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  1. 2018 Golf R Nav Card

    Can you not just use the Discover Care app on a computer and update the maps that way. Requires your own SD card
  2. Arthur Has done it again but in an R

    Maybe, maybe not. He did mention wanting to go to pod to race his son in the RS6 so I'd assume he'd want to use LC to get the best start!
  3. Arthur Has done it again but in an R

    Saw this but someone needs to let him know how to engage launch control*! Arthur, if you're reading: Traction (ESC) in Sport or OFF Gearbox in Sport Foot pressed down HARD on brake Foot all the way down on accelerator Let RPM build and settle. Release brake Buy new pants 😁 *He may not have launch control depending on the software on the car, I don't know.
  4. Keyless entry? No thanks

    You'd think that the block on the findings for 2 years would give VW time to rectify the problem. Perhaps they did because not a single R has been stolen through keyless, every single theft has been break in for keys. But hey, what do I know? I'm just some pleb on the internet. But then so are you. The difference is, I've spent the last 2 years being extremely aware that what I've got sat outside is attractive to thieves. I've spent the last 2 years seeing and reading member posts on here, on Facebook, on social media and even in the press where their cars have been stolen. Every single one has been theft of keys except for a handful of violent carjackings. You can sit there and whine that keyless is an issue and try to discourage people from opting for it, blaming manufacturers and hating the world or you can realise that yes, it might be an issue for other brands but thankfully R's don't seem affected. I'm not going to argue with you or debate it anymore and not because I'm scared I might loose but because I have other better things to be doing with my time.
  5. Keyless entry? No thanks

    Again, not a single R has been stolen through relay or keyless methods. The systems in all of the cars you have highlighted are different from the keyless system in the Golf and there's a history of thefts or attempts made with those systems. Show me where someone has done the same with the Golf R and I'd be inclined to side with you but you can't, because it hasn't happened. If anything, it goes to prove how good the keyless system is in the Golf R as they're not vulnerable OR haven't yet been targeted in this way.
  6. The inner brake light coding for the 7.5 is similar to the 7. I know it was being discussed on here but can't quite remember the outcome.
  7. Grating from front drivers side wheel when turning

    I hadn't read the whole thread when I replied but I have now and realise my post probably wasn't helpful at all! You may have already done this but have you visually checked the inside edge of the tyre for any rubbing or contact marks?
  8. Keyless entry? No thanks

    Why are you getting all worked up about an issue that doesn't exist? If you're buying a Mercedes or BMW then I could understand as there's a proven track record of cars being taken without keys and no force entry. Thefts of Golf R's are posted everywhere by enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike. Here on the forum, social media or even in the local press. Every single Golf R theft that's publicly known has been taken through either break in and theft of keys or violent carjacking. Not a single R has been stolen through relay or keyless methods. I'm paranoid AF and follow the thefts religiously.
  9. Grating from front drivers side wheel when turning

    Sounds like the rubbing you can get sometimes when using spacers. Have you got a rough idea of where the sound is coming from? Is it a particular side or under? Have you had the car on full lock and had someone check the wheels / hubs aren’t touching anything?
  10. I'd watch this first. Nothing against Adam - I find his videos entertaining, but not sure I'd want to take my car to some of these events, especially with Plod often turning up.
  11. Black 7R - Shoreditch House

    Parked round the back of Shoreditch House. Debadged front and back with a nice dent on the passenger side. Made me miss mine!
  12. Choosing the car!

    I'd say it was the opposite with most people who've driven both commenting the R is the better of the 2.
  13. Car hit my house!

    Contact your home insurance and give them your neighbours car insurance details.
  14. Detailing station

    I bought my plastic storage boxes from Tesco Direct. Super cheap and you can get lids. Might be worth having a look and seeing if they're on sale considering Direct is closing on 9 July.