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  1. You don't need VCDS to do it. Is yours a MK7 or 7.5 with the virtual cockpit? I followed this for my 7.5. Worked 100%
  2. Crazy over priced! Even if it was turbo back its pricey. But £3.5k for a backbox is ludicrous.
  3. Driving mode makes no difference to exhaust note whatsoever in either of my MK7 or MK7.5 estate. What did make a difference is putting the gearbox into S first, then into manual mode. Get more pops on the overrun. Was very noticeable in my MK7, only have a couple of hundred miles in my 7.5, so can't really tell for sure if it does...
  4. Must be an estate thing. Happened my mates R estate also. Warranty will definitely cover it :-)
  5. I had this on my estate R. Was rather annoying. I scanned mine with VCDS and it was showing as a steering wheel malfunction but as you said it traced back to the DSG selector, the message was 'selector lever park position lock switch'. Mine only had 9k on it at the time. Are you in warranty?
  6. Look very similar to the Neuspeed RSE102 https://www.awesomegti.com/shop-by-brand/neuspeed/neuspeed-rse102-light-weight-wheel-19x8-0-5x112/
  7. Yeah no doubt we will, I live around there also . Mine is due pretty soon, but I don't really want it just yet. So it may sit down in Donnelly for a month or so. On a lease there isn't much point in speccing to much. I literally only went for the black mirror caps and roof rails. Although I do have a set of Michelin PS4S's in 19" along with the Spielbergs ready to go on it when I lift it. I had to adjust both my Rs xenons up. I found them far to low. You can probably do the same with the LEDs in the 7.5. Hopefully see you about
  8. Thats me. I had a 3 door in Lapiz and now a Estate in the same colour. I personally prefer the estate over the hatch. I live in the waterside, so not far from Donnelly. Are you in the city?
  9. Lovely car Gary. I didn't realise your from Northern Ireland. I am awaiting my 3rd Golf R, which is also coming into the same dealer. I seen yours and thought it was mine for a split second last week :-) Where are you based?
  10. I would be happy enough running replica wheels. Obviously the reps will be heavier, but they cant be any weaker, as it seems the OEM pretz are made of cheese
  11. 100% shouldn't be under warranty. He mis-shifted, caused the damage. There is no other way to cause an over rev other than user error. Probably why VW put that feature into the ECU. To stop them having to pay out on fraudulent warranty claims.
  12. Are the mirrors R specific? Or could you just buy a second hand generic MK7 Golf mirror off the likes of ebay and source a R mirror cap for it?
  13. I have it done to my Estate R. i found the estate was to quiet when pootering about, but sounded so much better when booting it compared to my previous hatch R. It does make it a brave bit louder, pops and crackles a lot more etc. It is a little bit droney on a run. But it does sound rather nice :-)
  14. They maybe are a little bit brighter, but I purchased them more for the looks
  15. I changed the ones on my estate to these https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/o7h/White-Indicator-Reverse-Backup-Light-Error-LUFFY/B0185BZS5M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1488308147&sr=8-1&keywords=2x+White+955+921+T15+194+W16W+CREE+LED+50W+Bulb+Side+Indicator+Tail+Reverse+Backup+Light+No+Error+LUFFY I also changed the stop, tail and indicator to LED (Along with VCDS tweaks to adjust brightness etc)
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