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  1. jrw

    Brand new golf R insurance

    After loosing my company car of 4 years I have had to buy and insure an additional car. I have a multicar policy with Elephant (which had my R and other halfs passat on). I called up to add the Octavia on and explained it was an additional car and I had a letter from work about 4 claim free years on company car. They were adamant they were adding on my 15 years ncb from the golf onto the Octy! Pressed them many times for clarity and they were adamant that both cars had 15 years ncb. Sure enough when the policy docs came through there was 15 years ncb on both my R and Octy! £47 for 68 days cover up until my renewal! And that includes the £20 admin fee. I am certainly not complaining.
  2. jrw

    Oil on fabric seats

    Good stuff. I did the A1 today. Didn't seem to be a grease stain for me. It was the type of fabric that as soon as any rainwater drips in it marks the fabric. Hot water extracted with some Vax liquid in and fingers crossed when dry it'll be fine!
  3. jrw

    Oil on fabric seats

    Can dissolve it with tar remover then hit it with the interior cleaner. Steam is also good. I have some McDonald's grease to remove off a friend's seat tomorrow so will let you know how it goes!
  4. jrw

    Ceramic Coatings

    It's great, I've done around 10 cars with that. Very easy to apply and take off. Im doing a Porsche this weekend with it. Times are a pain, I usually do wheels, interior, glass etc in the times between. I can wash, polish and coat a car in one day and either do the skin layer very late and night or first thing the next morning.
  5. jrw

    Ceramic Coatings

    Most ceramics are the same in course of chemical make up. Most pro detailers will use infrared heat lamps at 60c to cure the panels. This is purely for speed. 20min between coats then instead of 1 or 3 hours. Can then be driven out after 20 min instead of 12 hours. Don't think anti-fog is good with any brand from what I have seen. As I have said, I have used all the consumer ones and they yield excellent long last results, as you can see from my beemer above....Which I have a correction to make - it was coating with the old formula MOHS and a final coat of Q2 Booster. I have probably done around 30 cars with MOHS and more recently Syncro (came out 2nd qtr of 2018) and the syncro is a breeze to use with the new formula MOHS.
  6. jrw

    Ceramic Coatings

    Not necessary - its just to speed up the curing process. It will have cured enough after 12 hours to be exposed to the elements.
  7. jrw

    Ceramic Coatings

    If you're going DIY then you can't go wrong with gyeon. You just need to get the prep right. Usually that's a machine polish and then a wipe down with IPA or gyeon prep. Then you have a choice of coatings from the consumer range from cancoat(6-12 months), Q2 one (12-18months), MOHS (18-24months) or Syncro which is MOHS with a top coat of Q2 Skin (24 months +). I put Syncro on my company car September 2017 when it was brand new and it now has nearly 33k miles on it and it still looks and beads like day 1. I just wash in bathe+ and at the weekend I have it a wipe over with cure as I am leaving my job on Friday so wanted it looking it's best. Attached is a photo from the wash at Weekend. All a much of a muchness to apply and buff so go with your budget but when applying any of these it's imperative to get uniform application and 100% ensure that it is fully buffed off and allowed to cure in a dry environment for at least 12 hours. Good prep, good lighting, good application method and you'll end up with a cracking result. Maintenance is then minimal with just washing using correct shampoo such as bathe or bathe+ (the plus contains sio2 to restore beading if it's diminished).
  8. jrw

    What detailing have you done today?

    Last wash of 2018 (well just the Passat, the golf hasn't been out since last wash) so thought it would be good to get all 3 cars in a photo. The filthy BMW is sulking out of shot as it's just come back from Devon up a damp M5. Happy 2019 everyone.
  9. jrw

    Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas to you too. I also have the in laws as well as my folks over! Good job I have plenty of booze in!
  10. Haha, no worries, I too have senior moments! Yes it's in the glove box. I suppose I'll just take a punt on one and hope it sounds ok, failing that I can wire it into the other halfs Passat. Although trying to broadly translate a German forum Fischer who make the unit do apparently have an Octavia variant (is this hatch or estate?) File to program the amp so I need to do some more digging.
  11. The Canton system has 10 speakers and similar to the dynaudio which unless there is a specific aftermarket kit for, it is prohibitively expensive and difficult to fit. Looking on the internet i can't find a Canton kit, hence enquiring about the helix kit as this seems to be the only plug and play OEM option besides going down the aftermarket amp and speakers route.
  12. Having just bought a 2014 Octavia VRS with stock sound, it is absolutely pants compared to the standard system in my BMW and the Dynaudio in the R. So can this PnP system be installed into the Octy? It has the Columbus Nav (Discover Pro MIB1) installed from factory in it so I would guess its the same install and just needs the Helix setting to a discover pro mib1 on it?
  13. jrw

    What detailing have you done today?

    Never had issue with that. I think it's just gone off from being in the garage too long, that and the paint work is very grabby at the moment due to all the containments from the last 4 years. Cure removes the smears very easily though. I even use cure on the windscreen with no adverse effect.
  14. jrw

    Lego GT3

    I have the Gt3 but I'm leaving that sealed for a rainy day. Had the Aston Martin db5 for my birthday and I'll start on that over the Xmas break. Looking forward to the relaxing build.
  15. jrw

    What detailing have you done today?

    Given my new daily it's first wash in my ownership just to get some protection on it. Gyeon bathe + Gyeon wet coat (which smeared terribly so removed that) Gyeon cure wipe down to protect paint until I get time to detail. Engine bay apc'd and jet washed then dressed whilst wet. Full detail in new year when time allows. Also need to get windows tinted and maybe rear view camera.