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  1. They will. Efb is like a cheap agm. They need to supply AGM to last their warranty.
  2. Efb here too. VW being cheap. Mine is knackered but VW refuse to admit there is a problem. My ctek will either not charge due to excess sulphation or it'll charge then fail the top up test as it drains to quick. But of course VW's charging system states it's fine. Stop start only works after around a 50mile journey. Thinking of going to Halfords for their battery check or just letting it die and calling breakdown to get tests done then take printouts to VW. It's that or fork out for a new battery. Luckily other half works at euro car parts which have a brilliant staff discount *cough* cost price.
  3. jrw

    I've Made It!

    It was great.....many a great year at inters bruntingthorpe with our own campsite around the corner. Shame Facebook took over the forum scene really and filled it with knobs.
  4. haha - At least I am not going mad yet!
  5. jrw


    I don't believe it needs driving anywhere apart from maybe to test it. I think they use a system simlar to a wheel alignment machine and its hooked up to the VAS system to perform a calibration - i.e on ramps.
  6. Anyone have a rolling road
  7. Gave the daily and not so daily a quick rinse when I got home from work yesterday.
  8. jrw

    I've Made It!

    2000 posts on here! Now a Senior Citizen on here 🤣 Have to say though, this is one of the best forums I have ever been on - on a par with the olden days of uk-mivs.net when it was a real community. Here's to the next 2000!
  9. jrw

    Cleaning products

    Never noticed it before - fine one wash, rubbish the next! They are around 3 years old probably with a lot of use as you say. Will try the 'iron' dry setting on tumble dryer next wash and see if that helps. Happy 2000th post to me too 🥳
  10. New S4 is half fake. Left side is real and right side is fake! Maybe swapped for RHD models though! Also has a speaker in the exhaust to make it sound like a V8. Doesn't stop me wanting one though - 700nm or torque!
  11. jrw

    Cleaning products

    I think my towels have had their day now - they aren't at all absorbent when washed until they get damp. Bought some new ones a few weeks ago and there is night and day difference. I have been using Wo-Wo Microfibre wash and prior to that Gyeon Towel Wash which was fine so don't know if it is the WO-WO stuff causing lack of absorbency or they have just worn out.
  12. Not sure now, it was years ago when I had mine on order. Definitely feels like it does reduce power output though as it feels more like my Dad's GTI when in Eco.
  13. How old is the GTI? I have a 64 reg Octavia VRS and it didn't come with the feature as standard but I coded it with VCDS but it only works intermittently - it will dip in reverse no problem but sometimes it doesn't go back up.
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