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    2016 MK7 R, Lapiz, US spec, 18" Cadiz, purchased 26Dec15 (traded 2012 MK6 R). Also own 2003 Porsche Boxster S and 2005 Ford F-150 pickup.

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  1. Cogito

    VW ditch hybrid tech for MK8 GTI.......

    As an occasional driver/passenger in my brother's Model S and his wife's Model X, I see your point. But it seems doubtful a hybrid R would be available with manual transmission, which would eliminate it from my personal consideration.
  2. Cogito

    Manual 7R gears 1-3 gear changes awful

    I wouldn't call the gear change clunky, nor has it deteriorated noticeably over the past three years/33K miles. But when I bought the MK7 R new, I remember thinking the shift wasn't quite as slick as my MK6 R trade-in.
  3. Cogito

    What car next

    I'm equally mystified, Camel. Although my automotive preferences are pretty eclectic, by rights I should feel the same way you do. I value spunky performance and nimble handling. Pickups drive like tanks. My actual need for toting worldly goods could be accommodated by a versatile, civilized Honda Ridgeline, but it does nothing to scratch my trucking itch. Give me a honking full-size hauler, preferably from the less vulgar end of an overwrought spectrum. Maybe it's something they put in the water? I suppose we all have irrational cravings. Given where I reside, at least this one is inconspicuous and mostly harmless. Sorry I don't have a better answer.
  4. Cogito

    What car next

    From the Yank perspective, I'd be looking at (used) BMW M2s and C7 Corvettes. I'd also shop new Mustang GT and Camaro SS. All are available with manual transmission, which is important to me. I'm avoiding the "money no object" approach and sticking to budget, because if money were no object, I'd buy a car for every day of the week. Also have a hankering for a large 4x4 pickup, preferably diesel, probably a Ram, though I wouldn't rule out Ford F150 or Chevy Silverado. Problem is these are available only with auto trans. A 4x4 Ram hemi was my daily driver for several years. Loved the truck, hated the auto. Don't want to go there again for a daily driver.
  5. Cogito

    Changing jobs?

    It's interesting to compare the description of your current job in the first post with your comments in the latest. No job is perfect, but it sounds like you felt you had a good thing going. Change is stressful and you enjoy your relative lack of stress. You don't want to work longer or harder as you'll almost certainly have to if you switch employers. Is the prospect of more money worth it to you? (Hint: don't let society's expectations over-influence your answer.) Happily, you seem motivated by the challenge of working smarter. Approaching your boss with the offer to help improve his business in exchange for a salary increase and/or bonus sounds like a win-win. Even if he says no, you're no worse off than you are now.
  6. No interference with my 2016 US-spec R. The cap rests securely during fill-up. This has proved a useful feature.
  7. Please don't take the comments personally or out of context. Nearly all members of this forum are as passionate about road safety as they are about their Rs. Thanks for confirming that you are as aware of potentially risky behavior as the rest of us.
  8. Cogito

    Selling my Golf buyer wants to pay cash

    I suspect banks "justify" their overreach by claiming it's for the protection of their customers. One can't help wondering who they're really out to protect. Although I haven't had problems with cash, I do have one particular credit card issued by an overly protective financial institution. Despite being backed by an undisputedly clean credit record, this card is subject to decline at random moments, especially when I travel. No such issues with cards issued by other institutions, as I take pains to point out in my follow-up conversation with the bank's customer service department. The outcome of my complaint is a well-rehearsed performance of fake sympathy and restoration of credit, but no permanent solution. I shudder to think what would happen if tried to use this card to purchase a car at an old car show, as some of my friends have done with their credit cards.
  9. Cogito

    Is this old car a lemon or just well used

    You don't own this decision unless you decide to make it yours. It's up to the person who paid for the car and its maintenance in the name of an unemployed, unmotivated kid (emotionally if not chronologically, you don't mention his age) who doesn't drive. Assuming they are determined to have a car (why?) and as a show of family support you might explain to them the best way to get an estimate of repairs. Then recommend they shop for a replacement vehicle and compare costs with the estimate. Sounds like a fool's errand, but if they balk you have nothing more to say. As you've observed, there's always extra money to be spent at this price point, so it's really a matter of choosing their own poison.
  10. Cogito

    Selling my Golf buyer wants to pay cash

    I collect automotive sales literature and other paraphernalia and have attended countless auto show flea markets (autojumbles on your side of the Pond) over the years. Although some vendors take credit cards, most transactions are cash, and there's a lot of it floating around at the larger shows. My budget certainly isn't in the 20K pound range, but circa $1.5K has become routine. That's small potatoes at these shows. Never have run into issues withdrawing funds from my bank account, carrying it securely on show fields, and finding things to spend it on.
  11. I suppose you could say that individual members of terrorist groups like Da'esh forfeit their human rights by association with an organization that prides itself on showing no mercy. But this can be a slippery slope. There are anti-Islamic factions in the US who might apply such thinking to Muslims in general based on misguided interpretations and general misunderstanding of Sharia law. The sanctity of human rights can be compromised in both unintentional and devious ways.
  12. Respect for human rights is something different from respect for a particular individual. If you believe in human rights, your belief must include those who don't. You can't pick and choose. Specific treatment of lawbreakers, while always mindful of human rights, should be measured based on the civility of the accused. While there is no excuse for excessive force, there should be no expectation of respectful dialogue where none is returned. As the W.S. Gilbert lyrics observed over a century ago, "a policeman's lot is not a happy one."
  13. Even when it isn't trying to be sensationalistic, news reporting rarely gets all the details right first time around. Breaking stories need perspective for proper evaluation. Most of the comments on this string are based on speculation. Not a criticism per se, it's something we all do. Just don't assume your opinions are backed by facts. Oh, and when someone dies tragically or unexpectedly, it is normal for family and friends to publicly extol the virtues of the deceased irrespective of thoughts they may have harbored when the individual was alive. In times of bereavement they deserve condolences or at least the benefit of the doubt.
  14. Cogito

    What do you dislike about your R?

    Most modern engines have ignition cut-outs at or near redline to protect drivers from over-revving on the way up. I'm not sure why DSG is programmed to upshift automatically. The more significant issue with manuals is a botched downshift (i.e. going for 5th or 3rd but hitting 1st), which electronics can't protect against. Never made that particular mistake, but by all accounts it does the engine no good at all. Presumably it can't happen with DSG.
  15. Cogito

    Googbye GolfRers

    My Bridgestones still had legal tread when I replaced them with Michelin PS3 A/S at 31K miles about a month ago. I didn't care much for them and wanted all-season so as to be better prepared for the possibility of snow and ice this winter. They managed three previous winters and might have made it to 35-40K, but so far I'm happy with the PS3s.