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  1. Are we too old to own an R?

    There’s probably a simple answer to many older drivers owning an R. The youngsters on here probably don’t realise that the Golf GTi was launched circa. 1976. If you were in your twenties then you probably started a love affair with the Golf. I was only 5 but I fell in love with the Golf. I’ve had a mk1 cab, a mk 2, 2 x mk 3 (GTi), a rubbish mk4 (GTi), mk5 (R32 and GTi) and subsequently mk7 GTi and 2 x mk7 R. What youngsters fail to realise too is that age is a number and there is no set path to follow, just because you’re a bit older does not mean you lose your passion or taste. I have certainly learned this in my life. I’ve had more powerful and expensive cars in the past but none have made me as happy as the MK7 R. (Well apart from my Boxster S which is the only car I’ve owned for it’s full 4 years lease)
  2. Alloy wheel centres

    I had exactly the same happen....plenty of other threads on this.
  3. Turning off start/stop

    Carista/ODBeleven will allow you to do it.
  4. Are we too old to own an R?

    Is 47 too old to not only drive an R but drive it with the windows down whilst listening to Freaky Friday blasting in this warm weather?? I LOVE IT!!!
  5. 2017 model silver white pricing

    Well “fook” off to a beemer site then [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] I think the M2 has “small man syndrome”. It’s a small M car that wants to be a big M car.
  6. Steering wheel

    Now for the fun to begin....dealer fitting new steering wheel.....I wish you good luck [emoji12]
  7. 9months and thinkin of selling...

    I have a mate who has an M2 and he loves it. However, in the rain it’s a handful. He won’t let his Wife drive it.
  8. 2017 Mk 7 Value

    It’s all about you being happy with the deal. I think lots of people on forums often exaggerate the deals they get to make themselves feel better. Cost of change and being happy is all that matters. Glad you got the deal you needed.
  9. 2017 Mk 7 Value

    Amended for you
  10. 2017 model silver white pricing

    OP, Why come onto a forum and tell us all that our babies are ugly. What response do you think you’ll get?
  11. 2017 model silver white pricing

    OP, Why come onto a forum and tell us all that our babies are ugly. What response do you think you’ll get?
  12. 9months and thinkin of selling...

    Is it 8 months or 9 months you’ve had your R? Sorry to pull you up on detail but are you trolling?? Your other posts just don’t stack up. If you like BMW so much, crack on and get the M2, deal with loss on the R and enjoy the profit you make from the BMW. If you don’t like your R, sell it and move on......please.
  13. 2017 Mk 7 Value

    We buy any car or calling a dealer would be a good start. Parker’s are pretty good to get an idea of second hand values too. [emoji12]
  14. 2017 model silver white pricing

    There was no concern from me chap, although you do seem a bit defensive for whatever reason.....why the pics???? Well done for doing so well on the others.....maybe you’ve been lucky.....maybe you’re talking BS. Either way I really don’t understand why a 49yr old doesn’t understand the economic challenges of a mass produced motor. No need to be defensive either (unless there’s a reason), I was just stating the obvious re: nearly new car trade in value.....you buy new, prepare to be screwed.
  15. 2017 model silver white pricing

    This is what you said and I was responding to it. You seem very unhappy that your relatively high mileage (for age) 8 month old, base spec. car is worth £25k to the trade. Did you not realise, as there were already loads of Rs on the road when you bought it 8 months ago, that it would be worth a lot less than what you initially paid for it? It can’t be the first car you’ve bought? And as for saying “VW shouldn’t be allowed”. That is ludicrous. Caveat Emptor. People who don’t know what they are letting themselves in for when buying a new car should be allowed to buy cars [emoji23][emoji23]. We all scoff how much discount we got but when the shoe’s on the other foot.....[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]