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  1. Raffe


    Sorry to bother you but I'm searching for a boot liner for my R.

    I know you advertised this and if by any chance it's still available can you let me know as I've got to transport a Border Terrier to Edingburgh!





  2. Raffe

    Eibach pro kit

    I had Eibach Pro Springs on my car with 19" Prets and no DCC. Drop was very subtle aesthetically and didn't affect the car's comfort as a daily driver. Nice compromise, albeit I would have liked a slightly lower drop.
  3. Raffe

    What does your other half think of your R?

    The Golf R was my wife's car so it was more a case of what I thought of it I think.....
  4. Raffe

    Best Car you've driven?

    You could when I booked and it was a GT3 but it was a 3hr session only and £700. The Turbo S was £330 from memory as I upgraded from the normal Turbo car, but a GT4 would be awesome...could see this being 2018's birthday present
  5. Raffe

    bmw 335d nearly new £20k off list

    My friends wife works for BMW head office and the staff and their immediate family get to choose brand BMW's to run for 10 months or a max mileage and then swap out for something else. My mate and his wife have literally tried everything in the range with the only cars being off limits are the full fat M cars. So they may not be lease/hire cars and could be nice, cared for examples as BMW are super strict on how the cars are cared for by the staff with large financial penalties for damage/abuse.
  6. Raffe

    Best Car you've driven?

    991 Turbo S at the Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone. The car is ridiculously good, made my R feel very ordinary when I got back in. Really cannot rate the experience highly enough as I 90mins of one to one tuition in the car using all of the performance and being able to really explore the cars capabilities. Great experience.
  7. Raffe

    MY Golf R Replacement Sponsored by GHD

    Yeh I am probably being unfair and that was a bit of an excessive description of the difference in performance. I think the figures are around 310-320 for the Revo 1 on the TTS and my R was quoted at 360-370 at stage 1 by Revo. So you have a 50bhp deficit, possibly similar weight with the added bulk of the Roadster over the Coupe, and a bit more lag as the KO4 spools a bit further up the rev range compared to the IS38. It will invariably be taken to Stage 2+ in the near future which will then give similar bhp figures.
  8. Raffe

    MY Golf R Replacement Sponsored by GHD

    Thanks all, yes really pleased Don't get me wrong I loved my R and not knocking it, but for me it wasn't a weekend use only type of car and the three door didn't work for the two dogs (wife wanted them on back seat not in boot).
  9. Sold my R back in April and turned it into a new Ibiza FR for the wife and wanted a convertible 'something' for the weekend. Choices were another S2000 (sold last one 2015), Boxster S, Z4, TT Roadster. Looked at examples of each and the TT felt like it ticked more boxes and 'could' be closer to the R in terms of performance. As such I picked up an '09 TTS Roadster completely standard with an impeccable Audi service history and great condition. Really wanted a manual but the car was too good to pass up. It has now had a few mods and service items; Oil & DSG Service by AKS Rev G DV Cam Follower Michelin Pilot Sport 4 Dip Stick (Audi one falls apart) Facelift Black Edition Grille CTS Intake Cobra CBE (Modded to fit Roadster by AKS) Revo Stage 1 Its no where near as quick as my R was, and the handling is not close either but.....it's 100% more fun and with the great weather we have had for the last few months its been a joy to take out at the weekends. The addition of the mods has bought it alive and I'm now looking forward to Stage 2+ and possibly even the addition of a TTE420. Couple of pics;
  10. Raffe

    Most aggressive map for my Mk1 TT 240 QS?

    Would this era of car now suit the boys at R-Tech, really know their TFSi engines?
  11. Raffe

    Goodbye Golf, hello TTS

    That is a great looking TTS, Ara Blue is definitely the best colour Audi offer by far. I also chopped my R in for a new Ibiza FR for the wife's daily and then went full hairdresser mode with a MK2 TTS Roadster for the weekend. As you say I knew what was coming from my mates but if I'm honest I am getting more enjoyment out of the drop top Audi than I did the R and the comments have now dropped. As I always do I have had a few little mods done to the car to bring it alive, but all in its amazing how much car I have picked up for relatively little money. Are you going to the TT event on 1st July at Burghley House, Stamford?
  12. Raffe

    Choosing the car!

    The best thing about the S3 is the option of Ara Blue - stunning colour, otherwise R all day long.
  13. Raffe

    SRS Tec spoiler

    I had this spoiler fitted to my old R, I had a bodyshop prep and paint it as its not a direct fitment like some other spoilers. Looked great fitted and very OEM.
  14. Raffe

    My next other car - Audi TT

    Looks great, and no I did mean the Recaro Pole Position buckets as for me they make the interior on the QS. Enjoy.
  15. Raffe

    My next other car - Audi TT

    I bought a '09 TTS Roadster, did consider a QS but wanted a drop top for the summer. Has it got the Recaro seats?