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  1. DangerZone's observations are both thoughtful and a little disturbing. Inappropriate speed for conditions is the real culprit. Speed limits, especially arbitrary limits, can't always address this issue. To defend limits in general in the name of fewer deaths and serious injuries runs the risk of missing the point and sounds uncomfortably close to "Speed Kills" and other Anti-Destination League rhetoric. Technology has made magnificent strides in enhancing vehicle capability to operate safely at greater speeds and protect occupants from serious accidents and injury when things go pear-shaped. Granted technology can't entirely compensate for lack of driver competence and judgment. Nor can it defy the laws of physics. Even so, our support of speed limits should be measured by the extent to which they actually address the safety concerns DangerZone eloquently presents.
  2. Cogito

    How old are we all?

    You're not doing anything wrong, Greg. To paraphrase from George W Bush's eulogy at his father's recent funeral, the idea is to die young as late as possible. (Former President George H W Bush, who lived to be 94, was notably active in his later years.)
  3. Cogito

    How old are we all?

    I'm sure you will, George, assuming performance cars are available 50 years from now. Fingers crossed.
  4. Cogito

    How old are we all?

    To quote Mame Dennis from the musical and movie Mame, "somewhere in between 40 and death". Closer to death, I'm afraid, 70. I bought the R when I was 67.
  5. Agree, but uneasily. We're basking in a golden moment of unprecedented automotive Power to the People which may or may not continue into the Electric Age, although we'll enjoy all that torque from zero revs. I'll be sad if/when someone (Government? Manufacturers? Insurers?) says "enough is enough" and breaks up the party (or pulls the plug ) . . . even though in my heart of hearts I know you're right.
  6. Cogito

    Tragedy.... developing news.

    I'm not convinced long sentences act as a deterrent. Irresponsible, impulsive thugs don't think about the consequences of getting caught. Lawbreakers who cause mayhem should be imprisoned for the protection of innocent citizens. If that means long sentences, so be it. Better than the revolving door policies we seem to pursue. (I live in the States where it is much the same.) But be mindful that locking people up and throwing away the key is an after-the-fact response that reflects societal failure to identify and address root causes of the problem. Welfare of law-abiding citizens, which should be first priority, is compromised in perpetuity if all we do is enforce stiff sentences on perps after the crime is committed.
  7. Cogito

    We can't have nice things...

    I'd add empathy to the list of character-builders that seem to be in short supply these days. But let's try to keep things in perspective. It's a fine human tradition to decry the shortcomings of the upcoming generation. We pine for the good old days, even though they probably were more "different" than "good." Maybe things would be better if each of us who gives a darn tried to set an example of how civilized people conduct themselves. Not to be too facetious about it, I think driving a decent high-performance car like an R skillfully and courteously sets a fine example.
  8. Cogito

    We can't have nice things...

    Point taken. Moreover, it's counterproductive to let worries about what might happen tomorrow ruin your today. But surely it shouldn't be asking too much to be able to drive a nice shiny, undamaged car in civilized society. People throughout the political spectrum understand that the social fabric is unraveling but too often lack the collaborative spirit needed to mend the frayed edges.
  9. Cogito

    Door dent!

    Condolences. So dang annoying when this sort of thing happens. It's a risk every driver must be prepared for, but still . . . Have it checked by a professional. I've had extremely good luck over the years with paintless dent removal here in the States. However, if anything must be touched in, your eyes will forever be drawn to the spot even if no one else notices. Also, the people doing the work may tell you they can't guarantee perfection. But if the paint isn't broken I've never had an instance where the repair could be detected, even when the dent was on a crease.
  10. I wish someone could explain why (US-rating) 91 octane is marketed as premium in some states, while others, such as Georgia, get 93. Fuel prices vary widely in metro Atlanta. I'm lucky to live in a neighborhood with low prices. Filled up the R with 93 this weekend at $2.59 per (US) gallon at a Hudson station (affiliated with Walmart). Had I gone for V-Power, still 93 octane, I'd have paid about $.25 more per gallon. Sometimes I do because Shell allegedly contains superior additives, but the engine doesn't feel any different in daily driving. FYI, filled up the pickup for $1.99 per gallon, 87 octane regular.
  11. Cogito

    Semi Synthetic oil OK?

    I've used semi-synthetic in my pickup for the past 7-8 years with no problems. It meets Ford's specs and that's what the local dealer dispenses. This is in a 5.4 liter low-stress non-turbo V8. Oil is changed annually, about 3.5K miles per year. Quite different from the R which gets full-synthetic with changes at 5K mile intervals (twice as often as VW recommends here in the States). Although it's unlikely you've done any damage, why take the risk? Change the oil ASAP and avoid dealers who use less than what VW specifies for the R.
  12. Cogito

    Cross climate + tyres

    That's what I've heard, too. The PS A/S 3+ were installed this weekend and have been driven in near-freezing rainy conditions for the past two days. Aside from being quieter than the aging Potenzas they replace (though not dramatically so), it's too early to come to any conclusions. Time will tell.
  13. Cogito

    Should Rs Have Fog Lights?

    No US-spec car has a rear fog light, Gav. I don't think they're legal in this country. Typical foggy thinking (pardon the pun) on the part of our legislators. Surely rear fogs help other drivers see you in low visibility conditions. We also suffer inferior headlights due to unenlightened laws (there he goes with the puns again, can't this guy be restrained?). But it's okay to bring on the fog lights. Harrumph! Okay, rant mode off.
  14. Cogito

    Should Rs Have Fog Lights?

    Totally pointless? I'm more in the "mostly pointless" camp. I can recall a few instances of foggy mountain driving where fog lights helped delineate the edge of the road. But hopeless in illuminating potential obstructions directly in front, even those within braking distance, which is really scary. This is slightly embarrassing to admit, but 40+ years ago I had the fog light switch on my Porsche 914 2.0 rewired to work without the headlights having to be deployed. As long as the parking lights were on, there was excellent front and rear lighting for in rainy daylight conditions with retracted headlights.
  15. Cogito

    Should Rs Have Fog Lights?

    We know MK7 Rs do not have fog lights or provision to install them, even though GTIs (at least US -spec models) do. Presumably Rs require extra air intake space. My question is, does it matter to owners? Should VW design the MK8 R to accommodate fog lights? I am of two minds. Over the years I've rarely used them on cars so equipped and don't typically miss them. One of my lesser pet hates (maybe a pet strong dislike? ) is drivers who apparently think it's cool to use them regardless of weather conditions. So one less model to suffer from fog light abuse. On the other hand there are driving conditions where fog lights come in handy. Some might regard them as essential. Shouldn't VW's premier performance model be equipped for such situations?