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  1. At my request the dealer shut off the Soundaktor on my 2016 MK7 R. I used Individual to set it to lowest level on the MK7.5. I thought that turned it off but in any case the car sounds fine.
  2. Hang in there and get the word out (as I'm sure you have). Sooner or later you and your prospective feline buddy(ies) will find each other. Haven't had much to say about Blossom, mother of Pegeen and Corliss. I adopted her a month ago, and she wasn't a happy camper. She hid (still don't know where) and evidently came out at night to eat. Only dry food - if I left extra wet food, the girls (who are friendly and spirited as ever) would gobble it up. Blossom sightings have gradually become more frequent. Sometimes she'll remain in the same room with me. I talk with her and offer toys to
  3. Cogito

    Buy or not?

    In that case count me among those who suggest buying the '19. See how the market goes for 8Rs. Drive one at your leisure, plan an ideal spec, maybe even order one if budget permits buying new. Meanwhile you have an excellent car to enjoy while you wait. Win-win.
  4. The kittens are growing. This weekend my sister tried to teach them to use the pet door (url is touchy, may have to cut and paste it into your browser). She succeeded but I may have to replace the door because the magnetic catch is too stiff and we can't figure out how to defeat it. (Tape on the door is to help them see it better.) Meanwhile, I've wired the door permanently open. It leads to a screened porch and so far has proved neither drafty nor buggy. They've been using it that way for weeks. Plans to adopt the mama cat were delayed a week - she should arrive this coming weekend.
  5. She's a beauty all right! Glad she came back to you. Maybe she'll settle in and decide she's 100% yours. My "girls" are growing larger and doing well. Their feral mother is still with the foster family from whom I adopted the kittens, but she's just about recovered from being spayed. They say she's becoming more relaxed and social by the day. I may be able to adopt her this coming weekend and will send photos when I do.
  6. Tesla interiors don't inspire me either, but that's easily remedied. If Tesla doesn't do it, its competitors will. Electric car prices will likely become more competitive as well, though who knows when. It's the range and recharge time that remains a question mark.
  7. True. When I refer to my hypothetical acceptance criteria of five minute full recharge and > 300 mile range, that's under worst-case conditions, i.e. broiling hot weather with a/c going full blast, bitter cold and full heat, mountainous terrain, continuous Interstate/Motorway/Autoban speed, liberal use of the Ludicrous button, etc. No babying, no reduced power, no exceptions, no nonsense.
  8. If you have the opportunity to ride in or drive a Tesla equipped with the infamous Ludicrous button, don't pass on it. Hang on tight! Acceleration is pretty amazing. Never felt anything like it powered by internal combustion. Not a one-trick pony, either. Handling is respectable, though not state-of-the-art.
  9. My brother and sister-in-law have had five Teslas (and one BMW i3) between them. You will NOT find them in the slow lane here in the States! We don't (yet) have a pending electric deadline, but on a pragmatic note my "conversion" would be based on improved infrastructure, five minute full recharge, and > 300 mile range. I see no reason why electric cars can't be designed to appeal to enthusiast drivers but do occasionally wonder whether battery-electric technology may prove environmentally harmful in the long run.
  10. North American spec varies from UK (and Euro) spec, and there are differences within the NA market. For example, Canadians got the Spekrum colors option in 2018, US not until 2019 (Germany had it for years, UK not at all). For a while US buyers had a choice of two levels of standard equipment, both quite generous by UK standards. Now it's only the higher level. Not sure how that worked in Canada. If you have DCC and 19" wheels, you have the higher level. When the facelift version came to NA, it superseded the earlier version. My US 2019 is a MK7.5; 2018 Canadian probably is as well. Do
  11. A friend sent me information about the forthcoming US-spec MK8 R from a recent issue of Automotive News. The R will be released as a 2022 model sometime during the second half of 2021. Power rises to 315hp through a new torque-vectoring AWD system. Standard feature content remains generous, including a newly available sunroof. Six-speed manual continues to be standard with DSG optional. Pricing has not been announced. Not sure this offers many clues to how VW will spec product for the UK market. R sales, never robust here in the States, plummeted in 2020; fewer than 1200 were sold the f
  12. Too early to forecast the outcome. In the 1970s here in the States the perfect storm of US emission/fuel economy/crash standards ran ahead of technology. We ended up with some dreadful, poor-driving cars. Technology eventually caught up and surpassed anything one might then have imagined, although it took time. With electrics, restricted range and extended charge time are big question marks. Who knows whether these significant inconveniences can be overcome by the end of the decade. The vehicles themselves have great potential.
