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  1. Company called Vivid Vinyl in Brimingham - he's only a small one man band but the quality of his work is amazing. I will tell my insurance company of the change but no idea if it will affect the premium or not.
  2. Collection next Sat - can't wait to see it in person and all back together.
  3. Well I got the Wingbacks I wanted but had to buy a TTRS to get them, can confirm though they are very comfy.
  4. Someones beaten me to it sadly else it would have been a definite......maybe....
  5. Prices are really softening on the Mk2's at the moment, some still asking silly prices but the Roadsters are generally less desirable and cheaper in the RS spec. Great cars, would be amazing to hear the sound of the 5 pot with the roof off.
  6. Bought the car cash and it had some of the mods already done. I've dropped about £6-7k into is so far so around £1k per month. Hobbies are never cheap but I'm loving the car and modding journey.
  7. I'm a bit nervous about it but thrown caution to the wind - hopefully will be a good decision.
  8. It's taken me 3 months to finally decide on a colour and a wrap film supplier, and business to do the work - Don't think I've seen another TT in this colour so hopefully it will work. I'll report back with pics once all done 🙈
  9. First dabble of having a car wrapped happening next month.....might be a spectacular own goal or might be great but I want to try one and see. Pics to follow....
  10. Current Spec list just as an update; Performance Revo Stage 2 Software Helix 6 Paddle Clutch Braided Clutch Line & Billet Bleed Block 'Push Clutch To Start' Bypass Lead R8 Coil Packs NGK Race Plugs Forge Motorsport Race Intercooler HG Motorsport Carbon Cold Air Intake 034 Motorsport Carbon Intake with Larger K&N Scorpion De-Cat Centre Pipes Gutted OEM Downpipe New 'L' Revision Injectors and Inlet 'Walnut' Clean Chassis Bilstein B16 PSS10 Adjustable H&R Front & Rear ARB's - F24mm / R22mm 034 Motorsport Front Subframe Collars 034 Motorsport Gearbox Mount Insert Whiteline Adjustable rear Drop Links Superpro Front Control Arm Bush Kit Superpro Anti Lift Kit AKS Solid Shifter Bracket Bushes 42 Draft Designs Gear Linkage Bushes Revo RV019 19 x 8.5J ET45 Wheels Goodyear Eagle Super Sport 245/35 R19 Fast Road 4 Wheel Alignment Brakes Alcon 6 Pot Calipers (Smoothed & Finished Black) Alcon 380mm Front 2 piece Floating Discs Mintex F6R Front Pads Braided Lines TTRS Brake Cooling Ducts 335mm Slotted Big Rear Disc Conversion Mintex M1155 Rear Pads 5.1 Brake Fluid Cosmetic Individual Lightweight Raceparts Carbon 'BGW' Carbon Skinned OEM Mirror Caps Carbon Skinned Fuel Filler Flap Rieger Front Lip & Side Skirts - Carbon Hydro Dipped Black Grille & Badges Carbon Hydo Dipped Rear Diffuser Carbon Hydro dipped engine covers Porsche 991 Oil & Water Caps Wish list still to do... BCS Turbo Back Exhaust + 4" Downpipe or potentially Scorpion Titanium HPFP Rear Suspension Polybush Hybrid Turbo - AET Motorsport WMI Kit Rear Seat Delete and rear strut brace. Carbon Skinned interior trim Alcantara Steering wheel re-trim & Shift boot
  11. Sure did, looks ridiculously quick but don't think it would be fun on the road as looks laggy as hell. Dread to think how much cash has gone under the bonnet - got to be £30k+ as Syvecs alone is really expensive.
  12. ILR- Carbon 'BGW' now fitted.....
  13. Number plate held on with Pushlocks so easily removable for pics to save having to blank out plate if I use the pic in wider social media. You can all sleep easy tonight knowing no laws are being broken 😘
  14. Rieger lip wrapped in carbon effect and fitted - think I will have it hydro dipped, possibly even carbon skinned eventually but for now this suffices.
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