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  1. What did they say ?
  2. Seems as though it’s disapeared 😂
  3. Anyone on here bought this ?.
  4. AlanR

    Frosty morning

    If you’ve got climate screen it’ll have a golden colour to it .
  5. AlanR

    First VW R

    Didn’t get this from Southampton did you .?
  6. See it’s sold already by the looks of it ,not on Peter cooper anymore !
  7. Crazy thing was that I dropped it off on sat the 2nd , before I went on hols on the sun and they said as soon as we have the cleared funds from the buying garage it will be payed into your bank . Thought it would be some time but got a text early on the following wed morning from my bank to say I had been paid . Asked which garage had bought it and heard nothing . Found out today the 13th that the Vw garage in Southampton paid for it but due to a mix up it was only picked up a couple of days ago . Sounds about right for Vw that the buyer guy came back from his hols to find out the car was still at Worthing ,total lack of communication ,ha,ha!.
  8. Got 21k for it which I thought was reasonable .could have got more if sold private but just didn’t want the hassle .
  9. Car has turned up at Peter cooper Southampton finally with a ridiculous price on it . cant see anyone paying nearly 25k for a 3 yr old car 🤔
  10. Two way block as just tried messaging you . email me on [email protected] ok
  11. Pm me though am 5 hrs behind uk time as in the Dominican Republic on hols .
  12. Sad day but due to circumstances I have decided to let my last 65 reg lapis blue go as am hardly using it . Dropped it off today at a southern dealer ,not vw who gave me a good price as it’s got nearly every box ticked on the options and had only just over 8500 miles on the clock at nearly 3 yrs old . Dont know where it will end up but if anyone sees it I would be interested to know where it ends up .
  13. Any chance I could beg the details of the Leon lease deal you mentioned in a post @ £232/month mate

    1. AlanR



      mate 👍

      2 yr lease , 9 months upfront,  8k miles a yr 

    2. jamielad83
  14. Can get the seat Leon sports tourer 300 dsg which is all the same running gear for £232/month 🤔
  15. Hi there , Anyone know of any good leases at the moment or coming soon on the r dsg estate . Really need a bigger car than the hatch but only deals I can find at the moment are £320+/month !