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  1. Some people shouldn't have a licence. If you can drive properly these things don't happen.
  2. Listen... if we all weren't so well off, we would all be waiting until we could afford the golf R and would be doing exactly the same by buying them when they did become financially viable. Live and let live...
  3. You must get the res delete, it makes the world of difference and no it's not chavy. It's inevitable. I would never go back to the standard version, I love that little extra noise you get in the R with a res delete. I'm proud to drive my Golf R because I worked hard to get it. (Even though im still paying it off) haha.
  4. It does seem a bit better today I must admit, maybe like RS6BRIT said, they will get dirty and cease from clunking 😄
  5. Cheers guys, thanks for the advice, I wish I knew this before... hopefully it will be ok, but will have to see because it sounds terrible when they jiggle, I might have a look at swapping them out if they don't settle, the pads do bite nicely though
  6. Cheers Matt, will they settle then??
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    I didn't know the guy but what a shame R.|.P
  9. Wow, over 100 views and only 1 reply... I agree with Sequence, have a scan first to determine if there are any errors logged on the ECU. It could be a failed Haldex pump due to the clogging up of the inbuilt gauze or filter which doesn't exist according to VW. But best to check ECU for errors first. It could also just be a naff sensor... How long have you owned the car and did you purchase from a stealer? If so, and it is within warranty still which is should just about be, drop the car back to them and ask them to inform you when it is fixed whilst driving around in a shitty up they provide as a courtesy car.
  10. VW always trying to wriggle out of being honourable.
  11. The haldex has no filter/gauze. You are paranoid.... A tin foil hat wearing paranoid looooon.
  12. Hi all, I just had my new discs and pads fitted, when I'm driving around I can hear a lot of metal clanking noises coming from the front like something is loose... my mechanic mate had a quick look and said its probably the pads moving around but he didn't have time to fully inspect, I was just wondering if this is normal and if anyone else has had this? Apparently it is meant to settle...
  13. Can get Pagids or Brembo's they are pretty much similar, or can upgrade to ferrodo ds2500's which bite a lot better, depends on what you want and can afford
  14. Ahhh, never mind... im sure one will pop up, just keep on the lookout!!
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    I test drove a GTD and it felt really slow 😛 The R is so much better!! Enjoy!!
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