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  1. Seeing the 18" official VW Prets has got me thinking about ditching my Cadiz wheels. If I was to sell them off though, would it be better to flog them a wheel at a time or as a set? I'd imagine that there must be a good few people interested in a replacement wheel that they damaged beyond refurb (especially if you have a lease). Not too sure who the market for a full set of Cadiz would be - non R owners trying to fake the look perhaps? Note: 3 of my Prets are perfect but one has white worm developing after (what I now know to be) a poorly done refurb. Could probably be refurbed again as it was the first refurb.
  2. Interesting, I've always fancied Prets but the 19" size means a bumpier ride (ideally you would have DCC) so officical 18" are very tempting - but I notice that when you click on 'Check Availability Across Models' it says for Golf R '2017 - to date'. Does that mean it's only effectly for Mk7.5 models? On the the other hand, you can get them for the GTi from '2013-2017, 2017 - to date'. What's so special about the pre-2017 R that they aren't available for that model?
  3. Yeah, I've had one of my Cadiz wheels go wormy after a refurb. Pretty annoying. Especially as they were taken off the car over Winter (I have a dedicated set of Winter Rims with Winter tyres fitted) and stored in my shed and when I took them out again the refurbed wheel had developed it in several areas .. not actually the area where the original scratch was that triggered the refurb. I guess the refurbers didn't reseal the surface properly. Depending on how much it annoys me/ worse it gets, might try another refurb job somewhere else. Personally, I don't really like the diamond cut finish anyway. I've yet to see a set of diamond cut alloys that I really like (including the Cadiz, which I learned to live with). Unfortunately VW/ Audi seem to have developed a fetish for them and most of the alloys on their performance cars now feature a diamond cut finish. If I was doing it again, I'd pay the extra for Pretorias and DCC.
  4. 2nd to 3rd shifts can sometimes be quite 'jerky' on my 6-speed DSG too, if you are giving it some throttle. (S and D modes, not tried it in manual). Feels like the engine power is very briefly cut, then suddenly it jumps ahead again. Doesn't happen every time but often enough to be annoying.
  5. Sorry to resurrect an old thread but anyone seeing any problems using a CR2032 in their R keyfob? Just went to replace the battery in my main key with a CR2032 and turns out it really needs a CR2025 (more or less the same battery but 2.5mm instead of 3.2mm thick and has a lower capacity than the CR2032). The CR2032 doesn't stay seated in the cut-out but once you pop the key back together the whole thing works fine. Just a bit worried I might be risking making the battery leak by squashing it and then damaging the keyfob.
  6. Also, when under engine braking after tipping a paddle, it won't change back to auto after 10s or so. Good for going down long hills.
  7. This definitely did the trick for me ... Not only is the car start-able again, I'm now having to remember to disable the stop/start which shows that the battery is at a decent level, unlike the previous few months prior to it 'dying'. Definitely going to replace the battery though - the 'dot' indicator is showing it needs to be changed and it's getting on four years old. But for the time being the CTEK charger has been the difference between 'car' and 'no car'.
  8. Amazon were saying Sat-Mon but went with Tayna who essentially got it out next business day. Putting as much charge into it as I can this afternoon and will run a full recondition tomorrow, kicking off as early as I can. Will be looking to replace the battery ASAP though as I've lost confidence in it, especially after googling all the problems that other VAG owners are having with batteries due to VWs penny pinching. My 3.5 years seems to be good going for battery life. Not happy the car didn't warn in advance as clearly the auto stop/start 'knew' about the lower voltage. I've also ordered a jumpstart pack from Amazon but that's gonna be another couple of weeks because of their delayed delivery schedule! At least it means in emergencies I will always be able to get it started.
  9. Yeah, did some checking and saw that AA and RAC both do in situ battery swaps even for non members, may well use one of them. To my surprise, the CTEK conditioner that I ordered from Tayna late on Bank Holiday Monday arrived this afternoon - excellent speed of delivery! Currently have it connected and it went straight to phase 3 - bulk charge - which hopefully means that the battery isn't totally dead. It's certainly not going to complete this evening but I'll leave it on as late as I can then put it on again, tomorrow morning and hopefully the car will be usable by tomorrow night. After that I'll price out a new one at garages. If AA/RAC are anywhere in the same ballpark I'll call one of them out and just let them at the engine bay while I keep well away.
  10. My battery conked out too - I had suspicions about it over the last couple of months as the auto stop/start wasn't kicking in as usual (which actually I was happy enough about) and was wondering if that was because the battery was starting to get weaker. As I'd left the car for a good few days parked up (used to be driven every day) seems that it just drained and wouldn't start - unhelpful message telling me to 'drive to charge battery up' on the dash .... It would have been a lot more useful if the car had warned me in advance that the battery was on its way out. Seems like a bloody easy thing for the maintenance system to diagnose and the auto stop/start clearly knew about it .... Great time for it to go - was trying to stay away from shops etc and doing a pretty good job but now I'm going to have to get it to a garage for a new battery. Have ordered the CTEK that everyone seems to be recommending, hopefully it can get me going at least. At the moment, the car is dead in the water.
  11. I ordered mine mid-2015 (ie. Pre mk7.5 and even before the Nav was standard) and it has heated mirrors - no winter pack specified. Pretty sure they have always been standard.
  12. I use 'S' when approaching roundabouts and most sharp turns too - firstly, to stop the engine auto-stop kicking in should I come to a halt but also because 'D' mode often tries to keep too high a gear (for my liking) when going around a roundabout or doing a left or right hand turn onto a sideroad.
  13. Bloody hell! It was definitely 'only' a hundred quid when I got it, but of course Nav was not standard at the time and I think it was about a 800 quid to get it as an option in the first place. Given how rubbish the Car Net service is (never used mine after spending much effort to get it set up) I'd be pretty peeved to pay that much because they were tacking it on as a requirement to get the Android Auto / Carplay connectivity enabled. Really, it should just be standard with the Nav. Sent from my SGP311 using Tapatalk
  14. Used to be that you had to spec app connect at 100 quid to enable the android or iPhone auto interfaces on the Nav . This was back in mk7 model when Nav itself was an option. The earliest mk7 Navs didn't even have the option for car play or android auto available. Pretty sure since they made Nav standard, that android and iPhone support on the Nav is also standard. Sent from my G8441 using Tapatalk
  15. DId they add camera warnings to Google maps? Excellent! I've been using Waze but I find that Google Maps is the superior navigator - it's particularly good how it shows multiple alternative routes with timing as you drive and it seems to pick more sensible routes to begin with. I've had Waze come up with some completely stupid routes plus been sent into the worst traffic when a much clearer route was available on more than one occasion. Will definitely go with Maps instead of Waze if it does cameras now too.
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