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  1. You're showing me up here. Mine currently in garage feeling sorry for herself as she's been neglected for a good two months now and she got left out in the rain when I detailed a GT-R!
  2. £319 for dsg? Lol. Think I paid £120 back in the day when I last got up to the mileage for a dsg service in old car.
  3. No, they'd be vag branded but likely pagid or brembo made or whoever the parent company is for them
  4. I've sprayed the windows just with the hose I've I've been jet washing patio etc and it leaves water marks, but nothing like the old house where you'd need a hammer and chisel to remove the marks. I cant remember the ppm measurement straight out the tap but it's a hell of a lot lower than the Midlands!
  5. I've moved to South West and I've not had to change my resin since moving, last April, I have a lot of windows to clean on house too with my water fed pole! Another bonus is a use a hell of a lot less shower gel and shampoo when in the shower 🤣
  6. Wireless android auto has only just come out on VAG cars. It's on the MK8.
  7. Barratt homes will be charging you monthly for a dump next.
  8. I would have thought so. I have mine installed in an Octavia which is a similar wheelbase. They also have the codes on the programming dongle for a B8 estate so logic dictates they should be long enough.
  9. I'd say so. It totally changes the soundstage. When I got my octavia with MIB1 after my BMW 330 standard sound and Golf R with MIB2 and dynaudio the octavia sound was appalling. I bought the helix as a try before upgrading the door speakers. However, it's now totally unnecessary and the sound is on a par with the dynaudio to my ears with the dynaudio being that little bit more tighter and accurate. As a plug and play I was totally blown away with it. I've had both the box and the spare wheel and there is no discernable difference between the two.
  10. It re routes the speaker wiring through the DSP so you simply adjust the bass on the infotainment
  11. No not at all - I have my Octavia VRS but its coming up to 90k miles now and will be doing a fair few should I get this job. I was thinking I could get a new PHEV if they offer them which would be cheaper than the income tax on the allowance. I will need to increase my pension contributions to reduce my pay otherwise a fair chunk of the car allowance and bonus scheme they offer will be at 40% income tax.
  12. I have found some more info. OpRA rule is the name for it. https://www.crowe.com/uk/news/car-allowances-v-company-cars-opra-rules Basically, if you are under 75g/km then the OpRA rules don't apply.
  13. Ah, what a truly ludicrous ruling.
  14. Yeah thats my point. Makes no sense. May as well have a dirty diesel up to your equivalent tax and maximise mileage claims by hyper miling etc. Seems totally bonkers. Zero incentive for an EV if this is the case, however this is the only website I've seen it on so could be wrong hence the ask on here.
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