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  1. Love a Border ❤️ Heres my two ....Buster 17 and Bertie 3. Both very different in characters:: First pic is when Bertie (on the right) met one of his brothers on the beach at Brean sands.
  2. Anybody fancy this? Been to previous events and this is a great day out and we could get a stand in the paddock area. Im booked in for track am and pm Let me know if you're up for it and below is the link for booking: https://castlecombecircuit.co.uk/german-performance-day/
  3. How many miles has the engine covered ? What oil service intervals has the vehicle been on ?
  4. Yes thanks. It's a nice place to sit....good cabin and dash is the new curved screen Operating System 8. It has HK, HUD, Tech Pack Plus and the upgraded wheels etc I was dead against EV's tbh but for our general use car the financial figures in the purchase was so much better than another used Q5 as we didn't want a brand new car. It's a bit smaller than the Q5 but more than enough for us. Her journeys are mostly 20-30 mile round trips covering 12k per yr with the odd long trip which will mean the odd public charge. BMW have a really good App which is a bonus. We were considering the new Q6 but they start at £60k + without options and Q4 45 would mean a new purchase. My R is next though so am waiting to see new 8.5 and S3 in person. I may even consider G80 M3 or M4 used as they've dropped a lot recently.
  5. Welcome aboard. Yeap there's some great info on here especially the historical threads when the 7R first appeared. Any pics of the Border's and the car of course?? We've got two Border's one is now 17 but in lockdown we decided we'd buy another to keep the other one going!! There's lots of enthusiasts floating on here...it's not as busy as it used to be but there's lots of great tips on ownership. Sound's like a great catalogue of previous cars! I've had lots of different cars in the past some of which were so called more exotic (or more costly to run in my experience and none the better for it) but Ibought my R new in 2016. They are such great car especially £v ooomph compared to other offerings after all its still a Golf. Enjoy.....any sneaky upgrades planned??
  6. Sold the wife's Q5 TDI last weekend. It was a lovely car with Pan Roof and every option but it had to go as it had reached 109k and maintenance bills were building up. My wife likes the SUV sitting up high so I went looking at suitable alternatives including another Q5. My father in law had a EPower Nissan Quashqai but a fully optioned one was as much as German rivals. We cover about 12k per year most of which is local with the odd longer journey. Her friend has a i3 so we decided to look at EV's from a cost of ownership and after much research on coatings of fuel, add blue , servicing and high interest rates on a Derv Q5 as well as Hybrid we got a fantastic deal on new used pre reg BMW iX1 30 Msport with a load of options. First trip from Yeovil BMW to Weymouth , Cjarmouth and back home we easily achieved 4.1 miles per KWh. Shes really pleased which is the main thing but we can easily charge at home with Octopus meaning a normal overnight charge will last us a week costing us just £4.80. It s a very different and pleasant drive ...super smooth and quick with tidy handling !
  7. It's a decision I'll be making myself ...see what the 8.5 brings & new S3 see the figures of a new model with some spec v a R20 with some spec. Thankfully nice 7 &7.5 with good miles command decent returns as enthusiasts like myself who have spent a fair few ££ on decent mods (APR Stage 2 , /Exhaust ,Ohlins, Tarox BBK ) can expect a reasonable return with a low mileage car. This will help towards my next purchase.
  8. Once the 8.5 appears later this year I think you'll see a few bargain 8R's around. I suspect they will quickly drop into the £25-£30k for low mile examples with some spec. R20 will always be a bit more especially high spec examples. I'd wait personally until 8.5 arrives.
  9. I tested out a MK8 R for an afternoon last year. It's a very good car and after a while I got used to the dash. Its refined with its 7 speed box and more comfy in soft modes and has more settings compared to my 6 speed DCC equipped R. Getting back into my 3 door R mods aside I felt the 8 didn't feel as special and there were aspects in the cabin that you can see VW went cost cutting on the 8. I certainly gave the 8 some beans and really didn't notice diff working on the rear unless you were really being aggressive in corners at higher speeds. For people who track their R the gains were if any marginal other than more rear rotation under harsh application of the right foot out of bends. Fun if you like that sort of thing. Not the sort of thing that would make me quicker on track. I always think the 7R with its unique front lights is the original as all of the 7.5's have the same DRL's meaning it could be a GTD! I still like the original clocks rather than digi dash however I do concede the head unit in my 7 R looks dated. The 3 door Golf's will always be sought after but I think the R20 in a good spec will be a good buy. The 8.5 ....I maybe tempted as last purchase of a hot hatch before the pipe and slippers slush wagon is the ultimate future as we get older 😂
  10. Probably a wise move in financial terms as the trade in values will be rocked by the new model. A lot depends on production levels. The MK8R is a rare sight on UK roads . The cost of living and high interest rates on car finance together with much bigger mortgage, rent and energy costs us really hit the middle ground in this country. I've certainly noticed far less new cars on the road in the South West.....I expect the South East isn't suffering as much as elsewhere.
  11. Good news for S3....:never understood why they didn't fit the vector diff on the latest model or offer it as a PPK option 🤔 Going wait for the new 8.5 and then visit Audi and VW to see what I prefer. Just bought the wife a new car so it should tie in nicely as my last ICE car. No more trackdays on a new car though unlike my 7 😂
  12. I'd just go APR. They know what they're doing and it's a company that's known worldwide and been around for years now tuning VAG and others. They used to offer warranty on the cars fitted their tunes introduced a couple of years ago. It's not the full fat remap though!
  13. There was a guy on here a few years ago who had a faulty ECU causing a misfire ....he thought it was something to do with the stage 2 map from Unicorn so eventually went to Awesome who diagnosed the ECU was at fault. He was a regular forum member but I can't remember his name🤔
  14. They're a good bunch who work with some well respected VAG tuners / race outfits. Maybe you're better off putting a stage 1 Powermax Turbo....they know all about them. Made by Garrett so great quality and R&D. Better than stage 2 by all accounts too and May work out better value on basic turbo and map. With upgraded pumps you'll be looking at 450-460+
  15. I sometime wonder how these companies survive! Not the first time people have moaned about lack of contact with BCS. Unlike the early days when business booming with MK67 sales.
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