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  1. Not a very good photo but the best I can do at the moment.
  2. That 7.3 liter gas V-8 I referred to is for Ford pickups with 3/4 ton capacity or greater. They are not optimized for mileage and would struggle to reach 12mpg - those are "small" US gallons. Expect barely half that when towing a trailer. Heavy-weight pickup customers more often bite the financial bullet and go the diesel route for stamina, longevity and somewhat better mileage.
  3. Mil, you're thinking of 3/4 ton+ pickups with diesel engines in the 6.0-7.0 liter range. They look similar to half-tons but are built for heavier service and, when lavishly equipped, cost a small fortune ($80K and up is no longer unusual and a few are topping $100K). Power ratings are also ascending, approaching 500hp and 1000 ft lbs of torque. Meanwhile, gas engines in pickups of weight range half-ton or greater tend to be V8s in the 5.0 to 6.5 liter range, although smaller base four and six cylinder engines are offered. Ford recently introduced a 7.3 liter V8 for its higher weight ranges
  4. It's sad how many US motorists take our fuel prices for granted. They don't realize how lucky we are. In fact, some folks from my ancient generation pine for "the good old days" when you could fill up for under $5.00. Taking inflation into account, the relative price wasn't significantly different then from what it is now.
  5. Interesting, I've never heard of a dealer charging for a full tank of fuel. Is this something associated with Illinois? Here in Georgia new cars are routinely delivered with a full tank gratis. It's been true of all the new vehicles I've bought over the past 20+ years.
  6. Thanks for the elaboration. For the record, my RAM is a nominally rated "half-ton" model with a 3-liter, 260 hp, 480 lb ft torque V-6 turbo diesel manufactured in Europe by VM. GM and Ford have their own six cylinder 3-liter turbo diesels of broadly similar ratings. All that torque makes these leviathans feel quite spritely on the road. I don't know why manufacturers don't build more half-ton diesel pickups. They're difficult to find (mine was built to order), and I'm told that dealers have no trouble selling every one they receive. The diesel is a $4K option over a big V8 gas engine wh
  7. While in general I agree that those who drive high performance cars should be prepared for heftier fuel bills, this conversation has raised moderating thoughts, UK R owners are a dedicated gang who pay twice as much for fuel as we Yanks. Straying from life at the diesel pump, as Timmymeads has, puts that dedication in sharp perspective. Fuel economy of my R and my 6000+ pound RAM EcoDiesel pickup is close enough to be considered comparable. US diesel and premium petrol are similarly priced. Diesel being a bit cheaper at the moment (not always the case), it may actually be less expensive t
  8. Advance photos of the 2022 Civic reveal a completely restyled and, in my view, significantly more attractive car. Type R styling appears to be toned down, though it isn't exactly conservative or understated. Maybe less controversial? Chassis and engine reportedly remain stellar.
  9. Higher, yes, but not an awful lot higher. According to US enthusiast magazine Car and Driver, 27 models are still available with manual (individual models like BMW M2, M3, M4/VW Jetta, GTI, R, etc. are each counted separately). Most are either sports cars or have sporty pretentions. Unfortunately, the C8 Corvette is not among them (dual clutch auto only). There are a handful of SUV/crossover manuals as well. Perhaps the most interesting statistic is that last year US sales of new electric vehicles exceeded sales of manual transmission vehicles.
  10. The caution about not lugging an engine during break-in is appropriate for manuals. But I, too, wondered about autoboxes last year when breaking in my RAM EcoDiesel pickup. The ZF torque converter maintains rpms just above idle during light acceleration/cruising and doesn't encourage holding or manually downshifting gears like DSG. With the diesel's mighty torque rating, I guess it was never lugging. In the States fewer than 5% of new vehicles are manual. Here's hoping one can trust manufacturers to set auto transmission shift point parameters so as not to lug an engine during break-in.
  11. I leave oil temperature on permanent display for exactly that reason. Mine runs between 200 and 230F, depending on ambient temperature (on the warmer side this time of year), which translates to 93-110C on your side of the Pond. Takes between five and ten minutes of normal driving to get there. Always best to warm up an engine under moderate load, even in cold weather.
  12. We are lucky but, even so, hardly anyone buys Rs in the States. Out of curiosity I looked up recent sales figures which are as follows: 2019 = 4223; 2018 = 3468; 2017 = 2706; 2016 = 1923. That's a good trend line but consider that VW US sales totaled just over 350K both in 2019 and 2018. One wonders why VW bothers marketing a US-spec R. As I've mentioned before, VW is not considered even a semi-premium brand in the States. Plenty of lesser model Audis, BMWs and M-B have base prices circa $35K. Paying $40K for a Golf sounds overpriced to your average buyer. Enthusiasts generally prefer
  13. US enthusiast magazine Car and Driver published a preliminary test of the MK8 R using a German-spec model with the R-Performance package US-bound cars won't see.(!) They praised its speed, precision and refinement but called the new infotainment system "infuriating" without going into details. Their conclusion: A hot hatch for mature audiences, pretty much how they felt about the MK7 R. Speaks to my condition. I love my MK7.5 and the MK7 before that. Price has risen more than hoped, $44,640 for openers, although US-spec is likely to be well-equipped by UK standards. Base price of my MK7.
  14. After eight months I was finally able to get a decent photo of Blossom Dearie (aka Houdini). While daughters Corliss and Pegeen have featured in these pages in all their mischievous cuteness, their once feral mum doesn't photograph well. I think we've finally thwarted her uncanny ability to escape to the great outdoors from my screened porch, thanks to some fairly extensive carpentry work. She seems to be acclimated to indoor life and never did stray far. Maybe that feral upbringing stirred something in her. Anyway, its a relief to arrive home confident she'll be there to greet me.
  15. Paolo, you are confident about how you want your R to be spec'd. Certain compromises won't work for you. While this restricts your choices and requires patience, in the end you'll be glad you waited. Hang in there.
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