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  1. Look through the Haldex Dirty Filter thread - full details on servicing there - not too difficult, DSG is much more complex but there should be a thread on here somewhere, use the search option.
  2. Just a note in my car I had to put the SD card in slot 1 - put it in slot 2 first and the unit could not find the maps.
  3. Depends on you internet speed and your PC but best allow a couple of hours or so
  4. Be aware that it takes a long time to complete the download and then for the app to copy to your card and it iwll use all your band width while downloading so be patient and start the process when you have no other need for the computer
  5. I originally did this in my Octavia but have also done the same in my MK7 GTI and R - gives you the ability to plug 3 cigy connectors/power supplies in the drivers cubby hole and saves keep having to access the fuse box if you change your gadgets. https://www.briskoda.net/forums/topic/294828-fitting-a-multiway-cigy-adapter-to-a-mk3-octavia/?tab=comments#comment-3503455
  6. Given the EU does not want us to leave and loose our 'contributions' I would not expect them to ????????????? - try and make our useless parliament stop us leaving...................
  7. Yes, £99 plus VAT so £108.80 in total.
  8. Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure - Google is your friend
  9. Is the rest of the centre cap still in the wheel - that looks like it has just separated from the 'push-in' part. If so either stick it back on with epoxy or similar or pull the rest of the cap out of the wheel and buy a replacement. What you picture is not a standard or complete centre cap.
  10. Something just does not look right in those pictures, I will wait till I see one in the flesh before deciding but on this evidence I will certainly not be ordering the new R I had promised myself. Now seriously considering the A35 which looks to be better match for me than the A45,
  11. Thanks for your help Rebecca much appreciated
  12. Rebecca, That appears to be the problem, I have uploaded another picture as you pointed out and it the advert seems to have been created, can yuo see it and does it have the other pictures I uploaded displayed correctly? Hope the advert is OK.
  13. Rebecca, When I go back and click on submit an advert the full text and the 9 pictures I uploaded appear but without the heading or price which I have re-entered and saved again, all the mandatory fields are complete so I am puzzled as to what to do. I can see no way of deleting the entire advert so I can try again from scratch so appear stuck in an endless loop. In case it helps, some time ago I put up an advert for something else and I did not read the requirements so did not include a photo of my name and date so you took it down - could this have created some form of loop which stops me posting another add - this one has the required picture in it.
  14. Thanks for the reply Rebecca I am using the Cart Parts 'submit' option and am properly logged in, when I have completed the advert I only get a, 'Save Advert' option which I had assumed posted it for approval and if I go back and re-click on the 'Submit and Advert' button my advert is still there. I assume I am doing something wrong so any guidance would be appreciated.
  15. I have been trying to post an add for my Winter Wheels for a couple of days and though I think I am doing everything I should it just does not appear. Can a Mod advise what I am doing wrong - assuming they can see my stuck add.
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