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  1. The Lapiz is stunning, and a great choice. Yes enjoying the TTRS but all things being equal I will be upgrading to something with double the cylinders or wearing a Stuttgart badge later this year.
  2. Hi Rebecca, well I completely expected to see you as one of the first new owners of the Mk8R but what happened to Black 😮 Absolutely love the Lapiz and options, looks a cracker - enjoy. Phil.
  3. @Martin2 Exactly the same here for me - I want from a £34k 320d to a £49k 330e and saved £200pm on company car tax. In the last 12 months there hasn't been a single company car ordered which isn't hybrid technology. Unfortunately opting out of the company car scheme wasn't an option for me as our company will not allow it. @NRW - I wanted the 330e Touring but it wasn't available for ordering back in Dec 2019 sadly, the boot is pretty rubbish in the saloon.
  4. I swapped across to a hybrid BMW 330E in July and have to say it makes for a brilliant daily. Effortless power, quiet and refined and costing about a £1 per day to charge overnight. Long term mpg average is 61.9mpg through 6300 miles and my round trip to the office is 88 miles of which I can't charge at work. Wouldn't want it as my 'fun' car, but for doing the daily chores and work mileage to the office its brilliant. Other positive is the massive BIK saving as a company car driver - really was a no brainer.
  5. Could be a size issue, my Whyte was a Large and the new Orange is an XL and the difference in riding experience is huge. I was the same as you too not riding the Whyte often as I just didn't like it, since getting the Orange in September I have been out every week on it, sometimes twice a week. The bike was bought online so I took a massive gamble as never bought one this way before, thankfully it paid off.
  6. So I struggled to replace the bike with something I wanted due to availability. Ended up with a 2021 Orange Crush Pro V1 - another hardtail. Doesn't get the same accolades the 905 gets in reviews but for me its such a better ride. Really confidence inspiring, comfy and rides quick too.
  7. Couple of recent pics and considering mods for 2021 - expecting to go for a TTU510 Hybrid Turbo from the guys at The Turbo Unit with Aquamist WMI to keep temps down with the aim to achieve 530-550bhp, torque will be capped under 700nm to avoid issues from EGT's getting too high. Interior will then also receive some attention with a rear seat delete (rear seats are utterly useless) and some carbon/alcantara throughout. If this doesn't happen it will be because I've sold the car and doubled the number of cylinders.....
  8. @Msportman I think you have seen my car in the other thread but absolutely love my TTRS - its obviously the original CEPA engine but the sound it makes and the power delivery/torque from so low in the rev range makes it a joy to drive. The MQ500 manual gearbox isn't the best, adequate with the mods but the joyous sound from heel/toe downshifts means I know I shouldn't have gone for the faster DSG box. The handling I can't honestly comment on as mine is very modded, but have no understeer issues on the road ever and do like to enjoy the power. My issue with
  9. Love it and the fact Honda have basically stuck to what they do with something outrageous and fun to look at. Th problem with Honda is that the RRP is basically the price. I was looking to buy an FK2 Civic Type-R (previous variant) back in 2016 before I bought my Golf R, the Civic was £450pm vs the Golf R at £297pm with the same £5k deposit and comparable list price. Negotiations boiled down to we 'may' be able to chuck in a set of mats, nothing beyond that. As much as I wanted the Civic I just couldn't justify the extra cash per month and stuck with the Golf, this I re
  10. They were an OEM option when the car was new and offered across the VAG range in the Mk5 Golf GTi, Mk6 Golf R, Mk7 ED40 & Clubsport S, Audi S3 and RS4.
  11. Thanks Rebecca, yes really pleased with how its turned out and knew I wanted to do the seat backs for exactly that reason. More carbon to come for the interior and a strip of the rear - aiming for a Clubsport type look. Totally exceeded expectations, feels like I have a new car every time I look at it.
  12. The chap doing the wrap for me is drip feeding pics - so frustrating!!
  13. Nearly finished with collection Saturday...more pics to follow.
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