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  1. Not sure the hate for dyson everywhere.....I have a 2007 vintage upright (dc16 maybe) and it still works like day 1. Had a v6 battery which was around 5 years old and battery was still fine. Just sold that for £75. Got a v11 now and it's fantastic. The upright has been relegated to diy duties. For the car I have a cylinder bosch I got from amazon warehouse for £35 a few years back and its great for car duties. Thinking of getting a wall mounted garage vac type unit for my new showroom though when I get around to sorting it out so it's tidier
  2. jrw

    Vw shows

    Seems to have died right off since inters folded. Last show I went to was santa pod in 2017.
  3. Yes basically. But you will need new v5 or reg docs for plates.
  4. If the same fault has appeared again take it back. All repairs with parts carry a 2 Yr warranty.
  5. Lol, it's a golf with a different body. I have the vrs and the only thing I miss on it over golf is the dsg.
  6. No not if you are buying new or have it on retention as you've already paid the transfer fee in that. Only if you're transferring from another car do you pay. You'll probably have to pay an insurance admin fee though.
  7. I've got it on my Octavia and love it. Then when I get in Golf it feels weird without the resistance!
  8. It's all online now. You do it online and you can put plates on straight away. V5 comes in post a few days later. Don't forget insurance amendment though.
  9. Ouch. I paid £1600 for a 16ft electric alluguard roller on old house with Somfy controls and all fascia finishings. Got a garador sectional on new house which I believe is same as hormann as remotes look the same. Shame I have car charger in 12v socket as that remote would be ideal.
  10. Mine is 3dr oryx (March 2016 on 9k!) I can wash in around 30min and use a Gyeon Large Silk Dryer. Maybe 35min if I have to vac and do glass too.
  11. Thanks Ian Will start a Garage thread when I am straight so you can see it in all its glory, and when I can be bothered to paint that amount of square feet of walls to a dark grey! Bathe+ is good, as is wet coat for a "cheat" coating. Just don't use either in direct sunlight!
  12. Yes loving it. Almost straight now. Just garage left to sort.....and paint rest of the bar but I've not stopped since moving and need a bit of a break before cracking back on with it again.
  13. Thanks....main draw of the house when we were looking lol. The Old internal garage is now a bar and looks tiny in comparison. Want to try and fit four in once I have it clear!
  14. First wash at The new house this evening. Just a quick wash, dry, vac, glass clean and tyre black on all 3. Managed to get 2 cars in garage but need to shift more crap out the way and tidy up to get all 3 in. Looking a lot better but I have a seagull problem now I'm living in Cornwall!
  15. Ah, good shout, will give it a try
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