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  1. Very sad. You sre right as you say get things done before it’s too late.! Ive decided I’m going for the new RS3 before it’s too late and petrol cars are eventually phased out. Won’t be until late 2021-2022 if the reviews are positive. I know it’s more money than the R but residuals are always that much better on the RS3 or TTRS. The other contenders are RS5 / 4 used Cayman or R8. All depends how my flexibility copes as I get older and whether it will be to much of a PITA getting in and out of them. The new RS3 looks promising but will have to wait and see. The cabin looks slightly higher quality in the new S3 tbh.
  2. The only people I’ve heard giving Rtech glowing reviews are YouTube influencers getting freebies such as OG, TR Hamza etc. TBH not the sort of place Od want to go now seeing the vids and feedback. Seems once they’ve got your money they’re not bothered on customer care only the next customer.
  3. Didn’t take note of that ! 😂
  4. Yes it will be a new RS3. Helping out my kids onto the property ladder also diverts serious cash so this year things are tighter than usual. Im in my mid 50’s so I’m planning at some long haul travel hols mainly in the winter months when possible so a new RS3 will be on the cards once things settle down with competing demands. Yep certainly my R is very entertaining still although I am going to sample a 8R very shortly. Looking forward to that to compare new v old.
  5. Lifestyle choices are key. I have other bigger priorities this year particularly eg house projects / upgrades and hopefully a decent holiday towards the end of 2020 if not January 2021. I think spreading your outgoings is key to keeping a happy ship as if I was single I’d only have to consider myself but luckily my wife has a good job so we share the costs of living. If I had endless disposable where I could afford something really expensive it wouldn’t be a problem in my wife’s eyes! So ownership of an RS3 will be a cash buy selling my R to go towards a new car hopefully in 2021 or thereabouts. I want to fully retire with pension pot and savings in 6 years time so hopefully an RS3 will take me right to the all electric era of cars. It will be my last big purchase on cars and owning outright.
  6. Can you still get the APR Stage 2 in Oz? I run that on my R and it’s been very reliable and quick on track. Id recommend the TTE V4 turbo from Germany. Very high quality unit without the need for an engine build. Comfortably gives 480bhp and 430-450lbs. You also have the V5 for 500++ but if you don’t want a rod out the side of the block you’ll need a full house rebuild. The torque kills these engines as there’s little material between the bores.
  7. Probably....I’m not too bothered as the parts really have enhanced the car and I’ve benefited greatly from the experience. I track my cars occasionally and it’s a bit of a hobby over my lifetime. Many of my friends have modded there GT2’s and GTR’s and I’m also into my older Retro stuff when growing up in the 75-90’s! I sold my last Ed30 with KW Clubsports and APR Tune to a banker from the City who bought it to have fun against his City m8”s running Porkers around Spa and The Ring so there’s plenty of people looking for well modified toys!
  8. Big difference on GFV / Trade value v retail or private sale. I’m sure an 8R would be commanding £22-26k depending on miles. Apart from being more desirable/ sellable, good spec used R’s are a few more £”s than bog standard example of the same year. I will sell mine on PH as a 1 owner car with low miles and list all the right bits ie APR Stage 2, Tarox BBK and will hang out for the right price. Certainly there are people that carefully look for modded cars done by mature owners with quality extras. Ive never had problems selling cars before including a Scott’s Mototune Nothelle S2. If not I’ll strip car back to stock and sell all the bits separately. As for the 8R I’d probably go for a higher spec example. Personally I may take the plunge on the new RS3 as my next buy...no discounts there though 😂
  9. Not so sure on the above. Looking at used values on 3-4 yr old R’s with say 24k on the clock based on 8k miles per year then most start at £22-23k > for basic stock cars on Autotrader. When new they were bought for £33-34k so you’re looking at a £10-12k loss in 3 years! Not bad and recently used values on the R have risen considerably. Good new for us 7-7.5 owners 😀
  10. Terrible! Where are you located? Seems every acop programme there seems to be either a stolen Golf R, S3 or RS3. Recently watched the BBC 2 documentary “How to catch a killer” featuring Manchester drug gangs (Aptly named Gunchester) driving around in high end cars one of which was a stolen Golf R. Unfortunately as the cars are more numerous and capable the thieves target them.
  11. The Cat should be on your original DP if you have one. What system is currently on the car and why the change? I still have OE DO and exhaust in my garage in case I strip the car and sell the upgrade parts.
  12. Not sure exact figures on depreciation but although I like the thought of buying new, but if money was no object, then I wouldn’t care on loosing say 48-50% of the value in 3 years. If it was my last £50-£60k in savings in the bank I wouldn’t be buying a Gf R and at my age (mid 50’s) I wouldn’t be spending that on such a heavily depreciating object of desire. It’s a nice car but then so is a low mileage 7.5 R at half the cost which is more or less as capable. If it was my last big buy I’d go for more of a weekend toy such as an R8, 971 Cayman S or R or similar. You’re £41k will be looking like £22-25k in the trade in 3 years. I’d wait so that the initial flurry has subsided then look for a good spec pre Reg 3-6 month old car in 12-18 months time.
  13. DoI feel black or maybe Carbon mirrors caps coming?? Any mods planned....stage 1 perhaps? Very stealthy 👍
  14. Is it? Thats not a fair comparison if correct!
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