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  1. Have updated the post with missing images. They're now hosted on the forum so they shouldn't disappear again.
  2. You’re right. It does. Speed doesn’t kill, inappropriate speed does. The government and Police need to end their war on speeding and start focusing on other areas of driving. Things like tailgating, red light jumping and phone use are still out of control yet go unpunished. I’ve got an email from the Head of my local roads team basically telling me that punishing people for driving through red lights is too difficult so they don’t do it and focus on speed. Pathetic. It drives me absolutely potty that there are people out there who think all speed is bad. We’ll all be criminals in the future with artificially low limits and the instant torque of electric vehicles. yay!
  3. Yep. Got my R in March 2016 and had my first 3 points by May 2016. Got done for 48 in a 30 which at the time was just under the threshold for 3 points and £100 fine. In reality, I probably deserved to go to court but I'm thankful for my 3 points!! Nothing since but I have had a few scares and been waiting for the dreaded NIP through the post. Speeding is just an easy money maker so I don't expect anything to change, it's only going to get worse.
  4. Report it to the police. Then use the CAD number in your reply to Dart Charge and any future charges or fines. You need to get it reported ASAP as it could be something like cloning to avoid fines or something more sinister like using the car for violent crimes such as armed robbery and murder. By getting it reported if any violent crimes do take place you’re less likely to get hard stopped or a nice early morning wake up call with police smashing your doors in. Sometimes the Police will ask you to make your vehicle different. So something like a sticker that’s big enough to be spotted by cameras is a good call. For example, if your car is white, a black sticker of sorts near the number plates would work. Keep the sticker close to the plates so any cameras aimed at number plates will see it.
  5. So, they came from the rear to steal a car that was presumably parked out front? From your description, they must have known the car was there and done a recce to find out how to get to the property from the rear. Have you ben followed home or seen people hanging around the vicinity of your home recently? It's worth looking into security upgrades before these things happen but it can't help to re-evaluate things after the fact. It's not wise to post on here what you have but there are lots of things you can buy to stop people from getting in. Some things to think about: What is your front door made of? What locks are fitted? Do you have any security on panes of glass? Do you had any security on any double doors opening to your garden? - These are often a weak spot. Even some simple film applied to glass can make a big difference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZy4DJHM_fs&frags=pl%2Cwn
  6. If your car is within the warranty period, Autoglass should be giving you OEM stamped glass as standard. It's worth checking and confirming they are going to give you the proper OEM glass and not other makes upon booking. If you're in warranty, you should get ask for and ensure VW glass is fitted just to be sure that a dealer won't use it as an excuse to back out of potential warranty claims in the future.
  7. Are you being serious? Did he bother trying to go with what they said on the Ross-Tech forums? I can imagine how much money you've given him and if that's how he treats customers, well, what a joke. You should speak to @dv52, he's helped me many times on VCDS and coding issues and wouldn't take anything for his troubles. Might be worth speaking to him.
  8. Sold my 5 door, 15,000 miles with Sunroof, Prets, Nav Pro amongst other bits for £21,500 to a local specialist a couple months ago. They sold it pretty quickly. I’d imagine people buying with cash at that level is pretty slim. For me, I didn’t want to have to deal with buyers or theft risk! Hahe you tried Tootle? I put my car up on there and had quite a bit of interest from specialists but I just went with the highest offer!!
  9. Wonder if anyone's managed to get the wheels off it yet! 😂
  10. You haven't said where you're coming from? A lot of the stuff in London is geared towards tourists but if you wake up early and beat the queues it can be fun. If you want 'real london' then it's probably a good idea to get out of Zone 1 or at least get to the edges of it. Bits of London that look 'London' are often Belgravia, Mayfair & Abbots Manor. Battersea Park is nice and not as busy as Hyde Park. If you like steak then I'd recommend Hawksmoor, Beast, M or CUT. All great and vary in price. Terrys Cafe at 158 Great Suffolk St is where you'll find a proper fry up. Have fun!
  11. Excellent! Justice was served. I had countless experiences like that whilst it was lowered to 20. Really do miss my R for it's capabilities on overtakes and the traffic light GP.
  12. Oh yes. Or when someone is tailgating you through the lower limit areas and then when you hit NSL are never to be seen again. 🤣
  13. There's also been a lot of theft of car parts from hotel car parks recently. Mostly wheels taken with vehicles left on bricks.
  14. Another thing to bear in mind is the pipes under the stock chrome trim are oval. So any aftermarket tips you want to fit won't fit on the stock backbox without some modification.
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