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  1. Thanks. Keeping it for 12-18 months now to get more value out of my expenses. I thought this experience would taint my thoughts about the car. TBH, I've been driving their courtesy car for 8 weeks, and although it wasn't bad, with parking sensors, sat nav, lane departure warning etc, it really made me miss the 7R. And getting it back today and driving it, felt like home, and literally put a smile on my face, even more so when the Dynaudio sub kicked in. And that's even when I'm Driving Miss Daisy whilst the engine beds in.
  2. Sit rep. I now have my own car back. I haven’t had it since 10th January. (Incidentally, when I returned the courtesy car keys this morning, he said that that car had already been sold, because there is such an issue with new car supply now.) I paid £6,537.00 this morning. But it isn’t all bad news. I was expecting a reconditioned engine from VW. They have provided a brand new unused engine. According to the retailer, this can happen if the manufacturer doesn’t have sufficient supply. So, all things considered, that is fantastic news especially as he said a new
  3. Was still waiting for the Indy garage to price a replacement as all the engines in their usual supplier were still in cars and apparently they don't price them until they have been taken out. I did discuss the VW quote for a replacement and all things considered he said that it wouldn't be that much difference in costings plus avoids hassle now and potential doubts for the future etc and he said that going with the VW direct offer is probably favourable. So, I called the retailer and confirmed to go ahead. It is not a new engine, and queried the cost of a new one and what mileag
  4. Thanks again for the input. Indeed it isn't legal advice but it is superb being able to get general advice and feedback and people's general feelings on the whole matter, and I'm really grateful. The current retailer has come back with some final costing options which include goodwill contributions, and has said "...there will be no further variance on the above gestures as I am unable to give any further support." So I believe this is their best offer, leaving me a final option of going back to the original retailer. I may still do that and I need to do that before 05/03/22 but
  5. Perhaps it's connected and that is a fair observation. Perhaps it's what VW are thinking too. But since the issue came to light, I checked the levels every journey and topped up prior to driving with a 5l container of coolant I kept in the boot. I really look after anything I own and especially something I bought new for £34,000. I couldn't be that blasé about an engine warning light. I'm not lashing out, and I respect your comment, I'm just saying from my point of view, I don't believe I am at fault.
  6. Reading my post back and looking at the excerpts I've included, does give that impression, but as cynical as I am about this whole experience that just isn't the case. I've been dealing with this person quite closely for the last month and have received dozens of emails and comms back and forth and he has always given the impression of trying to work in my favour. Even now, his emails are of a sympathetic tone and he is still making enquiries and dealing with my barrage of questions and challenges with a great deal of patience. I don't think I burnt those bridges. Besides, everything was c
  7. So, events have taken a turn for the worse. And I'm going to surpass AHG for longest post on this thread award, but there is a TL;DR below. I must admit it has been confusing as to who/where I should be directing my complaint and my undertaking to obtain a financial contribution. I thought VW Customer Care represented VW, the Manufacturer, but it doesn't seem that straight forward, it seems they are just the mediator if things go wrong between the customer and the retailer. But that also doesn't make sense considering some of the conversations I've had with the retailer. Regardless, here
  8. I note you didn't think I was trying to be greedy, but I will make the point that it isn't about greed and I hope that VW can see that too. I don't stand to gain anything more than I had before the fault appeared. In my mind it's like indemnity, and just putting me in the same position I was before any fault. And my response to them wasn't to throw their offer back in their faces - if they accepted that the fault was due to a failure in the engine before I took ownership, I was asking why they felt I should be responsible for costs. I was grateful for their consideration and off
  9. Interesting point about the engine fault and MTBF. I accept that, but I don't accept that it should be the end user that pays for it just because they were unlucky ( I know that wasn't what you were saying). I feel that VW should have funds specifically for these incidents. Perhaps they do. It is chance/luck, but it is disconcerting that manufacturers would transfer that risk on to their customers, especially when it is such a high cost to resolve the issue. I'm waiting to hear back on the warranty side, and the specific engine that they will replace with. I'm assuming a bra
  10. I'm not au fait with engines and terminology but the dealer had quoted the £9,000 (inc fitting) saying that the cylinder block was not available as an individual part number and so the only option was a base engine including a new cylinder head. But this was prior to VW Customer Care's offer, so I don't know what their offer entails exactly as they didn't relay the message to me at all, it came via the dealer. But on Friday I did email back for further specifics regarding the engine being provided. I feel that they have dealt with this quite quickly, it's a bit of a pain for me but I do hav
  11. Thing is they are asking the dealer to contribute as well. I think VW are just trying to mitigate their own outlay where they can.
  12. I only assumed they would be talking about a like for like engine tbh, in terms of bhp etc. I do have legal cover on my car insurance, but it generally only covers costs if involved in an accident. It does also provide Legal Advice, and I may need to call on them depending on the VW response, but I don't think there is any £ cover for cost incurred if it went to court.
  13. Thank you all for your input, comments and advice. I do have an interesting update. Note that I have always said that I do not think I should be paying anything for this. And I recognise and acknowledge the age of the car and expired warranty period. (For some reason VW Customer Care aren't communicating directly with me although I raised the case, they have liaised their last update via the VW Retailer who currently have the car.) The latest communication was that VW have asked the retailer to increase their contribution, and for the customer to increase my contribu
  14. Thanks Rebecca. Same, I had the Haldex Oil change done on schedule at VW, all servicing was done as per manufacturers recommendations. I've spoken at length to the service department manager for the retailer who have my car at the moment, he is very knowledgeable and has a background in engineering and was a technician also so he is able to give detail on the issue. His 100% agrees that it is a manufacturer responsibility, and that the moulding process failed when they poured the molten iron into the casting, and that the fault was there before I even took delivery of the car. I
  15. Yeah, purchasing extended warranty would certainly be the lesson learned here. And actually, I'm usually pretty cautious like that and include all the extra covers and high limits on my car insurance and house insurance so I'm happy usually to pay to transfer the risk. For some reason I didn't consider this to be much of a risk and assumed that a "bad" repair cost would be £1,000 which was a risk worth taking.
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