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  1. I’ve just ordered my Akrapovic this morning, exciting times 😎
  2. Have you ordered one from the dealers then? how long have they said for delivery
  3. I suspect you may have a worn strut, or your top mounts have wear & may need replacing I have eibach pro springs in my 19 plate & absolutely no noises
  4. My R is only used a handful of times a month (1450 miles in 8 months) & I just keep it garaged & on the CTEK MXS 5.0 ive never had any issues doing this
  5. Yes 5mm would probably be preferable, but I don’t like the idea of them being Flat & or non hubcentric
  6. I’m looking to space my rear wheels out on my 3 door hatch as they sit in a little further than the fronts (I’m not looking for a flush fit & I’m not interested in doing the fronts) has anyone used the 8mm hubcentric spacer kit sold by addiction motorsport which can be found on eBay? They supply 2x 8mm spacers that are hubcentric & 10x extended Radius wheel bolts for £62 they look decent enough, just curious if anyone’s used them & to hear any feedback both good or bad thanks jeff
  7. I’ve sourced one brand new & im extremely tempted to go ahead & get it bought, naturally I’m not going to be posting any details such as cost etc as I’ve not made a decision on it fully yet. people should bear in mind the WLTP Akra system has a different part number to the pre WLTP system and so are possibly not cross compatible, just something to be aware of given the demand for these, I can’t see any financial loss when selling it on being a concern, it’s just tying the cash up with the initial purchase
  8. Yes that’s correct, no resonator on a WLTP car
  9. VW dealers failed me today, they can only supply a standard rear silencer or the Oettinger one, the Akra doesn’t list as an option to order, or so I’m told ... I still have a couple of tricks up my sleeve to get one though
  10. Thanks for the suggestion, but WLTP cars don’t have a resonator fitted from the factory, a tune may be something for future but I don’t feel like I’m in need of more power at the moment 👍🏼
  11. I have a plan, but I don’t know how successful I’ll be
  12. Yeah, it’s certainly not all doom & gloom, I have a great car with great spec, the hunt for an Akrapovic exhaust starts now 😎
  13. Well I went to look today, it’s a no go, naturally being only 7 months in to my R meant some negative equity (£2900) & for the TCR in red with black roof, Pretoria/Cup2/DCC pack & dynaudio took the car to around £42080, meaning another £110 a month vs what I’m paying on my arguably higher spec 19 plate R, sadly there’s no 3 door golfs now neither & I do like my 3 door car, I think I’m going to keep what I’ve got as when I drove it earlier, I really enjoyed it, I feel like I’m going to try & hunt down an Akrapovic for my car & then it would add a touch more drama to the engine note,
  14. I like the less composed feel that the GTI PP gives vs the R, more input required to get it to dance for you & ultimately feels more fun on the edge, hopefully the TCR hasn’t lost that character that the PP has
  15. Weird that you say that, my Mrs has a 7.5 GTI PP & it’s defo a fun car to drive, more so than the R in my opinion, I’ll try & get out in one tomorrow as I’m going number crunching at the dealers, honestly though, I think I’ll be at a loss with depreciation on my car at trade in as it’s 7 months old, only 1350 miles & pretty high spec
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