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  1. I’ll be interested if that can be achieved. If it’s DIY job that’s fairly easy let me know. I see there are companies that retro fit these screens which may be easier for me.
  2. Don’t you also have Dynaudio Steve? I was looking into swapping out my MIB 2 Pro Nav a while ago but I understand you also need a unit that has Dynaudio built in for a straight swap. Not sure on model number for this unit as I knocked it on the head thinking it would be too much hassle.
  3. “Every little helps” as they say. I wonder how the new Continental turbo will last long term? Seems to be a few good stage 1 and 2 results on the internet
  4. I use Eco most of the time either around town or on steady state cruising. The reason being is that APR explained it significantly promotes longevity of the turbo running lighter boost demand for normal use especially in traffic and so I’ve adopted switching modes accordingly to my driving style. The car has now covered 48k the majority of which has been lightly used except my odd track excursions each year and some B road blasts now and then. Hopefully it will go on another 50k although it will more than likely be sold at some stage. One of my old MKIV 1.8T had covered 120k on APR stage 2 and when we took turbo off to go stage 3 we found it the turbo still in remarkable good condition as it was mapped at 10k!
  5. You’re wrong on power being the same in Eco mode ie 300bhp. The power output and boost is significantly reduced in Eco mode. One of the discussions I had with APR when they were refining Stage 2 on my 7 R in 2016. The said boost levels were reduced to under 1 bar and timing and fuel trims are altered accordingly. Hence it feels like the car “lugs” in Eco.
  6. In my experience on road and track Racingline Springs on the “hatch” do work well with DCC. It certainly helps when the factory Monroe DCC shocks were fresh but the ride height over time reduced making it less fun over bumpy B roads. That was all rectified into a totally different experience when I fitted Ohlins R&T. The 2 way KW Clubsports were a good set up on my other cars but not as comfy as the Ohlins which use a special bypass valve.
  7. Check tyre pressures as well. I assume you run 99 fuel? Who did the map? Is it due an MOT anytime soon so they can check emissions? IDeally a good RR VAG specialist could identify fuelling issue. 12- 15mpg is what I get on track !
  8. The APR software was perfected over 2 years before it was sold and they revised it several times to get it spot on with their TCU tune. The company has huge R&D and aren’t a one man band ou and also support VAG Gmb in their motorsport arena.
  9. Yes. Where are you based? Will you go stage 2 at some stage or just keep it stage 1 as APR pulled the plug on stage 2?
  10. I see Awesome are also offering 20% off APR software which is a really good deal with plenty of installers nationwide and great back up.
  11. 😀😀😀😀 I never proof read and quickly type in haste! Well spotted
  12. Sounds pretty poor and not for me. I like progress but in my mind driving down a road over bumps jiggling around being distracted head down looking at a screen is just ridiculous and dangerous. What were they thinking! Problem is many manufacturers are going this way. It’s not a problem when stopped it’s when you’re driving trying to fiddle with a touch screen to do a simple task. I’ll keep my old fashioned clocks, knobs & buttons for now.
  13. Yep it will be something akin in quality and style as IKEA furniture ! The ID3 is case in point.
  14. There was an interesting vid from Johnny Smith on The Late Brake Show this week driving a Cupra Bourne on a long road trip. Not a bad car by all accounts but again he was totally frustrated operating fan, heater controls and menus, sun menus and the pavlova that comes with new cars.
  15. Blimey 😧 Maybe they will have sorted a lot of “issues” on the 8.5 🙏
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