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  1. I guess that part of excitement is caused by high price. MTM has strong brand as german tuner. It charges a lot for it.
  2. How often will you use delimiter?
  3. This function is not usable. But for example boost adjustment or map selection is more usable.
  4. None delimit. But it is not needed at all Best quality is to leave car stock
  5. I would say same about other cheaper and with better gains tuning boxes
  6. It is not warranty. It is insurance. I would suggest to read carefully contract.
  7. Thanks don16. It is slower than jb1.
  8. My personal opinion and from information that I have, it has too high price. This piggy, as it seems from information that I have is raising boost against rpm + speed limit off. This is all. Can bus is used only for speed limiter. So car has to adapt to increased boost with fueling and other parameters by itself. So if speed limiter is not needed, than there are other cheaper options and some even are offering more adjustability.
  9. Indeed, I will not buy it from the information that I have at the moment. But other people should get an opportunity to get data for 100-200km/h. This allows for easier and justified decision. At the moment we have a lot emotions and only data from a reseller dyno. It is very expensive product. Reseller can be motivated to show nice data. So my opinion one of best perfomance indicators is 100-200 km/h time.
  10. 100-200 km/h time should be based not on a feeling, but on precise number in seconds from vbox. It is best dyno Also we know now that this expensive product is offering less than competition. Only bonus you got - no limintation on speed.
  11. Words without prove is nothing. When you spend this amount-it is logical that you try to justify it )
  12. Last question. Did you vbox 100-200 km/h timing?
  13. Can adjust boost on it or choose different maps?
  14. So it seems that really there is no prove that it is doing more than boost.
  15. AFR on dyno would be perfect.
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