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  1. Nothing that can hold a candle to Camel! Being born and raised in the US, I've driven my share of Yank-tanks: Cadillacs, Lincolns, Chrysler Imperials, gigantic '60s and '70s station wagons, etc. Some when they were new, others owned by car-collector friends. Also an occasional medium-duty truck and even a short spell with 40-foot transit buses. My weakness is full-size 'Murican pickups; have owned several over the years. In fact I recently succumbed to temptation and placed a factory order (first time ever) for something I'll share with the forum in due time. Not to worry, the R obsess
  2. Cogito

    Hyundai i30N

    I admire your open-mindedness. The model is called Veloster N here in the States. Road & Track magazine recently awarded it Performance Car of the Year in a field of traditional, worthy, and expensive contenders. Obviously, they had a lot of fun with it and found it more than fit for purpose. Quite the bargain. Honda's Civic Type R, though a bit more costly, also falls into the general category of performance cars that pull above their weight. Too bad I never can get beyond its looks. Part of my attraction to the Golf R is its well-rounded, easy to get along with nature. Perhaps th
  3. This is an opportune time to determine your spec preferences and priorities. But with your lease up in March 2021, when is the earliest you are able to buy? That's when you should begin the serious search. If the window is short, be prepared to compromise on spec and/or price. Also consider that within parameters only you can decide, you're more likely to be satisfied with a well-cared-for car in sound mechanical condition than a dodgy example with "perfect" spec. like
  4. I follow Greg's approach to keep it brief (but friendly). For sales or charity calls I simply say, "Not interested," and wish them a pleasant day. If anyone tries to continue, I repeat more emphatically. For religious or political pitches I tell them that in my youth my parents advised never to discuss religion or politics with strangers (true) and over the years that advice has proven sound. Only once has someone replied that he wasn't a stranger. I gave what I hoped to be a withering look, and he went away.
  5. Camel, you make a powerful case to destigmatize the notion of counseling, which you know to be critical component on the path to recovery and getting on with life. Hope your message resonates with others.
  6. Camel, I work for a large US medical facility with a prominent cancer treatment center and hear (and sometimes witness) all kinds of cancer-fighting journeys. Your narrative is among the best, not necessarily because of outcome, which no one knows for certain, but in terms of facing and rising to the challenges of battling both the disease and the side-effects of treatment! Thanks for sharing. Continue to maintain perspective and take it one day at a time, my friend.
  7. Ultimately this is a personal decision. If you're looking for support (nothing wrong with that), I doubt you'll find many on this forum who try to talk you out of a MK 7.5 R with DSG. Find one in your price range with specs to suit you, check its history and mechanical condition to verify it's a good one, and go for it! My own preference is for manual, but DSG is well-respected and has a large following. You'll never know how you like it until you give it a try.
  8. It's a striking design, Charles, but I agree about feeling unsure wearing it. Not so much that it's feminine but because it would be a jarring contrast to my relatively conservative wardrobe, particularly dress clothing.
  9. Given that sometimes I share my Luddite tendencies with the forum, it won't surprise anyone to know that I still wear a watch, though not a pocket watch on a chain. Nor, contrary to popular opinion, do I lug around a sundial. My everyday Seiko is battery-powered and has been utterly reliable over the past 15 years since I got it from my late father. Lord knows how long he had it. My previous watch was a railroad-certified Seiko purchased circa 1980. Corrosion in the battery case eventually did it in. Last spring I bought a "back-up" Seiko for less than $10 at an estate sale. I forgot a
  10. Thanks everyone. Looks like I may have to pay to explore the plate's history prior to the 1994 M-B 300. Probably won't bother, but maybe the M-B owner might be amused to know that an early example of the registration plate hangs in a US residential garage. My suspicion is that when a typical owner buys a prior registration number, little thought is given to that number's history.
  11. Please help enlighten this Yank's incomplete understanding of UK vehicle registration. A US license plate collector friend recently visited. He's from out-of-town and noticed the British plate, souvenir from a 1996 visit to the Beaulieu autojumble, displayed on my garage wall. When he got home he looked up OX 16 in some reference document and told me it's a pre-1932 Birmingham issue. He could not determine what sort of vehicle it was assigned to but said that information is available in the UK. Does anyone know how to chase it down online, preferably without incurring charges?
