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  1. I would go for a 992 Turbo S πŸ˜†
  2. Nile the 'Powerful Racer'
  3. Looks good! Gyeon Duraflex is a great product πŸ‘
  4. It's like the B pillars. Very easy to Marr the gloss black.
  5. Looks good! Time to drive and kill some bugs 🐜
  6. Like wheels they look now πŸ‘
  7. VW should take this 'cracking' issue seriously being a weak product!
  8. Would be good to see πŸ‘
  9. It's like meeting someone you love 😊
  10. Nice start to the weekend! Great outcome πŸ‘Some positive news atlast!
  11. You might get a 997 Gen2? Worth a thought?
  12. Gyeon Duraflex Ceramic coating and wash with Gyeon Bathe works very well.
  13. Take it! Β£100-- excess deal sounds okay to me
  14. Nile

    Hi - newbie

    Great! Partly the sound is fake! enjoy the car when the time is right 🀞🏾
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