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  1. Not what I’ve been told unless the salesman is wrong as there is little info on pricing and spec but a lot assumptions! The sales manager was pretty confident it would be a cost option and there is a costly brake upgrade. All in all I have all this already on my R and yes I know I’m buying into new tech and a new rear super duper diff I could really afford to keep wiping out my rear tyres! Nice car but not the price. I find most hi end Merck’s don’t seem to hold their value as well.
  2. My cheap EBay Carbon mirror caps have gone dull over the summer for some reason. I don’t want to pay for OE Carbon items due to their ridiculous price. Where’s best / cheapest to get genuine gloss black items?
  3. Any updates Sounds like mechatronics unit
  4. I’m stage 2 with APR FMIC I spoke to Retro Resus who also deal with Littco. I was told to maximise the benefit of this turbo I would need both HP and LP fuel pumps changed and new software from Littco The price fitted including new turbo and fuel pumps software VAT etc was £3800 This would give me approx 470-480 bhp I decided to give it a miss tbh
  5. You can get a good block on EBay or via a ‘good’ tuner for not much more than £800 in the UK There’s a few about. Spoke to Retro Resus here in the UK who mentioned the ease of availability of getting a complete engine. Luckily I now only track my R for 1/2 days and have done a Handful since ownership
  6. I did the same. I’m trying to work out the App as well !🧐
  7. Who flashed your car? If they ate an APR agent they should be doing all of the running to investigate causes. In truth many worldwide run their stage 2 without complaint and we’ve all taken the risk of warranty being made invalid. Your local tuner / garage should investigate and diagnose a cause of failure.
  8. These are bonkers figures The monthly PCP or loan figures on small deposits are in line with small mortgage. A very expensive toy and a PCP of over 6.5% at Merc isn’t that attractive. With such high payments these cars must surely be aimed at wealthy high earners on £70-80k > ++++ not the salary of most UK / public sector workers wallowing around on measly £30k a year if that. I digress! Yeap the good old Golf used is cheap as chips in comparison!
  9. Yeap thought of going new A45s but got provisional figures of £58k today with options. ! I can get more track speed on better tyres and suspension on current set up. I wouldn’t want to track a brand new A45 tbh. Other car I’d consider used are M2 Comp or FL RS3. Both big price hikes 😂 I’n Looking at ditching DCC and going KW Clubsports or Bilstein. AST”s would be nice but they are a competition set up really. You must be very frustrated !
  10. My local dealer Sytner has already said the base car with roof and Aero pack will set me back approx £58k circa Thats a £38k for the privilege taking into account my cars approx value. I like the Merc and the new tech but I can’t indulge at the price point with other family priorities and the fact I own outright my stage 2 R with all of the right bits! I don’t buy into the PCP world anymore
  11. Msportman

    F80 m3

    Good evaluation I felt the same when I tested one from Dick Lovett Bristol. It wasn’t raining but those gear ratios when on the motorway you could be caught napping and had to go down 2 cogs for it to react. Car felt jittery over rough sections of road. Again you’re spot on Re getting kicks out of its performance because of the gear ratios your into big speeds. A friend had one and sold it for an M2 or then sold that for a FL RS3 due to his hate of back end flick when unwanted and found the M4 very spiked in torque delivery. Loves the RS3 for all weather ability on UK roads. Stage 2 R hits and the right areas and isn’t far behind a M4 if not with it on any B road.
  12. I run Conti 6’s now. Brilliant in the wet and dry and pretty on par with MP4S as according to Tyre Review. Ot was fitted with Conti 5P’s before but the 6 is quite a nice step up. I ran MPS4’s on my 18 TD wheels which we’re great but now on Cup2’s for track and they are great if a little stiffer on the sidewalls. I only use the Cups for circuit excursions 😮
  13. There’s very little difference in the new Continent 6 v MPS4S as per tyre review. I run Conti 6 on 19’s and they are excellent. My 18’s now on MPS Cup 2’s previously ran MPS4. Still an excellent tyre. When I first bought the car it was on Conti 5P’s but the 6’s are good step up above the 5P’s and are fab in the wet and dry.
  14. Love the colour Nice spec too! Any stage 1 plans?
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