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  1. Pretty much identical plots to my APR Stage 2 on the rollers at Awesome. Funny guys! I suspect tuning the new RS3 will be identical to the previous 8V version. Shame the car is so pricey
  2. Open to all sorts of German cars. Be a fair few Porkers in attendance as well as Audi!
  3. I posted up Performance German Car Day in the events section with a discounted entry. Be good if you could bring your new beast along!
  4. Hi everyone Please use this code for discounted entry and track sessions. Ots an early bird discount for club members on here. Just click on the drop down menu on the website to find the code: VWROCPGD
  5. Great car. So jealous. Nearly pushed the RS3 button after clearance from the boss but in the end delayed t further mainly due to other priorities and eye watering balloon payment. I see EvilGtl have just fitted spacers which have made a nice visual change. Any plans for springs / spacers / remap??
  6. 49k is very low for a 16 plate car. The average according to the AA should be 12k per year so 72k. I suspect for many the R is used as a weekend toy or far more occasionally. If leased as a company car with low spec they are the examples that you see on Autotrader with big miles.
  7. It’s all Dyno Lottery Re figures. My APR Stage 1 car was measured at Awesome and gave 380/390lbs. Stage 2 it gave 400/ 420lbs. On another Dyno it may measure differently but it’s all about the delivery and drive. Ive never seen a IS38 give such high figures as those quoted by MRC tbh. Did Doug say they were unusually high?? Those figures are more likely reserved for lower output hybrid outputs
  8. Try here: https://www.retroresus.com I know it’s just up the motorway to Taunton but Tom Walker and Graham Scott are experts as they are motorsport engineers both VAG backgrounds with Ton heading up TSR in Bridgwater prior to the new business. I wouldn’t go anywhere else they’re knowledge and service is second to none!
  9. I’ve just posted up Performance German Day 2022 in the events section. Good if you can pop down and spread the word as it’s a cracking day. https://mailchi.mp/castlecombecircuit.co.uk/2022-bike-track-day-dates-662560?e=cc3f8bf1ea
  10. All Ive applied for a stand / pitch in the Tarmac area of the Paddock for our Club / Forum members. This day was cancelled in both 2020 and 2021 due to the Pandemic. Its a great day out for all fellow enthusiasts & petrol heads with many trade stands and the opportunity to either book a half or full day and individual sessions. All the top tuners and detail experts in attendance. Anyone interested please put your name forward and I’ll put the booking code for discount on entry to the event and track discounts. Sho
  11. Can you not use the garage to the rear to tuck your R up? Similar set up to myself although our garage has been utilised with utility and bikes! Needs a good sort out! My MK2 is in another garage during the winter months although it’s garaged all year round. One thing I’ll look for next time if we move is a bigger garage! TBH with a good sort out I could squeeze it in.
  12. Popping Mr Wizzard’s Clubsport balloon Perhaps he’s not such a Wizzard after all.
  13. Did you drive the 340?? Very solid car. My wife loves her Q5 . We bought that in 2017 but that has the same 190 TDI engine. It’s a fully loaded Q5 with every option. She likes the visibly and high up drive and it’s built like a tank.!! Really comfy for family duties and bags of room. She did like the I4 but I’ve yet to get to see the SQ5! I like the petrol but there’s the newer derv which makes it lighter on the wallet to some degree. TBH the 190 is all you need in this class of vehicle and it gives sensible economy. Real world MPG is 37-40mpg so not bad for a tank 😀
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