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  1. 100% as I used to own the car, I had it cleaned ad fresh oil at roughly 20k kms. It wasn't blocked then but the oil was filthy.
  2. Has anyone had a second fluid change and filter inspect? I'm curious to see if the clogging is caused by running in from new and whether the filter still gets blocked after the first fluid change. I had mine done first time at about 20k miles, the fluid was dirty but the filter wasn't clogged.
  3. I have a wagner ic with revo charge pipes and they fit fine.
  4. Was that you in the 5 door R? My twin
  5. Has anyone had a second haldex service done? I'm wondering is all the [email protected] build up from running in from new? Maybe after a couple of services the gauze may not block as easily.
  6. They didn't do a good job when I used them, having said that I know people who have used them and were happy.
  7. Welcome, there are a couple of tuners local enough. Dalton's in Portlaoise are Revo dealers, then there's Joe Power who works out of Stone Motorsport.
  8. If anyone has dynamic lighting with lane assist, i.e the larger camera on the windscreen....then traffic sign recognition can be enabled for free using vcds.
  9. I have a pair of part worn continental sport contact 5 tyres for sale if anyone is interested? No repairs, even wear. One at 4.7mm and the other 5mm. €60 the pair collected from Dublin, pics by what's app or viber.
  10. Lovely looking car but I couldn't buy a 5 door.
  11. Anyone who knows what they are looking at will spot they are just fake tips, we all know akra only make a factory supplied exhaust with titanium tips. Each to their own but I wouldn't be putting them on a car.
  12. Not a chance, they are all over aliexpress.
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