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  1. Might have to take you up on your offer on you takin me out in you leon. Is the TTE420 upgrade a big step up from stage 2+ Ive been looking at dyno graphs and under 3000 rpm the TTE turbo aint making as much power and torque as a stage 2+ can you feel that when your driving it
  2. Don't forget when you have done your car we need to meet up so you can take me out in it . The poppin sound aint loud loud but loud enough to hear it when the bonnet is open and you rev it. I was thinkin could it be one of my coilpack and it only feels rough on idle you can hear the exhaust poppin a little bit on idle. I changed my fuel filter the other day and on the first start up its like my car didn't want to start and it was missin loads. Thought it could of been that but checked the fuel filter and all seemed ok with it. if I cant get to the bottom of it by next week just gonna book it into statllers . Ive thought about the new golf R but love my rocco to much its way to much fun and there so rare cant tell you the last time I saw another rocco r apart from mine
  3. Yeah I'm all good thanks you mapped your car yet The poppin is comin from the intake when you rev it you get the woosh sound then straight after that when the reves are droppin it makes a pop sound. And my exhaust is stock cat back with NO flapper mod. my car feels a little rough on idle like it missing a bit . its got fresh spark plugs in aswell. And what you mean about circulation and how do you check if your actuator faulty
  4. Hello every one I've got a fault code come up p3019 valve for exhaust flap intermittent. I'm running stage 2+ down pipe to stock cat back. And another thing I've got an evoms induction kit and with the bonnet open every time I rev it I hear the woosh sound which is normal then a pop afterwards is that how its meant to be. I don't recall it doin it before
  5. Thanks for the info gonna take a look
  6. Is there anybody on here that has gone down the TTE420 route that can tell me what they think of the upgrade please and how it is compared to stage 2+
  7. You really do mate my friend just got a new s3 and all I can say is these new engines pull really strong at stock power so with a map they must be an animal
  8. I'm already with giac so I would be staying with them for the hybrid map. I already spin my tyres up at stage 2+ so with even more power it would be even more fun some people call it pointless power on a FWD but I love the fight with my car . I need to go out in a TTE420 car
  9. Hello everyone I've got a scirocco r stage 2+ and thinking of going down the TTE 420 Turbo route just like to know peoples thoughts on the upgrade is it a big improvement over stage 2+ And whats the spool like compared to stock turbo. Is it worthwhile upgrade
  10. I changed the MAP sensor on Friday and the car is running good. so it looks like it was a bad map sensor after all
  11. I've got a scirocco r and all I can say is I love it mine is a Dsg and I'm running giac stage 2+ about 350+ hp any yes it can be a bit of a hand full in this weather but I like to fight with my car it makes me feel more on the edge when I'm giving it some. It really does shock a lot of cars out there. you will not regret getting one but as said before the ride hight in standard form is a joke I put H&R lowering springs on mine and it looks so so much better now
  12. ok thank you I will let you no how I get on. on Friday when I get my car checked
  13. the only mods I've got is downpipe evoms induction kit apr fuel pump and rs4fpv
  14. Thanks for your help every one car goes in on Friday to get it all checked out but yesterday I did check intercooler pipes and all is ok. Gonna start off by changing MAP sensor and do an air leak test
  15. Hello every one I've got an scirocco r dsg running giac stage 2+ high output I've got fault code, P0106 manifold/ barometric pressure sensor does any one no what could be problem and how do I fix it. my car smells a bit more richer than normal and performance don't seem as strong.
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