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  1. Thanks to you all for turning up 👍 Its now 0045 and sorry I had to leave early for a family commitment in West London Great to be able to get on track and get a good feel for the car since Ohlins fitted. Good to get a few R’s together even though it’s mainly Fords but we were all welcomed. At least my brakes were properly sorted following my recent Ring trip which was brilliant with great company. Only managed 1 session even though I’d paid for a day then it piddled down and before I knew it the wife reminded me of my family commitment so I had to leave ver
  2. Brakes look 👀 fabulous! Great investment Properly sorted car with quality parts. Still a shed load cheaper than the new or even used RS3 and still very capable😀
  3. Lovely car and very carefully upgraded with quality parts. I’m still very smitten with the MK7/7.5 and those seats are soo nice! I thought recently investing in buying some Recaros for my R. The way things are with car and fuel prices I can see me keeping the R for another few years ! Great project and keep your chin up with your health issues.
  4. It’s normal. Electronic wastegate N75 will regulate boost pressure by recirculating excess boost. Sometimes you get a chirping type noise or whooshing especially if u fit the closed Racingline R609 intake. Nothing to worry about. What year is the car and is it DSG or manual?
  5. Another good reason to sell it to the wife! We’re not doing as many miles in our cars these days however I’m keen to ensure R is moved on before the miles creep up too much further. Think I’ll take bits off it to sell when I do unless I get a buyer who appreciates what has been added. Normally not a problem and I’m in no rush. Think I’ll have to buy a runabout at some stage because of the wait. Im selling my Mk 2 as I seem to have become fleet manager with all the other cars, van etc!
  6. If not give Ian Pullen a ring or text him explaining your a member of VWROC and explain situation. They should send you a hanger with club sticker for Paddock entry. Ian Pullen 07710 438931 He should be able to get out hangers in a week or get message to gate entry staff.
  7. Becs Do you know if the 8R has the same pump arrangement? I know the cars are still very new but wondered if it’s been discussed . I assume the new rear diff arrangement has a different pump design unlike the 7/7.5?
  8. Have you booked VWROC club entry? Our display is in the Paddock area.
  9. Very classy! Any mods planned?
  10. Maybe taking this now if R not ready. Will have to get the Direzza’s on the car if I take her on track. Been a while😬 She’s well used to Combe and I spent a lot of time getting her set to my liking for Combe which is notoriously slightly bumpy in sections!
  11. Got the old girl out today. May take her to Combe and show a clean pair of heals to the MK1/2 EScorts 😆
  12. I wonder why VW dropped HK and wireless charging blaming semi conductors issues when other manufacturers seem to have no problem in producing full spec model eg BMW M240i.?? I sat in the new M240i….very nice and a big step up in quality compared to the MK8. Both MK8R and M240 are very closely matched and with some nice mods coming thru on the M240 it makes the car more affordable than RS3. I suspect new M2 will be like RS3 with a lot of interest and long waits although BMW seem better than VAG. Only issue I noted on the M240 was lack of rear space…..it’s more crampe
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