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  1. Msportman

    Dazie00 s Lapiz R long term review and Mods !

    Nice Is it an expensive job Darren?
  2. Msportman

    “ Does It Come In Black? ”

    Looks great. Is this a decat set up? Can’t quite see photo. Would be a good set up on my APR DP.....Id go black tips on my Oryx R too. Do you get any motorway drone?
  3. Msportman

    Stoptech 340/30 grooved discs

    Yeap Hawk are good. Any grooved disc will produce extra dust / debris. Tarox Strada work really well from cold and are quiet in oeration but you’ll always get some grumble with grooved discs. Corsa pads are more aggressive with high carbon metallic compound but work very well on the road. I ran these in a Tarox 6 Pot kit on a MKIV.
  4. Msportman

    Stoptech 340/30 grooved discs

    I'd give the new Tarox Strada compound a go Dave. They worked really well all round on my old set up. They fitted better than the Ferodo DS2500 which slopped around in the front callipers clonking when parking etc. Ive run EBC Yellows but they are quite harsh on the discs due to their higher heat range track compound formula. EBC Reds are kinder to the discs.
  5. Msportman

    Stoptech 340/30 grooved discs

    Awesome used to deal with Stoptech. Another good grooved 340mm disc are Nitrac Cryogenic discs. Tarox discs are excellent.
  6. I'd choose very similar spec to the ^ Re diff and dampers. I agree it's nice if you're extremely lucky to find a) M Diff and b) Adaptive Dampers. If not then ordering it on a new vehicle is the only way forward. Ordering either a new M140 /M240 is out of the question for me as with all the above options the losses due to poor residuals puts me off looking at the current market on 135/*40 owners.....similar to first Gen R's mostly leased that plunged in the first 2-3 years. I'd save a packet and try and find a 6-12 month old M240 with some M carbon bits and then add in diff. M2 Comp would be nice but it's in another price league....M4 better value but not as rare. FL RS3 still interests me but in this winter climate I still love my stage 2 R and its traction.....I definitely think 430-450lbs still needs 4WD for progress on wet UK roads.
  7. Shame. Another shame is the 'optional' M Diff is never ordered by dealerships for demo cars and many are never ordered by customers hence lack of used M135/ 140 / 240's seen with these. I'd be straight up to Birds and get the Quaiffe diff and their Bilstein suspension.
  8. Early M2’s now commanding £32k > Comp M2 £51k > I won’t consider new but maybe a 12 to 18 month old M2 or RS3 but then again the MK8R will be out!
  9. Very nice My friend has one in exactly the same colour and spec. Im going to take a punt next week atone in my local BMW dealership. I do like the Shadow Edition. M2 Comp still on my list but may have to wait for a while till prices come down.
  10. Msportman

    The 6xxHP Beas7 - Guy's 6MT 7R

    Any updates yet? Did you get fuelling and mapping done last year? Many issues to overcome? Seems a while from the last update.
  11. Msportman

    New Sachs Organic Clutch - Judder?

    Shouldn’t be like that. Who installed it? I’d take it back....should be smooth as silk. My colleague has this clutch fitted to his APR HO stage 1 and I’ve driven that and it’s a bit heavier than stock but no judder at all.
  12. Msportman

    Changing sound system.

    Must admit I find the Dynaudio is fantastic but I can't compare to the standard set up. I used to run Boston and JBL in older Golfs with various amps and they were very good but you really can spend a fortune on high end ICE.
  13. Msportman

    Turbo gone at 24k miles. feeling gutted

    Any updates on this thread which route you took? Seems like plenty of different turbo options available now. Littco or TTE would be my choice.
  14. Msportman

    7.5R First stage Tune

    No probs Nige Take a look at this: https://www.goapr.com Lots of goodies for the MK7.5 R Check out their R&D pages in particular their CNC and fuel pump callibraton (Mitsubishi) They had some ex F1 callibrators / software writers from Honda a while back and they support VAG GmbH 24Hrs @ The Ring + Koni Challenge cup amongst others. Their maps are constantly refined / updated and super smooth.
  15. Msportman

    7.5R First stage Tune

    QST APR....lots of options High medium or low torque maps Take a look at their E&D on their website 😎