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  1. This is something I'd love to see offered for the Golf R but VW clearly have a different marketing strategy in mind .... I suspect they think existing R owners are less likely in the future to upgrade to a new model R/performance VW if they offer this. Seat see more benefit in spurring sales of their existing Ateca model by offering an even higher performance option. Such as shame as effectively the power units are the same in the two cars. Aside from the warranty benefits of this particular mod, I'd be willing to bet that it would be easier and cheaper to get insurance cover with the 'official' mod declared than a typical 'unofficial' mod.
  2. 'Slow' takeoff - have you tried launching yet ๐Ÿ˜œ ? DSG in 'D' mode does indeed try to shift up gears as soon as it can unless you are giving it the beans. This means that around urban areas you can be in sixth by around 37mph. Was exactly the same in my previous TT S-Tronic which had the same 'box. You can use 'S' or manual change mode and take control of changing yourself if you want it to be more urgent, though S is jerky at low speeds and changing manually all the time is a pain IMO. Personally I'm happy enough to leave it in D most of the time and will shift to other modes when I know I'm going to need performance/lower gears.
  3. Don't know why steep depreciation is coming as such a shock to many - given the aggressive PCP and PCH deals to get Mk7 R's out the door after the Mk6 sold relatively poorly because of the high price, it should hardly be a surprise that residuals won't be stellar particularly for base spec models with no extras (because that would have put the monthlies up). I bought new but got a decent enough discount on the car plus put a couple of useful options on (Disco Nav when Nav wasn't standard, with smartphone connectivity and Dynaudio) and plan on keeping the car for at least 5 years, currently approaching 4. You really get hammered for depreciation in the first couple of years and I wouldn't plan for less than 4 years of ownership. No regrets, car still feels almost like new and since I moved to PS4 tyres just seems to drive better and better. My only disappointment is that fuel economy hasn't really improved as the engine has 'worn in'.
  4. Had it the other day when cold - 1-2 shift. However, sometimes I also see it in a 2-3 shift when giving it the beans, even when warm. Seems unpredictable. Another explanation could be the Haldex, maybe wheelspin causing power to be diverted rearwards suddently under wide open throttle and the Haldex not responding smoothly (dirty filter?). Just a theory.
  5. For fuel logging I use FuelLog for Android - completely self contained and wasn't too pricey. Gives a really good range of info and you can transfer the data between phones and even have separate databases for different cars (I've been using it for years and I still have all the data from my previous car on it). As for everything else, I see absolutely no utility whatsoever in logging my journeys and sending the trip info to VW. I do appreciate when I use Waze or Google Maps in Android Auto I am doing the same for Google but they are actually giving me something genuinely useful in return. Google Maps for example is way better than the VW Satnav in almost every way and is constantly updated and usable almost anywhere in the developed World.
  6. IIRC they tried it on a few cars ... only one of them showed any notable performance difference with the higher octane fuel and it was still small.
  7. The real money laundering takes place at the top level of the banks themselves and even if they are caught, they don't face anything more than having to pay back some of the money they made: https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/outrageous-hsbc-settlement-proves-the-drug-war-is-a-joke-230696/ ... But it's a great excuse to impose more control on Joe Public, we can't have people doing as they please with their money without the system having a look-in.
  8. These days it's awkward even doing a bank transfer over 10k. The last two times I went to buy a new car I got 'interrogated' by the bank both times. First time was doing a transfer at the counter of the bank where I have an account, to the dealer - got asked why I was wanting to transfer so much money .... to a national chain of car dealers ๐Ÿ™„. Second time was when I was at the dealer a (large franchise again) and using my Bank card to initiate a debit from my current account on their POS terminal - the bank called me on my mobile to ask what was going on and why was I making such a large payment. I can't imagine the hassle you'd get trying to bank a large amount of cash notes these days. Seems like the buyer is trying to shift the onus for doing that onto you. (note: I think it's pretty disgraceful the way that the banks police people transferring and banking their own money but that's the system you have to work around so no point setting yourself up for banking pain by taking tens of grand of cash).
  9. Best is when you are behind a diesel and you see a huge sooty puff of black smoke as the person in front mashes the pedal to the floor in an effort to not get passed. A combination of 300bhp, AWD and instant DSG shifts usually teaches them better. I really enjoy being able to plant the right foot and get instant bite even in less than perfect conditions, with the Haldex. Makes exiting T-junctions so much more nicer/ safer and great fun booting it off large roundabouts.
  10. The thing is that it's clearly some sort of bluetooth OBD plug ... could actually be useful if it could be made to work with existing OBD software. VW really do make rubbish IT applications. I remember spending ages to get 'VW Connect' set up and after much frustrating messing around and scouring the internet to get an account registered, it was utterly useless. The only good thing about it was that speccing the option allowed you to hook up the head unit to Android Auto (or Apple Carplay) which actually is useful.
  11. Even the GTD has the twin DRLs these days. However, I see that as having good aspects too since it's no longer immediately obvious to people that they have an R behind them - which often would lead to boy racers trying it on. Definitely GTIs look sportier and on a good, dry surface it'll probably be quicker than an R (except for launches) but given the price of this, I just wouldn't be able to put up with the drawbacks of front wheel drive. I really like the AWD of the R.
  12. I got one of these fitted gratis (and unasked for) a couple of services ago - had a look at the companion app and decided that it was basically just a tool to extract data about my use of the car - basically log my movements/journeys - and send it to VW, so didn't bother pursuing it any further. However, I saw a Youtube video the other day reviewing an OBD plug and was wondering if anyone has come up with an app to use the VW plug as a regular OBD reader plug? The VW one is effectively a bluetooth OBD plug but I assume is somehow non-standard to tie it to their app, but such is the World of IT that surely someone has hacked it?
  13. I think Cross Climate would be a good 'Winter' choice. I'm currently on full Winter tyres and TBH they are a bit overkill and not that great at current (relatively) warm temps, unless we get really severe cold weather when they do shine. Cross Climates are a very good compromise for the sorts of Winters that we get in the British Isles (cold and wet but not arctic) and will probably be my next set of 'Winter' tyres.
  14. Even though I've got a 3 door myself, I have to say that I don't think that the 5 door looks in any way compromised. The 3 door is (was) a bit cheaper though and also slightly lighter I believe, so if you don't need to carry people in the back seats on a regular basis, no need for 5 doors. I can understand why VW might be settling on 5 doors, they will have wider appeal as almost certainly more people would not have a 3 door than would not have a 5 door and why add extra cost by offering two basic body styles when most would take a 5 door. A pity that they didn't keep the option on their premium sporty Golf though.
  15. Any way to manually calibrate the cabin sensor for the climate control? I'm pretty sure that mine must be reading too high as the aircon is pumping in loads of cold air when you set the temp to anything below about 22C, implying it thinks that the cabin is warmer than it is.
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