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  1. killer666

    Audi TTS Calipers - part number

    Hello Guys, I'm one of the owners at KillerBrakes.com , we have prepared for you a vwroc member discount of 50euro for the TTS 4pots(basically we are discounting the front repaint and decal application/ lacquer coating on top) , you can use the coupon code vwroc2019 when making the order, also the lines suggested above will not fit the TTS calipers(tts calipers use a 12mm banjo, not 10mm like the conventional calipers) if you have any questions fell free to send me a message Best Regards, Robert
  2. killer666

    H&R Springs

    the hatchback S3 8v uses the same springs as mk7 R
  3. killer666

    Mk7 R - The Dynaudio Retrofitting Thread

    I'm also interested in this information as I'm looking to install this system on my mk7 R from 2014 that came without this option
  4. killer666

    Which bolts for 11/16 mm spacers?

    Hi, I went with this bolts on my 12mm spacers M1415KU403
  5. killer666

    E46 M3 to Golf R

    nice change, but the sound of the engine will never be the same as the M3
  6. killer666

    Just bought one

    welcome, post some pictures:)
  7. killer666

    New owner of a MK6 R

    welcome, nice ride:)
  8. killer666

    H&R anti roll bars

    very good mood, I had this on my GTI, big difference on the track
  9. killer666

    Fitting 8 Pots under standard wheels

    I would go with 12mm to have at least 1-2mm between the wheel and the caliper, this is what I use on my car with the TT RS setup and the stock wheels
  10. killer666

    Brake Discs Query

    you can use them with the ML discs 350mm with 32mm thickness- you will need the calipers adaptors to fit the spacing on your hubs(you can find them on ebay with £89)
  11. killer666

    Lowering and spacers

    I went with the 20mm lower springs from H&R , with a DDC suspension
  12. killer666

    th3 f15t's '12 Golf R (Codename: Viki)

    it might also be from the seal inside the transferbox , it happened to me and also to a friend with a mk6 R http://www.ecstuning.com/ES288020/ , the part number is 09A409529B
  13. killer666


    I think the one from VWR will fit plug and play with the TTS cover
  14. killer666

    Black Mk5 R32

    the seats are lovely, this is the only thing that I'm missing from my car:)
  15. killer666

    R + S3

    nice color on the R