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  1. Just heard that a black 161 ky 5dr golf r was stolen in listowel last night 🤬
  2. What code did you try ? I can try it on my one later to see if it works 👍
  3. Have you had any success with this yet 🤔
  4. I tried mine today to no avail, having the same problems as you are 🤨
  5. Only managed to get the bonnet done as I'm battling against the elements at the moment 😥 It would be so much easier to pass it on to a detailed but where's the satisfaction in that 😎
  6. What OBD11 things did you try , I've had success doing most of mine ?
  7. My k8 gsxr 1000 race bike and my last road bike a former world record holding 1km wheelie bike , gsxr 1000 k4 turbo 275 rwbhp. 😅
  8. Welcome along. Great colour but then again I might be a little bias 😁
  9. To drive it more ! There's only 19500km on it ,only about 3000 of which were put there by me 🙄
  10. Not high end by any means but I like it ! I bought myself this for Christmas , my first decent watch .
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