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  1. Vidman

    Reduced oil pressure switch Malfunction

    Sounds like this mechanic was not a VAG specialist but a BS specialist. I would get the car to either a dealer of a local VAG specialist an R is not a car to let amateurs loose on.
  2. Vidman

    18"s VS 19"S

    Extra comfort comes from large sidewalls, you could consider fitting 235/40/19s for a similar effect.
  3. Vidman


    You did not say how old the car is, if you bought new then Main Dealer service during the warranty period is a no brainer to protect the warranty, after that you may chose to use a local VAG Indy, if you have one close to you.
  4. Vidman

    New VCDS User

    Ross Tech have a down loadable PDF manual on how to use the cable and programme and you can search for model specific mods. The 'Briskoda' forum has a section on mods and they catalogue mods by model and the MK3 Octavia is built on the Golf platform and mosr of the mods are applicable to the R, especially the ones for the Octavia VRS Read this first
  5. Nice car but as cars get bigger my garage does not seem to expand at the same rate and I am pedantic about keeping my pride and joy in the garage.
  6. They look remarkably similar in the pictures though the Ateca has a few more creases, bet a similarly specced Qs2 will cost significantly more though. Will have to wait until they are both available to view/try in the UK and then compare like for like prices.
  7. Totally agree with Rebecca but as I age - 70ish - with back problems it is a little awkward at times getting in and out so will be looking at a Cupra Ateca when they are available as it basically looks like an R with a slightly higher body, trouble is it looks pants in my opinion but I love my R and nothing else on the market seems to come close.
  8. Vidman

    Acceleration off the line

    Were you in Sport/Race mode or normal, in normal drive mode there has always been a slight reluctance to shoot off the line which can make pulling out into a small gap in moving traffic a little butt clenching - put it sport/race mode and see if the difference that makes.
  9. Vidman

    How old are we all?

    69 and a 1/2 and waiting to see what the MK8 actually looks and drives like.
  10. Vidman

    Cross climate + tyres

    This is patently not true and is explained fully in the various videos linked above. They are a compromise which might suit some peoples location and driving manner but they are not a universal panacea.
  11. Vidman

    Cross climate + tyres

    Just means the dealer is trying to sell more tyres, most certainly will not be endorsed by VW.
  12. Vidman

    Cross climate + tyres

    This is a good point, insurance companies do not normally need to be told if you fit a full set of Winter tyres so long as they are a 'quality brand' but they can and will invalidate your insurance if you have a prang they can blame on inappropriate tyres for the conditions. This also applies in the summer if you have a prang when fitted with crap or illegal tyres. Not sure how they would react to Cross-climates as they are not an original fitment tyre by VW. Has anyone actually discussed this with their insurance company and got the OK for year round use with no increase in premium - if your insurance co. has not been told then you could be taking a risk that could cost you dear both financial and legally as the police do not take kindly to driving without valid insurance. Like all Mods if the insurance co. can find a way out of paying they will and citing tyre test results is not likely to win the argument, unless you have the cash to fight them through the courts which is costly and difficult to win.
  13. Vidman

    Accident today...

    Had a similar prang a few months ago but luckily have a dash-cam, initially the scrote denied it was his fault till I pointed out the camera. Insurance cleared it up quickly, just a new front bumper. After a bit of haggling my insurance actually went down when I renewed 2 weeks ago so the camera has paid for itself.
  14. Vidman

    'Inspection now'

    Sounds like the garage did not reset the service interval when they finished - go back to them and ask for it to be done
  15. Vidman

    Ordering a jb4

    Wow they sell the JB4 cheaper than the JB1, how do they do that