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  1. Not forgetting the better tyre that comes with the Prets - assume the Cadiz is still coming with Bridgestones ?
  2. I used Southend via CarWoW - Ask for Iain , very friendly and knowledgeable
  3. I used Southend via CarWoW - Ask for Iain , very friendly and knowledgeable
  4. Oh well at least I feel part of the gang now .... Rusty hubs next
  5. Literally just happened to me - car 2 months old. display came on then disappeared, just read this thread went to the car to try the re-boot but display came back of its own accord. Assume this will now happen on a regular basis ?
  6. R.C.E.

    Snow foam

    Also good is Bilt Hamber Auto Foam. http://www.cleanyour.../prod_1165.html
  7. What wheels is the R on - look like they are off a 1.4 TSI ?
  8. Itunes I am a complete geek so I have ripped all my CD's via dbpoweramp (I can recommend) to FLAC on my PC. Currently using a USB pen in the R but SD card on birthday list for next week FLAC - Dynaudio bleedin awesome - other half has been asked am I hard of hearing lol
  9. Has to be V power or Momentum all day long Always use a "busy" garage as the fuel will degrade in the storage tanks so if it is regularly being refilled it will not be a problem.
  10. Thanks it did that even got a bottle of champers from the dealer Thought the presentation case for the keys and the cup was a nice touch from VW And now the car has gone off to the detailers till friday roll on friday night lol
  11. No from lockwood who I see are in West Y orkshire oh no look at the weather today - oh well let's see how the rears work
  12. Ordered Friday came today er just need the car now ! Only one more sleep !!!
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