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  1. Hi I'm also interested if it's not too late. Pl let me know.
  2. Hi all, First time VWROC forum user from Australia. Had my pure white, DSG, R for 6 months now & approaching 10,000 km. Loving (nearly) all aspects of it. More refined & powerful than my previous ride - a Renaultsport Clio RS 200. Keen for some subtle mods given this is my daily driver. Lowering springs are first. I require a maximum 20mm drop & a slight increase in spring rate to remove pitch & roll without ruining ride & importantly to work well with stock dampers. Currently running 19's which are standard with Australian delivery cars. Have narrowed it down to the following options: VWR, H&R OE Sport, ST Sport (Suspension Techniques). Obviously plenty of info & reviews on the VWR springs but has anyone had experience with the other two? Especially difficult to find reviews for ST springs. Given that ST make apparently great coilovers (& are are made by KW) would have thought that the quality is excellent but no info that I can find apart from their site. I did notice that someone posted a question on this forum a while back on ST springs but got no response. My workshop deals in H&R & ST but not VWR/Racingline so keen to branch out from the VWR norm if the quality is there. Any thoughts greatly appreciated! jarama
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