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  1. The RS has some more carbon on the way too - carbon skinned wing mirrors and will be joining the 'big wang' gang with an ILR-Carbon Race wing ordered.
  2. Still in contact with the owner of my old TTS and more money being thrown at it.... Bespoke trimmed Recaro Wingback seats, RS rear spoiler, carbon rear diffuser, R8 style wheels and a Hexis Wrap.
  3. I was genuinely all set to have a TTE420 fitted to the TTS Roadster this year with some more chassis mods and a big brake kit - had the full quote for the work and a long list of parts to order. Then my brain started doing the maths of dropping £10k of mods into the TTS of which the money would have been gone once spent versus adding £10k to the TTS and upgrading to an RS. This went on through the back end of 2019 but I couldn't find a manual RS with Wingbacks and a decent documented service history, the secondhand market is full of dodgy abused nails. This car appeared in Jan and here we are.... Will try and get some vids once we can get out driving again, I've only managed to cover just over 400 miles since Jan, desperate to get out driving it.
  4. Interior deep cleaned using Gliptone Leather Cleaner, followed with Gliptone Conditioner. Interior looks, feels and smells fantastic and far better than a 10yo car should look.
  5. Raffe

    Weekend toy

    TTRS, RS3 & RSQ3 Owners Group on FB is the most useful one I have found, there is also TTRS - RS3 Club on FB too. This forum breaks the mould and is still a very active forum, but most one make forums now seem to be dead with the Facebook Groups seeing the most activity.
  6. I test drove an 987 Cayman S and was underwhelmed at what the same money buys as the TTRS - remember this is a sub £20k car 2010 car. The TTRS brings drama through the sound of the 5 pot, and absolute power with bucket loads of torque from very low in the rev range, the Porsche is typically n/a and felt quite flat to me until you got up around 6k rpm and beyond. Absolutely adore the Ara Blue you have for your TTS , there is an Ara TTRS in my village which is stunning - suits the TT really well 😎
  7. The previous owner had the front end re-sprayed last year so it has one small chip on the bonnet otherwise its in great condition. It is due a full correction detail which I am going to start, whilst this is all going on and now we have the light evenings. Got Collinite wax but tried the new Meguiars Ceramic Wax on the wheels and have to say I am very impressed.
  8. Raffe

    My next car

    I would love an R8 but the V8's really don't feel that quick, and the V10's are expensive for consumables and running costs. Great looking cars but personally I wouldn't be looking to buy any sort of car at the moment with how volatile the market is.
  9. Sadly sat in the garage on the trickle charger with nowhere to go.....
  10. Welcome to 5 pot ownership - thats a great looking car in a nicely understated way.
  11. No vagueness in the steering but then I'm not driving a standard car, and can't find any understeer driving on the roads, may be a different story with the weight of the 2.5 on track but thats not what I've bought it for. It is running Superpro ALK and front end bush kit along with a 24mm front ARB - front end feels great.
  12. Thanks Rebecca - you only live once and I haven't shown the wife the invoice!!! Cars had a bit more done than I expected, but feels amazing for it.
  13. I'm 6'3" and you wouldn't get a fag jacket between the front seat and rears, headroom is also very limited due to the sloping roof for anyone much over 5'. Would suggest it isn't really a family car sadly.
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