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  1. My MK7 R was on 18" wheels and no DCC. No complaints about the ride with factory Bridgestones, but ride and overall quietness improved when I switched to Michelins. Handling seemed unchanged in urban/suburban daily use. US-spec MK7.5 Rs come standard with 19" Continentals and DCC. Ride in default mode may be slightly more brittle but still acceptable to me. I've had the car less a month and haven't experimented with other settings yet.
  2. A/C service isn't mandatory in the States. Think of your dealer advisory as an opportunity for the service department to enhance its revenue stream. Georgia summers are routinely hotter than in the UK, yet automotive a/c systems seem to cope year in/year out. When they begin to flag, I have them serviced. My previous MK6 and MK7 Rs never needed service in the 3.5 years I owned each of them.
  3. When it comes to collectible miniature vehicles sometimes the box is worth more than the toy! My condolences to you and your wife. Here's hoping the Mini turns up and the story has a happy ending.
  4. It's hard to know whether we're all discussing the same whine. My MK7 R whined briefly on start-up regardless of ambient temperature but not while driving. Never paid much attention to it. Haven't noticed it in the MK7.5 so far, but I'll listen for it.
  5. When I washed my new MK7.5 R (build date March 2019) I noticed a bit of bonnet flex not recalled from my MK7 R (build date October 2015). Doesn't bother me and doors close with that quality thunk so many cars in the Golf's price range lack.
  6. Sounds like something I'd do. Oh wait, I did exactly that years ago in my MK6 R. The fact that wheel rash is a common ailment, easy and not overly expensive to fix, and that you're in sympathetic company doesn't do much to assuage the awful feeling that prays on your mind until the repair is completed. Until then, time seems to stand still. Being self-inflicted adds to the misery. Let us know how it goes and you're smiling again.
  7. Cogito


    Many thanks. We'll see if the revised signature works when I complete this post. Miles are starting the build but still under 400 to date. "Nick" (I've named it) was exposed to rain for the first time this weekend. I shut down the Soundaktor but left the other settings at "Normal" for now so I'll have a good baseline reference to compare when I start experimenting. Tested the adaptive cruise control. It works okay but I rarely use cruise around town. I asked the sales consultant to inactivate collision avoidance and lane monitoring from the get-go and have no intention of turning them on. US-spec cars lost four horsepower from official ratings this year. Yet this car seems notably peppier and lag-free than its predecessor, even though we're still early in engine break-in as evidenced by the fuel currently being gulped (MK7 and MK6 were equally thirsty for the first 1-2K miles.) Transmission shift is slicker and clutch take-up smoother too. Here's hoping I snagged a particularly good one.
  8. Cogito


    In the interim please enlighten me where to update the 2016 MK7 R listing to 2019 MK7.5 at the bottom of my posts. I've poked around in Profile but haven't figured out where this particular change is made.
  9. That used to be my viewpoint and to an extent it still is. Allegedly, differences come from additives used in various brands. Perhaps they make a difference. Certainly many enthusiasts swear they do. It's been discussed at length in this forum that 95 octane fuel may affect performance but shouldn't hurt the R engine. VW is officially okay with it. Same is true in the US, where ratings are calculated differently but the fuel is the same, Our 91 is UK's 95, and 93 is UK 98. What's available often depends on where you live, which seems odd to me. I live in a state with 93 octane.
  10. 2019 MK7.5 R - Lapiz

    Other current wheels:  2003 Porsche Boxster S - Midnight Blue; 2005 Ford F-150 pickup - Silver

    Gone but remembered fondly:  2016 MK7 R - Lapiz; 2012 MK6 R - Rising Blue; 1995 BMW M3 - Avus Blue

  11. Honest, genuine people don't draw attention to themselves, so these traits seem less common than they are. When accepting thanks for helping strangers, why not quietly remind them that you'll feel fully thanked if they pass it along and do the same for others when the opportunity arises? Nothing preachy. Simply making the world a better place one good deed at a time.
  12. The i3 can accelerate briskly (my sister-in-law had one), but beware of such antics if you encounter a dual motor Tesla . . .
  13. Cogito


    I'd like to order a VWROC window sticker for the new R but they're out of stock in the store. Does anyone know whether there will be more?
  14. Cogito


    I think VW US introduced the six year warranty in 2018 and, yes, it was a big influence on my decision. The garage is nothing special by suburban US standards, but I'd like to post pictures of the interior walls. They reflect my interest (obsession?) with automobilia. Lots of old hubcaps, commercial vehicle badges, licence plates, even some airline-related memorabilia. Challenge is lighting - not at all conducive to photo-taking. Pictures end up looking like indistinguishable clutter. Maybe I'll give it another try when time permits.
  15. Cogito


    Truth is I surprised myself a little. First thought was why trade a car I love and recently updated with new tires and battery? True, I can count on loving a MK7.5 R, but new US-spec Rs come fully equipped with features I've decried for years. Then the mental counter-attack began. My 2016 was off warranty. The 2019s have a 6 year/72K mile warranty as well as a few added features I actually like: LED headlights and taillights; Prets; audible park distance control (prefer that to the ubiquitous rear view camera); blind spot monitor. Maybe some things I'll learn to like: DCC; XDS+ Cross Differential System; Navigation; adaptive cruise control; driving mode selector. A handful of things I don't care about but don't mind; Fender premium audio system; digital instrument panel; Performance Monitor. Plus all the features my 2016 had, like them or not. For example, leather's still standard, so we transferred my sheepskin seat covers to the new car. (I actually bought them for the MK6 R back in 2012.) Anyone interested can check out the US VW web site to confirm we get as standard equipment almost everything UK buyers have to tick boxes for. To drive a brand-new updated, higher-spec model with the same monthly payments I've been making for years began to seem like a no-brainer. Over time we'll see if that's true. Becka, they had a black R in stock. Assuming it was the DSG model you'd want (I didn't see it), would you have been tempted if monthly financing were unchanged?
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