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  1. That photo is messing with my mind! The sub is not exactly facing forward! 😂
  2. Great news! But.....also, now making me question, which way is it actually supposed to go round! It does look weird that the cable and connector comes up and over the top, maybe it's supposed to be underneath! Maybe someone else can chip in and confirm what way it's supposed to be?!
  3. Go for it! Get that sub out pronto! 😂
  4. If it was me I'd be taking the sub from my old car with me! haha! If he's selling you a car with missing sub, then he won't mind selling your old car with a sub missing.
  5. If someone has just installed the silver tweeters, it still might not have dynaudio, there's also additional software in the head unit to make it work. A dealer will say anything to sell a car! Something that annoys me is dealer will post a car saying huge spec, or lots of extras, when in fact, it's the standard factory car. I've caught lots of dealers out on fibs, cos I know more about the car than they do! Is it a VW dealer? You could argue that an integral part of the dynaudio system is missing, and ask them to replace it. Some photos below to help you
  6. There should be a cable in the boot for the sub as well. Once you put the spare wheel in, you put the sub in and connect a yellow connector plug. Also on the head unit upon start up, there should be a 'Dynaudio' logo that pops up. So if the cables not there, and the logo doesn't appear, the car won't have dynaudio.
  7. Hi All I've tried searching this on the forums and nothing comes up. Anyone know how to / or how to request a user name change?
  8. Stock Resonator bought on ebay for £45, fitted for £50. Turned out it was a VagSport VS-02 pipe on the car, sold it for £50, so the swap only cost me £45.
  9. Well the stock resonator was being reinstated, so it had to be checked anyway. Turned out just the tips had been removed and painted.
  10. Just had the Res delete pipe removed, so it's a Vagsport VS-02. Not sure if these are any good or not? Any one know? And are they worth selling 2nd hand?
  11. I have DCC, Dynaudio, and discover pro in my R. I'll start with DCC, it's great! nice comfortable driving in town, and then on country roads you put it into race and you feel the car change and firm up. So I'd say it was top of the 3. Dynaudio is really good, not the best sound I've heard, but it is definitely an improvement over stock, and worth having if you like your music, And you cane get Dynaudio with the standard system so I'd rank it 2nd in list. Discover pro, a nice to have really, but I do really like it, nice big bright sharp screen, and easy to u
  12. Yeah, here's hoping, as I only just bought the car 3 weeks ago, and having to spend money on it. The current res delete sounds great under acceleration, and no drone on motorway, but there's an annoying drone at low RPM's accelerating to 0-30 or 0-40 on general town driving that doesn't stop until car reaches cruising speed.
  13. Managed to source a Resonator on ebay for £40, and have someone who will fit it for £50, so not too costly to put it back to stock. Hopefully the res delete pipe is worth something when it comes off, depending on the type, so would get some money back!
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