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    Pretty grim analysis of tv tonight Re jobs the economy and people struggling with their finances with many people planning to hand their PCP finance’d cars back to dealers because of jobs or no money. I suspect many will have negative equity and some having no income or a means to pay back. Sad times
  2. My R was on main dealer Castrol oil until last year then I switched to Fuchs equivalent of the Nano drive tech oil. Runs 1-2 degrees cooler. Both good oils but my advice is to swap out your oil every 6-8k. The R engines run particularly run hot and if keeping long term to aid engine longevity being a turbo charged car Id change on a more regular basis. When mine was under dealership service plan I paid the extra at my local VW specialist and tuner. Well with it. Has VW said anything re oil consumption??
  3. Will be a nice upgrade. Hoses and good fluid are a prerequisite for your set up. You can use ducting from VWR if you want extra cooling or Merlin Motorsport sell it to help with longevity and heat management. Easy job to rout it back to hubs.
  4. RS3 ...tempting FL RS3’s still relatively expensive here as usually you need a cash deal or finance unless you can still buy a new one on a PCP. Nice but a very expensive toy. Certainly the 400bhp our the box is quick enough. Youll be paying over £35k+ here in the UK for a good one and more like £40k for a good spec car with low miles.
  5. I switched from Ferodo D2500 to Tarox Strada pads all round because of the very issue you describe. The Ferodo pads clunked badly when manoeuvring and was quite embarrassing. The Tarox Strada pads solved all of theses issues and fit perfectly and perform very well for fast road use. You’ll want Corsa pads for track use tbh. I found similar if not a slight increase in brake dust on a slotted disc. My BBK from Tarox now has 4 pad options depending on usage. Hope this helps
  6. Sound a great spec anyway. I suspect the black grill etc is part of the M-Sport accessories you can opt with BMW at the dealer who normally fit the add-on’s. Audi normally quote black pack as an option from the factory. Wont be long now but it’s a great sporty family car that not only is safe but > 309bho in a hatch! It won’t be long before tuners will be getting over 400bhp out of it like the R. Will be a tempting package. How spoilt we are nowadays. 😃
  7. Be good to see the pics. The Motech 1 series looks smart on the Eibach Springs and spacers. Maybe you can get away with just that easily reversible. Did you opt for a black pack?
  8. No I didn’t get to test out the new A45S as the COVID 19 put paid to that as the lockdown occurred just as I booked the car out 😡😡 Its a very expensive toy with the Aero pack and paint options for sure. The tech inside the car although nice will interest some and the new generation but the hand built engine and tricky diff interests me more. Going thru rear tyres wouldn’t though! It would take a huge amount of persuasion or boredom to get me out of my stage 2 R as it’s such good value and fun still. There are some cracking deals in the pipeline with BMW on the 135 here in the UK but dealers are closed right now. Who knows how people’s jobs the economy, house prices will end up after the virus I’m holding tight. Been looking at used 981 S and CaymannT’s as a possible Sunday car down the line.
  9. Enjoy the car. I sat in one in January at my local BMW dealer. Much improved cabin to the previous generation. Will be very tuneable I suspect. Many M140i owners will eventually switch as time goes by.
  10. I had H&R on an my last Edition 30. Nice drop but quite a hard ride over the bumps. Not as good as Eibach. My VWR with DCC are pretty good near stock comfort and a nice drop. Never as a good set of Coilovers such as KW, Bilstein or Ohlins.
  11. I think you’re right but some do suffer where you see the pad doesn’t make contact with the whole disc face. It’s not something that affects my rear discs.
  12. Take a look at this forum: https://forum.rs246.com
  13. I suppose not even a decent exhaust on the R makes up for the sound deficit! I’ve been scouring Autotrader for a Cayman T on a 18-19 plate and there some lovely examples between £40-£50k with PDK and Sport Chrono. Then I noticed this: http://www.goapr.co.uk/products/ecu_upgrade_25t_982_718_s.html Back to where I am in the R (400bhp) but in a much prettier but expensive looking car. Seems like quite a nice weekend toy.
  14. I think you’re right on this one as I looked at a used C63 and thought it was great value but then quickly totted up running costs and was it really a weekend toy? Too big heavy and expensive for track hence the RS3 or TTRS FL were more compact easy to tune and “stop” and the iconic 5 pot would be more of an event at the weekend. Perhaps a Cayman T looks good according to Autocar and other reviews except for the poor sounding engine. 981 Caymans not only cheaper seem to be the one to own if you want a two seat sports car for weekend fun.
  15. Nice. Do you get the Mag ride, B&O and Sports Exhaust with this spec ? From main dealer? Wonder if Audi are doing any cracking deals on these now new model around the corner and virus outbreak? Any plans for a stage 1 or are you PCP?
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