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  1. Tesco momentum was £2 a litre in Westhill Aberdeenshire tonight. Filled up the R tonight after I collected from the dealer.
  2. Nice one mate. I pick up almost an identical car in the next couple of days…!
  3. Nice one - WoWo have set back up not far from me in Aberdeen so will pay them a visit once I get the new R.
  4. Hi folks. Quick hello - name is Garry and based in Aberdeen, Scotland. Previously owned a MK7 Golf R in Pure White but have spent the last 4 years in R Line Tiguans as a more “practical” machine. No stranger to golfs having had mk5 and mk7 gti’s too. Always hankered for the oomph of the R and moving back into a MK7.5 which I’ll hopefully be collecting tomorrow or early next week. Looks like a standard spec 19 plate (keyless and reverse camera etc). Not much plans other than a good detail and some cosmetic mods to start off with. Old Car New (to me). Only pic I’ve got so far
  5. Not sure if a thread had been started yet, but thought it would be good to start a thread to show what we are all buying - it might be a useful resource for others to get some product recommendations they might not have thought of? Anyway, with my R arriving on Saturday (and the wife's Polo GTi), I've just been stocking up on some bits I'm low on, or fancied trying. I've also recently had a clear out of old products and samples I'll never use! So just ordered from Slims: Auto Finesse Avalanche Snow Foam - 5L CarPro Iron X (Lemon) - 1L Slims Wash, Rinse, Wheels bucket sticker set
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