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  1. Your choices are interesting, comments on them even more so. Care for an American perspective? Z4 doesn't sell well Stateside, so the deal you're offered isn't surprising. You like the car (that's what's important) and the good price is a nice bonus. As the owner of a low mileage first generation Boxster S, I can vouch for the excellent pairing with both MK6 and MK7 R. Outright speed isn't the issue here. Under certain circumstances the MK6 felt quicker, and the MK7 almost always does. But the Boxster's handling and especially the steering are so sweet! We have a lot more top-down day
  2. Deano and bitmadmax are correct, US cars don't have rear LED lights or folding mirrors, though regulations don't forbid them. VW is not regarded as a premium brand in the US and is seldom cross-shopped against BMW, Audi, M-B, etc. R models are considered expensive (nearly twice the price of a base Golf), so healthy spec is a must. Here are some updates to my original post I thought I added yesterday but don't see. Missed a color option, Oryx White. US colors are same as UK, just fewer choices. The Drivers Assistance package mentioned by phobos512 is available only on premium models.
  3. After less than a month on this forum I sense significant differences between ordering a MK7 R in the UK versus the US. In the US VW offers only the four-door model in two spec levels. Base includes all the mod-cons, i.e. heated power seats, rear camera, Bluetooth, App Connect, 18" alloys, leather interior, keyless entry, bi-xenon lights, etc. Premium adds Dynamic Chassis Control, navigation, premium audio and 19" alloys. Either is available with manual or DSG, but you can't get a sunroof or fog lights. Colors choices are black, gray, red and blue. Other factory options are minimal. My
  4. Cogito

    Mk6R or mk7R

    I posted a response similar to this the end of December three days after trading my 2012 MK6 on a 2016 MK7. But Red asks for comments from owners like me, so here goes. Disclaimer: Most of you seem to be UK-based; I'm a Yank, but we share the enthusiasm. Enjoyed 35K trouble-free miles with the MK6. Heard so many good things about the MQB platform that I was eager to try it. MK7 extra horsepower and features sweetened the pot. I believe in a brisk but careful break-in period and haven't reached 1K miles so can't make performance driving comparisons yet. Basically it seems to me the MK7'
  5. To each his/her own. Like Exonian I find manual makes driving more involving regardless of whether I'm puttering around in traffic (which, unfortunately, happens a lot where I live) or letting the car stretch its legs. While not one to participate in street racing, my full respect to those who exploit the virtues of DSG responsibly. Just hope VW and other manufacturers don't drop the manual option on high-performance models due to absence of takers. I'm not optimistic; it's happening sooner in the States than elsewhere in the world.
  6. Thank you for ordering manual. They are an endangered species that may disappear entirely within the next few years due to advancing technology and lack of buyer interest. True, the dual-clutch auto is quicker and at least as fuel efficient, but to me that's not the point. VW chose to introduce the 7R with auto in the States (where I live), which discouraged me from purchasing a 2015 model. Fortunately, the '16s are arriving with manual - I bought mine, a Lapiz 5-door, just after Christmas to replace my trusty 2012 6R. Gearing is different between the two, which takes getting used to, but
  7. Cogito

    BMW M2

    Funny I should run into this discussion today. Last night I was reading up on the M2 and thinking what a nice replacement it might be for the R a few years down the road. Likely a used example for budgetary reasons. Reminds me of the used E36 M3 I bought in 1999 and cherished for many years. No rush. My MK7 R is barely two weeks old - still breaking it in. Should be everything my MK6 R was and more. FYI, this is a Yank's perspective. Didn't realize when I joined the forum that most members are on the other side of the Pond. From my perspective I've also got the C7 Corvette to consider
  8. Interesting response. I know the rest of the world had the manual option from the get-go. My question should have been directed to the US audience. Why do you think I may not enjoy the MK7 as much as the MK6?
  9. Hi, Adam. I spent over three glorious years with a 2012 MK6 R, and traded it last Saturday for a '16 Mk7. Assuming budgetary constraints limit you to a MK6, by all means go for it! The MK7 is a more advanced car. I was attracted by the great reviews it receives, but also by my happy experience with the MK6. Mine proved completely reliable. All the usual used car buying precautions apply. Make sure it's been serviced regularly (I do oil changes at 5K miles instead of VW's 10K schedule). Otherwise, can't think of anything in particular to watch for. Enjoy your ride!
  10. Last Saturday I traded my well-loved 35K mile 2012 VW R for a 2016 R. The '12 model provided nearly trouble-free entertainment for over three years, and I expect the same from the new one. Would have traded earlier for a '15 model had VW not taken the dubious decision to begin the US-bound MK7 model run with dual-clutch automatics. A competent transmission no doubt, but I wanted manual. One salesman in Florida (I live in metro Atlanta) told me his dealership received and sold exactly one '15 R with manual. It doesn't matter now, but I'm curious if any participants in this forum own manual
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