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  1. yeah the photo makes it look worse than it is though with the light but definitely a slight kink at the bend.
  2. RB2

    hello everyone

    Welcome along were are the pics?
  3. Well last week I scooped a bit of a bargain from Lew, £50 posted to my back world part of Scotland ;-). I got a brand new res delete pipe with a tubing cutter and a thing of exhaust sealant. It arrived in two two days from posting completely as described. Top man Lew and have no problems vouching for him in future sales. Today i fitted the pipe. I think all in it probably took 20mins. Now I had heard these were suppose to drone badly but to be honest I really can't say it drones badly at all. Burbles more on engine braking, dsg farts are loud wallops, sin
  4. seen a video yesterday where thief's don't need your keys or to get into the house. They have a large board type looking think which its a signal repeater/booster. one guy waves the board by your door whilst the other keeps trying the car doors. one draw back of keyless entry.
  5. I've had my car two years and didn't know this. First thing I'll be trying tomorrow. Really need to RTFM
  6. I gave mine and the wife's a bit of clean today since the weather wasn't too bad. nothing too fancy. Still a decent bead from the last time I waxed them. Also picked up a set of VWR springs today for a very nice price. Both pretty shiney but the blue looks more pops when it's clean.
  7. i'll get you a photo later where my dumpvalve is tee'ed to. you could tee in the same place. I don't think there is any need to "punch a hole in the manifold" If you want to look yourself, at the rear right hand side of the engine there is a vacuum line connection.
  8. Apologies, I didn't mean to turn this into an imprompt sales post. Ill dig them out and get some photos and post a proper for sales thread once you've reached 25 posts to keep us within the forum rules. Cheers RB
  9. First thing I did to mine as soon as I got it home was to remove the nasty silver wing mirror covers. So id expect the previous owner did the same and not something sinister. If you want silvers ones when you buy the car give me a shout as I have them in the back of the cupboard at home and would sell.
  10. Bugger... I guess that's weight reduction then hahah thanks for the answer
  11. Sounds broken, blip of the throttle is enough to start mine every time. What does bug me with it is sometimes I am rolling to a junction and not even stopped and the engine switches off. But 100% of the time a blip of the throttle starts it and we are off
  12. Rebuilding my front end. Where does this go?
  13. you will need to map a de-cated car. As over boost makes it take off then the cars cuts it and it's like hitting a brick wall. I am not as clued up as some on the JB but if it was me I'd be getting a proper map to suit.
  14. there is a twisty road by me which is probably 4 miles long. Spirited driving over it could leave the m3 with very poor bite on the brakes from the yellow stuff, borderline dangerous. Same fluid and disks just swapped to ds2500 and they performed perfectly. TBH the OEM brake pads were not as bad as yellow stuff. I actually have ds2500 in my e30 as well
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