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  1. Bought your golf ,,, 

    launch control starts feeling reassured 😂😂😂


  2. My preference would have been the SQ5 however the new shape and lack of deals put me off. The deal I got on the BMW was one of the best I have ever negotiated and not regretting it. FYI - I’d never dump cash into a car.......might as well burn it.
  3. Mmmmm not great. I did a long run a while back and got 35mpg, driving in eco-mode 98% of the journey. Typically it’s 20-22. In my R I got 24 when using day to day on short/medium runs.
  4. Very possibly me. Been travelling south on the M25 many time in the past few weeks.
  5. So it's been 5 months in the M40i. I still see many Rs, think they still look good and I honestly miss mine. I still often look a the many pics I took of the car. My Daughter is 17 next year and the VW UP! we have as the runaround will become hers so I will be on the look out for a car for the Wife.... she loved the R Once they hit sub-£20k for a 7.5R I'll be back in the fold as nothing out there which takes my fancy. The M40i is comfortable, quick and looks good. However, a little bit of planning need to go into driving it fast. Roundabouts are a challenge due to 3 tonnes high centre of gravity and it's a lump so parking spaces seem small. The tech is good. Had CarPlay coded post-collection which is very good on a high resolution wide-screen. It hasn't got ACC, which I missed massively at the beginning but am cool with it now. Auto park is genius as I have to parallel park outside my house....but required huge leap of faith the first 2 times I used it as kerbs are high and make a mess even when only slightly brushed. Auto high beam is also good but does get a few flashes from people. The standard BMW Nav is very good but I use Apple Maps most of the time due to the CarPlay. Harmon Kardon is amazing too.......a step forward from the Dynaudio I had in the Golf but so it should be for the money. Still think £500 was a bargain vs. the standard audio I had in my first R. Ride is M-Sport Sport mode is quite harsh but you need it to manage the high COG. Sports seats are good, on a par with the Golf for comfort and support and the steering wheel is chunkier which took some getting used to. 21" wheels look great but are hard to keep clean, I think the matt finish makes the dust stick. Tyres are pretty awful and a bit noisy on the M25 concrete but OK on smooth tarmac - saving up for some PS4Ss you get on the X3 M Comp. It's hard to clean the roof as it's so high (I am 6ft) so you have to climb on the door sill. Overall I am pleased with it but would like an R to jump into for a blat every now and again. Cheers
  6. I can confirm it's Go into S Press traction control button - doesn't need to be off fully Press brake hard Nail the throttle let of brake and BOOM. I did my last LC on Wednesday just before PX-ing the car and noticed for the first time that if you've done the first three actions above, lightly touching the accelerator pedal will display "Launch Control Mode" or something like that at the bottom of the screen between the 2 dials. Never ceased to make me grin how the car launches forward at each gear change........it will be missed.
  7. Good call, I’ve had 2 and 11k in the current one over 18 months.
  8. FYI - original reg. is going back on - RO67 GFJ - PX-ing it as part of the deal with BMW, I am sure they'll ping it to Marshals VW as they offered me the same as BMW did last week. Possibly for sale in the Reading area. Good spec. white silver, 11k miles, prets in black, black wing mirrors, leather, CarPlay, rear camera, DSG and 5 door - it's not for sale by the way [emoji4]
  9. ...a great forum full of great information. I've hankered after a big fat comfortable SUV for a while now so, after saying I'd never have a BMW, I've bought an X3 M40i. Still quick but not the same experience as the Golf R, I missed the noise from its predecessor (B8 RS4) so the M40i ticks that box again. I'll miss it but 3.5 years is the 2nd longest I've owned a car (Boxster S 4 Years) so it's in my top 3. See Ya!! (and no I won't be joining a BMW forum, how very dare you :) )
  10. Just de-badge. I did and had a hoot with other cars thinking it was “a Golf”. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  11. Fair play to schmee for his success but his voice does grind after a few minutes [emoji41]
  12. You have to have your foot HARD on the brake pedal, I’ve made the mistake of not quite hard enough. TC can be reduced or off to launch.
  13. as above..... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00JKER5IW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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