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  1. That's exactly what's happening to me.
  2. The original sheet will be a non standard size now, proving it has been tampered with. Think they may be bolloxed with that.
  3. Quick question, just had mine delivered and have taken it out for a few gentle run in miles. Tried the different modes and in eco mode (just trying it out, honest) the gear indicator shows D6 for example, and didn't go into coast when accelerator was not used. On my GTi it would show E6 and coast. Does the R not do this?
  4. Last time I got one driven to me it was a 70odd year old skinny Santa lookalike.
  5. Mine's coming next Tuesday, not sure where it's coming from but it's being driven. 😫
  6. Still the 310. They contacted their underwriters who said it would be the same, and I got them to ensure it would be in writing in my documents to reflect this.
  7. Just managed to update my insurance through Aviva for the remaining 7 months of my contract for an additional £21 over my current GTi cost, but they've got a compulsory excess of £400 for this car, £150 more than the GTi. Had to phone up as they didn't have the new model listed and my new reg wasn't recognised yet. Quite happy with that though.
  8. I got a quote to change my policy with Aviva over the phone but I don't have my reg yet so couldn't get a detailed one.
  9. I haven't tried this as I lease my cars, but if you join BASC (British Association of Shooting and Conservation) you get 15% off the price of a Golf R through Tyson Cooper VW. The memberships start from £35 but it would be worth the price in the long run. There are savings like this (with either more or less percentages) on just about any car. My R estate supposedly was built a fortnight ago with the upgrades included from an early November order. My current GTi doesn't go back til 19th March so everything is fitting in nicely for me. I feel for the people who've had to wait so long, it happened to me in 2011 having to wait over 9 months for a Passat CC. Luckily then, VW supplied me with a free rental car for 4 months to stop my "abuse" on twitter etc. and hassling the UK directors through email.
  10. I've got an R estate on order. Is this in the same situation re. the upgrades?
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