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  1. So true. Maybe that helps explain my love of big 'Murican pickup trucks. They don't drive anything like my R, Boxster, or any decent-handling car. But in the right time and place they satisfy a certain kind of driving itch. One of the pleasures of driving even the most ordinary rental cars is getting a sense of the variety out there, along with the relief of coming back to a vehicle you love. I share Bec's enjoyment of driving alone but also love road trips with good friends, both the trip and the driving.
  2. Isn't the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid) widely known beyond the States? Surely that's what Paul (from New Zealand) was referring to, and it's never meant personally. Glad Peter didn't take it that way.
  3. Welcome, Alex. I live in Lilburn and don't see many Rs on the streets of metro Atlanta. Agree you have a great color. In the photo it doesn't look like Indium Gray, which is the only standard gray VW's offered for US-spec models. Is yours a Spektrum color at extra cost? If so, it looks to be worth it. I've been on this forum since 2016 when I bought my first MK7 R (had a MK6 before that). I now drive a 2019 MK7.5 which seems to run at least as strong despite the on-paper horsepower deficit. There's a US owners web site that just didn't work for me. The participants on this site are a
  4. Assuming your budget can manage it, this sounds like the ideal time to trade. You're approaching a major service event and can justify moving on to an estate. Cars you like are available. I agree with those who say condition and service history are more important than miles. Forty thousand miles isn't a lot on a well-maintained car and you're not likely to pile on the miles in future years. Here in the States it is important to be cautious about non-factory warranties. One hears stories how they never seem to cover what goes wrong. Also, if you choose a car needing major service in the
  5. Prudent move, Rebecca. Allows plenty of time in case pent-up demand floods service schedules. Plus, you may be ahead of the game if the virus spikes (who knows?) and things close down again. I managed to finagle a desparately-needed but socially frowned upon haircut early in May and have snagged an available appointment for the end of this week, even though I'd normally let it go five or six weeks. Don't want to endure another uncertain, unkempt future.
  6. Agree Lmferreira got some excellent advice from these posts. The difference between 300 and 310hp need not be a deciding factor. Fuel management in VW R motors destined for the States isn't as advanced as in Europe, so our rating has been 296hp until 2019 when it was reduced to 288hp. Even so, in normal daily driving at all rpms my 2019 7.5 R feels seat-of-the-pants peppier than the 2016 MK7 it replaced. I don't track the car so street performance is what matters to me. I'm inclined to be skeptical of factory ratings. Even if they're accurate, there can be subtle variations among engine
  7. Agree. It's all about ground clearance. Foresters have a generous (for a non-off-road vehicle) 8.7" clearance. Never wanted to admit this story to Forum readers but perhaps the statute of limits for stupidity has expired. Not long after buying my 2016 MK7 R, I parked it on what appeared to be an unpaved, mostly flat verge off a busy road to check out an estate sale (one of my major weekend hobbies). Despite driving very slowly, all of a sudden there was the most horrendous scraping sound under the car. The scraping continued even longer as I gingerly extracted the R from the space. Imm
  8. Or leather versus cloth or Prets versus Cadiz, Spielberg, et al. Pisquano has lots of opportunity to become a knowledgeably opinionated member of the Forum. Here's hoping he sticks with us.
  9. I think you and Greg both are right. Porsche tends to attract more manual-focused customers than any other mainstream brand (though less so in the States with each passing year). Porsche obliges to the point of manual-only in certain models. They also produce PDK-only top-performing models and likely will ditch manual completely if the market for it drys up, Fingers crossed it doesn't. As for scarcity of Rs on the used market, in the long run it will be the manuals in short supply and considered more desirable, even if many current R enthusiasts think DSG is the better option.
  10. Manual cars magic? To me it's automatics, especially the good ones, that are magic, managing the proper gearing on their own. Automatics are easier to drive. That's why most drivers, enthusiasts and otherwise, prefer them in heavy traffic. It also explains why US drivers so often are branded as lazy by the rest of the world. These days only a tiny percentage of us can drive a manual. None of this has anything to do with why I prefer them. Manuals simply are more satisfying to me. And while I'm proficient with them in all normal street situations, I'd almost certainly be faster around a
  11. I'm a staunch fan of manuals but believe in being open-minded to alternatives. By all means drive DSG and see what you think. If it doesn't work for you, do what it takes to find a manual in the spec you want. FYI, I subscribe to the UK publication Modern Classics which evaluates performance and collector cars from the '80s though early 2000s. It is interesting to note that in the collector/enthusiast world, models featuring manuals invariably are considered more desirable than their automatic (including computer automated manuals) counterparts. I predict this trend will continue as manua
  12. For the record, I speak for myself. The advice presented by my employer is in line with that of medical experts around the world. Their efforts are humane, sincere, tireless, and admirable. I am proud of the lives we're saving and in awe of dedicated frontline healthcare workers everywhere. Research continues on many fronts, but our understanding is not where it needs to be to make confident policy decisions. Those who feel more comfortable in lockdown should go with their feelings. They may prove right. Or not . . .
