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  1. MK7 for at least another year, maybe two, then ...... Not sure. I've loved the outstanding performance of the R but maybe time to get something different. Maybe a battery powered car (id3 looks interesting if they give it an AWD version and address the cockpit criticisms, not to mention debugging all their systems ......) but I've been thinking about getting a campervan like a California or Marco Polo next. I don't see myself doing as much day to day motoring and it would be great to have something that I could go for holidays/weekends away in that could double as a daily drive or a very practical cargo transporter when needed. Definitely not a Mk8 R though, unless they really improve it inside and out, as well as give it more performance.
  2. Yes, I think the Cupra is a better package and has that nice approved ABT power upgrade as an option. The interior isn't really much worse than the awful Mk8 Golf's trim either, judging from reviews (traditionally it's the cabin where the real differences have been between different marques of equivalent VAG cars).
  3. ... Thinking back to the outrage when the original Mk6 R was introduced that a Golf could cost 30k or more ­čśâ
  4. I just use Google Maps and Waze on Android Auto on the R. Far superior to the VW offering, always up to date and the only real drawback being that it doesn't put directions on the DIS which to be honest, I don't miss that much anyway.
  5. Just to follow up on this topic - can anyone explain the need for some sort of 'reset' in the onboard ECU for a new battery? Reason for asking is because I had mine swapped by a local tyre/battery place. They didn't do a 'hot swap' as I could see that the battery had been disconnected when I got it back (trip computer reset). No problem I thought, they're not a VW specialist and I just will ask VW to do it when I get it serviced next. Well, just brought it in today for a rather overpriced official VW dealer oil change/inspection service and mentioned it to them ... Was told that if they didn't do the battery swap, they couldn't do anything about it. At the time I was a bit surprised but just said nothing. But thinking about it, it was pretty shabby. Just to add, when the battery originally failed it was right at the start of the lockdown when things were looking pretty bad and they were indefinitely shut like most other customer-facing businesses, so if I'd wanted them to do it it would have been about two months before they eventually re-opened so I was lucky to find a local place that was open ... not that I even knew when VW might re-open at the time. If it's really needed, I'll find an independent mechanic/garage who can do it ... and quite likely all my future servicing too. (The car is now out of warranty anyway so marginal benefit in continuing to do it at VW prices but they have done a good job in the past)
  6. Still not seen one on the roads but saw a couple today as I was at the dealers getting a service done. A grey one and that mustardy-yellow colour that seems to feature a lot in press shots. I definitely don't think that they look any better in the flesh - just as bad IMO. I did think that if you could maybe do away with the 'eyelash' things that sweep back from the corners of the front headlights it might look better, but seeing the thing close up in reality and the front end just looks bad even without them. It's just too squished down, like it has been pinched. Looking into the interior, not impressed. The centre console just does not suit an ICE car - it might be a thematic match for an EEV but I don't see why they had to put it in regular motors too. I definitely won't be considering a Mk8 when it's time to change from my 7R, unless they implement a major facelift, inside and out. Not to mention beefing up the power. If it stays as it is, no way. It should be at least 330bhp for a new model to make me want to 'upgrade'.
  7. Tiger's Wood


    I've been keeping an eye on this and there's finally a pretty in-depth review just out - There seem to have been not a lot of reviews so far, and even fewer that actually include some driving: I have to say, aside from the dodgy 'user interface' and questionable use of hard plastics it looks damn interesting. Apparently there will be a performance 'R' version in the future, probably not for a couple more years though. Definitely something I'd feel more favourable and interested about changing to than a Mk8, especially since the Mk8 seems to share many of the same concerns about the cockpit interface and interior.
  8. This is shaping up to be a repeat of the Mk5-Mk6 situation where the 'new' car was largely just a restyled version of the previous one with cost cutting measures to make it cheaper to build. I've seen absolutely nothing so far that makes me want to get a Mk8 R over my Mk7 so unless they pull something special out of the hat, I won't be considering one for my next car. If anything, the ID.3 looks a lot more interesting. There are supposed to be performance and AWD versions in the works so maybe that's where I would go next if I stay with VW.
  9. Loss of manual handbrake was one thing that I thought I wouldn't like but after owning the R with that uses auto hold (via main brakes) I don't miss the manual handbrake at all and wouldn't go back to one The electric handbrake is only really engaged at ignition off or opening the door when the ignition is still on and that makes sense. The auto hold is much better and handles pretty much all other situations. I did get a few A3/A4 loaners when my old TT was in for service that had electric handbrake and it would wind on/off when stop/starting which was really annoying as it was noisy and took time but just having the main brakes silently kick in near instantly to auto-hold is fantastic. Feels really natural and when once or twice I have accidentally knocked the auto-hold off it's really messed me up at first then annoyed me when I try to keep using it that way and have to use the electric handbrake manually.
  10. Definitely not impressed by the Mk8 .... Will be keeping my Mk7 for a couple more years I think, probably getting it chipped and then going electric for the next car.
  11. I use that odd drop-down cubby-hole thing next to the steering wheel for a small bottle of sanitizer, plastic gloves (swiped from the petrol station pumps just before the hysteria) and some wipes now. It's the first use I've found for it, other than a packet of tissues. Now you mention it I might stow a couple of masks 'just in case' into one of the door pockets.
  12. It looks like there's a lot of space under the seats (and there is, without the drawer) but the drawer installation takes a load of space and the actual storage size is miserable.
  13. If you try the launch without LC being enabled then it only revs to about 2000RPM before a limiter kicks in. With LC mode properly engaged it will rev to ~4000RPM while on the brake. Launching is probably one of the best tricks of a DSG equipped R. It's just fantastic. Also impressive how little wheelspin there usually is, even in the wet. Looks like the Haldex is pretty effective at providing traction when needed.
  14. Have they dropped them as standard? TBH, you are not missing much - they are disappointingly low in capacity. If much effort and money was involved in fitting them, I would give it a miss personally.
  15. I do notice slightly better economy when I put on my 17" wheels with Winter Tyres. But only slightly, maybe due to the fact that they just aren't as confidence inspiring on dry roads so I drive a bit slower all around. My regular tyres are Michelin PS4. When I swapped to them after my original set of Potenzas were at 15k miles, they didn't seem to be much different economy-wise (they are streets ahead in almost every other way). I can get around 33-35mpg on a journey only if I stick religiously to speed limits, roads are A or motorway, they are clear and I go out of my way to drive with hardly any hard acceleration. Any kind of quick acceleration drops the 'running total since start' on the trip computer almost instantly. (mpg is verified fill to fill and recorded/calculated on a smartphone app. Over 54k miles done now since new. Think I was seeing about a 1mpg drop after the first big service)
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