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  1. I had these fitted to mine but I haven’t seen a Tarox 2 piece stock sized rotor kit here in the UK? Great mods and very sensible
  2. Is that for labour and parts? Are they the APR clutch packs?
  3. Team Dynamics 1.3 Gloss Black 18’s Car currently sits on VW Prets
  4. Motorsport grade steel.....high carbon content They supplied F1 years ago The rotors last for a very long time
  5. Quite common on most DSG boxes when the miles pile on and they wear. My old MK5GTI did similar and even the 7 when new can be quirky. Maybe it’s just the clutch packs wearing? How many miles?
  6. Can’t wait to see some video footage 👍
  7. Amazing work....been a long road but developing these projects always throws up some issues along the way heat being the biggest. I had similar years ago on a 2871R Garrett. High EGT’s on circuit over time caused cracked exhaust manifold, gasket and blowing together with stretched special studs....can’t remeber the name but it was track action that caused the issues. I had to move it on as getting specialist to look after it chasing problems got prohibitively expensive in the end. Just watch your transmission, prop & drive shafts running those big figures.😎 Great stuff though
  8. What are the figures in bop and torques?
  9. Think I’ll stick with VW dealer oil as I have one service left. Just thinking about the future but I may be moving on later this year to another car.
  10. Anyone Currently on dealer oil.....seems to do the job for normal use and no issues on track. Observations on the above for next oil service .
  11. You’ll be missed Jon Always had a great input and a fabulous R with thoughtful mods Ill pm you in due course Remember to pop across the bridge from Seth Wales with your new wheels. Ian
  12. Been there and done big turbo's before....never again.....there money pits and due to lack of factory R&D they don't hold up on circuit. 500 bhp is a bit of waste on UK roads in any case. I'd hate to go to The Ring or Spa in my big turbo R and have an engine calamity. The cars are pretty fragile unless you overbuild block and transmission. I know as having been there.....then you run into heat issues, prop shaft / drive shaft issues, fuelling at full load for sustained periods, cracking exhaust manifolds, blowing gaskets, stretched turbo to manifold bolts the list goes on. For me the best solution is put a Littco X which is pretty stock, strong and takes existing stage 2 software or when funds allow I'll go RS3 or M2 Comp.
  13. That’s odd. Awesome was running the Stage 3 on their S3 Some video vlogs on it as well. it was fitted by Ecotune to an R on here as well. Was on the APR UK web page at some stage. Stage 2 is more than sufficient IMO as big power hikes will mean stock motor and crucially transmission won’t last unless big bottom end and clutch pack upgrades. It all becomes hugely expensive. I’d rather just buy a RS3 FL map that to stage 1 or 2 Big turbo big costs. I priced Littco L450 Time you buy turbo fuel pumps,software labour sundries it’s nearly 4K for 50bhp.....never worth it IMO
  14. There’s no timing belt on the MQB R or S3 they are chain driven? These.can stretch but normally high mileage and you’ll definitely hear it. How many miles have you covered? Id take the car to Awesome MRC, VRS or somebody who has more sophisticated scam tools than the main dealer. The APR scan tool Awesome use is far more accurate at identifying the cause than vagcom.
  15. Thanks May stay stock....or BCS. I think Milltek have had issues with quality from what I’ve heard. Not sure if I’ll keep the car long term as investing £1500- 2k is a waste short term. Its whether I get itchy feet and sell but for the money there’s little else.
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