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  1. chrisvwg7r

    Forge 5mm wheel spacers

    That looks amazing 👍
  2. chrisvwg7r

    Forge 5mm wheel spacers

    What wheels do you have? as I’m thinking of getting the 8mm and 12mm spacers
  3. chrisvwg7r

    Engine Cover Idea

    Looks good 👍
  4. chrisvwg7r

    Stefan's oryx white R

    Nice right up your car is stunning 👌
  5. chrisvwg7r

    Dans oryx 3dr

    Stunning 👌
  6. chrisvwg7r

    May’s R

    Looking good the colour is amazing 👌
  7. chrisvwg7r

    VW Rear Badge Insert

    Thanks Dave will give you something for it it’s only fair 👍 drop me a email tomorrow and I will send my details and payment thanks again for your help it’s much appreciated Cheers 👍
  8. chrisvwg7r

    VW Rear Badge Insert

    Dave I can't see my inbox either tried on my laptop and phone not sure why I can't see anything I don't even have a notification of a PM Do you have to have a certain amount of posts here to get PM's ? Cheers Chris
  9. chrisvwg7r

    VW Rear Badge Insert

    Dave I can't see an option to PM you, I have went to your profile but can't see an option there either?
  10. chrisvwg7r

    VW Rear Badge Insert

    Yeah that’s the part👍 That would be great if your willing to sell I will buy it thanks again Dave 👍
  11. chrisvwg7r

    VW Rear Badge Insert

    Yeah I’ve seen the stick on inserts on EBay but I thought you still need the plastic insert to stick it to though, the plastic insert on my car has a large split that has went into a hole, I’ve see the inserts on eBay in the states for 10 dollars but nothing in UK will get a quote from VW tomorrow, Here is a link to the part I’ve found in the states https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-NEW-MK7-GTI-GOLF-R-Rear-Hatch-Gloss-Black-Mounting-Plate-Backing-fits-VW-GB-/162629085797 I haven’t seen the gel ones though that could be an alternative solution 👍
  12. chrisvwg7r

    VW Rear Badge Insert

    Hi All, The rear VW badge black insert on my Golf has damage to it, The badge however is still ok. Has anyone had this before? And does anyone know where you can purchase the black plastic insert without going to VW for it. Any help will be very much appreciated👍 Cheers Chris
  13. Hi All, Has anyone bought their leased Golf R recently what is the average price that's on offer especially with VWFS. My 3 year deal with VWFS will be coming to end in less than 2 months and I have been quoted £18500. The R is a 2015 (15 plate) model standard spec 3 door in white with 28K miles with 2 stamped VW services. I am struggling to find a Mk7 R within a 100 mile radius of me for £18000. I was keen to buy the car just curious to see if anyone else has recently bought their leased R's and for what price. Cheers Chris
  14. chrisvwg7r

    Using VCDS to wind in rear brake caliper pistons

    Sorry to bring this post back up but has anyone tried this procedure on their golf to replace the rear pads? Cheers
  15. chrisvwg7r

    Rear Brake Discs

    I forgot to update this thread, my golf went in for its first service a few weeks ago to Western VW I pointed out my concern about the rear discs when the car was booked in and the guy agreed they didn't look good. When I picked the car up I got told first service went well with no advisories asked again about the rear discs they pulled up the technicians job sheet which he had noted nothing wrong with the discs it's lack of use or I'm a light braker and suggest taking the car up a quiet road and applying the brakes firmly. Told the service guy the car does just over 200 miles a week and I'm not a light braker and in my option there is a problem with the rear set up as its not just corrosion it's scoring and the disc is blue which is heat he proceeded to tell me they wouldn't replace them under warranty and if I want them replaced I would have to pay but it's a waste of time as the technician has deemed them ok. I agree it's something todo with the auto hand brake or auto hold I don't really use the auto hold, I have never had a car with rear discs as bad as these considering the car is only a year old and the rear discs have never really polished up. I will try and post pics up of my discs later. All in all not happy with outcome or service at a main VW dealership.