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  1. I had hunter alignment done by Awesome GTI after I fitted my eibach pro springs, the car feels better than it did when it was standard now, defo recommend both the springs & the alignment to everyone
  2. Mine only says launch control active when I press the throttle too
  3. Ah right, yeah that’s quite a distance, shame, good luck getting to the bottom of it, my bet would be warped discs
  4. I have a set of genuine VW discs & pads I removed off my new 2019 R at 16 miles, as I fitted the performance pack parts im sure if you’re local I could do you a deal on them & include fitting them too
  5. Sounds like you have issues with your current setup ive had 4 golf R & for every day & spirited road driving, the standard brakes are excellent, i have the performance pack brakes in my new R, they may offer a bit of an improvement, but I don’t drive the car hard enough to find the amount of extra improvement that they offer vs stock items, they look better though
  6. Behave yourself 😆😂🤣 It’s a modern engine which is warmed up & cooled down correctly, Car didn’t blow up, no noises, no explosions, planet earth didn’t go in to limp mode, I’m certain it’ll be ok
  7. Just took my R out & it launched first time, 4200rpm, no dramas, no rev dropping, no wheel spin, car is a 2019 with 750 miles on it, first launch in this car, all I did was esp short press, sport gearbox, foot on brake, foot on accelerator & take the brake off, that simple
  8. I washed mine, then got smashed on cheap cider 😆😂🤣
  9. Agreed Dave, wingbacks should have been an option on the R, they were optional spec in a clubsport on the same platform
  10. Let’s take back premium & substitute it for ‘factory fitted’ then 👍🏼
  11. I’ll be doing my first oil change on my R at 1’000 miles & then every 3’000 miles thereafter, overkill, very likely, but oil & filters are cheap, engine replacements are not, I work in the trade so I’ve seen some sights & don’t want any buildup happening in my own car, but everyone’s different, you should do what your gut instinct tells you, To the trade via TPS, the correct spec Longlife oil & a genuine VW oil filter costs around £30, for me it’s a no brainer & provides me added piece of mind
  12. Next they’ll be installing eBay ‘leather look’ seat covers, so they can feel like they’ve got premium leather seats, or wrapping the interior a pillar tweeters to replicate having Dynaudio 🙄
  13. Am I reading this right, you’ve not got a pan roof, but you want to put a sticker on your roof to replicate having a pan roof ??? i may be in my own here but personally I think that’d look absolutely shite
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