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  1. Then, of course, if considering the M2 - standard exhaust or M Performance exhaust. Some come with the M Perf as an option ticked when new.
  2. I had a similar dilemma when moving from my mk7 R. I did consider the M2 due to its looks and size - two doors and a manual - win win imo. Ultimately, I bought my G22 M440i. It just managed to fit my budget and is a far better daily car than the M2 for my needs. That said, you're considering an M2 manual and an M4 convertible so a different comparison. On the basis of those two cars, I'd go for the M2 without question! It looks better imo - shorter and more squat. On top of that, with the roof down on the M4, I think you'll instantly compromise handling as you lose body shell rigidity. Further, convertibles have to have more strengthening in them which adds weight - something you don't really want! The M2 will be more nimble and more fun imo. Just remember that both these cars bring M cost maintenance bills and the M2 can swap ends quite readily if you're not on top of your game when pressing on - there's quite a few videos of M2 drivers losing it! On that basis, do your homework as some of those M2s might well have visited a hedge or a ditch!
  3. Imho, I'd have it painted to match the rest of the car. Yours must have been one of the last F series 440s before the G series came out.
  4. Robbing bar stewards! Whilst my disability isn't blatantly obvious, (you should see the looks I get when parking a BMW in a disabled bay - until I put my blue badge on the dash!) and it causes some minor issues, it does have its advantages in that I don't pay VED.
  5. Both mine fell out fairly close together. Went on eBay and got replacements from Phoenix wing mirrors. Much cheaper, just as good and a perfect fit. They come ready fitted with strong 3M tape and very easy to fit. They also have the separate dotted wide angle part. Currently £11.99 and quick service too. Can't recommend them enough.
  6. The rear Pirelli run flats on my Beemer are nearing their limit, hence some more tail out shenanigans from the rear biased XDrive on the car. So I'm having them changed in a week. I'm moving away from runflats as I think normal tyres will be more comfortable, even though the ride from the adaptive dampers is not an issue. I've read and watched plenty of reviews on performance tyres and instead of going the ubiquitous PS4S route, I'm going to fit a full set of the relatively new Continental Contisport 7s. Tested on a Supra, they were judged as better than the current PS4S tyres overall so I thought I'd give them a try - genuinely looking forward to see how they perform! Here's the review that tipped it for me - I also considered the new Goodyears and Bridgestones but the Contis appeal more - as a bonus, they're cheaper than the Michelins, coming in at a shade under £700 for a full set!
  7. Great looking car! I'm a convert to Munich motors too!
  8. Looking forward to seeing this! Something very different! Good luck with it!
  9. Hi all. Firstly, belated Happy New Year to you all! Hope everyone is fit and well! This is not so much a car update as a me update as I know some have been following my journey through cancer. I've been relatively quiet on this excellent forum up until now. In the weeks running up to Christmas, my fatigue hit me quite hard - so much so that I didn't feel like doing much. Last year was my first full year of being back at work full time - and I over did it. I worked some Saturdays as it's good money and it's nice to have some extra. (More on that later!) But it was sometimes like walking waist deep in treacle and on some mornings, I really didn't feel like getting out of bed. Then the final week before Christmas, I picked up what I thought was a cold but turned out to be a chest infection - not nice for most but worrying for me as it could've turned into pneumonia which wouldn't have been good - although I've had a pneumonia jab so might have been okay. There was nothing to be done as it was viral - then it turned bacterial so five days of antibiotics gave it the kick - I'm now much better. As a result, I've made a resolution to take more time off when I need it - the company have been completely on board with it and I can afford to take the hit financially as the mortgage isn't much now, even with interest rate rises and overpaying. I count myself lucky as someone I know of who had the same type of leukaemia as me took five years to get back to work - so I've listened to everyone around me - Mrs Camel, my mum and my boss - and shall not be screwing the nut as hard this year! Now - that extra money! I had a cunning plan of.......selling the BM and buying the new Civic type R. However - trying to order one is nigh on impossible as the 500 allocated appear to be spoken for and none of the dealers know if they'll get allocated more - some people have even had deposits returned! Which led me to think that whilst that car is awesome for a back road blast - great handling AND a proper gearbox (three pedals!) I would miss the six pot in my current steed and the fact that after a hard day at work, I can just slide into my car, stick it in D and cruise home - even more so on longer journeys - so I've 99% shelved that idea! Plus I'd miss the comments I get on my Beemer - it still attracts attention even nearly two years on! Anyway - enough of my rambling! Stay safe all and keep enjoying your cars, whatever they maybe!
  10. camelsac2002

    New guy

    Welcome to the group! It’s a fine place to be, hence why even though I sold my R over a year ago, I’m still here. There’s a veritable mine of info and experience amongst the group members here - more so than you’ll find at most dealerships - so I’m sure you’ll find everything you need here. Btw - re exhausts - I bought a valved stainless steel rear silencer for my BM - £2700 if I’d bought it brand new! Thankfully, I got mine at less than a year old from a company that used it on their demo car - £1500 fitted. Unfortunately, I guess price rises affect everything including exhausts.
  11. It's not as noticeable as you might think. I was very cautious at first but now my confidence has grown and I'm used to the car, it's quite "chuckable." The rear tyres are nearing their limit now so the Pirelli runflats will be binned for some proper performance tyres.
  12. Have to say, I was concerned when I first started taking my car down B roads. After my R, it was disconcertingly large feeling and you notice the weight difference too - but once you get used to it and work with the car, it's really gels. I can now confidently pass the trucks on the stretch of B road to my place of work. You can't "racing lane change" like you could in my mk7 due to the weigh but once out and you pull the left paddle for Sprint mode, it really shifts - problem is, the engine is so smooth, it's easy to find yourself doing three figure speeds without realising. Given the weight and that sometimes I come up to junctions at a rate of knots, the pads are wearing surprisingly well. The rear tyres are now nearing their limit at 21,500 miles so the Pirelli run flats will be binned soon and a set of proper non run flat performance tyres will go on. Continental 7s are catching my eye as they got a really good review when tested on a 3 litre Supra. The Sport 4S tyres are significantly more expensive and I'd have to increase the width on the fronts as my car isn't a square set up - it has 225/40s on the front and 255/35s on the rear. Looking forward to seeing the difference in grip and handling though! As for the M440D, it's mild hybrid so the already economical diesel engine would be even more so with the hybrid tech on it - put this way - my 440 petrol will do around 27 - 33 mpg around town and on a 170 mile run, I've squeezed 49.5 mpg out of it at 75 mph on the motorway. Once you get to know how the system works, you can get some good fuel returns.
  13. 100%. The tech on my 4 is unbelievable and so intuitive to use as well. I've not even tried programming the shortcut buttons yet - I've only got them set to my favourite radio channels. It's also such a doddle to drive on a long journey, especially as mine has the assisted driving as part of one of the packages. Not sure what my next car would be as performance BMWs are so expensive - I was lucky to get mine at the price I did. Mine in its current spec would be just shy of £67k which would be way out of my price range if I was buying new. I also think the M340 Touring is a blinding, do everything car, much like the R Estate - not sure what the handling would be like though! Truth be told, if I was looking for a new hot hatch now, my money would go to Honda - the new type R looks a blinding package as both a usable everyday car and a driver's car.
  14. The 440 has an edge in mpg too as it's mild hybrid.
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