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  1. Nile

    What will your next car be?

    Agree with you. The Porsche warranty is by itself almost 1.5 K / annum. Been off them for 4 years and definitely better off financially and mentally 😆
  2. Nile

    Bumper repair cost?

    I have been in your same position! It was a bin or something that had been dragged in my case. Painful! Hope it gets sorted soon
  3. Nile

    7.5 Keyless - Fob / Locked Out

  4. Basic wash is £25-£50/- depending on size of the car which is not bad. ( not your Eastern European 5 people jumping on wash 🤣). It goes up the more advanced wash you pick 😀
  5. Liquid car care , Knightsbridge.
  6. Nile

    New to vw’s

  7. Nile

    Akrapovic MK7.5 R

    Agree. I like mine due to the subtle behaviour till you get into sports/ Race mode. Not too chavvy like some of the others.
  8. Nile

    Tornado red, Bristol

    Saw a 65 Reg, Tornado red with Prets, drivers window partly down Cotham area this evening. Anyone here?
  9. Nile

    The best colour

    I guess this should float your boat 🤣🤣 It has Performance pack and Akro
  10. Nile

    Decisions decisions!!!

    Nice! Always had a soft spot for RS4.
  11. Nile

    The best colour

    Atlantic blue
  12. Nile

    A45 's'...... 421 PS !

    Hope it loses some weight. I found the current A45 FL too heavy.
  13. Nile

    Clay bar on ceramic

    I think it's a bad move to clay bar and not polish as you said there is a good chance of causing paint defects
  14. Nile


    Wait till someone parks next to it 🤣
  15. Nile


    Welcome ! 👍