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  1. Another thing to note is that my turbo is older than what you guys with 722S turbos have yet mine is a 722T which unless the earlier part of the serial number is different would logically indicate that mine is newer and it’s definitely not.
  2. It has been known that the latest part number if you can call it that is sometimes just a next batch of thousands so to speak without any actual changes or possibly a slightly different recess that a bolt goes into on the body without any actual significant internal changes at all so if you have a car which was produced 2015 onwards approx you are generally going to be fine as long as you have the mechanical sympathy and service the car well with good oil etc. I have a clipped and balanced 722T on mine which was done by Littco and so far all has been good with apr stage 2 high torque with pops n bangs [emoji1360]
  3. DUB R4XX

    gfb dv+

    Here is a revision D which cost roughly £30 from Euro Car Parts. Without doubt it’s the same as a VW type with the Audi rings filed off and a big white sticker on to cover it all up. I had a revision C which I had to split apart to use parts on the DV+ so I got a new revision D to replace it with. The DV+ holds boost very slightly more between dsg gear changes but it’s not a massive difference and it’s possibly not as healthy on the turbo holding more boost between shifts anyway. I’m no expert but that’s how it feels and what I’ve heard too [emoji1360]
  4. No spacers at all [emoji1360]
  5. Here are black satin finish 19” for you...
  6. DUB R4XX


    I’ve still got my now 8 month old Scorpion resonated and valved cat back system for the right offer if any of you guys are interested. It will only fit a mk7 and not a 7.5 fl model though and it’s still in perfect condition. [emoji1360]
  7. DUB R4XX

    Haldex software update

    There’s also a chance that your specific code that relates to your box is not due any such update but others might.
  8. DUB R4XX

    APR stage 2 pops and bangs

    It is honestly really good as if you are not in race profile and S mode with dsg together it will not do it at all so it’s like having an off switch until you really would want it on. I’m bcs DP with apr cat back and it’s good. I did have the scorpion cat back before that which is still for sale [emoji849] it’s valved and resonated and you still get the crack and pop but just a little more toned down. You will love it [emoji1360]
  9. Thanks man, I do not have pads fitted in the rear so it sits level instead of nose down and wheels are 19”
  10. I’m still happy with them yes. Here is a pic of my car recently and I’ve had the springs for around a year now iirc. I’m also now back on 19” wheels and not the 18” I had at the time of the post you quoted [emoji1360]
  11. DUB R4XX

    Anyone used an eBay turbo muffler?

    No problem, happy to help you save money [emoji1360]
  12. DUB R4XX

    Anyone used an eBay turbo muffler?

    There’s maybe a little more turbo noise but definitely not £50+ worth lol. Seriously though guys, I wouldn’t bother if I could do it again so to speak
  13. DUB R4XX

    Anyone used an eBay turbo muffler?

    I don’t find any improvement in any way with having the delete fitted. Even though the cheaper non branded one is a bargain compared to the branded identical ones you are still better spending the £50 on some fuel [emoji1360]
  14. DUB R4XX

    Anyone used an eBay turbo muffler?

    It’s an exact copy of a racingline delete and it’s a single piece of metal with a couple of rubber seals so it’s going to be fine with the eBay one [emoji1360]