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  1. I don't think anyone has a clue what is happening with delivery schedules, VW certainly don't!
  2. That 0-60 of 4 seconds on the Carwow video has certainly piqued my interest... Just need lockdown to end so we can go somewhere and try it out properly.
  3. No idea as to delivery transport yet, but picking it up for me is a 560 mile round trip.
  4. No idea, it's heading for VW Newbury. So off darn sarf before heading north to me then.
  5. Just had a message from dealer that my car arrived in the UK yesterday, 5-7 days to get to them, then PDC etc. Should tie in nicely with my 7.5 going back. Woohoo!
  6. Pulman VW are saying they have 2 in stock, not sure if it's the Durham or Sunderland branch, and didn't check the spec level.
  7. I've just been on to VW chat and been told my car is on board the ship and should be with me within 3 weeks.
  8. Nobody on here appears to have received a text so general consensus is that it's borked.
  9. Does the tracker change to 5a, 5b etc. or is it just stg. 5 all the way through?
  10. If only everything was as reliable as a Volkswagen website.....
  11. I'm now getting a "something went wrong" message but I logged in OK earlier.
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