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  1. Bought from an OPC so slightly higher price but £51k with 29k miles 👍
  2. Thanks guys, I’m really pleased with it.
  3. The Spyder is the car I also wanted and will hopefully upgrade to in a few years time - budget wouldn’t allow at this moment in time hence me settling for the GTS with a manual 3.4 and 325bhp (only 1350kgs too). The 981 generation (same as my car) only has the GT4 engine albeit slightly destined, but not the Chassis. The current 718 Spyder is basically a convertible GT4 but with new cars unavailable to the average punter, and the used cars starting at £90k and going over £100k prices are too strong.
  4. Thanks guys. The sound this makes as a standard car is epic, my previous 987 with aftermarket exhaust was good but this is another level.
  5. Car collected and to say I’m pleased is an understatement.
  6. So the 987 S went to its new home about 3 weeks ago now where it’s being loved by the new owner. I pick up this 2015 981 GTS manual in Guards Red on Friday…terrible pic but only one I’ve got at moment.
  7. Sorry missed your message. It’s just the standard Spectral Mullet but I love it. alternate each week between the Crush and Spectral and love them equally for what they bring to the days riding.
  8. Boxster still thoroughly enjoyable to drive albeit been a touch expensive over last few months needing a new clutch, RMS, IMS (whilst gearbox is off), new brakes including all new lines, coolant pipes and a/c pipe which had failed - so much for German engineering 😂
  9. So still got the Crush Pro after 17months and it’s proven to be a great weekend ride, but I was still hankering after another full bounce….so another bike has joined the garage collection. Gone for a Canyon Spectral CF Mullet - first ride out this weekend 😁 pic of the Crush too which now has a new Hope Fortus 30 rim with Pro4 hub along with a number of other upgrades - nothing stays standard long in my house if it’s left alone with me.
  10. Sold my R back in April and turned it into a new Ibiza FR for the wife and wanted a convertible 'something' for the weekend. Choices were another S2000 (sold last one 2015), Boxster S, Z4, TT Roadster. Looked at examples of each and the TT felt like it ticked more boxes and 'could' be closer to the R in terms of performance. As such I picked up an '09 TTS Roadster completely standard with an impeccable Audi service history and great condition. Really wanted a manual but the car was too good to pass up. It has now had a few mods and service items; Oil &a
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