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  1. Tiger's Wood

    No more 3 Door Rs

    Even though I've got a 3 door myself, I have to say that I don't think that the 5 door looks in any way compromised. The 3 door is (was) a bit cheaper though and also slightly lighter I believe, so if you don't need to carry people in the back seats on a regular basis, no need for 5 doors. I can understand why VW might be settling on 5 doors, they will have wider appeal as almost certainly more people would not have a 3 door than would not have a 5 door and why add extra cost by offering two basic body styles when most would take a 5 door. A pity that they didn't keep the option on their premium sporty Golf though.
  2. Tiger's Wood

    Aircon temp sensor adjust?

    Any way to manually calibrate the cabin sensor for the climate control? I'm pretty sure that mine must be reading too high as the aircon is pumping in loads of cold air when you set the temp to anything below about 22C, implying it thinks that the cabin is warmer than it is.
  3. Tiger's Wood

    Cross Climate / Winter Tyres

    I'm thinking about replacing my current Winter tyres (Dunlop Wintersport 5) with these whenever they wear out (probably at least two more Winters in them though). They certainly strike me as the best tyre for British Isles Winters as most of the time it is cold and wet and heavy snow/ice is relatively short lived whenever we do get it. I'd still run regular 'Summer' tyres the rest of the year, though, as the R is a performance car and you want to extract the most out of it as well as staying safe at speed.
  4. With a Golf R you don't need a garage ... you just make your own!
  5. Tiger's Wood

    Pretoria wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S

    Yep - but still amazing tyres. I replaced my original Potenzas with a set of regular PS4 and it's almost like a whole new car. There was still just over 3mm all around left on the Potenzas after approx 15.5k miles but I really wanted to get the Michelins on and I kind of regret waiting so long. I can only imagine how good the 'S' version must be...
  6. Tiger's Wood

    Dealer experience putting me off

    I just walked in and spoke to the receptionist. Very approachable, no problems getting a test drive and easy enough to negotiate with on price. Totally the opposite of Audi.
  7. Tiger's Wood

    Dealer experience putting me off

    I had totally the opposite experience to the OP - I was at Audi getting my TT back from a service and for the third time they hadn't followed up on my request to talk to a salesperson about a test drive in an S3 which at the time I was seriously considering to replace my TT. I had the day off so called in to VW to inquire about booking a test of an R and they had me talking to sales immediately and the salesman said that they had a DSG R demo in stock - so I was out on a test drive 30 mins after walking into the dealership. A week later after a bit of haggling on prices/spec I finally agreed on a deal. Got my car in less than three months too which at the time was super fast.
  8. Tiger's Wood

    Surprisingly good economy if you go gently!

    My R is getting close to 2 years old now and the fuel economy hasn't changed much over that time ... I'm averaging just under 29mpg calculated on brim-to-brim fills and distance travelled. That's with a DSG box which is usually in 'D' mode. It's risen by maybe up to 1mpg since I first got the car. I do enjoy giving it a bit of welly when I can but I certainly don't tear around everywhere in 'S', foot to the floor. Most of the driving is at the pace of surrounding traffic. I don't use Eco mode except when in adaptive cruise mode, as the accelerator response lags so badly in that mode thanks to the neutral cruise which kicks in whenever you take your foot off the pedals. For comparison, I was getting just over 32mpg in my Mk2 TT (2.0 TFSi, FWD, S-Tronic) with broadly the same weekly driving pattern and routes. I'm slightly more likely to give it some gas with the R when possible, I guess.
  9. Tiger's Wood

    Hesitation under acceleration

    I get this occasionally too .... typically happens when flooring it from a low speed/revs and seem to get it at around 55mph or so. Car is DSG. It's like the car momentarily pauses and then surges forward again. I reckon it could be accidental activation of the kickdown stopping the gears from changing up when the box wanted to (as kickdown causes a downchange). Also could be some sort of stability control kicking in depending on road condition, though I don't see the telltale flashing yellow light on the dash when I glance down, if I remember to glance down immediately that is. Doesn't always (often) happen so it's hard to be ready to look at the dash for clues (stability control, gear changes etc). It's annoying when it does happen though.
  10. Tiger's Wood

    Uncomfortable seats?

    I was happy enough with the TT seats though the side bolsters did tend to get a bit creased over time which makes me a bit paranoid about the longevity of the thick ones on the R. I do wish that Leather/ Alcantara which were the base trim from around 2009 onwards on TTs was at least an option on the R.
  11. Tiger's Wood

    Second hand pricing - whats fair?

    Yeah, I got mine around that time and they were starting to come with MIB2 from about July/ August onwards.
  12. Tiger's Wood

    Bluetooth & Android Auto/Carplay

    Android Auto uses its own 'dialer' for making and receiving calls but is functionally identical to using the standard handfree. Unfortunately, none of the Android Auto music apps will easily let you browse and play mp3s stored on the phone - they are really aimed at streaming music that's chosen for you. However, you can still play music from the Discovery's SD card(s) as the built in features (SD music play/ Radio/ Nav) coexist very nicely with Android Auto and you can quickly and easily flip between the two interfaces. Would assume it's similar for Carplay.
  13. Tiger's Wood

    DSG Ratios

    I've always wondered if the DSGs are 'one size fits all' or have different ratios depending on the model of car that they are installed in. ie. I'd imagine that a GTD would benefit from a different set of ratios to a GTi.
  14. Don't know about the fit but be aware that you'll pay a pretty penny for 18" Winter tyres vs 17" versions, which are a lot cheaper.
  15. Tiger's Wood

    Cadiz white worming

    They seem to be obsessed with them as they are standard on most of their premium cars. I'm not a big fan of diamond cut, neither for the look nor the durability, I actually prefer the look of my 17" Dijon alloys on the Winter wheels to the standard 18" Cadiz that I run for the rest of the year.