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  1. Hey everyone! New video just went live, MK7.5 Golf R with the Dual GPF setup getting an APR Stage 1 ECU upgrade (no other upgrades)
  2. We hope you enjoyed those videos, if you have any ideas for what you'd like to see on the channel, let us know!
  3. Hello everyone! As you may or may not already be aware, we have a YouTube channel. This is centred around some of the work that goes through our workshop with varies marques with Porsche, Lamborghini, BMW, VAG and a tonne of MK7/7.5 Golf R videos! If you're looking for some inspiration, take a look 🥰 We're also going to be adding a MK8 Golf R to our in-house project fleet this year, so we'll be videoing the progress on this from start to finish. Here's some of the MK7/7.5 Golf R videos we have already uploaded, and we'll be adding new videos to this thread
  4. HEY everyone! After a couple of years out of the forum, we are now BACK! Previously we didn't have the time and man power to represent ourselves properly on the forum, but now things have changed and we are BACK! Dom, our main Performance Specialist will be joining the forum shortly and he'll be your go-to for any sales/booking related enquiries. We'll be revisiting our older posts and rejigging our section of the forum over the next couple of weeks to properly represent our current offerings. For now, checkout our YouTube and our VW Tuning playlist to see what we've
  5. The B14s are a huge improvement to stock with more focus towards road use. The B16 will offer some damping adjustment so the dynamics of the car can really be improved. We also supply all of the Super Pro parts 👍
  6. I'm not back in the office until Wednesday but I'll see if I can grab some before/after dyno graphs. IIRC the car spec had all of the Stage 2+ parts + IE intake manifold and a LOBA 420 turbo. There were some great gains, I'll see what I can grab on Wednesday.
  7. Black Friday is here at Regal Autosport! Big Savings on many golf 7R parts such as Wavetrac, Racingline, Autotech and APR! Head to www.regalautosport.com/shop to browse for your 7R deal
  8. We fit and supply quite a few, with the software adjusted to suit you see some great gains which are amplified by running a bigger turbo. What is your car spec?
  9. If you're going to be pushing your car around track then a proper big brake upgrade is the only solution to be honest, I've tried Tarox discs, Clubsport S discs and Pagid RSL2/29 pads and all of these are consumable items at a track day. I am now using the Stoptech kit and have done around 150 laps since installing, massive improvement in stopping power, consistency and have had no noticeable wear.
  10. We've fitted a tonne of these to customers cars and the pedal feel is not much harder than stock, you can get used to the pedal feel super fast. Check your DMs
  11. No problem! Running adjustable camber and additional caster bushings at the front? At the moment there isn't a DCC kit which is track focussed, if you want a track focussed kit then you will need to go for something like a Bilstein Clubsport. The B16 with adjustable top mounts are a good solution, but if you're like me then you'll find that once you have really optimised the handling then you'll need something with separate rebound and compression adjustment alongside much firmer springs. The Wavetrac massively improves the front end of the car, even with t
  12. I use my R on track all the time, I've done around 200 laps or so this year at various circuits in the UK. You'll be wanting to run around -3 camber at the front and around -2 at the rear. The R has loads more grip at the rear than the front, so it's very much a game of adjusting the balance to suit. My car is 410HP/430TQ and has no traction problems on track with the Wavetrac ATB LSD, Bilstein Clubsports and Nankang AR-1 tyres. I did think that running this much negative camber would really kill traction and braking stability but they're both absolutely fine. The onl
  13. Difference between Stage 1 Low Torque and High Torque feels like an even bigger leap in performance than going from Stage 1-2 .
  14. Depends on what you use the car for really... The clubsport discs don't really represent "value" in my mind for performance use, for sure they weigh slightly less but I didn't notice anything tangible when I had mine. They also cracked. If your car isn't going to see the track then cracking shouldn't be a concern. It'd be interesting to know what the Clubsport pad compound actually is too
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