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  1. Mine is a 987.1 3.2S, with 72k miles on it the general consensus is if it was going to have an IMS issue it would have by now. The internet has literally blown the problem out of all reasonable proportion and having read so many articles over the last few years I bit the bullet and just got on with it. The 981 is a lot more modern looking and feeling car but it moves to the epas steering which loses some of the feel and being that bit bigger isn’t quite as intimate feeling when driving. The absolute sweet spot seems to be the 987.2 cars which got the newer dfi engines ‘09+
  2. Before you spend 5-6 times more on the GTS have a drive of a 987 Boxster, you’ll be pleasantly surprised 👍
  3. 100% better car than an R to do the NC500, the Boxster is very engaging/visceral with roof down and the handling is sublime with its mid/rear set up. The R would do the job adequately but I would suggest it would be slightly more detached from the Scottish driving experience. Its been said by many but the Boxster is a hidden gem within the Porsche range as its amazing VFM compared to the 911 and arguably a much better chassis set up - its only a matter of time until their popularity rises along with prices. I still crave a 911 next year though 😁
  4. Thanks Rebecca, life’s too short for cars to stay standard 😆
  5. Thank you sir, it’s a back to basics driving experience which is perfect for weekend use.
  6. Few mods now done - Top Gear stainless valved CAT back (literally sounds like a GT car), H&R springs & spacers. Side vents colour coded. Now 3 months into ownership I’m really starting to gel with it, really pure driving experience which only rewards if you use the right inputs. Will be in an RS3 in the Spring as would also like another 5 pot car, but it will live alongside the poverty Porsche 😀
  7. DC5 is stunning, I had one back in 2006/7 and being able to drive it bought back memories of how great they are.
  8. I’m a serial car changer Rebecca as you’ve witnessed a few times 😁 Boxster is refreshing in that it’s reminded me how much fun driving can be without doing warp speed, the issue I’ve had with my Golf R, TTS and TTRS is that I was going everywhere at license losing speeds trying to get some fun out of the cars. The Pork is going in for a few age related maintenance jobs, some H&R springs and spacers and a valued stainless exhaust - hopefully drag most of my money out next summer when I’ll move to a 997 Turbo all being well.
  9. Well the RS has been sold to Dream Car Giveaways after they prospected me to sell them the car - made a great offer which I took. It’s just gone live with draw next Friday. Bought a cheap stop gap replacement which I’ve just taken on the NC500 - perfect car for the job.
  10. We’ve got a 2018 FR 115 Ibiza like this, had it from new. Just this year paid the final balloon payment to keep it, we are very pleased with it as a runabout. Think you’ll be pleased 🙂
  11. Hello James 😆 I can vouch for this car and how it’s been looked after, drop me a PM if needed and I can pass on details as James is a busy man 😃
  12. The Lapiz is stunning, and a great choice. Yes enjoying the TTRS but all things being equal I will be upgrading to something with double the cylinders or wearing a Stuttgart badge later this year.
  13. Hi Rebecca, well I completely expected to see you as one of the first new owners of the Mk8R but what happened to Black 😮 Absolutely love the Lapiz and options, looks a cracker - enjoy. Phil.
  14. @Martin2 Exactly the same here for me - I want from a £34k 320d to a £49k 330e and saved £200pm on company car tax. In the last 12 months there hasn't been a single company car ordered which isn't hybrid technology. Unfortunately opting out of the company car scheme wasn't an option for me as our company will not allow it. @NRW - I wanted the 330e Touring but it wasn't available for ordering back in Dec 2019 sadly, the boot is pretty rubbish in the saloon.
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