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  1. Ive been running Tarox F2000 rear discs for the past 2 years which were fitted alongside the Tarox BBK. I sold my Nitrac discs along time ago.
  2. Yeap it will be a real upgrade for me performance and having a 5 pot plus it’s a different car. TBH I’m looking to seeing the MK8R in the flesh out on the roads to see if it pushes me into buying one.‘I’ve discounted an M2 as a new one will arrive sometime in the next 24months and I like the security and 4WD system on MQB platform cars.?The new trick diff will be a bonus hopefully and I’m keen to see the likes of Harris, Catchpol and Dan Prosser from EVO : PH review it
  3. I run APR Stage 2 which has their DP and sports CAT. I ran this for a long time with the stock system as I didn’t want drone on the motorway. Last year I took the plunge and fitted APR’s full system. It’s turned the car into a Jekyll and Hyde character. Switchable valves via the mode button and the quality is up there with Akra exhaust. The fit was brilliant and there’s no drone at all on the motorway. The valves fully open in Race mode or with the box in sport. I choose it over the very expensive £3k Akra as I knew it was the next best exhaust. The APR system is a lifetime warranty.
  4. Just a Performance pack, paint choice, DCC and wheel upgrade. Im going to see the R at my local dealer when it comes in and will go from there. The new RS3 arrival may fit in better on the timings with all that’s going on this year.
  5. I wonder if they will add the trick “Vector “diff to the Vorsprung edition and give it another 10 bhp? Surely they will loose quite a few customers to VW”s R ??
  6. Yeap I know it’s good reading some the reports. It’s a bit like washing machines. There have also been very positive reports on the K5. Bit like cars really! Our old Zanussi washing lasted years but we’ve had two supposedly good and more pricey Bosch machines last 8-10 years. Likewise the Bosch tumble expired in just 7 years. The engineer who repaired it once before said 7 years is now the new “norm”.🤔😂 My sister bought a very pricey AEG but that lasted 10 years. Its a bit of a throw away society now but at least it’s got 3 years and Argos is in the next town so I can easily exchange it.
  7. Well my Karcher 620M bought some 20years ago from Halfords has finally had a meltdown. I was actually doing a driveway and patio cleaning job for someone when it finally gave up after many years of service. Maybe not the best pressure washer on the market today but it has earned its keep and since it has never gone wrong I’d say it’s been good value. Ive been looking at a replacement Kranzle etc but I cannot justify spending £600 on a jet wash. I’ve ordered another Karcher a K5 model for just £270 after researching and finding positive reviews with as to be expected some failures. Ot will do the winter duties once a week or fortnight depending on weather etc and comes with a 3 yr warranty from Argos so if it goes bang it will go back to them. Im not a real fanatic when it comes to jet washers and as long as my R is kept the best I can with my care and attention using great products that’s all that matters.
  8. Like you if buying I’d option the car to my personal preference. TBH poverty spec 7R’s with average miles are a good £2k cheaper than low miles high spec examples. Im not rushing and will see car in flesh get a drive look at the figures and probably go from there....as said I’ve got a garage extension planned with extended kitchen going in soon so a new Golf R isn’t at the top of priorities with both myself and the wife who all of sudden loves my 7R 🤔 Maybe when new RS3 appears Ill make a move to change unless we go travelling !
  9. Yep I’d definitely stick to 10k oil changes as a minimum. I noted a lease deal of £400 a month and £2250 down. That’s less than depreciation over 3 years. Is that for a stock car? What were the figures on Golf 7. / 7.5??
  10. Pretty same spec as your car except I’m not sure on going leather. Winter pack if I go cloth. I was deliberating over whether to go Akra exhaust but at £3k it’s an expensive exhaust when you could go for a halo price Miltek or similar. Im itching to see one in the flesh but tbh the wife doesn’t want me to part with my current R after what I’ve spent on it😕
  11. Nice Lovely spec btw....that’s a big option list! I thought I was being greedy🤔 Bet your excited! 😀 Does your sales chap mirror DTD on line figures or go better? Ive got my man at Dorchester VW ringing me to discuss figures. Ive got to sell mine privately. Are you Part Ex your R? If figures work out I will be selling parts on here, MK7 forum and EBay That will be: APR FMIC APR Exhaust APR DP Tarox 8 Pot BBK with new rotors and pads fitted in Dec. Only done 500 miles. VWR 600 Intake Spacers 034 Motorsport ARB. I will put stock file back on and sell it as it is with the VWR springs on as the labour is not worth getting them off. Or I just try and sell car as it is 1 owner 37k full VW SH and specialist. Car has been over serviced as well in my ownership. Values are all over the place but I may hold out for a good price as it’s got a good spec.
  12. Have you already ordered Rebecca? If so what’s the spec?
  13. Exactly that’s based on VW’s current 5% PCP rates. Even if you get an APR of 2.9% it won’t make that much difference to the monthlies. I wouldn’t want a poverty spec R when buying new. Even just a Performance pack, Lapis and wheel upgrade takes it £44k!
  14. Absolutely spot on! It really is get your cheque book out time! The cars in the above bracket are RS3, A45S M2 Comp. If left stock it’s more or less the same amount of shove as a good stage2 R 🤔 Going up from that in performance terms are GT3, GT4 or GTR. Big power estates (RS4/6) don’t do it for me especially on a good trackday.....way to expensive in fuel and consumables....bit like a GTR I expect. Out of the cars I’d love a GT4 as a real step up.
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