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  1. I like this, and the interior is so much better than the Golf 8. Start stop button, proper DSG lever and climate control without going through the infotainment is a particular highlight. Only downside will probably be the price, we've got to be looking at £45k with the T-Roc R being just under £41k.
  2. I was undecided until I saw that video. But I think it's a no from me now and I'll look elsewhere for my Mk7 replacement. Mainly for the following reasons: Uncovered cup holders - just looks cheap. Start Stop - it seems they have made this as difficult as possible to disable. A one button press on the 7 is perfect, although I do wish it would default to the last state you left it in. DSG lever - it's just hideous. I like shifting using the current one at times which will be impossible in the 8. Lack of physical buttons - not much needs to be said but for some controls it's dangerous. Active Info Display - looks cheap. The Audi version at the moment is fantastic, if only they used that! The styling I'm still undecided on and I'll reserve judgement until I see it. Such a shame what the Golf has turned into on the Mk8.
  3. It might be a controversial opinion here, but why shouldn't cars like the Arteon, Touareg etc be offered with a performance engine? Audi do it, so do BMW, why not VW? Having driven numerous SUVs as rentals, I quite like driving them. What has always made cars a non starter for me is the lack of a good engine. Don't get me wrong, I love my Golf R, and it's much more fun to drive round country lanes than an SUV, but as I spend a lot of time driving A roads, motorways and through towns, a good SUV with a performance engine offers a great mix of practicality and fun IMO.
  4. Well this happened to me on Friday. Small stone thrown up by a passing lorry. Having the screen replaced by Autoglass tomorrow for the £95 excess charge.
  5. I think I will reserve judgement until I see it in the flesh, especially the R, but from the photos I'm not impressed. The front looks odd, the interior looks a bit better and I'm sure I will like it more in the flesh like I do the Audi cockpit. But what is that DSG lever? It's like they are trying to copy Volvo.
  6. I have several concerns about this, from a safety perspective: 1) If it is controlled by GPS, what happens when you have no GPS reception? Does it have a "default max speed" value? 2) If it is controlled by road signs, what happens when it reads the sign wrong? I have seen this on other peoples cars where it doesn't register the increase in the limit, or simply confuses as shows 30 instead of 50. So you could be on a 60 mph road but limited to 30 as it hasn't seen the sign. 3) What happens when the system malfunctions? Does it revert to a "default max speed" or continue at the current speed? Could you find yourself in a situation on the motorways where it thinks the speed limit is 30? IMO this is a poorly thought out implementation designed to pacify the "speed kills" groups. There is a time and a place for speed, outside a school at 1500 is a no-no, but there are far worse driving habits that need addressing first! This could be a bit of a get out of jail free card though... What you might be left with is an annoying beep for a couple of seconds and an annoying light on the dashboard. It could be worse I suppose. This worries me even more. Are these going to be like the black boxes fitted to young drivers cars, and used in the same way by insurance companies? Or are they just for accidents and incidents? I have massive privacy issues with my insurance company tracking where, when and how I drive.
  7. When I moved house I was adamant that I wouldn't have a shared driveway for this very reason. But it's really hard and restrictive to find houses now that have a private one. Your experience does show how some people are totally unhinged though.
  8. My R is just about to hit 3, recently had it serviced and MOT'd, so I am looking for a change. The T-Roc R is an interesting concept, I really like a SUV car and its about time VW did a R version of one. I think it could be a contender for the R replacement, especially as it could possibly be sub £40k. The Audi SQ2 does look good as well, and I much prefer the Audi Virtual Cockpit to the VW info display, but thats coming up at £42k loaded. The Mk8 Golf R is likely to be a bit far away for me, not sure I want to keep my R for another 18 months!
  9. I hope that was a bit of hyperbole on your part.
  10. Yes I find this too, especially low speed manoeuvring getting around parked cars.
  11. Since when has the service interval been 9,000 miles? My documentation and service plan says 10,000. I seem to recall from past cars its 16,000km on the service display, which is 9,941 miles.
  12. If you’re going to the effort of planning a route, it’s not much more of a trauma to record the post code. Alternatively you could google search it when you get in the car and enter that into the Nav. That probably would take 30 seconds or so. I would like the option to plan a route, and send it to the car wirelessly like I can do with my portable Tom Tom. Im not saying the VW Nav is perfect, I can’t think of a perfect Nav system, but it is one of the better integrated systems.
  13. Why not? I always look at where I need to go and the routes before I get in the car. I like to have a vague sense of where I am going rather than just blindly following a nav system.
  14. Thankfully that can be deactivated in the menu!
  15. They always try the air con upselling trick on services at 2 years. Never had it done on any car and not has any issues.
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