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  1. Blimey that’s a good find. Spec’d up nicely for some track action as well. Previous owner spent a fortune! Great soundtrack too. What plans have you got?
  2. It’s quite easy checking the play of the impeller shaft impeller and visually inspecting the inside of the turbo housing without having to remove the turbo itself. Just take the pipes off on the turbo and inspect from there. Extra boost wouldn’t cause a screech tbh certainly it has never done that on both stage 1 and 2 on my R. It maybe the diverter valve but on the OE valve again I’ve not had this noise on mine....some slight whooshing and tweeting you get with the VWR 600 intake. I suspect your car will be ok but it’s a case of elimination as we all know the stories of turbo issues on some cars over the years as documented on here. Better off being safe than sorry for not checking certain areas of concern.
  3. Any updates on this? Did you get the balance shaft checked in the turbo? They do squeal if the impellers touch internal housing which long or short term mean total failure and possible Metal debris ingested cooking engine. Not being alarmist but for peace of mind If get it ruled out.
  4. Get that turbo checked! For peace of mind. TBH I’d thought you would have done it by now.....only people to diagnose it properly are reputable VAG tuners. I run stock DV on my APR Stage 2 R. It’s what APR recommend.
  5. Did you change the stock exhaust? I love the 5 pot warble. The R with trick exhaust ain’t a patch on it or a 6 cyl. One of the reasons it’s taken me so long dithering over whether to committ to spending £1500-2k on an exhaust as the R I find sounds uninspiring from the start. Cracks and loops ok but would irritate me long term.
  6. Yes it’s a nice subtle upgrade to hold things tighter on gear changes. I had no negative effect fitting the 034 insert on mine. One of the big gains on handling on this platform is fitting Superpro Camber Caster bush set upgrades. You get positive caster and 1/2-1 degree negative which really shows on turn in : powering out of corners it helps the front end with less scrubbing of the outside shoulders of the tyres. You’ll need Ecotune or similar to give it a good Geo set up. After MH exhaust purchase I’m going KWClubsports I’ve finally ruled out changing my car as I don’t see the point of going to the new A45S or M2 Comp with the extra £30k price hike over my R.
  7. It dials out a lot of understeer and makes the front more pointy. A much better and flatter ride over stock. It really is noticeable on track where you can get the car to pivot more under brakes on turn in especially if you increase rear tyre pressures and run MPS Cup 2’s or similar. Where are you based?
  8. That’s what I thought...no thanks Even the Carwow figures are steep in the grand scheme of things. We all know that apart from the latest thing to have for those who can afford it the only bonus I see are a nice interior, tricky diff, tuning potential if your not bothered about warranty. But where would you use a 550-600bhp car legally. For me putting a new car on track where potentially it could be damaged if not by another idiot or stone and tyre debris flicking up I wouldn't risk especially if I were on a PCP. Let’s face it how many Golf R owners will have nearly £50k stashed away? I’d be putting that sort of cash towards something at home or holiday bolt hole. It seems all these new desirable cars even the M340i are well over £50k with options. Dont forget first years VEL is £1200 and 5 years thereafter £600 per year circa!!
  9. Nope my car sits on VWR Springs and DCC. It also has Superpro Caster / Camber bush set & 034 Motorsport rear ARB.
  10. Great figures Interesting you have an Edition 30. Good ones are shooting up in value. I had one years back. It was number 30!! Featured in VW Driver. I’ll dig it out. J had APR Stage 2 and KW Coilovers APR RSC. Black 3 door manual bought from VW Leeds. Youll love stage 2...transforms the car into a weapon. Mines APR Stage 2 and sees the odd track day.
  11. Madrid Gras at Silverstone are very good as are Simpson Motorsport Ravingline Milton Keynes build customer cars for racing as well.
  12. How far do you want to go / spend? Do you want a pro set up by a racing team with experience? Have you got the appropriate licence for circuit racing including Medical’s ? I personally recommend Tom Walker @ Retro Resus, Bridgwater. Have look at his Facebook and website. Ex Tim Stiles Racing....he preps VW Cup, MK5 PGTI Cars, MK2 16v cars. If serious you’ll need full weight reduction AST’s, Control tyres, power cap dependant on capacity and class. Lots more Regs on brakes cage etc
  13. I think you’re right on that one. Even now getting a good rate on a new RS3 for example is impossible..4.9% from memory. That’s even when the car is ending it’s lifespan on its current platform. BMW Westerly states the M2 Comp 0% deal from Strathclyde is just a publicity stunt by some dealerships as it mainly bone stock M2’s if they were in stock in their Network (Strathclyde). I like the M2 but at 400bhp I like the all weather ability of the R. Likewise having fun on dry roads in an M2 means chewing up the rear tyres. My mate had that issue. I’m happy to stay put until the prices are more sensible and affordable.
  14. Good points. I doubt many including journalists will be able to exploit its ability on a good B road over an R trick diff or not. On another point already raised by some Journalists about how fun it is on track with the new diff if I had just bought a £58k A45S on a PCP I certainly wouldn’t want to rag the death out of it on circuit. Maybe in a few years that would change when values drop. Still some would risk it and others can afford to write it off on track.
  15. Yeap the WSM branch is part of “Sytner” group. The sales guy knew it was a casual enquiry in all fairness and did say there maybe some room to reduce the monthly down by £15-20 per month. Wow M2 Comp before Christmas on 0% worked out at just under £500 a month so significantly cheaper but that’s on a bone stock car ‘if’ available. BMW trying to move stock before Christmas.
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