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  1. My MK7 R was in the dealer shop this week to fix a leaky water pump (under warranty). While picking it up I saw my first MK8 GTI (manual) and R (DSG) in the flesh. They're slow coming across the Pond. The sales rep who sold me my car says I saw the fifth and possibly final R of their 2022 allocation, apparently the only one that wasn't pre-sold. She wouldn't let me drive it, but I got a close look inside and out and really like the styling details. She knows my reservations about the infotainment system and sent me the link below this afternoon. Fingers crossed VW will resolve the issues
  2. Technically you're right, of course, but it's impervious to extreme heat and cold. I find it more comfortable to sit on, and it wears very well.
  3. These 39-42C temperatures are presumably external. They translate to 103-108F; the highest I've seen so far this year in sultry Georgia is 101F. Not fun, although the a/c copes well. Here's my opportunity to make another pitch for cloth upholstered seats, or, in my case, sheepskin seat covers (VW doesn't offer a cloth option in US-spec Rs), which shrug off hot and cold extremes. We're about to move office to a location that offers a choice of open parking almost at the door or covered parking a 10 minute walk away. My current covered parking is about 5 minutes distant. I plan to stick wi
  4. Perhaps he's a practitioner of ancient medical cult practices. Or just a typical goofy dog . . . 😀
  5. Very pleased indeed, Becca. I know from your posts on the subject that you're a dab hand when it comes to detailing. The Mad Detailer doesn't exactly give his work away, nor should he. It wouldn't have cost all that much more to fly you over to do the job.😀Results likely would have been similar.
  6. You can view the results of detailing the R in the detailing forum. While the guy was there, he did a similarly impressive job on my RAM pickup. Looks better than the day I picked it up from the dealer (does that surprise anyone?) two years ago at the start of the COVID shut-down. Interior shown without the mats reinstalled, but they look unused. https://www.facebook.com/themaddetailer/photos/pcb.3173177616332177/3173177506332188/?__cft__[0]=AZXLMb6brVJgZ2RFt46SOamvo5rT1NcvPCK4IPsH1aR0vTtm5NNyZTCh5q8mYJCi6ibc152fgBNXQTHWG6W5kX1PQa9Yq7I03946AtfMNsjYpdcEKT1LLVbfObGHgkv_HvMwmOOCStA
  7. After three years suffering from delusions of adequacy trying to maintain a tidy R, I treated myself and the car to a session with a professional detailer. In my more energetic days, say 30-50 years ago, I was pretty handy with a polishing cloth, but there's a reason these guys call themselves "professional". The results speak for themselves. He spent most of the day in my driveway, performing a similar miracle on my RAM pickup while he was there. (I may show if off in the forum on other makes.) We knew from the outset he couldn't fix the stone chips. They're prolific enough to require a
  8. Sorry to hear you gave up the Boxster, but you know it's going to a good home. There are lots of enjoyable sports cars out there. Hope your next ride is equally satisfying.
  9. I come late to this thread but hope your driving days last long enough to understand that street competition isn't necessary to the enjoyment of a performance car. No criticism intended, many of us once may have been where you are. We've evolved, not because someone verbally slapped our wrist but because from age comes experience and (once in a while) wisdom. We still have lots of fun. Meanwhile, be careful out there.
  10. I've used hair dryers to safely remove stickers on many occasions; it's hard not to recommend them. The inconvenience is worth it. If residue remains, try car wax to see if it softens/removes it. That will minimize any threat to the paint. Otherwise, I've successfully used everything from rubbing alcohol to WD-40 to GooGone/GoofOff-like products, but there's always a latent concern about applying such chemicals to automotive paint.
  11. Excellent advice in this forum, the sort I routinely recommend to my non-enthusiast used-car-buying friends. And yet . . . I don't always follow it myself. Sometimes you just have a feeling about a vehicle, good or bad. For example, about 12 years ago I bought a then five-year-old Ford F150 pickup with 95K miles. The 80+ year old guy who owned it had a business license to buy and sell cars but did it as a sideline, almost a hobby. He parked a handful of vehicles on property he owned on a major highway (turns out he owned lots of valuable land along that highway - money was the least of hi
  12. Congratulations on your new job. I "get" the economic disincentive of the R, but isn't it disappointing not to have an interesting daily driver to, well, drive daily? Sure you'll continue to enjoy the blessings of the Boxster on weekends, but I hope you come up a company car that's fun to drive. If range and charge facilities are compatible with your automotive needs, a competent electric might fill the bill. There are several on your list. My brother was an early Tesla advocate. He and his wife have owned at least half a dozen over the past few years and just took delivery of a Model X
  13. At the risk of going off topic, this forum comprises the right audience to recommend a favorite novel, Garth Stein's The Art of Racing in the Rain, whose canine principal character enjoys vigorous lap time with his race car owner.
  14. Your Boxster looks great, obviously well cared for. Mine got its annual service in March and is running well, though your pictures remind me how much it would benefit from a deep clean. Passed its emission inspection this weekend, which State of Georgia requires in order to renew the license. Apologies if you told us, but do you mind sharing why you canceled your order for the MK8 R?
  15. Comments from owners and fellow enthusiasts on this forum carry a lot of weight with me. That plus my fondness for MK6 and MK7 Rs explains why I'll be checking out the MK8 with hopeful, albeit cautious, prospects when the opportunity presents itself. The circa half-dozen US-press MK8 R and GTI road tests/reports over the past several months are of concern because the they are independent of each other, generally appreciative of MK8 improvements, yet so consistently distracted by touchscreen shortcomings that all of them deem the cars less desirable than their competitors. It may be somethin
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