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  1. Good to see the love for the Estate here, I've now taken mine round the UK, France, Belgium and Holland. Shame I've only got another 10 months of it left! Been such a joy to drive
  2. Last resort is also do what I'm doing - moving to a better area... The attempted burglary on mine has actually been a blessing in disguise... Didn't think that at the time though!
  3. Thoughts out to the OP, after experiencing an unsuccessful event recently, the next few weeks will be weird, but the fear element fades in time. With the car not being there, you'll be quite relaxed, if not a little shaken, but when the replacement comes, that's the strange feeling, knowing it's on the drive again. The poster who suggested getting the crime prevention team out are right, having an outsiders view is very useful. I cut my privet hedges down significantly at the front, had replacement security lights and cctv installed, the car now has a wheel clamp and crooklock on it and I had my front door replaced with another rockdoor (possibly one of the best things you can do imo - those things are almost indestructible and the locking mechanisms are pretty special). Plus, I have a couple of air horns in the bedrooom, so if I hear anything like that again, the first thing they are going to hear are those going off alerting any neighbours. As well as a v loud version of 'silent night' coming from the music system just to freak them out a little... All of the police I spoke to said the same thing, that they are unlikely to come back as you're more likely to beef up security around the home following an incident. I suggest spend the time to look at that aspect first and foremost.
  4. I think regardless of colour, anything that has quad exhaust pipes at the rear end is never going to be that stealthy (pure white estate owner myself)
  5. Thought you could select everything you needed by setting individual? The only thing I don't have set is S gears (find it takes too long to change up for my liking), but I don't need to change anything when I start and I get the noise and I thought also get the 4 exhaust... Am I wrong?
  6. Toying with getting one from ebay and saving more tbh - assuming they come with 3 keys? It's more the deterrent than anything...
  7. Awesome, thanks Mark. I'd read on here that small fits, but just wanted to double check.
  8. Hi, Looking for a disklok and I want to be sure the one I buy will fit properly - I can only seem to buy them online (unless anyone knows of somewhere in the Manchester area that sells them in store?) When I look online they seem to have sizes and I wondered if anyone can provide the links to the ones they have bought? Alternatively, are the 'bar' locks just as protective / secure? Any advice very much appreciated... Chris
  9. Registered on that yesterday, it's the only lease transfer specialist it seems
  10. Probably asked a few times but has anyone successfully transferred a lease to a 3rd party? If so, who did you use, would you recommend it, how much did it cost and was it relatively stress free? My finance company allow it and don't charge for the privilege, they just need to make sure the new party passes the credit check... Please, can any posts be on topic and not about the reasons why (not financial), thanks. Chris
  11. After my recent misfortune, while i'm 100% it was opportunistic, even so I've removed any pics from profile and from forum posts for the time being fir this very reason. 130 'guests', all they have to do is recognise a landmark / housestyle / driveway local to them and away they go to see if their luck is in. From experience, if you've never been through it, it really isn't a pleasant and until i feel totally safe i'll be refraining from any car pics / details in future. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the [sensible] reason R400 gives nothing away about his motor online. Wise move if so.
  12. Not wanting to put the fear up anyone but unfortunately we were the victims of an attempted forced entry on our house late-ish last night. 2 possibly 3 males tried to kick the front door in, but failed as the doors are some of the best you can get (a sound investment). Clearly after the car parked on the drive but failed to get in. They tried to get round the side to the back door, but any noise sets off the dogs next door and the security lights of ours and neighbours and they did, so they're taking a big risk in not being caught / spotted, especially with the security cameras about too. Police were great, quick arrival, combed the area before and after in about 2/3 cars so some assurance, said they'd be doing that through the night. You never know what you'll do until it happens, but seriously thinking it's just not worth having it as a potential target, especially as it's got me thinking they'll be back; it's just a thing at the end of the day. Bit shaken (as is partner as well as the dog), it's the not knowing how far they want to go that gets to you. Guess the message is stay safe & keep everything secure as some people don't want you having nice things!
  13. Such a flawed argument and based on absolutely nothing but an uninformed generalisation.
  14. Leased here. Cheap deposit, change car in 2 years (99% going to be the mk8 R estate) & the total payments = less than total projected depreciation = no brainer. Treat it as if I own it outright, especially considering how much I've spent on professional and personal detailing so far... Bad side is I'm extremely limited to what I can do modification-wise, but it's like **** off a shovel anyway, so I'm good with that.
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