  12. Thanks for the caution, Gav. Has anyone on this forum bought a pre-owned car sight-unseen on ebay (or under other circumstances for that matter)? How did it go? Not something I'd do. Here in the States we've been cautioned for years to arrange viewing of private sale cars in well-populated public areas to help minimize the sort of risk you raise. It's also wise to bring along a friend both for safety and to provide unbiased perspective on the potential purchase.
  13. Buying a car (or cars) as an investment is different from being an auto enthusiast. Potential purchases should be analyzed like any other investment opportunity. There is concurrent risk to consider. That's not what car ownership is all about to me. Pleasure comes from driving and maintaining the vehicle. That costs money. It would be coincidental if something I owned and enjoyed happened to rise in value.
  14. Manufacturers walk a tightrope between marketing and emissions certification. It costs extra to engineer and certify both manual and auto. The take on manuals is low, especially here in the States where even poverty spec models are nearly all auto. Porsche vows to provide manual option for some of its models as long as buyers request it. Specialty models from the likes of Hyundai, Honda, Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, etc. may also continue to offer manual at least in the short term. Interestingly, the newly released mid-engine C8 Corvette is dual-clutch only with no indication of a future
  15. Driver training used to be offered in US high schools. The 1963-'64 class I took was the last year in our district to use cars with manual transmission (three-on-the-tree). I took my driver's test in my mother's Oldsmobile station wagon with automatic but mostly drove my father's Anglia, which he traded on an Opel Kadett late in 1964, both manuals, thereafter. Later I bought the Opel from my father . . . first car.
  16. It would have been wonderful to have a driver training car like that back in the day. Here in the States they say Millennials are less enthusiastic about learning to drive and owning a car than previous generations, although you'd never guess judging by traffic congestion. Is it the same in the UK? The GTI appears to be DSG. Does that restrict the license to automatic vehicles in the UK? It doesn't in the US, where virtually everyone learns to drive auto and few want to learn manual but are free to drive whatever they can manage.
  17. It's oddly comforting to hear that others have problems like this. I thought I was the only one too lame to figure out why one evening shortly after I got my latest R the rear interior lights wouldn't go out. No doubt I'd pushed an unintended button. But which one? I continued to press randomly with increasing irritation until finally all lights worked as expected. Still don't know what I did to cause or cure the issue, but now I try to pay closer attention to seemingly simple, innocuous adjustments.
  18. Please don't take the criticism of your car-washing excursion personally. The forum is populated by wonderful, well-meaning people who have your best interests at heart. We are enthusiasts who take pride in maintaining the pristine appearance of our Rs. Hand washing is part of the routine. There is a place for the automated car wash. I send my 2005 Ford F-150 pickup through one periodically because it removes the crud and, hey, it's a big old Ford pickup that's no joy to wash by hand. I keep it waxed and can't say that the paint looks more shabby than it did when I bought the truck near
  19. I think Rs look great in red, but that isn't the point. You're not a chump. This is a common dilemma when seeking the cars of our dreams. My guess is you'll be happy with your decision, but you're in plenty of good company when faced with such a choice.
  20. I feel your pain, George. I've tried for most of my car-owning life to keep in mind that stone chips are the almost inevitable result of using your vehicle as it was intended. Would we really prefer memories of admiring a pristine paint job to spirited rides in a great-driving car? We all want both, of course, but I'm better than I used to be at tolerating the blemishes and cherishing the drives. Chips can always be repaired if they become unbearable.
  21. Gav, substitute dollars for pounds and this is precisely the thinking of many US buyers. That's why GTIs (circa $30K) sell so much better than Rs (circa $40K) in the States. Not sure I can justify the $10K difference objectively, but I sure can emotionally. That's what matters to this enthusiast, so here I am enjoying my third R.
  22. Wow, Camel, so good to hear from you! Keep up with that "R" therapy. Sometimes doing what you enjoy most is the real miracle drug. Best wishes for the New Year.
  23. Huw, there are quite a few forum participants worth paying attention to, and you're among the top. Congratulations and keep it up!
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