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  1. Thanks for confirming that marshy, Strange I’m now unsure about unplugging them whilst the cars in sport with having no VCDS support, just in case something goes wrong ...
  2. Tried to do this via the usual coding method that’s previously worked no problem I em on my 3x Mk7’s ... but on my 2019 R it will not accept the coding heres the code I’m using on a genuine new VCDS cable 1 – Engine module Exhaust Flaps deactivate Byte 9 Bit 2 - Exhaust Flaps installed, uncheck box to deactivate it and save as usual.
  3. Do you still have your Pretoria’s graham, I’m on the hunt for a mint condition set, if so do you have any pictures, how much & where abouts are you ? thanks jeff 07742614714
  4. Is arctic white a new colour on runout cars? I was only aware of pure white (solid) & oryx white (pearl) either way I’m a big fan of the facelift in either of the whites, both look striking
  5. Welcome to the 3 door oryx white club
  6. Proper gutted mate, give me a message if he changes his mind
  7. Yeah that makes more sense, I couldn’t see it only working on full throttle is your JB1 for your GTI PP with OPF compatible with my R with OPF? if so hurry up & get a map so I can buy it 😆😂🤣
  8. Surely that’s not correct information ? so unless your flat out the JB1 gives you nothing & zero gains?
  9. I’m interested in getting a JB1/4 for my 2019 OPF 7.5R, any more feedback from owners with them ... are they worth it & reliable ?
  10. Yeah I’m keeping the car, it ticks many boxes as you say & there’s nothing out that I can see myself replacing it with at a sensible price point, I do like mine being a 3 door, it’s that bit different & now it’s comfier again & more standard, I’m just concentrating on enjoying it rather than worrying about modding it,
  11. Well, in a strange turn of events, quite a backward move, I found myself not being happy with the eibach springs, ride height not low enough at the rear constantly bugging me & id started to simply not drive it as I wasn’t enjoying it. (1465 miles in 8 months) In an attempt to ‘enjoy it more’ I bought the BBS wheels & Pirelli tyres for it, but these seemed to add to the problem of the car not sitting low enough for me, as the lower offset & extra width pushed the wheels out further. I regretted the mods & decided rather than mess about with other different mods, that I’d put it back to how it was originally, so I removed the BBS Wheels after just 54 miles, they were cleaned & sold off at a huge loss, the eibach springs were removed & the stock springs put back in, the car had a geo/alignment at Awesome GTI & its been driven & enjoyed every day since. clearly I’m getting old & am valuing how good the standard car is over aesthetics & mods, oddly, now that the ride height is standard again, the height doesn’t bother me .. how bizarre ive also removed the clubsport S discs/pads/silver calliper plates to sell on to recoup some of the money I’ve lost on the wheels & my eibach springs are up for sale too, both having only covered 1000 miles and are all absolutely like new condition wise I bet you wasn’t expecting that 😆😂🤣
  12. Could be, these were on Pirelli p zero pz4 which had a bit of a diagonal/Slight stretch fit
  13. No rubbing at all, I was running eibach springs, 19x8.5 et48 with 235/35/19
  14. I got them from Rimstyle, I got a great deal on them & top service from Gary Matthews,
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