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  1. I dont know sorry, but 1st march looks on so all good 😃
  2. Probably just cost cutting, VW may have loads of the older style framed mirrors in stock still and want to get rid of them. Chuck them on the last 7.5's before the 8 is released.
  3. I did not know that about the framed mirror - makes a difference for me having to reverse against a bright light the mirror dims so much can impair visibility especially at dusk.
  4. MY19 S3 owner is reporting about 7mpg less on his WLTP S3 compared to old one. 900 miles on it so should improve hopefully. That's a fairly big difference between pre and post WLTP cars
  5. Although the cupra owners are reporting louder pops and bangs and more noise in general with a few 1000's miles on the car. Something must be settling in.
  6. Where can you see 5c in the tracker? I Can only see 5 but no letter
  7. I've been told it's to do with when the official WLTP certification and figures are released. Applies to all R's
  8. Yup have a read of the dual injection thread started by Blower. Loads of info in it and covers the technical changes in depth
  9. 100% Cant be registered and handover until 25th Feb at the earliest, so you'd be mad not to wait the extra 3 - 4 days for the 19 plate. The 1st March is gonna be interesting, if you see another 19 plate R on the road be sure to give the nod of approval knowing how long you've both been waiting for it haha 😃
  10. Another update this morning, looks like my R is now on a boat 😀
  11. Yes your correct, I completely forgot about that.
  12. Exactely, will be quite a few to choose from in the coming weeks I've got a cancellation order which gets me an R in the cheapest way with the spec I want without paying for any optional extras I don't want
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