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  1. It looks very nice on a Cayman but will be a nightmare if a scuff or similar happens. 🤞
  2. Why don't we do a group buy? There is one at OPC Notts with about 400 miles. Only a million pounds.🤠
  3. The same story.. almost swapped my Spielbergs, it grew on me. It is rarer, possibly more robust, part of performance pack, so left it.
  4. Enjoy the remaining 2 yrs👀
  5. It's a free wash and Hoover 🤣🤣
  6. I have been worried with a similar situation..17 days down the line nothing has arrived. you have to wait for 14 days to see what the outcome is.
  7. I bought the Porsche from an OPC. Rob from Redline bought the R from me. It was completely haste free and was a good experience.
  8. Seen this on the 911UK forum. a few have got recalls for gear box replacement
  9. My ex 7.5 R is now on sale at Redline Specialist cars. They bought it from me after recommendation by an OPC to help me by a Porsche. In my 6 months of ownership, it's not been abused at all. Atlantic blue DSG Dynaudio Reversing camera performance pack Akropovic exhausts black race cloth Keyless entry 7kmiles Anybody Looking to buy one could have a look if the spec ticks the boxes 👍
  10. No Ceramic coating will resist a stealers/ scratch and go hand washes🤣...
  11. Nile

    Gap insurance

    ALA always quotes a bit high, but willing to price match.
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