  13. The virus is real, my friend. I work at a respected medical center and am briefed daily. Read or listen between the lines and it becomes apparent how little we know about how it all works and what to do about it. Eventually we'll figure it out. Meanwhile, please keep an open mind, eschew conspiracy theories, and try not to generalize the American perspective based on pronouncements of a president many of us wish we hadn't elected.
  14. Sadly, no one knows the answer to that question. We're not fine now, but until someone can definitively explain how and when we'll know we're going to be okay, what exactly do we expect to accomplish with perpetual lockdown? Those who insist that lockdown remains necessary are speculating just as much as are those who are open to seeking more immediate alternatives.
  15. This thought has crossed my mind too, Gav, especially considering the regular instances of terrible driving going on with traffic curtailed. On the other hand, bad driving seems to be with us regardless of circumstances. Realistically, it might be best to remain observant, drive like the idiots are out to get you, and press on with life.
  16. My reaction to the 200 mile round trip biker story is hope they had a great time! With all due respect to the opinions of others, I do not support the enactment of preventive directives based on speculation. Not the sort of busy-body worry-wart society I wish to live in.
  17. Here's a random US perspective. My new RAM pickup, described elsewhere, was ordered in January and arrived for delivery in March at the height of Stay At Home ramp up in Georgia. The showroom was spotless, reeked of disinfectant, and seemed mostly vacant. We did 90% of the transaction outside. I had the R serviced at my local VW dealer not long thereafter. Social distancing was okay. Showroom was open but don't think they were selling any cars. Recently a friend in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, has been negotiating to buy a new Honda Ridgeline pickup, partially the result of some bad ne
  18. Off topic for a moment. My mother had a lighthearted comment to remind her male offspring to put down the toilet seat, something about preventing an influx of ladies from floating down a local river. My grumbly teenage reply was that if someone didn't have enough sense to look before sitting, she deserved what she got. However, I developed the habit and ended up being the Obedient Son. As for 308, are you sure you don't mean don't mean Ferrari?
  19. Maybe, but why go out of the way to park next to someone in an inconvenient location? Why not park next to someone in a convenient location? This one continues to puzzle me. Aside from the occasional sociopath who derives some sort of hateful pleasure in inflicting random damage, I think most non-enthusiast parkers are either careless or genuinely fail to comprehend that a door dent would bother someone.
  20. Being something of a foodie, I know what a pasty is. In the States it might be referred to as a meat pie or turnover, all variations of the same theme.
  21. Ginster has no particular meaning that I'm aware of here in the States. From your comment I assume it's a brand of Cornish pasties in the UK.
  22. This link may work. Worth a try. https://media.vw.com/en-us/releases/1065#images
  23. Not sure if I mentioned this before but as a lifetime automotive sales literature collector I have been aware of a portfolio selector of Spektrum colors VW produced for dealers. I actually found one on a sales lit rack at an out-of-town dealership, where it didn't belong. An apologetic sales guy made me give it back, understandable under the circumstances. He looked it up for me on a dealer-only web site. They cost the dealership nearly $300! Last fall the topic came up in conversation with my local dealer sales manager, and he gave me theirs! It doesn't look as though it should cost eve
  24. Thanks for the thoughtful response. My father taught me to be respectful of clutches to avoid unnecessary wear. He was beyond horrified when in driver training class we were taught to hold a car stationary on a hill using the clutch friction point. Needless to say, I never developed that dastardly habit, although I would argue it isn't a bad way to learn how to master friction points . . . using a driver training car.
  25. The standard pedal is light compared, say, to the clutch on my Boxster S. But is "light" incompatible with "strong"? I should think it is technologically possible to combine strength with lightness. Maybe it boils down to VW's ongoing pursuit to save money and willingness to compromise by providing a clutch not fully up to the job.
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