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  1. That's fine with me as its for my Octavia which has a huge boot so I am after either unit to be honest!
  2. jrw

    ceramic coating

    Sounds good. Just don't assume that because the car is new it's defect free. This was a brand new Tiguan that was built to order.
  3. It's a weekend toy. Will be getting more use now I don't have a company car with free fuel though!
  4. Me. The car is 3 years old. Service is 12 months or 10k, whichever comes first.
  5. jrw

    ceramic coating

    I wouldn't bank on it, I'm yet to see a new car with no swirls. Either way It will still need a good decontamination and polish to have a good surface for the sealant to key to.
  6. jrw

    ceramic coating

    After polishing with a da to remove all the flaws then yes a wipe down with prep and straight onto the coatings. I use gyeon polish wipes for the polishing and then the soft wipes for the prep and coatings. If you have a bucket of water with washing up liquid in you can put the cloths in there until you've finished coating everything. They can then be washed and safely used again. I buy the 100ml Syncro and can get 3 golf sized cars out of it so you should be fine with the 50ml kit.
  7. I posted this this morning in general chat 🤔
  8. jrw

    ceramic coating

    Yes I always use prep. Here are a few I have done with Syncro.
  9. jrw

    ceramic coating

    Its really easy - as simple as wipe on and buff off. Just make sure all residue is buffed off though otherwise you will be getting the DA back out.
  10. jrw

    ceramic coating

    Gyeon Syncro here too - finish is unbelievably slick once you have that 3rd layer on (Q2 Skin).
  11. Great deal on Michelins at the moment: https://www.f1autocentres.co.uk/car-tyres/buy-tyres-online Use Code MCH13 for a discount. Also Michelin are giving a prepaid cashback card from £20 for 2 x 18 inch tyres to £100 for 4 x 19inch tyres - https://www.f1autocentres.co.uk/terms-and-conditions/michelin-spring-2019-offer 235/35/19 PS4S are £260.70 for 2 or £521.39 for 4 and then you get £40/£100 card from Michelin respectively reducing it down to £220.70 and £421.39! I have just ordered 2 x PS3 225/40/18 for my Octavia at a net price of £155 and having them fitted on Friday You also get 2.5% quidco!
  12. Think its just a standard invoice item - my invoice last time had "complimentary wash & vac" on it even though they were requested not to and credit to them they didn't
  13. Subscribing to this - interested in something for my Octavia VRS diesel. Bought it with 52k on clock and it was struggling to get 40mpg. I filled up with diesel and put half a bottle of redex in and the mpg has shot up to 47-50mpg and feels a lot smoother. So I would imagine there is carbon crap built up in the system over the miles.
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