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  1. Its fine on glass - beads great. Spray and PW rinse - just don't do it in direct sun or let it sit for any length of time.
  2. Obviously trying to prove a point on their £60k purchase or £900 a month lease. Wouldn't worry about it, at 45p per kwh at most charging stations feel smug in the fact that your car costs less overall.
  3. Oh god, forgot about him. There's one on every forum. Reminds me of one on Briskoda who was adamant his 1.8tsi was faster and more economical than a 2.0tdi cr. I challenged him to a drag race on the 1/4 mile at Inters and he refused 🤣 There was another on another forum who was adamant that putting the back seats down in q car made it faster and more economical due to it being streamlined!
  4. Time Left: 16 days and 5 hours

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    Reluctant sale of this beauty. Owned since new in May 2018 and spec'd to order. GT is highly specced anyway with: Alcantara seats (electric drivers seat) Winter pack Tri zone climate Adaptive Cruise Control Panoramic Roof Additional spec: Atlantic Blue Metallic 19inch Verona Wheels with self seal tyres and a full size 19inch Verona Spare Heated Windscreen Heated Steering Wheel Premium Led Headlights Car has done 22k miles with full VW service history. Car will be coming up for a service in next few months but its probably done 4k since last service (I can’t access online service at the moment to see). MOT til May but happy to put a fresh 12 months on if required. Car is garaged and on a CTEK battery conditioner and apart from a repaired chip at the bottom of windscreen it’s in pretty much immaculate condition. Car is no longer used since Covid so seems a waste to keep it. If you've seen me about the forums you know I'm in to detailing so car is always kept tip top. Photos are not fresh due to weather but there are some fairly new ones. I can get fresh photos and a video when weather better and I have time to clean. Have had quotes off various outlets so asking a fair £18500 considering the spec.


    Liskeard, Cornwall - GB

  5. No problem at all. I sorted out a 21inch rim on my neighbours RS6 last year whilst he was away for a couple of months and that's been fine and he's probably done about 20k since then. It was cracked and buckled and a replacement RS6 wheel is around £2500!
  6. Haha yes, or the Forth Bridge! I'm more of a painting expert now than a detailing one!
  7. I've got some wax but yet to use! Been a bit lax since moving!
  8. Drag it onto a public highway off your property. You're within your rights to do this. Not sure you're allowed to clamp anymore though.
  9. This is what I did with my octavia. Was my mates company car on lease from vwuk and when it came up he went to his fleet manager and put him in touch with me whereby I bought the car from BCA. Back to the op......this is why I don't get people who lease or pcp.......£550 a month for a 340i! That's a mortgage. Buy a rental property instead! I could buy one, run it for 4 years and sell it and it will have cost less than £556 a month (£27293) to own and I can keep or sell on my terms. Buy a run around til you can get what you want. You'll l
  10. Might be something in the priming thing. Last week I started using the other half's passat for work and noticed the headlight washers weren't washing the rest of the car when I washed screen. Prior to last week the car was sorn from April 2020 to March 2021 and then only used in day or dry weather since so washers literally won't have been activated since Feb 2020. Passed MOT in April this year though! After a few days there is now a spray albeit a weaker than normal so think it could be a priming or air lock issue.
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