  13. Sounds reasonable except Muzza knew the spacing didn't meet regs and displayed the plates anyway. Granted this isn't much of an infraction, but what does it mean to warn drivers about something they already know? Not a Stateside issue because all plates, including vanity, are dispensed by the states. But semi-opaque covers to reduce camera readability are not uncommon. Don't think warnings for those should be expected either. Muzza's reaction seems appropriate.
  14. And I see your logic. The point of my approach is to sell the car quickly by giving the buyer a good deal. We all like good deals and it can be just as satisfying to give one as receive one. Usually when I'm ready to sell I don't want to drag out the process, which is why I'm not adverse to trade-ins. Your situation is different and equally valid. You don't mind if it doesn't sell quickly, so it may be worth your while to aim for a higher price. You risk having to deal with more potential buyers, lookers, etc., but there are no certainties either way. Please keep us informed whether ma
  15. Camel, if getting every last cent out of the deal isn't your foremost concern, consider my philosophy which is to give the prospective buyer the sort of reasonably good deal you would hope to find were the tables turned. You don't want to price it so low that shoppers are suspicious, you just want to move it quickly and with minimum stress. Perhaps towards the top of the price range for a base spec model of similar year and miles but with all the extras and service replacements included? Plus the buyer gets a well-cared-for car from a conscientious owner, something you can't put a price on
  16. Years ago I had a boss who said she always bought red cars for that reason. Given her choices (Pontiac Sunbird, Saturn SL, Mercury Capri, and Honda Accord come to mind), she needed all the help she could get.
  17. What's in a number? VW rates my US-spec 2019 MK7.5 R at 288hp. My 2016 MK7 R was 292. I certainly can't tell the difference. If anything the 7.5 feels stronger in street driving, but I think VW may have done some judicious fiddling with the gear ratios.
  18. Here in the States no insurance company has ever asked me for information about factory options on the vehicles they insure. Presumably they can reference everything they need to know from the VIN.
  19. Agree with everyone who recommends service. All my vehicles get oil changes at 5K miles or one year, whichever comes first. In the case of the Boxster, which sees only 2-3K miles per year, my independent mechanic gives it a full annual inspection and changes fluids as appropriate. Repairs/replacement may include tires, battery, shocks, etc. This year we changed weak struts on the front and rear trunks. Preventative maintenance is not inexpensive but it's so much better than facing unexpected repairs (or bumps on the head in the case of the struts ). Miles may be down a bit next year but
  20. Every vehicle on the UK list is sold in the US, though quantities are not large. No surprise that the US list comprises our most popular sellers. Note that order varies slightly depending on whose list you look at, but the models are mostly the same: 1) Ford full-size pickup 2) Honda Civic 3) Chevrolet full-size pickup 4) Honda Accord 5) Toyota Camry 6) Nissan Altima 7) Toyota Corolla 8) Dodge/RAM full-size pickup 9) GMC full-size pickup 10) Honda CR-V The huge-selling pickups don't surprise me. Ford's F-series has bee
  21. My vehicles get oil and filter changed every 5K miles or one year, whichever comes first. Most manufacturers specify longer intervals, but the service is relatively inexpensive and peace of mind is priceless.
  22. List price stateside for a Civic Type R is about $4K less than VW R manual (DSG is extra). Both are sold nicely equipped. You can raise the Type R price to R level with a carbon fiber exterior kit and red interior package, neither of which affects the essential nature of the car. In base form it's likely that monthly payments on the Honda would be lower than the VW unless VWs were being seriously discounted. For the right person I totally get what you mean about the appeal.
  23. Hershey milk chocolate is too sweet for me, too. Their semi-sweet dark chocolate is better. This is chocolate for the masses, not of notably high quality but not too pricey either. Hershey owns many other brands and dominates the market here in the States. There's a car connection as well. The largest collector car show in the country and likely the world is held on their property in Hershey, Pennsylvania, each fall under the auspices of the Antique Automobile Club of America. My first show was in 1979 and I've been attending ever since. Not this year though because the show was cancele
  24. Right you are! You can always call your male offspring Junior, while females can be named in honor of their grandmothers, etc. Sometimes I get carried away with prospective pet names. Sticking with the brown theme, you could name your puppy UPS and call him Ups or Upsie. I'm into commercial aviation so If my new kittens had been male, they might have ended up named Boeing and Airbus.
  25. That beautiful deep chocolate color makes me think of Hershey as a fitting name. Do you have Hershey chocolate products in the UK? I also like Cadbury but maybe too stiff and formal-sounding for a cute puppy like this? Need to know more about his personality. Actually, Bertie may suit him as well.
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