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  1. I haven't been following MK8 topics lately because the arrival of MK8 Rs for sale in the States is still uncertain. But this weekend I read two separate reviews in US enthusiast magazines that raise concern. In essence both found the infotainment system baffling enough to render the car less competitive. One article was a comparison of the R against a (previous generation) Honda Civic Type R. By almost every measure the MK8 produced superior results. Yet, the testers essentially eliminated it from consideration because they found the infotainment system so unintuitive it interfered with s
  2. If you knew what a 20th century guy I am, you'd understand how ironically funny that comment is. I'm about the only person I know who doesn't text. Even my 97-year-old mother asks why I don't learn how . . . As for stronger wheels, with my timing I'd no sooner have them installed than the MK8 Rs would arrive in the showrooms to seduce me. Something vaguely similar happened with my MK7 R after replacing the factory Bridgestones with all-weather high performance Michelins. A few months later the dealer made me an out-of-the blue offer to trade for my current MK7.5. I took it and don't reg
  3. The pothole was huge but nearly invisible and unexpected. What sounded like an explosion, an awful racket from the right front wheel, and a veritable light show on the dash quickly made me aware of what happened. This morning I looked up the pothole online and found quite a discussion about it. The local roads department fixed it promptly, but the pleasant folks I've spoken with say they don't have jurisdiction over reimbursement for damages because it's a numbered state highway. They're trying to help find someone at State of Georgia DOT to whom one can submit a claim, an interesting exam
  4. Thanks for the pdf tip, Mil. I think it's working. For those who are wondering about the formidable row of balancing weights, they were added when the wheel was straightened, not replaced, following my last pothole episode. Much to my surprise, they worked. I detected traces of vibration only at speeds so far beyond the limit there was no point complaining to the wheel/tire people. In all normal driving, even in speed-crazy Atlanta, the car rode smoothly. The new wheel manages without so many weights.
  5. Has anyone been sufficiently bored to count the number of pothole strikes I've reported since joining this Forum? The latest hit occurred last week. It was a whopper that required a new wheel/tire and realignment, including the adaptive cruise control. No damage to front suspension components. Circumstances were mundane - an otherwise ordinary drive to work on a poorly lit road at 6-o'dark in the AM. The right front Pret buckled to the point I could barely get the car off the road. Luckily, there was a grammar school parking lot nearby. At least three other vehicles joined me, although
  6. Your Boxster looks very nice. The color is striking. Don't think I've seen once like that here in the States. I bought my '03 in 2014 with circa 25K miles. It now has 38K and has proved a wonderful companion to the three Rs I've had during that time (MK6, MK7, MK7.5). Annual maintenance isn't cheap, but having a competent independent mechanic go over it once a year seems to keep it fit and trouble-free. I wish you similar luck with yours.
  7. I'm a little late to the conversation, but you can count on me to assert my contrarian preference for manual even though DSG objectively gets the job done better and would continue to be the future if electrification weren't the direction we seem to be taking. When the MK8 R arrives Stateside with manual, I'll certainly check it out. It's supposed to happen later this autumn, though with the general shortage of new cars, who knows when they'll turn up. I recently had the MK7.5 in for an oil change and to investigate why the Low Coolant light flashed for the second time in as many months.
  8. Jasper's turning out to be a fine companion.
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