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  1. jrw


    Agreed although I still watched them As much as I hate Paddy this series has got off to a terrific start and last night's was brilliant from start to finish. The chemistry the 3 have is on a par with the original trio.
  2. Coatings are the way forward for wheels. Might initially take longer than wax etc but you only need to do it once every 12-18 months rather than every 6 to 8 weeks. Once coated, a little fallout remover and a jet wash removes 99% of the muck. Gyeon Rim is super easy to apply and remove.
  3. Just as I was replying. I read your mind 🤪
  4. You will be fine with tar remover such as autostart TARDIS and fallout remover such as gyeon iron. The Gyeon maintenance range is simply superb. I use it all apart from the tar, purely down to cost as I get through a lot of it being a hobbyist detailer. Shampoo wise they do two, Bathe and Bathe+. Bathe+ is sio2 infused so it "tops" up the coating but you have to ensure this is done out of any sun and it doesnt dry whatsoever on the paint. I prefer to use normal bathe and then either a rinse down with wet coat (again don't do in sun or let it dry, but this is a much quicker process) to restore beading (great on glass and plastics) or a wipe over with Gyeon Cure every 3 to 6 months. Get a microfibre washmitt from gyeon or gtechniq and a large gyeon silk dryer and you'll be well away 👍
  5. The savings fuel wise are massive. My other half has a 1.4TSI Passat with 150BHP. She gets 38mpg on average. I have a 185BHP 2.0TDI and I get 47MPG on average. Over 15k that is 394 Gallons in the Passat and 319 Gallons in the Octavia. Note that my Octavia is 5 years old with 60k on the clock so not as efficient as newer engines and the passat has 10k on the clock. That is a saving of around 75 Gallons/340litres or around £442. On a motorway run (not commuting) I can get 55-57mpg and the passat around 44mpg. Difference is still the same mpg wise plus I have an extra 35bhp and god knows how much more torque. My R gets around 24mpg 😜 New petrols simply don't get anywhere near the quoted mpg due to the lack of torque over the diesels.
  6. I have a feeling this will do an about turn shortly. Diesels issues have been massively mis-reported in the news and by the government. EU6 cars are in fact cleaner than their petrol counterpart and emit less NOx than the petrol equivalent. I have had a DPF car in my 2010 Octavia and did 60k in it with no issues and currently have a 2014 Octavia with a DPF and is approaching 60k. Again, no issues, although this does do a lot more active regens than my old one which is likely down to my commute consisting mainly of traffic! That and Tesco diesel instead of Shell diesel which my old Octy exclusively ran on. I have been looking at the 30 and 35d's myself in 3, 4 and 5 series guise as well as the new 45 and 50 tdi from Audi in the A6 or A7 but I can't make my mind up. I have also pre-ordered a VW ID.3 so who knows what i will get in the end! The BMW's appeal for the better MPG over the Audi's but i prefer the comfort of the Audi's as I do struggle with BMW seats with my back. The ID.3 is basically just a punt as there are 28 charging points at my work so depending on the initial outlay it may work out a lot cheaper as I will never need to 'fuel' it at home. That or there will be a waiting list and I can make a quick profit!
  7. Think he bought it for £23995. There are many "daily" cars which become collectors items in the future. Just take a look at his website. A used and abused R32 would be worth £6k or less? So if the same person bought this car in 2003 and used it daily and sold it today he would be loosing a hell of a lot more money! You can't really compare apples to pears as its up to the individual what they spend their money on. It is just testament to show that even "daily" cars can appreciate in value, rather than it being an investment.
  8. Not sure he would have. 2003, the stocks were pretty high, in 2007 they crashed when all the banks had issues. They have never really recovered to the 2003 levels.. if you are buying a car anyway which almost always depreciates then he's had a car, enjoyed it in whatever way that is and then sold it for more than he bought it for then it can't be bad. Although I think he could have put a lot more miles on it without affecting the value, or kept it for much longer. I hope to do similar with mine, although mine is already up to 7k! Running costs wise, it's just a yearly service plus £175 insurance and I have a "toy" to enjoy (or at least try to with the tragic state that our roads have turned into with traffic and potholes) when I want to.
  9. Wow.... https://www.kgfclassiccars.co.uk/details.php?cid=989
  10. I'm sure it's good still. Tell me about it, weather is shocking. Managed to get this done on Sunday......full machine polish and interior valet. Now that was tough going especially as it won't fit in garage. Not bad for an old builders van covered in hedge and tree scars and an absolutely filthy interior! This was just finished with gyeon cure due to the garage situation and the fact the owner is selling it. Gives a similar finish to cancoat though.
  11. Looks to be a more expensive version of Gyeon Can Coat! Can Coat has been around for years and have been the go to for those who want a simple ceramic DIY Experience. https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/gyeon-q2-can-coat
  12. I had some on an old car like that. Back in the days when I bought stuff in a shop from Halfords, took them back, swapped them for another set and they were fine so yes, you can get dodgy ones!
  13. Something coming back to me now on this issue with the mention of DSP. I wonder if your car is coded for dynaudio or the unit has been swapped at some point. I seem to remember someone putting a unit into a car with helix that was previously in a dynaudio car that then had this power issue with the helix. May be worth checking the coding on car if you can find a local person with vcds.
  14. jrw

    Bug splatter

    Gyeon Bug and Grime is good - pre soak and it literally dissolves the bugs and a jet wash removes the rest.
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