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  1. We had a 2014 Fiesta ST which we traded for the Golf R. Standard the Golf R wasn't as much fun as the Fiesta, the R was ultimately quicker but too refined in comparison for my tastes. The Fiesta ST felt like an old school hot hatch and with 180ps/1150kgs it was a nice balance. Criticisms of the Fiesta were it was getting very rattley at only 2 years old/12k miles which is no surprise with how hard the ride was. Definitely recommend trying one to see what you think.
  2. Cheers Paul. Alex and the team at AKS are superb, wouldn't trust my car with anyone else. I have been using them since 2013 when I had a MK6 GTi which they both modded and maintained for me and then obviously more recently my MK7 R. They are very busy with generally a 6-8 week lead time on booking work in.
  3. They are only the standard 18", would like to go up to 19" with a very slightly more aggressive fitment.
  4. Thanks Dave, got my eye on a set of Ispiri 19" wheels...may need to order them one at a time to keep the cost under the radar from the wife 😁
  5. Further to the planned trip to AKS Tuning the TTS has had the equivalent of a full spa day pampering session; Oil Service using Millers Nano Drive Tech CFS 5w40 NT+ & KN Performance Oil Filter Pollen Filter Spark Plugs Cambelt & Waterpump Haldex Service including cleaning pump and filter (Proper service!!) TTS Black Edition Lower Grille set H&R Monotube Coilovers + RS Top Mounts Fast Road 4 Wheel Alignment The coilovers have transformed the car for the better by ditching the ageing Magride suspension, going to add some H&R ARB's front and back and probably an Anti Lift Kit but this is a nice step up for now. Couple of pics;
  6. Thanks Nathan, yeh will pop some pics up once its had its spring refresh.
  7. I didn't do too badly on mine buying it at £27.5k (£34.5k list) and selling at £22k just under 2 years old..but in a year the TTS has held its price which is great.
  8. That sounds encouraging, thought it seemed a logical move pre respray rather than practicing on the wife's car 😂
  9. I have been reading your detailing guide, and looking forward to getting stuck in. As the front is going to be resprayed I am going to have a practice on the bonnet before with the DA so if I have any 'oh shit what have I done' moments its not the end of the world and will be sorted anyhow. Taken loads of stick for the car choice from friends but for something which is only used on weekends its the perfect balance of quality, fun and cost. We still have a lot of cash to spend on the house so this keeps me out of trouble until I can get into a decent Porsche.
  10. Depends how you view it, my Golf R was depreciating at around £3k pa and I was still spending large amounts of cash modding - that little lot comes to about £2k and the values are fairly static. Cheap motoring in comparison for something which is virtually as quick, a lot more fun being a convertible and feeding my need to mess about with a car.
  11. Well after nearly 12 months ownership I have surprised myself and still loving the TTS. I have have to admit I thought it would be sold after 4-5 months use through the summer but it's become part of the family. As I approach its first birthday in my ownership, it's now booked in for round two of its maintenance and upgrades. Car will be going to AKS against end of April for the following; Oil ServicePollen FilterSpark PlugsCambelt & Water PumpHaldex Oil & FilterH&R Monotube Coilovers (leaking front n/s)H&R Hubcentric 10mm wheel spacers front and rear (can't afford new 19" wheels this year)Fast Road 4 wheel alignmentFacelift Black Edition lower grillesFront end respray to remove stone chips.Full stage 2 correction detail - I will be doing this, bit of a learning curve..... Would loved to have gone up to Stage 2+ this year and upgraded the wheels to the Ispiri FR6's in a 9.5 x 19" fitment but that will have to wait. I have to admit I have been toying with upgrading to the TTRS and further to test driving albeit very good, it's not £10k better than my car.
  12. Raffe


    Sorry to bother you but I'm searching for a boot liner for my R.

    I know you advertised this and if by any chance it's still available can you let me know as I've got to transport a Border Terrier to Edingburgh!





  13. I had Eibach Pro Springs on my car with 19" Prets and no DCC. Drop was very subtle aesthetically and didn't affect the car's comfort as a daily driver. Nice compromise, albeit I would have liked a slightly lower drop.
  14. The Golf R was my wife's car so it was more a case of what I thought of it I think.....
  15. You could when I booked and it was a GT3 but it was a 3hr session only and £700. The Turbo S was £330 from memory as I upgraded from the normal Turbo car, but a GT4 would be awesome...could see this being 2018's birthday present
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