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  1. Hi From memory when I installed a set of wingbacks in my MK6 you needed the airbag resistor plugs.. Otherwise you get airbag warning error... Be advised there are a few types of Vw airbag resistor plugs, MK7 ones may differ,so make sure you get the correct ones..!! As I got incorrect ones at first. I remember seeing a post once on here that physically though all the bolt holes for the seat frame are the same. Also take caution when doing the install, I would disconnect battery, and wait for 30mins before starting work. To let any capacitors to discharge.. Best of l
  2. MRC in Banbury could probably assist with this..?
  3. Yes I jumped ship about 3 months ago now, and agree never had more than low to mid 20’s.... As good as the RS3 is, I just wish there was a manual version as there isn’t as much driver involvement. Coming from a manual Golf R..
  4. Hi there.... Still getting used to it at the moment..? Are there any meets upcoming...?? All the best..!!
  5. Yes I have seen it myself and has some rather nice upgraded alloys on it no less...!!!
  6. Nice clean looking Midnight Blue G7R... As seen on Finchley Road this morning... Anybody on here..??
  7. Hi Russell Yeah.... As others have said do sympathise with you... Hmm... My only suggestion is to go onto Ebay de (German Ebay)... As they seem to be more numerous on there... I managed to get one for £135... it did need a light refurb, but it was still worth it... I only got it as a spare as you never know where the next pothole will be..?? Be aware though DONT get the Scirocco ones, as although they look exactly the same they have a different offset.... As a guide 19 Golf Talladega’s part no: 5K0 601 025M (in silver) 8Jx19 ET 50 5x112 Hope thi
  8. Hi Hugo


    Say.... This cold weather really kills battery cells... Just worth noting though, I understand people suggest getting a replacement with more ampere hours.

    But it physically has to be the same size /dimensions as the old one as it sadly won’t fit..!!

    On another note just had to replace complete Haldex drive at £3130.72... plus labour... 

    Good job it was under warranty..!!!!

    1. Huwgo R

      Huwgo R

      Phew I too right under warranty just before xmas Rich 👍

  9. Hi Jinxy I got my R insured with a pedalbox fitted with Site sponsor Adrian Flux... They seemed ok with it... Just to be clear I have No affiliation with them, only a customer... You could try them , & if you’re not keen then you could shop around... Hoping you get a reasonable deal.. Good luck..!!
  10. Hey.... Ok hopefully you'll have no more issues then... Just for your interest a couple of part numbers: Fill plug. N 902 818 02 Drain plug. N 910 827 01 Haldex Fluid. G055 175 A2 Hope this is of use, be kinda interested in the outcome let us know..!!!
  11. Has the traction control light been flashing away sometimes when you been driving..???
  12. Mk6 Golf R Candy White... Seen heading towards Cannons Corner 7pm Sunday evening.. Must say looked very clean... Wanted to stop you for detailing tips on mine.!! Anyone on here...? Get in touch.?
  13. Say... If it's any help this was posted some while ago now.. Perhaps you could try it out..? If you remove the dipstick and the idle gets BETTER, then your PCV has failed. Very easy fix, and around £35. If if you remove dipstick and it gets WORSE, then your PCV is fine.
  14. Yeah... Part numbers if anyone's interested..?? PCV Valve - 06F 129 101 R £34.95 Gasket. - 06F 103 483 E £19.90 Prices above were correct in June when I replaced mine..
  15. Hey... Out of interest what year & options does your car have Leather /cruise control etc..??
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