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  1. The VW TCR spoiler is nice but pricey . Good quality and fit
  2. It will be good and you’ll love every minute of it. 😀
  3. APR stage 2 was written using their closed APR intake system similar in functioning to the R600 which I run on my APR stage 2 car and it will be fine. What exhaust do you have fitted?
  4. Sounds a plan I looked at the link and it makes sense Im running VWR R600 intake hose etc so I’d be interested in your analysis going from a closed system to the new open filter. Got my new Tarox replacement rotors next month with full service and MOT so I’m spent out just before Christmas...doh 😂 Think I’ll stay put with its current turbo as I may look to change in 2-4 years even though the TTE V4 is tempting it’s still £3800 I could be putting towards a new car down the line.
  5. Looking forward to seeing the results ....
  6. Just for info I went out in a manual S3 recently which just had the TTE V4 and Ecotune software. Standard internals with just the fuel pumps changed. Its immense. Great spool hardly any difference from stage 2 for low down pull but where a stage 2 car is tailing off at 6-7k the V4 is so much stronger. It just pulls very hard to over 7k. It’s a safe 480bhp package. Great upgrade and safe on the rods. Retro was impressed with the high quality of the V4 and they also fit Littco and others. Its the only turbo I’d upgrade to on a sensible budget as it torque levels are sensible at circa 450lbs+ One proviso is don’t forget to budget a “proper” big brake kit because if you exploit this performance on road or track the standard set up ( upgraded or otherwise) will utterly wilt hauling down big speed.
  7. The tips although polished on my APR system but the tips are thin making them very subtle. Great size and spacing and the noise is epic and you can tone it right back to OE via the switchable valves :
  8. I’d spend my £20k elsewhere.....or make a cheeky offer. You’ll need a surplus of cash in case of any “issues” that may arise as you’ll be on your own. I’d want a full over serviced car especially a tuned car.
  9. DMS are a very respected tuner especially in the BMW world. When AmD were around in the old days of the mid 80’s - 90’s Geoff Everett owner of AmD sang there praises. Geoff was the brains in designing Crypton Tuning machines and was a technical boff at BMW in Germany and head of Porsche Tech Dpt at Reading. I would think you’re be in safe hands.
  10. TBH honest I know of nobody here in the UK who has the Bilstein B16 Damptronic kit. I think there is one response on my thread but after speaking to various tuners they steered me to the passive kit as I don’t think there’s a lot to gain over the VW DCC kit. Certainly for track use a B16 or Clubsport kit will be the best upgrade or Ohlins.
  11. Will do Think I’ll get the VW rubber matts for winter although the R rarely gets used in filthy weather unless I’m on a mini break.
  12. Steve Did you buy OE VW items? Just wondering what sort of price they are and is TPS source? Found out what the weird noise from FNS wheel area was at Combe....after torquing up bolts two had come loose on FNS! All sorted thank goodness. Ian
  13. Got some samples on way from Autostyle to compare.
  14. Put my old VW R mats back in as my blue edged mats I bought 2 years ago look shabby. I find aftermarket items are not plush like VW weave but are very “ Nylon” in texture. I like a heavy almost dense but soft “Wilton” style pile. Any recommendation?
  15. Ring VRS and speak to Will.
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