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  1. Does fitting VWR springs affect warranty?
  2. New to detailing and I've done a search without success. Can I put different waxes on top of each other? If not, what should I do to apply a different wax? Any advice appreciated.
  3. Thanks, I'll have a look at the AG HD wax. What about the AG extra gloss protection? Would the be applied after the HD wax or is it an alternative to it?
  4. I'm pretty new to detailing, what does a glaze do?
  5. With tech pack and reversing camera. Winter pack?
  6. Yeah, I'm really happy with my choice. I went from lapiz to red to lapiz then U turned and plumped for NB. It really comes up well especially under sunlight. I like the PB's natty blue but if anyone's got some better alternatives for the deep shiney wet look I'm open to recommendations.
  7. Delivered 2 weeks ago but been away for a week. Only done 350 miles but picked up a stone chip on the passenger front wing and a small one on the windscreen. Despite that really love the car and I'm definitely a dsg convert. Spent all day Sunday giving it a good goin over - snow foam, 2 bucket clean, autoglym SRP, poor boys natty blue wax, carbon collective platinum glass and wheel sealant. Couple of iPhone snaps;
  8. Shiney. Can't wait to drive mine and give it a polish too. (Back home tomorrow)
  9. Shiney. Can't wait to drive mine and give it a polish too.
  10. All my boring relations are local unfortunately.
  11. Looking good mate. Picked mine up last Monday, only done 60 miles though [emoji45]
  12. I noticed the burning smell too, assumed the brakes must be binding a little cos everything's brand new.
  13. Looking good mate. I had my night blue delivered last Monday but I've been away since so not had chance to take pics yet. After much deliberation over the colour I went for night blue and I'm really pleased I did. Makes the car look mean and moody (might name it after the wife)
  14. Nice one, thank you. Just saved me £15.
  15. Not to my taste at all, more Astra VXR or Focus RS to me. Golf R is meant to be understated, sorry.
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