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  1. Hi, Been through the 981 Cayman S and a 991 , now back in a 981 Cayman GTS ( manual) for a change. You will not regret getting a 981 Cayman S, well balanced car with loads of fun to drive! The R is a nice car but lacked the fun you get from the Mid engined Cayman. Go for the flat 6 version 981 than the 718 Turbo ones.
  2. Nile

    Buy or not?

    Sadly the car has been reserved ! the spec was DCC, performance pack, Akro exhausts, pan roof, leather, rev camera, indium grey, climate screen, Dyanaudio with only 1900 miles on the clock! I possibly got a bit worried about recession etc and sold my 991..now to see the prices are up and holding! 😢. Should have kept it .. regret it ..there you go! i will possibly wait and see what to go for ! Will keep every one who contributed posted. Thank you all
  3. Nile

    Buy or not?

    Thank you NRW and Raiden
  4. Nile

    Buy or not?

    Hi Becca, i usually keep them for around a year . thank you
  5. Nile

    Buy or not?

    Thank you Camelsac for your input. The car is very nicely spec' , hence the temptation
  6. Nile

    Buy or not?

    2 years since owned an R. Would be grateful for your thoughts please. Would buying a pristine 2019 R with the dream spec be a good idea with the Mark 8 looming? I am worried about significant depreciation once the new model comes out. should I just wait for Mark 8? Thanks in advance.
  7. Drive less than 80 mph, less bugs 😂 I have tried Autofinesse , not very impressed. Now all done by a detailer which makes it his problem.
  8. I have tried G Techniq CS and Gyeon- Duraflex. Impressed with Gyeon by a mile. ( Done at Exclusive car care)
  9. Nice spec and white goes faster!👍
  10. The BBS looks better 👍
  11. Machine polish and PPF it. Very Annoying bit of the R
  12. Nice car with lovely spec ❤️
  13. I would go for a 992 Turbo S 😆
  14. Nile the 'Powerful Racer'
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