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  1. I gave mine a clean today, nice & fresh again
  2. I have the genuine VW foam one, no complaints here, much bigger sides too than the mk7 one & a prettier design too £35+vat from TPS with a trade account
  3. The dealers & TPS won’t sell you one, VWUK will reject the order, I’ve tried both on a mk7.5 & a mk8 the only way they’ll sell you one is if you have a factory build sheet showing it was on the car at the original build AND you’ll need either; 1) a police crime number to say it’s been stolen from your car, OR 2) can prove your cars been in a crash & the original Akra has been damaged as a result of the crash
  4. I had it for 13 months. sold the 7.5 at the start of the pandemic in 2020 to free up some money, being self employed at the start of the Covid outbreak wasn’t much fun financially
  5. No, it’s touching the trim but fits fine
  6. The tool kit in the centre isn’t really necessary on the mk8 as Vw supplied you with a tool kit in a pouch anyway. So if you have HK, the sub will fit in to the centre of the wheel just like dynaudio sub did on a mk7/7.5
  7. If you’re like me & prefer the security of having a spare wheel in the boot, this may be of interest to you. Today I got a delivery of a completely unused mk7/mk7.5 18” space saver spare wheel, tool kit & floor anchor parts. I bought it from a breakers on eBay for the not terrible price of £80 inc postage. Im happy to report that this wheel fits correctly & when the boot floor is in the raised position, it sits flat & doesn’t obstruct, so it allows the boot floor to sit as it should. The part number for the wheel is 1K0601027AP & this wheel came from a 2
  8. The dealership paid out for my missing key R plates too 👍🏼
  9. Here’s the part numbers for the key covers & the warning triangle if anyone needs them
  10. My 8R has software version 1803 installed on it & I collected last week of May
  11. I had associated the mentioned clicking noise with the direct injection setup that the car uses, as i had thought it increases & decreases with engine speed rather than wheel speed
  12. Same reply I got from my local TPS
  13. I ordered the accessory pack ones from VW in gloss black, but they also don’t have the side assist cutout holes for the warning LED’s, so they was returned. VW don’t seem to make a set of gloss black ones to fit at the moment
  14. No, they’re different, the mk8 ones have cutout windows for an led warning light for the side collision assist warning. I believe they’re also a different shape profile too.
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