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  1. Jeff R

    WLTP Car?

    And me ... 10 long months
  2. The owner took the car off sale, he said he’d regret selling it
  3. I know a few have gone the other way, but I was curious if anyone’s gone from eibachs to Racingline springs, i think the eibachs ‘could be 10mm’ lower to be the ‘sweet spot’ of lowering on this platform & that’ll be right in line with the -25mm drop of the Racingline springs thanks Jeff
  4. I’ve turned mine down to 50% using VCDS, sounds more acceptable now, I found that it was a bit ‘overpowering’ in race mode at the original 100% setting
  5. I will if they get back to me, but they haven’t done so far, not a great start to customer relations really
  6. I always dry my car with a metro vac master blaster revolution, that way there’s no unlubricated rubbing of a towel on the paints surfaces, the car is ceramic coated so is dried in minutes using the blower i also religiously follow the 2 bucket wash method using a Meguiars microfibre mitt, CarPro reset shampoo in chemical guys buckets with cyclone grit guards in both buckets, my car is 6 months old & was detailed whilst it was brand new & coated with CarPro cQuartz UK 3.0 ... so far no visible swirls of scratching lapiz blue is well documented amongst professional & enthusiasts in the car world for being a soft soft paint colour that marks easily
  7. Here’s my 19 plate in Oryx white, it’s lowered on Eibach pro springs, yes it could be lower with other spring brands, but these Eibach’s make an already very usable car just that much better to drive, barely any difference in comfort vs stock too, now it looks better, corners flatter, feels more planted & no rubbing or scraping on bumps/speedbumps
  8. Just awaiting hearing back from Bilstein to see if they can make a recommendation based on looks/comfort for the Golf R that’s never going to see a trackday
  9. I think the idea is to replace the factory spring with the one supplied as it’s a stiffer spring
  10. 🤭 great minds, i took mine out for a drove yesterday (I don’t drive it too often - second car) & it drove lovely, I do want the nicer ride height look, but I’m reluctant to spoiling the car to achieve it
  11. Thanks for the input, much appreciated, I was only put off the b16’s as the b14’s are sold as softer than the b16’s in their softest setting, i know its a hard to achieve combo but I’m looking for low & still comfy, I don’t mind spending the coin on my car, but I don’t want to turn the car in to a race car feeling all crash & bangy, I’m getting on a bit now (34) & I like my comfort but still have ride height standards to adhere to 😆😂🤣
  12. Yes, I was made up at first that the car rode so well on the pro springs but then the ride height started to bug me from my research, I’ve found that B14’s are setup softer than B16’s in their softest settings & Pro Street S are softer again but still described as ‘firmer than standard’ I think I’m going to let you decide on a set & wait for your feedback on them before buying anything myself 😆😂🤣
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