly anti-social, I'm sure the old bill could have a word and ask him to behave? Failing that, give him a dig and tell him if he does it again you'll feed him to the pigeons. 😁
  13. I don't see any issues with cruising at 90/100 on the motorway if safe to do so... some speed limits are a bit daft to be honest but then so are a good percentage of drivers...
  14. Second Service Questions

    Go and get a quote from a local company within I think it's 5 miles and the stealers reckon they will match it